Dawn of a New Era 15: Konoha’s Shinobi


Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 15

Konoha’s Shinobi

“Think we should head in? You’re the leader of this brigade.” A blunt voice called out to the shadows beneath the walls of the Hidden Leaf.

“Sure, I guess it’s time. All seems tranquil beyond the walls. Jinrai, head in.” Another wispy voice replied.

“Right.” Jinrai skimmed up the walls and ontop. Once there, he charged a good jump into his legs and lept.

Kakaze and Hakujou slunk inside the gate.

On top of the Hokage Monument…

Kakashi and Yamato look across the village.

“Hm, peaceful. I like it that way.” Yamato spoke gently.

“I agree, Tenzo.” Kakashi replied equally gently.

Kakashi’s face turned grim as he noticed the fact-paced movement on top of the roofs of the village.

At the base of the monument, Hakujou descends from a rooftop and feels around the rocky mountain. “There’s definitely an opening here somewhere. Maybe a crevice, or slot that isn’t quite…Hm?”

A slab of rock pushed in tumbled over. As he glanced inside, there sat a pedestal with a scroll sitting upon it. He reached for the scroll on the pedestal, but as he seized the tightly wound paper, the rocks glowed with a blue light and floated back into place, trapping Hakujou inside.

“Ugh, I should have detected this chakra seal with my Byakugan…” Hakujou grimaced.

Jinrai and Kakaze scaled the side of the monument, hopping from bridge to bridge.

They reached the top and the twosome were face-to-face with Kakashi and Yamato. Kakashi whipped out the swords on his back.

Jinrai kept his sturdy face. “Hey, I guess you’re itching for a fight. If that’s it, we’ll give you one!”

Kakashi side stepped as Jinrai jumped into the air. Yamato kicked the ground a thin slab of wood shot into the air and wrapped around one of Jinrai’s legs and binded it. He was pulled down hard and slammed into the ground.

Kakaze dashed towards Kakashi. Kakashi dashed forwards as well, his swords ready to strike. Kakaze and he went into a Taijutsu squabble, each throwing kicks and punches and slashes, with each dodging them more gracefully than the last.

Kakashi finally created two Shadow Clones. One rushed forward and threw a punch, to which Kakaze caught. But another jumped into the air and charged the LB. He came down onto Kakaze and the small area exploded.

Jinrai picked himself up and grinned at Yamato. “I always liked people who fought back well enough to meet my standards. But that’s the bad thing for them.” Jinrai formed a hand sign and summoned the Twin Lightning Turbine.

Yamato backflipped into the air, landed on an uprising pillar and kept rising into the air.

The turbines swpet across the ground, but changed direction and traveled upwards towards Yamato.

Yamato formed a hand sign and the wood around him enlarged and shot up and around him, forming a casing to protect him.

“Hmph, no you don’t!”

The turbines crashed into the wood, but only a bit of damage was done. Jinrai dashed up the side of the pillar. Once he got to the top, his Grand Chidori was fully charged. He ripped through the wood like it was a sheet of paper, but he soon realized that noone was inside. He erupted through the other side and landed far on the ground.

Suddenly from behind, a blunt object thrust into his back and sent him flying attached to it.

Yamato stepped from the wood. “Wood Traveling Technique.”

He then formed hand signs, bit his thumb and smeared it across the ground. “Summoning Jutsu: Woodling Manifestation!”

A large tree sprouted high above the ground. From the hole in it, a creature burrowed out.

Jinrai kept no expression. He dashed forward, hand sign formed. “Lightning Style: Lightning Bullet!”

He opened his mouth and two lightning bolts shot out. The fused together and a bullet sped towards Yamato’s tree.

The creature inside jumped out and enlarged in size. It began spinning towards the bullet. “Heh, Mokuton Dive!”

The creature blasted through the lightning bullet. Jinrai dodged it as it came for him. The creature landed on the ground.

“What is that thing?”

Yamato appeared next to Jinrai. “A diversion!” He slammed his elbow into Jinrai’s throat and kicked him away. He then summoned the humungous wood cage around Jinrai.

Jinrai smirked and released his Reality Check, morphing the duo’s places. Yamato let the cage down.

“What the hell was that? he switched areas with me with…” Yamato now saw the eyes of Jinrai. “His Rinnegan!?”

Kakashi and Kakaze fought hand-to-hand, avoiding kicks and punches. Kakaze tripped Kakaze and kicked him back in the ribs.

He then opened his cloack and revealed wires full of kunai. He grabbed them and let them loose at Kakashi.

“Ugh! A net wire explosive kunai trap!” His Sharingan began to spin and he jumped into the air. The kunai followed him, detonating throughout the path. He formed a hand sign. “Wind Style: Extreme Turbulet Air Bullet!”

The wind bullet streamed directly into the path of the kunai, throwing them way off course and detonating them.

Kakashi landed on the ground adjecent to Kakaze. “Summoning Jutsu: Eight Ninja Hounds!”

The eight hounds appeared in front of him. “Pakkun! Lead the Eight Hammer Drill!”

“Right.” Pakkun replied.

Pakkun jumped onto the ground. Four of the hounds charged forward. Two snapped onto each arm while two more slammed into Kakaze’s stomach. Pakkun then jumped onto his head, bit him and jumped off the other side. Three more then charged Kakaze again and Kakashi followed with a Lightning Blade.

“Take this!”

The lightning blade exploded on impact with the ground.

Yamato avoids bolts of lightning from Jinrai by creating pillars of turning wood. “This is getting difficult! Wood Style: Thrust!”

Two columns rushed forward. Jinrai jumped on top of them. “HA!”

They then arched back and slammed into Jinrai. “What!?”

Yamato appeared in front of him and knocked him to the side. Jinrai skidded across the ground.


Kakashi avoided a Windmill Shuriken from Kakaze, plus the two coming back at him. Kakashi placed his hand above his left eye.


“What is this?” Kakaze felt the area around him start to shift, He quickly realized danger and hopped into the air. The Kamui sucked the bottom of his robe, which thus tore it from his body. Kakaze landed on the ground. Kakashi’s eye bled a bit.

Kakaze grinned. “That little attack did a number on you I see!”

Kakaze reached into the two pouches on his legs. “This is where it shall end!”

He pulled out two scrolls. After unraveling them, he summons two sicles. “Take this!”

Kakashi looked up and saw the two scythes coming towards him. Kakashi stepped to the side and dodged them.

Kakaze then picked up the scrolls and kunai, blades and other shuriken started shooting out at Kakashi. Kakashi grimaced. He pulled out his own kunai and started deflecting them with relative ease.

Kakaze smiled.

At the base of the mountain, the wall Hakujou was concealed behind, bursted outwards. “Damn chakra seal!” He kicks a rock with frustration.

Hakujou hears the sounds of battling above him. “Hehe, looks like Kakaze and Jinrai couldn’t wait. Does that mean I should just go ahead? Heh…” Hakujou sails over the rooftops.

Jinrai snapped his fingers and a wrapped bomb in front of Yamato detonates, throwing him back. “Ack!”

Yamato landed on one knee.

Jinrai notices Hakujou leaving. “Kakaze, Hakujou is retreating! Come on!”

Jinrai skids down the base of the mountain. Yamato finds a final effort in trying to stop him by jutting out log of wood as he descended, but to no avail as Jinrai skillfully dodged them.

Kakaze gets a close shave at slicing Kakashi’s armor with his machete`.

“I’m coming, Jinrai!”

Kakashi suddenly charges two Lightning Blades and dashes forward. “Lightning Blade: Double Speed Lightning!”

He charges both into Kakaze’s stomach. He then kicks him backwards and thrusts again, this time throwing him into the air. When Kakaze came down, Kkashi thrust the chidoris into him once more, sending him flying.

A few moments passed of no movement. Kakaze then stood up, only minor injuries noticeable.

“That was all right. But i must be leaving…So long!” He disappeares, but bombs fly towards Kakashi. With no time to move, the bombs detonate in front of his face.

Kakashi opened his eyes only to see wood protecting him. Yamato appears beside him.

“They were tough. But…Kakashi! They’re headed out to the Hidden Leaf Forest! That’s where the scroll is!”

Down on the rooftops, Lee spots them heading his way. “Ugn, those are Akatsuki!”

Lee pickes up speed by dashing and then forms the Night Phoenix on his left arm. Jinrai looks straight ahead. “Hmph, whatever!”

He rolls himself into a ball with lightning in a kind of aura around him. Lee made contact with it. The explosion threw him into the streets of the village. Jinrai landed on a roof. “Heh.”

Jinrai then takes off again.

Kakaze hops across a street Neji is waiting for someone on. “Akatsuki!?”

Without another thought, Neji takes chase. Kakaze sees Neji following him. He spins and releases shuriken at Neji.

With a hand sign he says, “Shadow Clone Shuriken!”

The shuriken multiply. Neji lands on a roof and performs the Rotation. The shuriken are immediately deflected.

“Argh!” Neji is about to pursure again when TenTen and Lee appear at his side.

“Neji, that’s Akatsuki right?” TenTen asks.

“There’s no time for talk! We have to catch up before they get into the vicinity of the scroll!” Neji insists. The trio heads off out of the village and onto the path of Hiddan Leaf Forest.

Konohamaru had just checked in about a mission with Genma when he saw the Akatsuki leave, with Team 10 hot on their trail.

“They may need help! I’d better follow.”

In the Hidden Leaf Forest…

Hinata and Kiba guard the shrine at this time. “Hinata, do you see anything coming at all?” Kibu inquires.

Hinata looks on with her Byakugan. “No, there’s nothing approaching. I think the scroll is safe for now…”

Akamaru appears from behind the shrine and sits by Kiba. “Hmm…But the way the trees are moving to the wind. It feel unnatural. Like they’re sad…”

Hinata nods to herself.

At the hideout…

Uto stands next to a pillar, his face turning red from pain. “Please…It’s not quite time…If you come out now, you’ll be in too much of a weak state…to survive!”

His glasses fall from his face and shatter on the ground. “Don’t! Stay within!”

“I will give you two weeks before I…come out!”

“Fine…I’ll get things done in two weeks…HAHAHAHA!”


Dawn of a New Era 14: The Kage Meeting

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From Chapter 12 to about Chapter 15, maybe 16, there will be fights with the Akatsuki, but after that, the battles will cool down a bit. (A certain character you see in this has been taught by a shinobi, Ibiki, and the strength you notice in him is not suddenly and blatenly his)

Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 14

The Kage Meeting

Shikamaru, Choji and Ino stand at the gate.

“Hm, Ino, Choji, we’re off to the Land of Tea. Are you ready?”

Ino and Choji nodded. They were his bodyguards on this mission. “Yes!” They cheered in unison.

The trio departed from the village. From beneath the shadows of a tree, a figure laughs and slinks away. “It’s time…”

In the cave…

“Jinrai and Koukishi. I suspect you got the stones?”

“Yes sir.” Jinrai placed the stones on a pillar and it rose up. The stones sparked and levitated. The flew around in a circle, like a dance in harmony. The desintegrated and the chakra flowed into the four scrolls.

“We need the ‘key’ and the final scroll and we’ll be able to realize our objective. And I see Koukishi was in a sqaubble?”

“Yeah, I guess, but it’s not like he would have died or anything.”

“True, I suspect, but he’s still a vital member. Good work.”

Zet suddenly appears in the room. “Master, the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf has left for the Land of Tea.”

“Good, now, our final plan of action. This must not fail.”

The leader called every Akatsuki member into the room. “Here it is. Kakaze, Hakujou and Jinrai, go to the Hidden Leaf to assertaine the final scroll. Kuchia, Jun and I will go to the Land of Tea and spy on this ‘meeting’ of theirs. Hidan, you, Zet and Hitshirezu will stay here.”

Hidan looked puzzled. “Who the hell is Hitshiwhozit?”

From a wall, a figure appears in normal color. “ERK!? What is he? A chameleon or something? Where’d he come from?”

“Mhm, you can say that. He is a special case. He can morph his body, just like a chameleon, to change into the color of his surroundings. He’s gone on practically every mission the Akatsuki has been on, and stayed concealed without anyone noticing. Andother specialty is the fect he has no mouth. He uses a special jutsu only he knows how to use to project hsi thoughts into visibility as so others can see what he needs to say. He has no verbal action.” The hologram explained.

As Kakaze, Hakujou and Jinrai took off, the hologram disappeared. In its place, a hooded figure stood.

“Okay, Jun, Kuchia, we’re off.” A gleam of light reflected off of something within the hood.

In Konoha…

Karin and Suigetsu stand at the gate, knowing Shikamaru had already taken off. “I would like to go with them as backup, but Sasuke’s still in the Hospital…”

“No I’m not.”

Karin shot around. “Wh-S-?!?”

Suigetsu grimaced. “How are you out of the hospital already? After only two days?”

“Because they released me, obviously. But I want to go as back up as well. Come on.”

Karin and Suigetsu glanced at each other as Sasuke headed past them. Before any of them could get too far, Sauno appeared.

“Wait. I want to go too.” She insisted.

Sasuke stopped and turned around. “That’s not a good idea. The chance that Akatsuki could be honing in on the Kage meeting and Konoha is very high. Not too many shinobi can leave this place unguarded.”

Sasuke then turned back around.

Sauno shook what he said away. “But I still want to go!”


Team Taiyo then hurried off.

Sauno kicked the ground. “Fine! I don’t need to go…”

Sauno felt the temperature of the air become less comfortable. “That was weird…”

The wind slowed considerably and not a leaf blew.


Killerbee and his two bodyguards, Omoi and a boy named Rait, walked towards the gate.

“So, Raikage, we’re out to the Land of Tea where the Kage meeting is being held, right?” Rait asked tentatively.

“Mhm, we’re headed out there, to the Kage Summit, I can take it, it’s to bare.”

In Omoi’s mind, “Ugh, I hope we can stay away from that stupid rapping crap on our way to the Land of Tea. It’s getting on my last nerve.”

The trio headed out of the village.


The Mizukage, Chojuro and Ao were about to depart when the Mizukage turned around and glared at Ao. “If you do anything to jeopardize the final result of this, you will be dead.”

Ao gulped, nodded, and the trio departed.


Temari had picked Gaara and Tenrai to join her as bodyguards for the Land of Tea and they stood inside the gate.

“Gaara, Tenrai, this is it. We’re going to the Land of Tea. We’re going to be on our toes. Let’s go.”

The three of them then started off quickly.


The young Tsuchikage, Kurotsuchi and a boy named Terron departed from their village.

Land of Tea…

“Are you ready, sire?” A young shinobi questioned someone hidden behind a curtain.

“Yes. Let’s go.” The curtain tore in the center and a figure dashed out of it.

A door on the outside of a building exploded off and the man dashed out, heading towards a thin stretch of land at the bottom of a large hill.

“The Kage Meeting is on the Yuay Peninsula. And I, Ishidate Morino, will watch over it.” An approching figure joined Ishidate.

“Don’t be so brash, sir.”

“Heh, don’t worry. It’s not like I’m going to die or anything.” He sped forward and surpassed the man next to him.

“He’s so fast…And I think becoming this land’s first ninja helps him…”

Idate slowed down almost to a complete stop when he came to the thin slab of land stretching out, and connecting to, a larger, circular patch of land out on the water.

He then started walking down that way and the man from before appears by him. “I have finally caught up with you…sigh.”

“You should been running faster. Anyway, that’s where the five kages will meet in less than two hours…I’m still not completely positive why their meeting. Ibiki visited not long ago and spoke to me about some sort of scrolls being stolen from the Great Nations, but since we’re not one of them, I’m not sure what he was talking about exactly.” Idate explained.

“I see…Idate, do feel that you are in iminate danger?”

Idate halted. “What do you mean?” He said with a voice of extreme caution.

“What do you think I mean? That someone around you is about to betray you, maybe?”

Idate stood motionless. “No, I don’t feel that…” Idate turned around sharply, a kunai hidden in his hand. “Should I?”

“Oh no, not unless your instincts tell you to…be alert.”

Idate flipped backwards and released the kunai. The knife stabbed the figure and it exploded. Idate was sent back sliding on the ground.

He darted his eyes around. Suddenly, the water around him started churning and creating whirlpools.

“What is this…?”

Form inside the whirlpools, twisters of water erupted upwards and targeted Idate. Idate summoned Shadow Clones and hopped into the water.

The clones started a rapid swimming around one of the whirlpools and created a reverse spin, stopping the whirlpool. The repeated this on the opposite.

Idate climbed to the land again. He realized a figure standing above him. Before Idate could make a move, it exploded in a Shadow Clone Explosion Jutsu.

Two hours later…

The Mizukage and her bodyguards had come the opposite way of the peninsula, so they traveled across the water.

When the trio reached the building on the peninsula, they glanced around for the other kages, and the person that was supposed to be there waiting for them.

“Hmm, did something happen up there?” Ao pointed out the rubble on the outstretching land.

Chojuro winced. “There was a scuffle. I noticed on our way over here that the water seemed very riled and uncalming.”

The Mizukage thought about it for a moment and headed inside with her bodyguards.

The Tsuchikage and Raikage arrived at almost the same time and greeted each other.

“Hmph, so you’re the new Tsuchikage, eh?” Killerbee questioned.

“Likewise, Raikage. Yes, I am. I’m going inside.” Terron and Kurotsuchi followed closely behind. Killerbee and his BG’s followed them.

Temari, Gaara and Tenrai arrived at the large metallic building soon after the Rai and Tsuchikages.

“Is this the place?” Gaara asked Temari.

“This is where Shikamaru issued the meeting to be held at, so I guess. And it seems the other three kages are here already. All but one.”

“And we’re here. Hello Temari, Gaara, Tenrai.” Shikamaru greeted. Ino and Choji followed close behind.

“So all the kages are here, let;s go inside.” The six of them then strolled inside the building.

Inside, the bodyguards took their places at the back of the very large, ceremonious room.

It contained a long table, as a very high and mighty person might have dinner at on a very special occasion. The walls were made of shining redwood. Bookshelves were lined with dusty books on different material.

The kages took their seats, Shikamaru on one end, Temari on the other, Killerbee on the left, along with the Tsuchikage, and the Mizukage on the right side.

Killerbee turned to Shikamaru. “So, we’re here to discuss the Akatsuki’s rising, right, Shikamaru?”

Shikamaru nodded. “Yes, and the problem has become an ordeal, and the ordeal has become a national emergency.”

The Mizukage placed a hand on the table. “Wait, if this is a crisis, and your village is the only one that still has their scroll, wy aren’t you there protecting it?”

Outside, Team Taiyo has arrived and they approach the building. As they do, Sasuke hears a faint groan from behind. When they turn, Idate lays face down on the ground.

“I-Idate? Morino?”


“I see.” The Mizukage settles back into her seat.

Shikamaru begins to speak. “Now, if the scrolls are all gathered into one place and under the wrong protection, the result can be calamitous.”

“Wait, I thought the scrolls, even all together, can’t cause great damage to much if they don’t have natural chakra resources?” Temari questions in reply.

“That is correct. The item they stole from your temple is probably one of the chakra imbued vases. And Sasuke told us that they went to Vigor Cliff to retrieve some of the chakra stones that lie there. But those two items alone won’t be enough, so I believe they’ll strike in another place with a high chakra source.”

“Like where?” The Mizukage asked.

“I’m not sure. But there is one remaining chakra source that is greater than another. Naruto Uzumaki has recently found something that strikes out all other chakra powers, one far greater than anyone imagines. Not even he understands what kind of power he has found…”

“What is this power?” Temari inquired.

“The Ying Kyuubi.”

The room was filled with gasps at his mention.

“But if the Akatsuki were to find out he has the greatest chakra source, even more than the Yang he used to possess, they’d be after him in a heartbeat.” Shikamaru explained gravely.

“Are you saying he sealed it within himself?” Killerbee asked upright.

“He recently discovered it and sealed it inside himself, correct. And the Akatsuki would probably go to great measures to get a chakra source such as that. But if they do not find out, they will probably turn to a lesser source they already have their eyes on.”

Temari perked. “One question. Why is it always Konoha harboring the dangerous and powerful things?”

Shikamaru mulled her words but deciding to pretend he didn’t hear them. He turned his head to hide an embarassed and lazy expression. He turned back serious. “We need to discuss the matter of the scrolls, however.”

Outside, Karin is helping Ishidate recover from his injuries. “I have no idea who I was fighting, but the last explosion was what caught me off guard, to say the least.” Ishidate informed Sasuke. “But, Sasuke, why are you guys here?”

“We’re here as a back-up team for the Hokage. And also because the Akatsuki could be targeting the meeting and could attack at any moment.”

Sasuke felt the wind pick up drastically. He noticed a red flower petal drift by and slide off his cheek and away from them. The water started chruning slowly.

“And that moment…could be…”

“Now?” Ishidate stood up weakly.

“Suigetsu, Karin, something’s coming. I can feel it…And there aren’t any flowers out where we are. That makes me suspicious.”

Sasuke’s sword began ringing in their sheaths. Now more flower petals flew by and hung in the air, only to be blown backwards behind them by the wind.

“S-S-Sasuke!” Karin’s voice speared through Sasuke’s ears and he turned around, sword drawn and swung. The sword only whipped through flower petals.

“K-Karin? What is it? There’s nothing there.

Inside, the Kages heard the faint sound of Karin’s screech, but continued their speaking.

Back outside, Sasuke sheaths his sword and turns back around.

“Suigetsu, did you see anything amiss?” Sasuke asked.

“No, but…”

The flower petals started spinning in a funnel around only Suigetsu. They slowly drifted in the circle. “This is abnormal.”

“I know. They wouldn’t just spin around in one place, and so slowly with the speed of this wind. There’s something wrong here. Is it Genjutsu?”

Karin released any genjutsu, but nothing happened. The flower petals remained in their spin. “Suigetsu, come out of it.”

As Suigetsu took a step, something slashed across his leg. “What the hell?!”

The flower petals started spinning in an incredibly swift funnel. Sasuke released the Chidori Stream and sparked it around the petals. Suigetsu quickly stepped out of them. The flower petals wilted and fell to the ground.

They suddenly started spinning along the ground and the color flushed back into them. They gathered and started stacking to build a figure standing in front of the four of them.

“Agh!” Karin shrieked.

Jun stood before them. “Hello. Prepare to die.”

The woman suddenly dispersed in petals and they whipped down at the foursome. They slashed and cut at team Taiyo and Idate. Sasuke tried to get the otehr three out of the way so he could use the Chidori Stream to shock the petals.

After getting them out the way, he released the sparked electricity. The petals were chain-sparked and burned away.

un quickly retracted the petals not burned and formed again. “I’d better not take another hit like that. You are being very rude here! I guess someone needs to teach you a lesson.”

She released some petals and they created a very thick wall, visibility past it was zero. When they cleared, Kuchia Uchiha was left in their place. The petals formed back into Jun and she smirked.

“Kuchia?” Sasuke expressed, flabbergasted at his son wearing a black robe.

“Hello, father…”

Suigetsu drew the Samehada from his back. The banages on the tip shredded away.

Karin slid to Sasuke’s side and slid her cloak up to reveal her bitten arm. “I know how to use chakra too! Heheh…”

Sasuke stepped one foot forward. “As of this moment, Team Taiyo is ready for anything you Akastuki are willing to throw at us. We’ll guard the Kage meeting for now.”

Kuchia kept his expresionless face. “Really? You’re willing to fight-to-the-death with your own flesh and blood? Even though you know you couldn’t go through will killing me? You created me! But you’re really ready to strike me down, no matter the circumstances? And you too, Karin. My mother, also ready to do it. I know you two can’t kill me. But do you?” Kuchia rebuttled.

Karin made no move to speak. But Sasuke nodded the slightest of nods. “Yes.”

Kuchia smirked. “We’ll see about that. Jun, I’ll handle this.”

Jun nodded and disappeared in an array of flowers over top them. Suigetsu grimaced and followed them towards the building. “They’re petals and will infiltrate fairly easily. I have to stop them. Sasuke, Karin, can you two handle this?” Without a word, Suigetsu knew they could and proceeded to pursue the petals the few meters away from them.

Kuchia’s Sharingan activated. Sasuke did the same. On their way there, Sasuke had bitten Karin’s arm to regenerate some of the chakra he had not yet regained from the battle with Koukishi.

Kuchia created a shadow clone and it dashed forward. Sasuke, with a flick of the wrist, had Kusanagi shoot out of its sheath and strike the shadow clone through its body. Kusanagi proceeded to sheath itself.

“I said I’m ready to strike you down if I need to.” Sasuke said gruffly.

Kuchia smiled and dashed forward. He jumped into the air and threw a drop kick to the duo. Karin and Sasuke split as Kuchia’s crushing kick connected with the ground, but he quickly stood back up and bolted towards Sasuke. Sasuke swung Chokuto at Kuchia, but the boy dodged it. Kuchia opened the cloak and revealed his Janpu Sword. He swung and Sasuke clanged his Chokuto against it. The two guys were thrust backwards. Sasuke formed the chidori in his opposite hand and extended the Chidori blade at Kuchia. Kuchia tried to hit his sword against it, but the sword was scraped away from his hand.

Kuchia then backflipped and jumped away from the electric sword to dodge it. Kuchia then landed adjacent to Sasuke and formed a hand sign. “Fire Style: Ripping Dragon Flame Jutsu!” Kuchia breathed the Dragon Flame jutsu in a large, but thin dragon head with searing flames and fangs bared.

Sasuke retracted the blade and sheathed his Chokuto, and all in one move, he dodged the attack by jumping straight into the air. “I guess there’s no better time than now.”

In mid-air, Sasuke formed two Chidori, separated them, one in each hand, and connected them above his head. He then turned upside down and started spinning. He drilled down towards Kuchia. Kuchia tuck-rolled out of the way of the attack. A large band of smoke erupted, but from within, Sasuke emerged, still spinning. “Chidori Drill!”

Karin smiled. “He’s got the jutsu down. Too bad he’s using it against…ACK!!!” Kuchia landed next to Karin and she had to flop over to avoid being struck with the drill.

Kuchia then stuck his hand out in front of him as Sasuke came one last time. The searing pain drilled into Kuchia. “Agh, too much.” He jumped back and let Sasuke settle down, standing upright, the chidori now dissipated.

The two of them panted. Kuchia glanced down at his burned arm and seared hand. “Hmph, that jutsu’s pretty intense. Let’s finish this here. Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bombs.”

Sasuke formed a hand sign as well and released the Chidori Darts. The two jutsu clashed, and they darts ripped through the bombs. A giant explosion occurred and Karin was thrown by the shockwave into the water.

The kages inside the building now felt the spat outside. The BG’s hopped to action and darted outside, while the Kages stood up, wondering what is happening outside.

Outside, Ao darts forward, almost tripping over the fallen Suigetsu. “What the…? Chojuro come here!” Chojuro appeared by his side.

He kneeled down and felt his pulse. “He has cuts all over his body, but he’s still alive. And…” Chojuro’s eyes darted onto the Samehada lying next to him. “Nothing.”

The petal levitated around the bodyguards. Rait stood right below a cluster. “Hm?” He reached up and grabbed one. It suddenly started spinning and it cut his finger. “Agh?!”

The petals above him suddenly speared downward. Omoi pushed him out of the way quickly. The twosome falls to the ground. “What the hell is this?” Omoi inquired.

Gaara’s sand popped out of the jar and hovered in front of him, ready to protect anyone in danger.

The petals started gathering and turned to form Jun. Next to her, a figure kneels.

“Hmhmhm, hello people. We are here to rain on your parade, so to speak.” The figure spoke as it stood.

“Who’re you?” Kurotsuchi asked.

“I am the leader of the Akatsuki. I ask them to call me Uto, and that’s what I wish you shall call me as well.”

Omoi stood up. “Heh, you say that, but what’s your real name?”

“It’s of no concern to you, really.” The figure pulled his hand to the hood. It bit off one of his gloves.

“Hmhmhm, let’s get started shall we? Chakra Scalpel.” Uto dashed forward, one scalpel in hand.

Gaara’s sand thrust forward, but Uto flipped over it and landed in front of Gaara. “Heheheh.” He slashed, but Gaara was protected by the sand.

Jun sent her petals streaking forward at Tenrai. A blotch of Gaara’s sand quickly protected him and consumed the petals.

At Sasuke’s battle, Kuchia stands, almost unscathed, staring at Sasuke, who was a bit mroe injured, but in same health. “I’d better be going, father. I see that my comrades are fighting up ahead.”

Sasuke’s eyes went big as he turned to see two people sparring with the bodyguards.

Up ahead, Uto slams his hand into Rait’s gut and sends him to the ground. His body evaporates into electricity and shocks Uto’s hand, but the affect didn’t phaze him.

Inside, the Kage’s were becoming restless at not receiving confirmation of anything, but Shikamaru reassured them that anything happening could be resolved by the ninja that were picked to join them as bodyguards.

Choji tried throwing his enlarged fist into Jun, but she avoided the attack by turning her body to petals. Ino tried the Mind Destruction Jutsu on her as well, but she found it almost impossible to deal damage to her mind.

Rait appeared behind Kabuto, but Kabuto extended his scalpel into the Chakra Sword and whipped around. Time slowed as Rait as struck in a vital organ.

He fell and took a sharp blow to the shoulder as well.

“Rait!” Omoi drew his two sword and sent a surge of electricty through them. “Take this.” He flung them like boomerangs at Uto. Uto slashed the swords. Shockingly to Omoi, the chakra blade hacked straight through the two titanium alloid swords.

“How did…?”

Uto appeared next Omoi and threw a side axel kick to his gut. Omoi was sent back spiralling into the water.

Kurotsuchi formed a hand sign along with Terron and yelled in unison, “Earth Style: Terra Imprisonment!” Spears of earth appeared at Uto’s feet androse upwards sharply, trapping his legs.

Inside, the 5th Tsuchikage was becoming restless. “Shikamaru, why do you keep us inside and not out there finding out what’s wrong?”

Mei, the Mizukage, spoke up in reply. “Does it matter? We really don’t need to be involved. If the ninja we chose to join us are really what we think they are, they can handle it. And why whould we trust what you have to say Tsuchikage? Aren’t you the son of the 4th, who almost destroyed the land with the Fifth great Ninja War? Your father assasinated the third Tsuchi, Onoki.”

“Sure, but I never agreed with what he did, and my actions are what allowed me to become the Fifth Tsuchi, so let’s not dwell upon that, Miss Terumi.”

The Mizukage’s face turned red at his mentioning her last name.

Outside, Ao takes a kick to the chin from Kuchia. He lands on the ground, face up. “Hmph, you’ve been quite a hassle. It’s time to end you.” He drew his sword and pointed it tip down at Ao. His face became grave as Kuchia pointed the blade it his face.

Chojuro dashed towards Ao, noticing his life hanging on the line. Chojuro quickly unwrapped his sword. He swung it on the ground right as Kuchia speared down. He was stopped and the water sweeped across the duo.

Kuchia was sweapt away into the water, his sword sinking down. Chojuro slid down next to Ao. “Ao? Are you all right?”

Kuchia had stricken him in the shoulder, but his status was alive.

Rait had the advantage over Uto for a split second, getting him to his knees, but Kurotsuchi threw a paper-ball bomb at them. Rait was unable to escape the explosion, but Uto avoided it easily.

“Shit!” Kurotsuchi placed a hand over her mouth.

Omoi gasped deeply and it was difficult to speak.

“What the hell!? Kurotsuchi!??! First you and Terron let Uto go and now you kill one of my teammates?!”

Tenrai took a stab to the legs from Uto and was slammed up against the metal door. The Kages almost made a move, but Shikamaru made another move to stop them once again. “Hold ON!”

Uto flipped back and joined Jun as she pinned Ino to the side of the building with her flower petals. “Hmph, the kages aren’t joining us. There’s no point in punishing their bodyguards any more. I think it’s time to go.”

Kuchia picked himself up form the water and delivered one more Dragon Flame Bomb. Terron, however, protected everyone with Terra Shield.

Jun placed a hand on Uto and Kuchia and the trio disappeared in a tornado of petals.

The defeated shinobi are speechless as their assailants escape.

After the kages heard nothing more, all five rushed outside to see the fallen shinobi. “Hm, did they flee?” Killerbee asked Omoi.

“Yes…With one of our shinobi fallen…”

Sasuke and Karin found Suigetsu and helped him up.

“Team Taiyo…Did you come as extra backup? Thanks.”

The kages found Idate and helped him. Gaara cut Ino down from the wall with his sand.

“Well, the kages and I all got our meeting finished as much as it would be, so this wasn’t a complete failure…”

Team Taiyo left with their fallen partner, after gathering the Samehada.

Chojuro threw Ao over his shoulders and joined Mei.

“We’re leaving too. Goodbye.” The trio left as well.

The Tsuchikage and Killerbee, along with their bodyguards, minus one, also left the Land of Tea.

Tenrai joined Gaara and Temari with Ino, Choji and Shikamaru by Idate.

“I can’t believe how pitiful this ended up.” Idate admitted.

“Who attacked you?” Temari interrogated.

“I’m not sure, probably one of those Akatsuki goons. But it’s over now.”

Suna departed. Shikamaru made sure Ishidate was all right and they also took their leave.

And there you have it. It’s the end of the Kage Meeting stuff.

Celebrate! THIS IS MY LONGEST CHAPTER IN EXISTENCE, topping off at almost 5,000 words! I couldn’t stop writing, so I also got it out a few days early! Cheers!

See you next time for Chapter 15: Konoha’s Shinobi!

Eyes of a Sage XII/XIII: A New Era is on the Horizon!

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(Recap: When we last left, Sasuke had met his fate when he died at the hands of Reibun.  Reibun took Suigetsu (The only remaining member of Taka) back to the Akastuki Hideout…)

Chapter XII: On the Horizon

With Reibun…

“Suigetsu!  Hurry!  We need to get to Madara before he gets upset.” Reibun said with a hint of fear in his eye.

“Whatever, Reibun!  I don’t take orders from anyone!  Not you, Sasuke, and especially not Madara!” Suigetsu replied.

“Whatever, Suigetsu.  When Madara finds out, there will be hell to pay.”

They went silent…

With Naruto…

“You, Naruto Uzumaki, are the toughest person I’ve ever fought.  It’ll be an honor to kill you.”  Genkimaro snickered.

“No, I will not die and neither will you!” Naruto replied.  His power was incredible!  In all of the battles Genkimaro had fought, he had never seen people with this much chakra.  He would have to use his most grand technique, the Iron Bone…

Naruto dashed at him, at a speed so incredible it was almost invisible to the normal eye.  Naruto extended his arm, though it grew longer and wider as it stretched.  He slammed his palm down on Genkimaro’s back…

… and the pain was excruciating.

When he lifted his hand, it was bleeding!  He never bled when he was in a transformation.  He looked at Genkimaro, his back full of long sharp bones.

“Are you wondering why your hand hurts?  It’s because of my Iron Bone Technique.  It makes my bones harder than they can be with my Kekkei Genkai.  You can’t beat me.  You can’t even hurt me!”

Naruto quickly analyzed the situation.  His options: Option 1 – Die at the hands of Genkimaro; Option 2 – Sacrifice himself along with Genkimaro; or Option 3 – Transform into his full Nine-Tailed Fox Form.  He chose…

… Option 3.

The ground began to tremble.  The chakra erupted from Naruto.  His tails grew.  He grew, to the size of the mountain.  Before too long, he was the Nine-Tailed Fox!

Genkimaro, stunned by how powerful Naruto truly was, was taken aback.  He would have to try though.  He raced toward the towering beast.  Naruto tried to slam his paw on Genkiamro, but his size made him slower.  Genkimaro raced up his leg.  The leg, it was so… full of chakra.  He could feel the chakra radiating from underneath the skin.  But, he had to focus.  He jumped up to Naruto’s face, creating a drill of bone on his arm.  He aimed and yelled, “Clematis Dance: Flower!”…

… But Naruto was too fast.

He transformed back to himself.  Before Genkimaro could react, Naruto Reverse Summoned Genkimaro and himself to Mount Myobokuzan.  When Genkimaro opened his eyes, he saw a paradise of plants and amphibians.  Genkimaro was shocked.  How had he got there?

“Where am I?!  Where have you taken me?!” Genkimaro yelled, infuriated that he had been outsmarted.

“You are at Mount Myobokuzan, the valley of the toads.  Welcome.” Naruto replied.

“Why am I here?”

“You are here because you have so much potential.  You should train here and become a Sage.  You would be even stronger.  Besides, do you really want to take orders from Kabuto?”

“No, and, because you spared me when you could have killed me, I will become a Sage as a token of my appreciation.”

“Excellent!  Well, I’m sorry but I cannot stay.  I must help my friend.”

“I understand,” he lied.  He had never had a real friend.  Now, he did.  Naruto Uzumaki.

“Thank you.  Fukasaku, please take care of him.”  With that, Naruto disappeared.

With Kuza…

The field they started  at was in ruins.  There was all but life in the area.  Kuza, barely being able to breathe, spoke up.

“Kabuto, how ’bout we end this battle.  Once and for all?” Kuza asked.

“Fine with me.” Kabuto replied.

The both made hand signs.  The must have weaved those for a few moments, because Kabuto had weaved 40 hands signs!  The prepared to release their jutsu.  Finally, the both yelled…

“Ying Yang Release: Seal!” said Kuza.

“Snake Technique: Snake Bath!!” Kabuto yelled back.

Kabuto’s attack met Kuza’s.  Kabuto’s jutsu was sealed.  Kuza disappeared.

Where is he?! Kabuto thought to himself.

Suddenly, Kuza appeared in front of Kabuto.

“Ying Yang Seal: Release!” Kuza yelled.  The snakes from Kabuto’s jutsu attacked Kabuto.  In seconds, there was nothing left but a empty skull.

After awhile, Naruto appeared beside Kuza.

“Where’s Kabuto?” he asked.

“Dead.” Kuza replied, pointing at the empty skull next to him.

“Hmm.  I see.  Do you want to go to Mount Myobokuzan now?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

With that, they disappeared.

Chapter XIII: New Era (Epilouge)

At the Akatsuki Hideout…

“Lord Madara.  I have killed Sasuke, like you asked.  The only member of Taka left is Suigetsu.”

“Good job, Reibun.  Since you have accomplished this remarkable feat, I pronounce you the new leader of Akatsuki.”

“Thank you, Lord Madara!  I promise I won’t let you down!” Reibun exclaimed.

“Lord Madara, how many Akatsuki members are there now?” Zetsu asked, finally speaking up.

“There are five, if you count yourself as two people.  But, we have more people waiting to become part of Akatsuki.” said Madara, his Sharingan looking more red than ever.

At Mount Myobokuzan…

“Lord Fukasaku, where is Naruto?” Kuza asked.

“I’m not sure, but he had a feeling you’d ask that.  So, he wrote you a note.”  Fukasaku handed Kuza the note.  Kuza opened the folding…

Dear Kuza,

I’m sorry that I cannot see your training through to the end.

I’ve gone back to my village.

They have sent me a message of distress.

Akatsuki is rising again and I am needed.

I promise to check up on you whenever I can.

With hope,

“The Father Sage” Naruto Uzumaki

“Well, what does it say?” Fukasaku asked.

“It says Naruto won’t be coming back for awhile.” Kuza said as a tear welled up in his eye.  He rubbed his eye and smiled.

In the newly formed Yamagakure…

“Jinkoku, where are you?!” a woman yelled.

“I’m right here, momma!” Jinkoku yelled back, running up to his mother.

“Jinkoku Mazuka, when will you learn to not go into that forest?!”

“Sorry, momma.  I heard a noise and went to see.  Sorry if I scared you.”

“It’s alright.  Now come in, it’s time for dinner.”

As Jinkoku walked into the house, he saw a wolf with fur that looked like it was a dancing wave.  It vanished as Jinkoku turned to the house, leaving the door open behind him…

Eyes of a Sage XI: Sasuke’s Demise

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(Recap: When we last left, Naruto and Kuza had found Kabuto and had begun to battle.  While Kuza fought Kabuto, Naruto fought a man named Genkimaro, the sole survivor of the Kaguya Clan.  With Taka, the Mist Hunter-Nin had found them and began to battle.  The leader, Tenshi Hyuga, had easily defeated Suigetsu, but now has to fight Sasuke.  With Hidan, he and his son, Koukishi, sparred, with niether being the victor…)

At Sasuke v. Tenshi…

“Well, I believe this will end quickly.  Susano’o!”  Sasuke said as Susano’o appeared in full powered form.

“Well, this must be Sasuke Uchiha, or as he’s known in the Mist Village, Sasuke of the Susano’o.  Even with that, you won’t last long against me.” Tenshi said.

“Hmph!”  With that, Sasuke made Susano’o aim at Tenshi with his crossbow.  “Fire!!”  Susano’o released the arrow, which shot dead on.  Tenshi started to spin and used Rotation.

“Damn the Hyuga.  Well, I’ll still win.  Susano’o, keep firing!”  With that, Susano’o kept firing and reloading his crossbow.  Tenshi barely manages to dodge the first two, but is hit on his side by the third.  “Perfect!”  Sasuke said.  Now, I will end this befor-”  Before he could finish his sentence, his vision fade.  He had gone blind!

“Oh s***!  I can’t see!  Susano’o, you have to be my eyes.”  Sasuke yelled.

“Perfect!  Now I can kill him!” Tenshi thought.

“Now, Eight Trigrams: Tempest Dance of Infinity!”  Tenshi dashed up to Sasuke and used Air Palm to destroy the barrier around Sasuke that the Susano’o created.  Then he jabbed at the Sasuke, moving around before Sasuke can hit him.  As he finished he said to himself, “358, 359, 360, 361!!!!”  Sasuke fell to the ground as Susano’o faded.

“Bu… but how did you defeat me?”

“You and the rest of the Uchiha are all much too cocky.  You believe that you are more important and more special than anyone else.  That’s how I won.”

As Sasuke began to close his eyes, finally finding peace, Reibun appears at his side and stabs his hand through his back.  Once he brings his hand out of Sasuke, he pulls out his heart and implants in into himself…

“Why did you do that!?” Tenshi asked, shocked.

“I did it because Lord Madara ordered me to.  Sorry Sasuke.” Reibun replied.  He walk towards Suigetsu and put him on his shoulder.

“Oh, I almost forgot, I must take your Angel’s Eyes.  Please just hand them over.”  Reibun began to walk back to Tenshi, but a Hunter-Nin appears in front of him and uses Hidden Mist Jutsu, rendering Reibun blind.

“Fine, I’ll just leave with Suigetsu.”  As he said this, he walked towards to woods and disappeared.

“Don’t worry Captain Tenshi, I’ll get you out o-” the Hunter-Nin began to say, but Jugo jump towards him.

“How dare you kill Sasuke.  I cannot forgive you for that!  Die!!”  He lunged at the Hunter-Nin.

“Sorry, but I can’t let you kill Captain Tenshi.  Water Release: Grand Water Torrent!”  Before Jugo could stop, he was hit with that Jutsu and was covered in a torrent of water.  Within seconds, Jugo’s body was ripped apart and dismembered.  He was dead before his head it the ground.  The Hunter-Nin grabbed Tenshi and began to walk in the direction of  Kirigakure…

Eyes of a Sage X: Clash! Sage v. Shikotsuyaku!; Rinnegan v. Medicine!; Byakugan v. Water!; Blood v. Immortality!


(Recap:  When we last left, Taka had begun to face Killer Bee, the Eight-Tails Jinchuriki.  In the battle, Danzou was killed.  Now, Bee is in a state of subconsciousness…)

Jugo, Suigetsu, Reibun, and Sasuke walked down a path connecting Kumogakure to the mysterious Uzugakure.  While they walked the people of Uzugakure stared in shock as they carried the unconscious body of the Fifth Raikage, Killer Bee.

“Sasuke, couldn’t we have walked through the woods instead of the middle of a village?” Jugo asked.

“No.  We need to show everyone that Akatsuki is a force to be reckoned with.” Sasuke replied.

“But, the Fourth Great Shinobi War already proved that.  That’s when you, Madara, Suigetsu, and I killed the Fifth Kazekage, Gaara of the Desert, the Fourth Raikage, E, and the Third Tsuchikage, Onoki of Both Scales.  So my question is, what do we need to prove?”

“We need to prove that Taka is a force to be reckoned with.” Sasuke said, the coldness burned deep into his eyes.

They began to walk silently…

With Naruto and Co…

“Kuza, you and Fukasaku stay here.  I’ll go in and find out why Kabuto sent those men to kill you.” Naruto whispered.

“No, I’m coming with you.  I want to know why he did it myself!” Kuza said, trying not to yell.

“Fine.  But you need to stay behind me.  Got it?”


“Okay.  Let’s go!”

Naruto and Kuza burst into the room.  It was empty, minus the chair in the middle of the room, and Kabuto.

“Oh, hello Naruto.  It was you who was whispering behind the door.  Been awhile, hasn’t it?  Well, it’s a shame I won’t be able to listen to all that you’ve done in the last twleve years.”

“And why is that?” Naruto yelled.  He could feel the Nine-Tailed Chakra starting to leak out.

“Because my, uh… ‘friend’ is going to kill you.  Genkimaro, come out and play.”

A man walked out from the shadows.  He look just like Kimimaro, except he had a huge scar on the left side of his face.

“Yes, Lord Kabuto?  How shall I serve you?”

“Dispose of these insect, now.”

With Kabuto’s permission, Genkimaro hurdled towards them.

“Naruto!  Watch out!” Kuza yelled.

Genkimaro threw a punch at Naruto, but he evaded.  Naruto repeat Genkimaro and threw a punch.  Genkimaro tried to dodge it, but the natural energy around Naruto hit him in the jaw.  Genkimaro fell back, but got up instantly.  Once he was up, Naruto noticed his bone was protecting his jaw.

“No wonder you look like Kimimaro.  You have his Kekkei Genkei, the Shikotsuyaku!  It’s been named the second most dangerous Kekkei Genkei in existance.  But I’m Naruto Uzumaki!  I am the Nine-Tailed Fox Jinchuriki!  I will defeat you!”

“Stop talking and prove it.” Genkimaro sneered, grinning.

Naruto lunged at him.  He pulled out his katana and slashed at Genkimaro.  Genkimaro pulled his humerus bone out and blocked Naruto slash.  Naruto, getting more and more frustrated by the minute, kept slashing at Genkimaro, who easily blocked or dodged them all.  Naruto uses Wind Release: Seismic Air Palm and sends a blast of air into the roof of the room.  The roof crumples and Genkimaro jumps out.

“Come on, Naruto Uzumaki.  Show me what you can do.”  Wanting to end this, Naruto jumps and follows Genkimaro as he runs down the mountain into the forest.

“So, I guess it’s just you and me, Kuza of the Rinnegan.  Come.” Kabuto gestured, using his hand as a signal to ‘come’.  Kuza, enraged by the fact that Kabuto tried to kill him, sped towards Kabuto so fast that when Kuza uppercut him, he sent Kabuto flying thirty meters into the air.  Before he could land, Kuza used Water Release: Violent Water Wave and pushed Kabuto away from the hole in the mountain.  As he got up, he yelled, “Kuza, you just made a big mistake!”.

“I thought you were going to be strong.  I must have just imagined that someone called ‘Lord’ would be able to defeat a 14 year old boy.” Kuza snickered.

“Why you little brat!  I’ll kill you!”

Kabuto made a hand seal and hit the ground with his palm.  The ground started to shake and crack.  By the time the shaking and cracking got to Kuza, half the mountain had been destroyed.

“Wh-what was that Jutsu?!” Kuza asked, surprised at the sheer force of the Jutsu.

“It was Earth Release: Earthquake Slam.  It destroys all earth that comes into contact with it.  If I were you, I’d surreder right now.”

“Pfffft!  Like I’d back down to you.  One of the weakest people I’ve fought!”

Kabuto, not being able to take Kuza’s remarks, uses Ninja Art: Dead Soul Jutsu and reanimates all the men Naruto killed to get to Kabuto.

“Try to beat all thirty-seven of these guys.” Kabuto smirked.

With Hidan…

“This is my son?  This little twerp is my son?” Hidan demanded.

“Yes, he’s your son.  But, he’s got a… Kekkei Genkai…” Chishio’s voice trailed off.

“He’s got a Kekkei Genkai, eh?  Well, let’s see this so called, Kekkei Genkai.”

“Okay.  Koukishi, use it.”

“But mother, you told me never to use it unless it was an emergency.” Koukishi spoke.

“Well, it is an emegency.  Now show your father it, now.”

“Okay.  Blood Style: Black Blood River!”  After he spoke the Jutsu, he spit out a huge amount of blood and it began to flow like a river.

“Impressive.  But, I want to fight you.  See if you can beat your father!  Can you, or are you just a p***y?” Hidan said.

“O-okay.  I’ll try.” Koukishi replied.

“Perfect!”  Hidan grinned and threw his Triple-Bladed Scythe at Koukishi.  Koukishi dodged it, but Hidan twisted the rope connected to the Scythe and it hit him in the arm.

“AH!” Koukishi screamed.

Hidan retracted the Scythe and grabbed it in his hand.

“This battle was over before it even began.  Good-bye!”  Hidan licked the blood on the Scythe and changed to his Jashin Form.  He stabbed himself in his heart, but nothing happened to Koukishi.

“Wh-what’s happening?!  Why aren’t you dead?”

“Because I can change my blood type whenever I feel like it.  After you got my blood, I changed my blood type from Type O to Type AB.  Your Jutsu is useless.” Koukishi replied.

“Well played.” Hidan said.  He has never complimented anyone before.  It felt kinda good.

“Okay.  Now that we’ve had our little fight, can we go inside and eat?” Chishio asked.

“Yes.” Koukishi and Hidan said in unison.

With Taka…

“Jugo, set Killer Bee down here.  I’m going to kill him.” said Sasuke.

“But why.  If you do, Madara will kill all of us!”

“Because I’m not a tool for Madara.  Besides, during the next solar eclipse, Madara shall fall and I will take his place.”

“O-okay.” Jugo said as he layed Bee down.

Sasuke grabbed his sword and started to send lightning through it.  He lifted it up.

“Sorry, Killer Bee.”  As he let his sword go, a kunai hit it and changed it’s course, barely missing Bee’s eye.  Taka turned and they spotted a man… with a Kirigakure Hunter-Nin uniform!”

“Who are you?” Suigetsu asked.

“I’m Tenshi Hyuga.  Leader of the Kirigakure Hunter-Nin and is rightfully the heir to Zabuza Momochi’s Executioner’s Blade.  That’s why I have come.  Suigetsu Hozuki, I demand you give me what is rightfully mine!”

“In what kind of stupid world do you think I’ll hand it over?” Suigetsu sneered.  Perfect.  Sasuke would have to let him kill this Tenshi Hyuga guy.

“I never thought you would.  But now, I’ll take it by force.”  Tenshi dashed towards Suigetsu with a small katana in hand.  Suigetsu grabbed his sword and the blades clashed.  They began to play with their swords, neither able to gan=in the upperhand.

“You’re pretty good with that sword.  Maybe you wouldn’t mind if I kept this one for myself.” Suigetsu snickered.

“Whatever.” Tenshi replied.  He activated his Byakugan and used Air Palm.  Suigetsu was sent back by the pressure of the air.

“This will be fun” Tenshi said, grinning.

At Naruto v. Genkimaro…

“You’re tough.  It’s been an honor fighting you.  But, it’s time for me to end this.  Dance of Seedling Ferns!!” Genkimaro yelled.  He put his hands on the ground and a forest of bones began to sprout.  Naruto jumped back, barely dodging the last bone.

“That was a worthless move.  I guess I’ll finish it.  Transformation: Four Tails!”  Naruto yelled as he fell to all fours.  His skin began to peal and reappear.  He grew a coat of Nine-Tails Chakra and four tails.  Before too long, he was in his Four Tailed Fox Form. Unlike the when he fought Orochimaru and Nagato, he could control this form.  He roared and a burst of Chakra sent Genkimaro’s Bone Forest packing.  Genkimaro got caught in the blast and was sent flying.

“Whoa.  You’re strong.  I’ll have to use my form.  Kaguya Secret Jutsu: Kaguya Form!”  Genkimaro began to change into what Kimimaro’s Curse Seal Level 2, but his skin color didn’t change.  “Now you will die!

Back at Tenshi v. Suigetsu…

“You didn’t put up much of a fight, Suigetsu.  I’ll be taking my Executi-”

Sasuke grabbed Tenshi’s arm.  “No, you won’t be leaving… alive anyways.”

Tenshi, shocked retracted his arm and said, “Utakata, get Lord Raikage out of here and into Kumogakure.  This area isn’t safe for anyone now.”

Utakata grabbed Bee and put him and Bee into a bubble.  They began to float away into the horizon.

Eyes of a Sage IX: Hell Comes in the Form of Voltage!

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(Recap: When we last left, Naruto and Co. had infiltrated Mount Karagi, Kabuto Yakushi’s hideout.  New Taka had just been assigned to capture Killer Bee, someone they previously lost to.  With Hidan, he finally meets his son, Koukishi…)

Sasuke walked into the Unraiyoku Valley, the place he last fought Killer Bee.  Everything was so nostalgic.  Everything was the same as last.  The giant crater in the middle (Courtesy of Jugo.)  Unlike the scene, the battle wouldn’t end the same…

“We’re here.  Be on alert.  Remember, he’s now the Fifth Raikage.  The Kage is always the strongest ninja in the village.” he said, having already activated his Mangekyo Sharingan.

He’d never show it, but his sight was practically gone.  Having used his Susano’o against the Kage’s and Danzou twleve years ago, plus when he and Naruto confronted each other.  This could be the last time he ever saw the light of day…

“Sasuke!  I hear something.  It sounds like Killer Bee rapping.” Jugo whispered, directing Sasuke towards the sound.

“He’s in that cave again.  Suigetsu and Danzou, you take the right.  Jugo and Reibun, you take the left.  I’ll take the center.  Now scatter!”

The groups attacked Bee, surprising him.  Suigetsu slashed him with his sword, creating a huge gash in his side.  Then Reibun used Wind Release: Wind Palm Explosion, sending a shockwave towards Bee.  Bee dodges but get’s caught in Danzou’s Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Jutsu.  It blasts Bee into the wall of the cave, making the cave wall crack.  Before Danzou can use another attack, Bee appears in front of him and uses Lightning Release: High Voltage.  The electrical blast explodes in Danzou’s face, sending him towards a spike on the side of the cave.  The spike drives through Danzou’s back, impaling his heart in the proccess…

“Sasuke, take my eyes.  I can see that the Chakra around your eyes has depleted.  If you don’t take my eyes, you’ll go blind.  So, take them as a sign of respect.”

Sasuke was shocked, no one had ever showed him this much affection, except his mother and brother.  He instictivly reached for eyes, but before he could reach them, Bee grabbed them and threw a sword at Sasuke.  Sasuke, not having much eyesight, get’s hit in his bicep.  He yells in pain, snapping out of his trace.

“You’ll never get these eyes!” Bee yelled, trying to figure out a good word to rhyme with ‘eyes’.  While he was distracted, Suigetsu attacked him, and once his sword struck Bee’s thigh, Sasuke appeard next to Suigetsu and grabbed the hilt of Suigetsu’s sword.

“Suigetsu, release your sword.  I’m going to zap Bee into Hell.” Sasuke said.  Suigetsu released the sword and as soon as he did that, Sasuke yelled, “Lightning Release: Thousands Volts of Hell!”  Since the sword was stuck into his thigh, Bee went down like a potato.  Jugo picked up his fried body, put over his shoulder and began to carry him.

Eyes of a Sage: Union of Fate ~ Conclusion

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(Recap: When we last left, Naruto and Co. had just defeated the three ninja, only to learn that Kabuto Yakushi was behind the attack.  Meanwhile, Danzou was debating whether or not to kill himself, while Jugo gets a bad feeling about Reibun.  With Hidan, he and Chishio were on their way to see their son, Koukishi…)

At  Mount Karagi…

Naruto Reverse Summoned Kuza, Fukasaku, and him there.  The mountain was huge, much larger than Mount Myobokuzan.  With Orochimaru’s power, it’s only natural to have a gigantic mountian dedicated to your name…

“Oh my god!  It’s huge!  How will we find Kabuto?” asked Kuza, shocked by the mountains size.

“I’ve already located him.  He’s deep inside the mountain.  He’s also heavily guarded.  Twenty ninja stand in our way.” Naruto said.

“Whoa!  You can see all that with your Sage Mode?!”

“Yes, I can.  And you could too, if you join me at Mount Myobokuzan.”

“Okay.  I’ve made up my mind.  After we destroy Kabuto, I’ll come with you.”

“Great.  Now, let’s go in.” said Fukasaku, hopping up to the opening in the mountain.

With Sasuke and Co…

Sasuke, Suigetsu, Jugo, Reibun, and Danzou walk into a large room with a oval shaped table in the center.  Sitting at the table was Madara and Zetsu.

“Well, we’re all here.  What’s our new mission?” grunted Suigetsu.

“You’re mission is the same as your very first mission as part of Akatsuki.  You must find and capture the Eight-Tailed Ox.” Madara snickered.

“But, the last time we fought Killer Bee, Sasuke almost died… twice!  You can’t expect us to win this time!” shrieked Jugo.  Without Karin, Sasuke would die…

“It’s been twelve years.  You have grown much stronger since then.  I know you can do it.” Madara said.

“Whatever.  There is no way that Killer Bee guy will beat me twice.” Sasuke spoke, half-heartedly.  He wanted to believe that he could beat Killer Bee, but he wasn’t sure.

“Well, you’ve been assigned a mission.  Take it, or die.”

“I choose to accept.”

“Great.  You’re dismissed.”

As they left, Madara started to whisper to Zetsu…

“Do you really think they can beat the Fifth Raikage, Killer Bee?” asked Zetsu.

“Of course not.  But, with Sasuke trying to kill me, it’s perfect.  Having been twelve years since he had the Curse Mark, Jugo won’t be able to save him.  His plan will be foiled.  It’s perfect!”

“And, is Reibun in on the plan.  Or is he going to die with Taka?”

“Reibun’s in on it.  He’ll ‘try’ to help Sasuke, but he gets ‘knocked out’ and Sasuke dies.”

“How evil.  But, what could you expect from the evilest person alive?”

Madara chuckles at Zetsu’s comment.

At Mount Karagi…

“Wow Naruto!  You beat all of them within seconds!  Your training has really worked.  Now let’s get Kabuto.” Fukasaku said, amazed.

With Hidan and Chishio…

“When are we going to get there?!” asked Hidan, annoyed.

“We’re here.” Chishio told him.

As they go into the house, a boy walks up to them.

“Who’s this?”

“Hidan, this is Koukishi.  Koukishi, this is Hidan.  He’s your father.”

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