naruto breakdown 487!

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hay guys whats up? so i know this has been tryed before here but no one seems to keep it going. so am i am going to try to. also am bringing something new to the manga world! its video breakdowns. its gooing to be me talking the hole time about what hapend in this week manga and my thoughts and what i think is going to hapend in the coming week. i will also do a writen one as well. so i hope you guys like it!

i will post the writen one on this post soon:) PLEASE COMMENT !


a month


hi guys. well i am going to be gone for about a month because i need to do i a lot of things! i ask that cookie does not take me off of the website. and yes i know i said my fanfic would already be out. sorry i have been grounded plus i have to finish some blogs that i havent been able to finsh. sorry but i have to finsh my blogs so i can get my manga up and running. and alot of others things. so sorry.


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Hay guy.sorry that hit has taken me so long to to do this i have been thru crap latey.but that all gone i have COME BACK.WITH THE FINISH OF THE NARUTO FANEBOOK!so lets start first we have a pic as naruto in dragonball z

am i the only one that thinks he looks cooler like this?

am i the only that thinks he looks cooler like this?*comment if you do think he dose or he dose not.


okay so theses next pics i am not so sure about.they are in japanese.but once i get Translations i will post are the pics.i will post all the pics when i know what they these next ones are funny but if you do not like h naked girls i dont think you should look at them.1:





that was narutos new sexy are some facts i found from a froum.

  • Rikudou was known as “Shinobi God“; Similar to Sarutobi’s honorific title.
  • Onoki is Sandaime Tsuchikage.
  • Ei is Yondaime Raikage.
  • Kurotsuchi is a female.
  • Hidan is still alive.
  • Zabuza attempted to assassinate Yondaime Mizukage.
  • Terumi Mei is Godaime Mizukage.
  • All the Jinchuuriki extracted are dead, except Gaara.
  • Ninja cats can be summoned, but they are not as obedient as dogs.
  • Darui’s bloodline limit is confirmed.
  • Shi’s Genjutsu was a Lightning Release.
  • Yondaime, who fought the Kyuubi, battled Madara as well.
  • The Rinnegan techniques are all Doujutsu-based abilities.
  • Kumogakure is the strongest village.
  • Gaara’s absolute defense is in good form, despite not being a Jinchuuriki.
  • Yondaime, Sakumo, and Hanzo were heroes of war.
  • Tsuchikage’s Dust Release arranges molecules.
  • Kankuro is the Sand’s greatest puppeteer.
  • Kumogakure prides Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Kenjutsu.

    Absolute Secret File 6
    The power of the Legendary Dōjutsu, the “Rinnegan”

    The Asura Path, the Animal Path, the Preta Path, the Deva Path, the Human Path, the Naraka Path, and finally the Outer Path.

    The wielder of the Rinnegan has seven powers to his beck and call. Giving off a particularly conspicuous vibe is the Outer Path. With the ability that can only be used by Nagato, the “real body” that manipulates Pain, he has the power to transcend even the concepts of Life and Death!! It consumes a large amount of chakra, but when used, it has the ability to even resurrect those who have met with Death.

    [picture of Kakashi waking up after being ressurected]
    ↑By exchanging his own life, Nagato revived Konoha’s dead, who had fallen to the attack…!!

    The verb used in Japanese means something like “to master” so I think it he can use them whenever and however he wants. He has full control over the Seven Paths.

    this is all i have right now sorry.i will have more soon:)



    hay guy its sai!i will be posting a GAMERS ZONE!on the post i will talk about new games that are out or that are coming out or maybe even some old ones.and i will talk about all the consoles like ps3 xbox 360 and ps2(yes people still make ps2 games)so please read them!please.and i am sorry that my fanfic is not up yet.i am sorry my laptop has been stupid for the past three two weeks so i havent been able to post but since it is winter break it should be up sometime soon.:)thx and please read!



      FOR UPDATES CLICK ON THIS LINK!                                                                                                                                             Translation
    Naruto’s 10th anniversary’s collection‼

    Hiden: Kai no Sho, coming soon!!
    After Rin, Hyou, Tou, and Sha, the release of “Hiden: Kai no Sho,” the fifth official book, has been determined!! What are its shocking contents…!?

    Note #1
    The poster will have Kishimoto-sensei’s special illustration of “Hokage Naruto”‼
    On one of the side of the poster, there will be “Hokage Naruto” as seen from last summer’s movie…‼

    Note #2
    The other side [of the poster] has the 10th anniversary number’s colour opening page, the special illustration with those who influenced Sasuke!!

    Official Premium Fan Book Hiden Kai no Sho
    Collection JC, 248 pages, 690¥ (taxes included)

    Release date on December 4th (thursday)‼

    Much more highlights about the secret book “Kai no sho”‼ Check the next pages‼
    Nothing about a third timeskip, even Hokage Naruto’s design is from the movie, not Kishimoto himself. Even if Naruto become a Hokage, even if there is a timeskip, Naruto could wear something completely different.
    here is Shounensuki translation to the Fan book info:

    Kai no Sho release date is 4th December
    The front cover has Naruto and the others of his age + Kakashi and Yamato

    Hokage Naruto poster & gathered shinobi poster!! (Poster’s B-side)
    This Naruto is cool

    A collaboration illustration between Toriyama Akira-sensei and Kishimoto-sensei: Naruto looks like Goku and Goku looks like Sennin Naruto.

    Support messages by 55 people

    New manga called “Karakuri” is revealed

    Readers’ corner

    Special conversation between Togashi-sensei and Kishimoto-sensei

    WOW CANT WAIT!all the credit goes to

    spoilers of my series!read!

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    hay guys whats up?anway so my new fanfic is going to be out today.and i just wanted to tell you guys some spoilers.

    first of all the fanfic will have at least three mangas in it yup thats right THREE i will give you two of them right now 1NARUTO2BLEACH! those are all the ones i can say right now is going to be long no short are a couple spoiler pics


    well that all so i hope you read.and i f i do not have it out today i am sorry my laptop is being weird so yeah…….THX READ!

    admin writers and editors ONLY!READ READ!


    hay guys i was thinking today that this place should have a naruto charater create contest and the winner gets to be in one of the new fanfics that one of us is writing.but if they did not win they could still get in a fanfic.because the admin and writers and editors could choice if they wanted the charater in it.and someone or someones could take as many charaters they want to make a hole new cool fanfic with never before seen charaters.i will under stand if you guys do not like it.but think about it.

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