A new thing I’m trying til I’m caught up with New Era. Distance Part 1

~Crimson Daybreak~

The bright of the day started to fade distantly in the horizon, almost like it was toppling over in a tall house of Jenga blocks. The light was fading, and so was his soul.

Nothing had been left in the empty void in his heart. It was just an open hole of sorry and despair. Crying had been the only thing to soothe him for years. But now, he could just bite his lip.

Crying had left him. He wanted to be better as a person. But this couldn’t be fulfilled, as that void in his soul was being ripped farther and farther apart at the seams, popping and splintering until he wanted to cry so badly. Now, there was no room for crying; he would no longer do this.

Tomorrow would be different, he promised himself as he huddled into the brambles, watching the sun set over the horizon, darkness crawling over him and the dusk just biting the land. Tomorrow, things will be different, he echoed to himself. Day had turned to dusk…the light was gone. Everything was gone for now, except the thoughts…of deepening freedom. Noise. Sound. Rustling. The bushes made noises.

His eyes snapped open quicker than ever, taking in all views. Nothing was around. Not much he could see, but much he could hear. In front of him, a shadow slashed across the ground.

Duh, it’s dark…there’s going to be shadows.

But he felt cold. The shadows of darkness had begun to freeze him once again. However, something was wrong. It hadn’t been this cold in a long time.

He stood up, peeking above the brush. Nothing except the cliff he was two meters away from, and the trees that surrounded him back towards a forest. Suddenly, something leaped towards him, a white gnarl of silvery wind that smacked him in the face.

He sprawled backwards into the brush, struggling against the force that bombarded him. As he cleared it, he found it was an animal, a being with fur, silvery, glittering fur. It licked its chops as it gave off a scratchy ‘mew’ sound. The boy smiled. It was a cat, but it looked extraordinary.

You are no ordinary animal, are you? he spoke to the cat. It closed its eyes and fell asleep, there in his arms. He slid forward to get out of the brambles and sat in the silver moonlight, shining down upon him and the little life in his arms. Is this what it feels like…to hold a life? he thought.

He cradled that cat as it started to shiver from the blistering cold. For hours, he held the cat, even when his eyes started to turn red, he held it in his warm embrace, keeping it safe.

Soon, dawn had begun to spread over the land, a very light hue of gray and yellow hit him. His eyes were closed, but they peeked open, bloodshot and crippled from lack of sleep the whole night. The cat’s eyes blinked open. It stretched and stepped out of his arms. Starting to walk away, the boy barely saw a red and white mark on its back, right under the glittering fur, that now in the daylight, turned bright orange.

The cat seemed to fade. However, even in his tiredness, he could make out that the symbol was the Uchiha Crest, his own crest. He, Sasuke Uchiha, had a connection to that animal. He would find out what it was… Right after he got some sleep. Sasuke slumped on the ground, shut his eyes gently, and started to drift away in a land of feathers.