Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 16

Chained Hope

“Blast it! Where is Hakujou? He took off only a few kilometers ahead of me. Hmm…”

Up ahead of Jinrai…

Hakujou skips across the branches of trees. “So what I was told was false info…Well, then the shrine must be out here somewhere. What is that?” A white light, along with a ripping sound, greeted him.

Suddenly, he realized an attack. “AH!”

The whole area he was within was crashed through.

Farther behind, Jinrai hears the shriek of Hakujou. “What was that?”

Neji, TenTen and Lee continue to hop through the trees.

“Aren’t we still following him, Neji?” TenTen asks.

“Hm…Ugh! We’re not following him anymore!”

Lee turns his head. “Then is he following…?”

Suddenly, a kunai streaks through the air. TenTen catches the movement and deflects it with another. The team lands on some branches.

Kakaze appears on a branch behind them and in front. “Guys, a Shadow Clone!” Neji warns.

“You three are persistent. I don’t get why you followed me! I’ll just kill you here, heh!”

In the village…

Shikamaru gathers Sai, Kakashi and Yamato in his office.

“I understand the Akatsuki just attacked you two, correct? Yamato, Kakashi?”

Yamato nodded. Shikamaru noticed Kakashi’s eye bleeding. “You use the Kamui twice didn’t you? Kakashi, get to the hospital. Sai, Yamato, I have a mission for you two, along with Shino Aburame who has been given a short prompt. One of Kakashi’s ninja hounds brought the cloak of one of them to us and has found the scent of a possible Akatsuki hideout. I’m sending you three out to find it.”

Yamato and Sai agreed and departed.

In the forest…

TenTen throws two scrolls in the air and they turn into poles. She twirls them around and goes into a stance.

Neji activates his Byakugan. “Lee, you and I can handle the one behind us. TenTen, you take that one.”

TenTen nodded, along with Lee. The three of them, with quick mvoes, dashed off the limbs. TenTen slammed both poles down on the limb kakaze stood upon.

Kakaze jumped and flipped over her and landed on a limb a littel farther down on a shorter tree. He threw three shuriken at her. TenTen smirked and deflected them, throwing one pole into the air. She threw the remaining pole at Kakaze sharply. The pole in the air turned into a butcher knife. The one flying towards Kakaze turned into a knife as well. Kakaze grasped the limb above him and pulled himself away. The knife flew back towards her with a strong attached.

SHe grabbed both and darted towards Kakaze. She flung them and it slashed the limb he was on, catching him off guard. With another scroll transformation, she has a giant flale.

Kakaze had only enough time to put his arm in the way of the attack. He was taken up in an explosion of dust and bark as it crashed into him, sending him downwards.

Neji landed next to Kakaze and blew him away with Sky Palm. Lee then appeared where he was forced and kicked him hard in the side.

As Kakaze started to topple over the edge, his body began to glow. “Shadow Clone Detonation: Kunai Trap!”

The clone exploded and kunai knives flew in every direction. Lee took cover beside Neji as he used Rotation.

When the knives started shooting, a Kakaze appeared behind Neji. Neji had no time to move, so Lee kicked him into the air. “Dynamic Lotus!”

Lee darted into the air and wrapped bandages around him. He then kicked him into the stomach, sending Kakaze flying downwards in bandages. Lee quickly grabbed a stray and yanked. Kakaze rolled back upwards towards Lee. Lee delivered a Dynamic Entry to his abdoman.

When Lee landed, another clone was in front of Neji.

“How can he make clones without concentrating He’s being throw around by TenTen over there. It seems impossible to do that. 8 Trigrams: Mountain Break Attack!”

Neji dashed forward and jabbed Kakaze in the stomach. But as the chakra began to form, paper bombs on Kakaze started to burn. Neji’s eye grew big.

Kakaze detonated.

TenTen was thrown back from the explosion, the real Kakaze ducking down.

“What was-?” TenTen took a punch to the face. She slid back.

“Who are you anyway…?” TenTena sked quickly as she wiped blood from her mouth.

“Kakaze, and that’s all you need to know.”

“Wait! Kakaze of the Hidden Leaf? You’re a weapons legend! You left the village four years ago though…Everyone thought you had died…You were a prodigy…”

As she began to take out the scroll on her back, she countered herself. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t kill you!”

She wiped blood on it and formed a hand sign. “Take this! Death: Chaotic Shuriken Storm!”

The scroll rose into teh sky and released thousands of shuriken flying down into teh spot where Kakaze stood. He reached into his pouch and pulled out three scrolls. He swiftly unraveled them and kunai sped into the air to counter the shuriken.

TenTen couldn’t believe it when ecery one of her shuriken were deflected. “Heh…But that sto;; ;eaves you open!”

A scroll transformed into a scythe and she flung it at Kakaze. Kakaze countered with a scythe of his own. The scythe he deflected however, turned into three smaller ones. He smirked as the scythes detonated from concealed paper bombs that transferred from the bigger scythe he had.

“Ugh, he’s too good…”

Neji and Lee appeared next to her suddenly.

“Neji…I need room to attack him! Do it!”

Neji smiled. “Lee, TenTen, get right next to me!”

Neji focused and began spinning. “8 TrigramsL Supreme Rotation!”

The original rotation grew 10 times bigger and covered more area, destroying all trees surrounding him for one kilometer. He stopped spinning.

Kakaze appeared from underground. “Hm, that was impressive, but it’s not going to kill me!”

“It didn’t intend to!” TenTen appeared a few feet behind Kakaze. She threw three sword-like kunai at him.

Kakaze turned around and deflected them. The swords landed in the ground. “Exactly what I wanted.”

“Sealing Jutsu: Three Pronged Handle!”

The handle of the swords started glowing with chakra. They streamed towards Kakaze and hit him. A circular chakra ring surrounded him very thin.

Lee dashed forward and jumped into the air. When he was directly above Kakaze, he focused all chakra into his foot and missiled downwards.

“Take this! Leaf Screaming Breakout!”

Lee made contact and the ground erupted into slabs of stone all around.

TenTen let off the jutsu.

She fell to one knee. “That takes a lot of chakra, just to seal for a few seconds. But then again, Lee needs a perfect angel to use that move, or else it would be useless…”

Lee jumped back and sighed. “Is it done?”

Kakaze crawled out from underneath some rocks. “Nope…Ugh…That was pretty good…But…”

From behind Neji, Kakaze grbbed his arms. “Shadow Clone Explosion: Kunai Storm!”

Neji’s eyes grew big once more. He was taken up in an explosion.

“NEJI!” Lee and TenTen screamed in unison.

TenTen weakly stood to her feet. Neji fell on the ground, breathing but weak. Lee dashed to his side.

“Neji? Neji!”

“You’re gonna pay for that. You almost killed him…Take this!”

She reached into her back pouch and pulled out a small length of chain. “Lee, help me out for a sec!”

Her chain enlarged. She span around and the chain flew towards Kakaze. It hit him and took him in the circle with her. It slowly wrapped him up. She continued to swing. Lee dashed across the still moving chain for a split second and jumped into the air. TenTen let go of the chain and it flung into the air.

The rest of teh chain surrounded Kakaze. From underneath, Kakaze attemped to make the hand sign to detonate his body in a Substitution Jutsu, but to no avail.

Lee opened the 6th Gate. “Take this! True Hidden Lotus: Prism!”

Lee grabbed the chain and unwrapped it. When Kakaze was exposed, Lee started bashing him around in a very small area, going incredibly fast, close to the Hidden Lotus, but in a rpsim shape. The yellow chakra wake left a prism shape in the air.

Lee then delivered one more punch to Kakaze’s stomach and kept going until they reached the ground, then he practically drilled him into the ground.

Lee hopped back and his gate form let up. He dropped to a knee.

TenTen joined him at his side. “Lee, did you get him?”

“I think…?”

Suddenly, Kakaze began to stand up, very slowly. “You…It’s very hard to kill me, because my will…”

“Is weak.” A voice from behind Kakaze finished. “Mountain Breaking Attack!”

A beam of energy pulse across the area. TenTen pulled Lee to the side as the attack streamed across the ground.

When it cleared, Neji was left, to fall on the ground.

TenTen and Lee were speechless as to what happened. TenTen dashed to Neji’s side immediately. Lee followed close behind, but in a walk.


Jinrai kicked Kiba across the ground, for him to be slammed into a tree.

Hinata stood up weakly. “8 Trigrams: 64 Palms!”

Hakujou avoided the first 16 hits, but the rest he took the attack. Hakujou slid back. “Hello, Hinata…Hm, seems you learned that move at last. TOo bad it doesn’t have a very good effect on me! 8 Trigrams: Four Sky Palm!”

He thrust the air from his palm and struck her. Hinata was thrown back violently across the air, to hit a tree hard enough to crack through it.

Hakujou walked inside the shrine and picked up the scroll. He walked outside and handed it to Jinrai. “That was fairly easy, to tell you the truth. But where’s Kakaze?”

Jinrai shook his head. “I’m not sure. He was following me, but I guess he got in a fight with someone back there. Pssh, he’ll catch up. Now that we have the fifth scroll, the boss can finally do what he’s been anchoring to do. Let’s go.”

Back at Team 10…

Lee takes Neji back to the village and TenTen dashes ahead to find out what’s going on at the shrine.

Hitshirezu appears with his fingers in a hand sign. He had captured all the data with his jutsu.

At the shrine, TenTen discovers the wreckage. Kiba had been knocked out and she found Hinata unconscious as well up ahead against a fallen limb.

“Oh my! They got the scroll! DAMMIT! That was the last one! I need help getting these guys back!”

Neten, Crino and Koggie appeared behind her. “TenTen-sama! What happened?”

The girl, Koggie asked. “Team 3, can you please help me get these guys back to the village?”

In the village an hour later…

TenTen leaves Shikamaru’s office. “The last scroll has been stolen…This…is not good at all…The whole world is in jeopardy…But…THey’ve only gotten two chakra sources right?”

Shikamaru grabs a book from a shelf in the storage room a minute later and reads the story of “The Scrolls of Hope.”

“The Scrolls of Hope, hidden in Sunagakure, Kumogakure, Konohagakure, Kirigakure, and Iwagakure, can work when two or more are all together. However, no damage can be done without very powerful chakra sources. The amount of chakra needed is more than an entire village’s ninja, depending on the size, to combine all chakra together at once.”

Shikamaru sighs and smiles. “Then the stones of Vigor Cliffs along with the vase they stole from Suna will probably not be enough. So they’ll be after another source…” He drops the book.


In the hideout…

Uto takes down his hood as Jinrai and Hakujou appear with the scroll. “Good.”

He places it on a pedestal and it rises. “One more chakra source.”

Hitshirezu appears and prokects what he has encountered lately. “Hm, so Kakaze perished.”

Hakujou frowned. “Hmph. I guess it wasn’t a big loss, right?”

Jinrai crossed his arms and closed his eyes. “Hm, so Konoha is also harboring the Ying Kyuubi.”

Hakujou’s eyes grow massive. “What! Are you serious? Then are you suggesting…We got and capture it?”

“Not now…Not now.”

“Then when?”

“We need to wait about a week. There is no time to get it at the moment.”

Jinrai’s eyes open. “We’ve already gotten the last scroll. Why not get it now?”

“Because Koukishi and Kuchia are the only ones strong enough to get it. And Koukishi is still recovering. Just wait.”

Hakujou sneered. “Hmph. I don’t get why we need to wait a week. They’re only minor injuries, Kabuto.”

Jinrai’s arms fell. “Kabuto?”

Kabuto took of his glasses. “You’re leader. I thought you knew that.”

How many of you already knew it was Kabuto? Hmm…

Well, the next two chapters are sure to be heartbreakers. See ya!