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Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 17

Twilight Part 1

Sai and Yamato meet Shino at the gate of Hidden Leaf. Pakkun and the skinny brown dog await with him.

“Sai, Yamato these two are leading us to the supposed base of Akatsuki. Are you ready to go?”

Sai pats the 4 scrolls on his back. One big one, then the other three get smaller as they go down his back. “Yep.” He says with a smile.

Yamato nods as well. The hounds head off and so do the trio.

In a grassland outside Konoha…

Naruto sits, on the ground, meditating. After the hours he spent doint it, he took out his scroll from his back and opened it.

After opening it, some of the ink was smeared beyond legibility. “That…can’t be good. This ink doesn’t smear…”

Suddenly, the grass around him became rustled. Three figures darted around him in a cicle.

“What the…?”

They stopped and glared at him. “We’re Grass Ninja sent frmo the Akatsuki to capture you. Come easily or we’ll kill you.”

Naruto smiled and stood up. “Right. If there’s an option to fight, I choose that one.”

The ninja smirked and dartde straight towards the center. Naruto vanished with a gust of wind.

He appeared behind one and hit him with a Rasengan.

The remaining two scattered. The one hit with Rasengan gathered himself up off the ground.

“You bastard…He!” His arm turned into a vine and it snagged Naruto’s arm. “What! Hm, Wind Release: Aero Slash!”

The vine was hacked in two, releasing his arm. The man retracted the vine and it turned into his arm again.

“I’ll take care of you! Aqua Rasengan!” The rasengan contained water swirling around it now and he dashed forward. Before the ninja could move, he smashed the Rasengan straight into him. The Rasegan took care of him with the additional water.

“Now…Summoning Jutsu!” The scroll he had in the center of the field turned into the huge Gamakichi. The two other ninja appeared. Gamakichi used the Water Bullets on one. It dodged them and shot a vine out and wrapped it around Kichi’s leg. Kichi pulled out his sword and sliced it easily in half. He then used Toad Blade Cut and finished off the foolish ninja.

Naruto then dashed towards the remaining. Kichi disappeared.

Naruto swiftly ran around the last ninja, gaining speed as he went. “Air Release: Body Vanish!”

Naruto quickly evaporated into the wind. The powerful wind current continued to surround the ninja. Suddenly from above, Naruto came down, his fist glowing with chakra and air.

“My new jutsu: Wind STyle: Air Bomb!”

Naruto collided and a massive explosion filled the area.

Naruto stood up from the crater, no ninja in sight. “Hmph, the jutsu comes into contect with an openent even a little…and it’s goodbye. The massive amount of wind chakra inside that jutsu is even more condensed and even more than the Rasengan itself. Heh, capture me, my ass.”

Naruto picked up his scroll, raveled it an sat down, continuing to meditate. In his thoughts, “I still don’t like the fact that the ink was smudged. Could this have a connection to maybe Sai? Or am I just thinking too much?…Whatever. I haven’t seen Sai since he helped me awhile back…Hm…”


Zetsu appears behind Kabuto. “Sir, the Grass Trio lost against the Uzumaki. Horribly.”

“Meh, it doesn’t matter much…”

“Leader.” Koukishi’s voice rang out.

“Koukishi, you seem recovered?”

“Yes, I’m fine now.”

“Good, because there’s a mission you and Kuchia must achieve.”


“The final scroll has been apprehended. So now, we need one more chakra source. We may just have to resort to our own chakra, but for now, this is our objective. You and Kuchia must capture Naruto Uzumaki. He already knows what to do. I have briefed him. Head off ASAP.” Kabuto informed.

Koukishi nodded and summoned his bird. Kuchia appeared, looked Koukishi in the eye, nodded and hopped onto the bird.

A few minutes later, in the sky…

“The way he’s pairing us all the time, I suppose we’re permanent partners…” Koukishi observed.

“Unless you die.” Kuchia put bluntly.

“Hm, so there’s no possibility you could die first, huh you little-?”

Kuchia stayed quiet and turned his head.

Koukishi cooled down and turned back around.

In a mountain range miles from Sunagakure…

Pakkun and the other hound continue to lead Sai, Yamato and Shino somewhere towards Iwagakure.

“Hm, Yamato-sama, are these hounds as reliable as Kakashi and Konohamaru say?” Sai asks out of the blue.

“Yeah, they’re as dependable as, say, the Inuzuka clans members, like Kiba’s sense of smell.”

Soon, they came across where the range split into two more roads. “When the Leaf Squad returned from their trekk out here, they said that the Akatsuki abandonded their placement in Terrace Valley, but moved somewhere more concealed…” Shino observed.

The hounds nodded. The right would take them to Terrace Valley. So they turned to the left path that lead higher up into the Mountains.

From the ground, Zetsu appeared, distraught. “Their headed to base…!”

He disappeared…

Moment slater in the hideout…

Zetsu warned of the approching enemies.

“So they’re coming here? Then we’ll face them head on. I expected a battle from those three…”

“Kabuto-sama, it’s not the three you expected! It’s some other Leaf Shinobi…” Zetsu argued.

“Hm…Oh, I see…Hakujou, Jinrai, I require your assistance to head into battle!” Kabuto called out.

Jinrai and Hakujou appeared at his side. “Battle you say?” Hakujou smirked.

The trio disappeared.

Hitshirezu and Zetsu followed behind, as to get clips of the battle of their own.


Shino halted the team. “Something’s coming. Everyone, try to be aware.”

Sai pulled out his first medium-sized scroll and a brush.

Shino’s bugs started to surround his arms.

Kabuto and his partners appeared in front of them, Kabuto upon a large boulder blocking the path, with Jinrai and Hakujou standing in front of it.

“Hello, Leaf Shinobi.” Kabuto greeted hollowly.

“Kabuto Yakushi?” Shino said, flabbergasted.

“Yes, and I’m glad someone from the Leaf actually remembers me. To bad I don’t remember him. But no matter. We’ll settle things quickly.”

Jinrai dashed forward. Shino’s bugs shot out. Jinrai sllid under them, nearly avoiding the chakra sucking insects.

Yamato, Sai and Shino scattered.

Yamato shot wooden logs from his hands down at Hakujou. He splintered them with an Air Palm and jumped into the air. “Hyuuga’s like Hand-to-Hand, you should know that!”

His hand started moving extremely fast, throwing jabs into Yamato in mid-air. He went up in a puff of smoke, to reveal a wood log in his place.

Yamato appeared on the ground below Hakujou and shot two more wood logs up into the air. They wrapped around his legs, pulling him down. “Gotc’ha!”

“On the contrary! I have you! 8 Trigrams: 128 Palms!”

Jinrai shot the Quadruple Wolf Turbine out and down towards Shino. Shino jumped to dodge two and put up an insect wall to deflect the others. Jinrai came from behind with a Chidori.

Shino backflipped over Jinrai, dropping a female bug onto his shoulder.

Shino quickly lashed a whip of insect out at Jinrai. Jinrai dodged this, but realized some of the bugs had latched onto his arm.

“Damnit. Stupid little bugs!” A lightning surge skimmed across his arm and immediately fried the bugs.

Shino gasped. “You killed them…You bastard!” Shino dashed forward. He slammed his foot on the ground and kneeled. Line of bugs streamed upwards quickly, striking Jinrai continously.

“Hm, that’s a clever move.”

Jinrai activated his Rinnegan. He formed three slow hand signs. “I remember when I was still a Lightning Ninja…I was around Konoha when that Pein guy demolished the Leaf Village. And the Chibaku Tensai was a very interesting Rinnegan move of his…And you know what? I admired it…So…Chibaku Tensai!” Jinrai stuck a hand out.

Shino started feeling a gravity force upon him and he was suddenly pulled from where he stood. Jinrai charged a Chidori and held it out for Shino to land on.

When he came into contact, his body immediately fell into insects. “A sub jutsu…?”

He appeared behind Jinrai. Having his hand unfolded, he whispered, “Insect: Cloud of Redemption!”

His insects, in sheer numbers, shrouded Jinrai fully, encasing him in blackness. “Insect: Typhoon!”

The bugs then twisted up in a tight twister and released Jinrai onto the ground.

Sai drew three falcons on his scroll and they sprang to life. The birds crashed into the boulder Kabuto stood upon. He jumped into the air, used his Chakra blades and began to spin.

Sai didged his potentially deadly attack and drew a lion. It sprang off the page and charged Kabuto.

Kabuto sliced it in half with his blades and dashed forward.

Sai put his scroll down and charged. He drew his sword and clashed quickly with Kabuto. They slid past each other.

A bretahless moment passed, but then Sai’s sword split into two from halfway up.

“You’re skilled.” Sai said with a sarcastic smile.

“Likewise.” Kabuto said, with the same sarcastic air.

Sai drew his brush again and lobbed it into the air quickly. With a hand sign, he yelled, “Ink Style: Ink Rain!”

Kabuto flipped and rolled to avoid this attack. “That [aintbrush holds an unbelievable amount of paint, funny…” He said after going at it for more than a minute.

As the ink lay on the ground, Sai smirked. “Ninja Arts, Ink Style: Poisonous Ink Insertion!”

The ink suddenly shot back up at Kabuto. He avoided most of it, but some of it hit him and leaked into his body.

When he landed, he was already grimacing. Sai started explaining. “After doing extended research, I fused my ink with a certain type of fast acting poison that attacks the immune system and technically destroys it. Afterwards, it attacks your brain cells and kills you very slowly. Have fun with that.”

Kabuto smiled. “Heh, I can heal myself before anything…Uck!” He lurched forward.

“Hmm, then you’d better do it fast, because the poison will destroy your immune system in less then 5 minutes after being inserted. And, of course, I won’t give yout ime to heal.”

He pulled off the huge scroll from hsi back and unrolled it on the ground. He drew a long dragon which shot off the paper. It arched down towards Kabuto.

Kabuto formed the chakra blade again and attempted to block the attack. The ink crashed into Kabuto. In a second, he appeared from the ink dashing towards Kabuto.

But as soon as he stepped upon the ink on the scroll, he began to sink down into it. “Hmm, you keep falling into my traps. This ink acts like your a drawing and takes you into the paper. Goodbye.”


From behind Sai, Kabuto appeared, slashing with hsi Chakra Blades. Kabuto hacked Sai acrs the body. An Ink Clone evaporated.

“Argh, he sensed my Clone Jutsu.” Kabuto barked.

“Yep, you’ve used one since that dragon hit you. I’m not stupid.”

Kabuto grimaced. He placed a hand on his chest. Sai’s face became serious all in one second. “You’re not going to heal yourself. Ink Style: Tornado.”

The ink behind Kabuto began spinning and rose up into a funnel. “Remember, that ink is fused with poison, and if it hits you, you’ll die within ten minutes. The more ink that hits you, the faster the poison will spread.”

The tornado streamed towards Kabuto. Sai dodged and the tornado was on a track towards Kabuto. Kabuto flipped out of the way and formed a hand sign. “Ninja Arts Seal: Chakra Retainment!”

He placed his hands on the ground and a green light in the shape of a snake appeared. “Heh, take this.”

The light spewed towards Sai. It hit him and started draining his chakra. “Argh, it’s taing my chakra, what kind of jutsu is this?”

“It’s one I assertained a long time ago. Now your chakra is mine…Uck…!”

Sai forced a smile as he struggled. “I guess your immune system is almost out. No matter what you do, by this time, the poison has spread too far to destroy it.”

Kabuto stopped the seal. “Whatever. Now with my chakra replinished, I can force up some healing power to at least slow the poison.”

He placed a hand on his chest once more and started healing himself.

Sai grimaced boldly. He pulled two medium scrolls from his back and rolled them out on the ground. He drew two hawks and they grew from the paper. “Hm, Ink Style: Duo Hawk Dance!”

The hawk sped forward. They caught Kabuto on the arms and took him into the air. The released him, flew a bit high up and then came down sharply, spinning around each other in a graceful dance.

Kabuto smiled devilishly. He tore off his cloak. Both arms were scaley, as well as his face and his hair had turned mostly black, with just some white streaks here and there.


He formed purple chakra blades and began spinning. The hawks were hacked apart and he darted for the ground. When he landed, he smirked. “DIE!”

He dashed forward. Sai looked sheepish as he jumped out of the way sideways.

Kabuto followed him, slashing menacingly. He finally backed Sai up against a boulder and slashed his neck. Sai screamed in horror and hopped to the side.

He felt where he struck. “Ugh! That’s bad…He almost cut my windpipe, also nearly severing an artery. I need to get it treated or I’ll…Hah!”

Kabuto struck down. Sai leapt backwards and skid across the ground, landing on one knee. “Looks like I cut your throat a bit. HAHAHAH! Looks like you need to get it looked at!”

Sai frowned deeply.

Yamato slammed down with his arm in a wood hammer. He flipped a bit and kicked the handle of the hammer. Wood blocks shot out of it towards Hakujou.

Hakujou began to spin. “Rotation!”

The wood was demolished. Yamato landed an retracted the hammer. He glanced over at Sai. He noticed him covering a spot on his neck and blood was seeping through the cracks between his fingers. “Sai!” He mentally screamed.

Hakujou appeared in front of him and almost delivered a “One Hit Death Jab” to his chest. “You can’t avoid me if you’re occupied on someone else’s fight!”

Jinrai sighed.

“You know, I don’t feel like fighting really, insect boy.”

“I don’t care. Real shinobi don’t just say things like that in the middle of combat. If you’re going to be like that, there won’t be a next time.”

His bugs shot in a sharp spear towards Jinrai. He rolled his eyes and avoided the attack. “Meh, I’m leaving. I don’t care what Kabuto says to me later. I’d rather not be here.”

Jinrai disappeared.

Shino was left to stand, his thoughts blank. “WHAT THE HELL!”

Yamato noticed Jinrai flee. “Eh?”

Hakujou stood and looked back and saw Jinrai fleeing. Hakujou turned around, his face devious. “Ditto.”

He disappeared. “WHAT THE HELL!” Yamato thought as well.

Kabuto stood, his anger calming. He walked forward.

“I might as well just kill you here…Huh?”

Sai stood up and dashed forward. He thrust his Paintbrush, tip sharp, into Kabuto’s chest, right near his heart.

Kabuto and Sai stand for a moment. Yamato and Shino look on, flabbergasted to also see Kabuto slapel through Sai’s abdomen.

Sai fell forward, releasing the paintbursh, only for it to fall to the ground. Kabuto’s scalpel retracted just as he fell. Kabuto smiled as the blood dripped from his mouth. He placed his hand on the wound. “More poison. But it won’t be of danger to me until after our plan is realized.”

Kabuto started walking forward and disappeared in smoke. Yamato and Shino dashed to Sai’s side.

Yamato turned Sai over easily.


Sai spoke weakly. “I never thought I would die so stupidly. I was a bit careless to say the least…ack…Yamato…could you please thank Naruto…for…being my friend…I don’t think I actually have…regrets…” Yamato placed a hand on Sai’s face and closed his eyelids gently.

Shino sat quietly.

Yamato picked up the paintbrush. “Sai…I’m sorry.”

In the village…

Yamato and Shino return. Naruto walks out of the hospital. “I’ve been attacked twice today! By those grass ninja and then by the damned Akatsuki. Those guys were rou…Yamato, Shino!”

Yamato walked up to Naruto, looked him in the eye with a solemn and woeful look. “Naruto…”

He handed him the paintbrush. Naruto looked at it for a moment. Then he realized. He grasped it with an intense grip, almost shattering it. “This is Sai’s, isn’t it?” He said, his voice almost to a quiver.

“Yes…The Akatsuki…”

“Damn those wretched Akatsuki. They’re gonna pay!” Naruto said, his eyes gleamed with red as he looked up.

And that concludes Chapter 17.

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