Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 15

Konoha’s Shinobi

“Think we should head in? You’re the leader of this brigade.” A blunt voice called out to the shadows beneath the walls of the Hidden Leaf.

“Sure, I guess it’s time. All seems tranquil beyond the walls. Jinrai, head in.” Another wispy voice replied.

“Right.” Jinrai skimmed up the walls and ontop. Once there, he charged a good jump into his legs and lept.

Kakaze and Hakujou slunk inside the gate.

On top of the Hokage Monument…

Kakashi and Yamato look across the village.

“Hm, peaceful. I like it that way.” Yamato spoke gently.

“I agree, Tenzo.” Kakashi replied equally gently.

Kakashi’s face turned grim as he noticed the fact-paced movement on top of the roofs of the village.

At the base of the monument, Hakujou descends from a rooftop and feels around the rocky mountain. “There’s definitely an opening here somewhere. Maybe a crevice, or slot that isn’t quite…Hm?”

A slab of rock pushed in tumbled over. As he glanced inside, there sat a pedestal with a scroll sitting upon it. He reached for the scroll on the pedestal, but as he seized the tightly wound paper, the rocks glowed with a blue light and floated back into place, trapping Hakujou inside.

“Ugh, I should have detected this chakra seal with my Byakugan…” Hakujou grimaced.

Jinrai and Kakaze scaled the side of the monument, hopping from bridge to bridge.

They reached the top and the twosome were face-to-face with Kakashi and Yamato. Kakashi whipped out the swords on his back.

Jinrai kept his sturdy face. “Hey, I guess you’re itching for a fight. If that’s it, we’ll give you one!”

Kakashi side stepped as Jinrai jumped into the air. Yamato kicked the ground a thin slab of wood shot into the air and wrapped around one of Jinrai’s legs and binded it. He was pulled down hard and slammed into the ground.

Kakaze dashed towards Kakashi. Kakashi dashed forwards as well, his swords ready to strike. Kakaze and he went into a Taijutsu squabble, each throwing kicks and punches and slashes, with each dodging them more gracefully than the last.

Kakashi finally created two Shadow Clones. One rushed forward and threw a punch, to which Kakaze caught. But another jumped into the air and charged the LB. He came down onto Kakaze and the small area exploded.

Jinrai picked himself up and grinned at Yamato. “I always liked people who fought back well enough to meet my standards. But that’s the bad thing for them.” Jinrai formed a hand sign and summoned the Twin Lightning Turbine.

Yamato backflipped into the air, landed on an uprising pillar and kept rising into the air.

The turbines swpet across the ground, but changed direction and traveled upwards towards Yamato.

Yamato formed a hand sign and the wood around him enlarged and shot up and around him, forming a casing to protect him.

“Hmph, no you don’t!”

The turbines crashed into the wood, but only a bit of damage was done. Jinrai dashed up the side of the pillar. Once he got to the top, his Grand Chidori was fully charged. He ripped through the wood like it was a sheet of paper, but he soon realized that noone was inside. He erupted through the other side and landed far on the ground.

Suddenly from behind, a blunt object thrust into his back and sent him flying attached to it.

Yamato stepped from the wood. “Wood Traveling Technique.”

He then formed hand signs, bit his thumb and smeared it across the ground. “Summoning Jutsu: Woodling Manifestation!”

A large tree sprouted high above the ground. From the hole in it, a creature burrowed out.

Jinrai kept no expression. He dashed forward, hand sign formed. “Lightning Style: Lightning Bullet!”

He opened his mouth and two lightning bolts shot out. The fused together and a bullet sped towards Yamato’s tree.

The creature inside jumped out and enlarged in size. It began spinning towards the bullet. “Heh, Mokuton Dive!”

The creature blasted through the lightning bullet. Jinrai dodged it as it came for him. The creature landed on the ground.

“What is that thing?”

Yamato appeared next to Jinrai. “A diversion!” He slammed his elbow into Jinrai’s throat and kicked him away. He then summoned the humungous wood cage around Jinrai.

Jinrai smirked and released his Reality Check, morphing the duo’s places. Yamato let the cage down.

“What the hell was that? he switched areas with me with…” Yamato now saw the eyes of Jinrai. “His Rinnegan!?”

Kakashi and Kakaze fought hand-to-hand, avoiding kicks and punches. Kakaze tripped Kakaze and kicked him back in the ribs.

He then opened his cloack and revealed wires full of kunai. He grabbed them and let them loose at Kakashi.

“Ugh! A net wire explosive kunai trap!” His Sharingan began to spin and he jumped into the air. The kunai followed him, detonating throughout the path. He formed a hand sign. “Wind Style: Extreme Turbulet Air Bullet!”

The wind bullet streamed directly into the path of the kunai, throwing them way off course and detonating them.

Kakashi landed on the ground adjecent to Kakaze. “Summoning Jutsu: Eight Ninja Hounds!”

The eight hounds appeared in front of him. “Pakkun! Lead the Eight Hammer Drill!”

“Right.” Pakkun replied.

Pakkun jumped onto the ground. Four of the hounds charged forward. Two snapped onto each arm while two more slammed into Kakaze’s stomach. Pakkun then jumped onto his head, bit him and jumped off the other side. Three more then charged Kakaze again and Kakashi followed with a Lightning Blade.

“Take this!”

The lightning blade exploded on impact with the ground.

Yamato avoids bolts of lightning from Jinrai by creating pillars of turning wood. “This is getting difficult! Wood Style: Thrust!”

Two columns rushed forward. Jinrai jumped on top of them. “HA!”

They then arched back and slammed into Jinrai. “What!?”

Yamato appeared in front of him and knocked him to the side. Jinrai skidded across the ground.


Kakashi avoided a Windmill Shuriken from Kakaze, plus the two coming back at him. Kakashi placed his hand above his left eye.


“What is this?” Kakaze felt the area around him start to shift, He quickly realized danger and hopped into the air. The Kamui sucked the bottom of his robe, which thus tore it from his body. Kakaze landed on the ground. Kakashi’s eye bled a bit.

Kakaze grinned. “That little attack did a number on you I see!”

Kakaze reached into the two pouches on his legs. “This is where it shall end!”

He pulled out two scrolls. After unraveling them, he summons two sicles. “Take this!”

Kakashi looked up and saw the two scythes coming towards him. Kakashi stepped to the side and dodged them.

Kakaze then picked up the scrolls and kunai, blades and other shuriken started shooting out at Kakashi. Kakashi grimaced. He pulled out his own kunai and started deflecting them with relative ease.

Kakaze smiled.

At the base of the mountain, the wall Hakujou was concealed behind, bursted outwards. “Damn chakra seal!” He kicks a rock with frustration.

Hakujou hears the sounds of battling above him. “Hehe, looks like Kakaze and Jinrai couldn’t wait. Does that mean I should just go ahead? Heh…” Hakujou sails over the rooftops.

Jinrai snapped his fingers and a wrapped bomb in front of Yamato detonates, throwing him back. “Ack!”

Yamato landed on one knee.

Jinrai notices Hakujou leaving. “Kakaze, Hakujou is retreating! Come on!”

Jinrai skids down the base of the mountain. Yamato finds a final effort in trying to stop him by jutting out log of wood as he descended, but to no avail as Jinrai skillfully dodged them.

Kakaze gets a close shave at slicing Kakashi’s armor with his machete`.

“I’m coming, Jinrai!”

Kakashi suddenly charges two Lightning Blades and dashes forward. “Lightning Blade: Double Speed Lightning!”

He charges both into Kakaze’s stomach. He then kicks him backwards and thrusts again, this time throwing him into the air. When Kakaze came down, Kkashi thrust the chidoris into him once more, sending him flying.

A few moments passed of no movement. Kakaze then stood up, only minor injuries noticeable.

“That was all right. But i must be leaving…So long!” He disappeares, but bombs fly towards Kakashi. With no time to move, the bombs detonate in front of his face.

Kakashi opened his eyes only to see wood protecting him. Yamato appears beside him.

“They were tough. But…Kakashi! They’re headed out to the Hidden Leaf Forest! That’s where the scroll is!”

Down on the rooftops, Lee spots them heading his way. “Ugn, those are Akatsuki!”

Lee pickes up speed by dashing and then forms the Night Phoenix on his left arm. Jinrai looks straight ahead. “Hmph, whatever!”

He rolls himself into a ball with lightning in a kind of aura around him. Lee made contact with it. The explosion threw him into the streets of the village. Jinrai landed on a roof. “Heh.”

Jinrai then takes off again.

Kakaze hops across a street Neji is waiting for someone on. “Akatsuki!?”

Without another thought, Neji takes chase. Kakaze sees Neji following him. He spins and releases shuriken at Neji.

With a hand sign he says, “Shadow Clone Shuriken!”

The shuriken multiply. Neji lands on a roof and performs the Rotation. The shuriken are immediately deflected.

“Argh!” Neji is about to pursure again when TenTen and Lee appear at his side.

“Neji, that’s Akatsuki right?” TenTen asks.

“There’s no time for talk! We have to catch up before they get into the vicinity of the scroll!” Neji insists. The trio heads off out of the village and onto the path of Hiddan Leaf Forest.

Konohamaru had just checked in about a mission with Genma when he saw the Akatsuki leave, with Team 10 hot on their trail.

“They may need help! I’d better follow.”

In the Hidden Leaf Forest…

Hinata and Kiba guard the shrine at this time. “Hinata, do you see anything coming at all?” Kibu inquires.

Hinata looks on with her Byakugan. “No, there’s nothing approaching. I think the scroll is safe for now…”

Akamaru appears from behind the shrine and sits by Kiba. “Hmm…But the way the trees are moving to the wind. It feel unnatural. Like they’re sad…”

Hinata nods to herself.

At the hideout…

Uto stands next to a pillar, his face turning red from pain. “Please…It’s not quite time…If you come out now, you’ll be in too much of a weak state…to survive!”

His glasses fall from his face and shatter on the ground. “Don’t! Stay within!”

“I will give you two weeks before I…come out!”

“Fine…I’ll get things done in two weeks…HAHAHAHA!”