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Ja everyone.  It’s N.E.C here.  I just wanted to tell everyone (If you haven’t guessed already) that Tears hasn’t been adding posts for awhile.  Even though it hasn’t been busy, we seem to get more than 20 viewers a day.  I’m happy that you are all so committed to Tears.  And, this Temporary Shut Down will end after April 17th.  After that, we get more post and a new look.




naruto breakdown 487!

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hay guys whats up? so i know this has been tryed before here but no one seems to keep it going. so am i am going to try to. also am bringing something new to the manga world! its video breakdowns. its gooing to be me talking the hole time about what hapend in this week manga and my thoughts and what i think is going to hapend in the coming week. i will also do a writen one as well. so i hope you guys like it!

i will post the writen one on this post soon:) PLEASE COMMENT !

Dawn of a New Era 13: Crossroads

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Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 13


Hidan collapses in the middle of the valley, almost to his destination. “Damn, that girl was a bit tough. Psh, yeah right…even though I am exhausted. And I can’t believe that Kibu died…Although, his death wasn’t quite that surprising. He wasn’t that strong in the first place, seriously.”

From his left side, a claw appears. “Hidan…did you s-say Kibu died?” Zet inquired as his head appeared.

Hidan snorted. “Yeah, but sorry to disappoint. His body was crushed.”

Zetsu chuckled and his face took on a desperate expression. “I’m not picky, Sand Village right?”

Hidan’s eyes grew a bit larger. “You really are crazy. I said his body was crushed and you can’t salvage anything from it.”

Zet cursed under his breath and melted into the valley wall. Hidan gathered his scythe and headed back towards the cave.

In the cave, Hidan handed over the scroll to Koukishi, who proceeded to place it on one of the stone pillars, which rose up into the air to join the other three.

“Hm? Where’s Kibu?” Koukishi asked.

Hidan frowned. “Bah, that fool died on me. He was up against that Gaara guy. His body was pulverized.”

Koukishi crossed his arms and shook his head. “Tsk, tsk, go figure. He was calm and focused, but paired with the most brash person here, he’s the one who died.”

Hidan sneered. “Eh?! You’d better take that back!”

“Koukishi, how is it you’re the one getting into all the fights around here?” Hakujou asked sarcastically as he walked into the room.

“I don’t get into fights. I get into small disagreements.”

Hidan cut in ferociously. “YEAH RIGHT YOU FOOL!”

Koukishi waved him off, The hologram appeared in front of them.

“Koukishi, you and Hakujou are to head out to Vigor Cliff. There are some powerful chakra imbued stones out there. We need much chakra to fuel our objective.”

Hakujou’s throat tightened. “Me and Koukishi?! I would rather die than go with him!”

Koukishi sharply replied, “That can be arranged, you know.”

“Enough! Just go!”

Koukishi smirked as he and Hakujou headed out.

The hologram began speaking to Hidan. “So, Kibu died? This is very compelling. You did retrieve the scroll, however?”

Hidan nodded. “Yes, I did. It’s up on the pillar.”

“Hm, I think it’s time I showed my true self…The raid on Konoha will wait awhile, so our team can recooperate. What we need to do now is find liable chakra sources.”

“Wait, if the scrolls are fused with a huge amount of power, why do we need so much chakra?”

“Because the scrolls cannot act on themselves. Combined with all the Akatsuki’s chakra, the scrolls still wouldn’t be powered enough. With the stones, Vase of Turning Souls, and one more item, there should be enough, including the final scroll. Our plan is unfolding perfectly. Understand?”


Hidden Leaf…

“Hey, Sasuke, where are you going?” Suigetsu asked his teammate as he started out of the gate.

“I’m just headed…out for awhile. I’ll be back. Just stay here until I return…” Sasuke started away from the Hidden Leaf.

Over in Ichiraku Ramen Shop, Iruka and Naruto sit inside the shop.

Naruto receives his bowl. After adding some seasoning, he begins slurping some in.

After a few bites, he sets down his chopsticks and turns to Iruka. “Iruka, you lead Uzuna, Sauno and Hizuka’s team, correct?”

Iruka gulps down his bite and replies, “Yes, why?”

“Well, I was wondering how Uzuna is doing. Before I left, he had just graduated the academy, and then I came back and he was a Chuunin. I was just wonding how well he’s been doing in his training.”

Iruka set his chopsticks down. “Well, about a year ago, Konohamaru taught him the Rasengan, and since then, he’s been doing well. He mastered it in about seven weeks altogether.”

“Not even two months? Impressive.”

“And he’s also been practicing his Shadow Clone techniques, getting them better and better. He created a variation of your Uzumaki Barrage technique as well.”

“Really?” Naruto asked surprised, as he began eating once again.

Iruka started again as well. “Yeah, and it’s really elaborate. He has it perfected. He has also been trying to mix the elements within the Rasengan, like you actually. He’s had no luck with that, however. That reminds me, how have you been doing with that technique?”

Naruto nodded. “I’ll show you in the Training Field after this.”

After the meal, the duo headed out into the field.

Naruto stood in the center, Iruka well away from him.

“Blazing Rasengan!” Naruto formed the Rasengan, fire chakra mixing into it, creating the Blazing Rasengan.

He released it then. “Now…Aqua Rasengan!”

The normal Rasengan molded with Water chakra, forming the Aqua Rasengan. He released it next.

“Now…” He formed the normal Rasengan, mixed it with fire chakra and created the Blazing Rasengan. Then he mixed the water chakra, creating an Air Rasengan, Fire Rasengan and Water Rasengan all-in-one.

He then formed a clone to help him stabalize it. Then, as he started running towards a boulder, he smiled. Once he got close, the clone let go and he smashed into it.

The boulder flew into large chunks scattered around the field. The remaining pieces were left with embers and drops of water.

Iruka clapped. “That was very impressive. Only two elements away from finishing your father’s objective!”

Naruto smiled and crossed his arms around his head. “Yep…Iruka, where did Sasuke go? I saw him getting ready to leave before we went to Ichiraku’s.”

Iruka thought for a moment. He soon snapped his fingers. “I’m pretty sure he said he was going to Vigor Cliff.”

Naruto let his hands fall. “Hm. Vigor Cliffs…I think I’m going to follow him. Temari sent Shikamaru a message that the Akatsuki stole a huge chakra source of some kind from that Temple there. And doesn’t Vigor Cliff have some sort of special chakra-imbued stones of some sort?”

Iruka nodded and Naruto disappeared.

At a rocky clearing, free of trees…

Koukishi and Jinrai stop and glance around.

Koukishi smirks as he hears a nearby stream flow. “That’s the end of the forest area…Vigor Cliffs shouldn’t be too far from here.”

Jinrai nodded, and as they took a step, they hear quick footsteps from behind them. Suddenly, Sasuke’s figure appeared, his face looking sturdy and his clothes back to the original outfit. He was ready for anything.

“Hmph, what are you doing out here? Are you looking for a fight?” Jinrai barked.

Sasuke let his head fall over sideways a bit as he looked at them curiously. “I guess you’re Akatsuki. What business do you have at Vigor Cliff?” He asked sternly, no waveirng in his expression or demeanor.

“Hmhmhm, Jinrai, let’s comply with him. Yes, we are Akatsuki. But, why do you want to know our business?”

“Listen, we can stand around and play 21 questions, or you can tell me why you’re here.”

Koukishi gave a relaxed smirk of playfullness. “How about you answer my question, then we’ll answer yours. Or we really can fight.” Koukishi lifted his hand from his sleeve and waved it in front of Jinrai. He nodded and headed off in the opposite direction.

Sasuke noticed this movement and sharply streaked forward. Koukishi was as quick as he was and caught him off by throwing a kunai in his direction.

Sasuke dodged it by a hair, noticing the skilled accuracy the throw was. Koukishi then made a slick move to turn and throw a punch in his direction. Sasuke slid to the side and drew his sword quickly.

Koukishi was still following his movements and retrieved a kunai and threw it in front of him, causing the blade to cry.

“He’s quick.” Sasuke said in his mind.

Koukishi stood straight anbit his thumb.

Sasuke winced. “A summoning…?”

Koukishi then rubbed the blood on his opposite palm. “Ready?”

Sasuke toughened his expression, motioning for his blade once more. “Sure. Let’s party.”

Sasuke dashed for Koukishi, his sword ready to slash.

As he approched, he released the chidori stream forward from the tip of his blade. Koukishi darted stright into the air.

He opened his palms and formed a hand sign. “Blood Revival Bird!” The blood on his hand separated and formed the bird, and he proceeded to land on top.

The bird swooped down towards Sasuke.

Sasuke avoided the swoop. “Heh, you’re not very tactical are you?”

Koukishi scoffed. “Actually…”

Sasuke suddenly heard the unwrapping of a ball bomb in front of him. He quickly jumped back as it exploded.

Sasuke flipped and slid back on the ground. The bird hung in the air. Koukishi kept an expresionless face.

“I suppose you want this fight to be a bit more than it is. If not, I do. I hate dull moments in life.” The winds of the bird morphed and two balls of blood fell towards Sasuke. They hit the ground and splattered into perfect circles.

Koukishi hopped down from the bird and landed about four meters from the blood splotches. “Wanna see my kekkei genkai in its full prowess?” He formed hand signs and the blood in front of him wavered. The blood slimbed up and formed two rough figures.

Koukishi’s fingertips started bleeding a thin sliver onto the ground. The strands flowed into the puddle. He yanked on them and the figures charged forward. Their arms connected to create a clothesline. Sasuke releaed the Chidori Current as the clothesline charged at him. The blood was splattered apart and Sasuke bolted forward.

As he passed the broken blood, the puddles released needles at him. “Blood Accupuncture!”

Sasuke twisted his body, his sword shielding him from the needles.

Koukishi severed the lines to the puddles. He built up an amount of blood in his mouth and spit it out in a large ball. Sasuke flipped over it. The ball splotched against the rock wall on the other side of the battleground.

“Hehe. Now it gets fun.”

Koukishi formed a hand sign and the puddle on the ground shot towards Sasuke and grasped onto his leg. He tripped over onto one knee.

Koukishi waved his other hand outward and the blood bird swooped down towards Sasuke. He made an attempt to flee the attack, but the blood kept him placed firmly onto the ground.

“Damn…” The bird crashed into him and exlpoded in a huge wave of blood.

Koukishi smirked, but knew it was not over yet and glanced around for his enemy. Suddenly, he heard a screeching noise. He hopped to the side, but was not quick enough and was speared with the Chidori. The chidori easily entered his body and the duo stopped moving for a moment.

In Sasuke’s mind, he speaks, “Did I get him directly?”

Suddenly, the body around his hand turned into a blood clone and shot in strands up Sasuke’s arm. They drilled into his shoulder and plastered onto his entire arm.

Sasuke grimaced in pain as he scanned the area for Koukishi. Suddenly, the blood splotch on the opposite wall started moving and a build climbed slowly out of it.

“You haven’t yet experienced that my power allows me to travel to and control my blood from whereever it is.”

“How are you able to use so much blood without…dying?!” Sasuke said patiently.

“My blood cell recreation process is alot faster than toe normal human being and my body is constantly creating new blood cells. I’m able to use as much blood as needed without fatality or any harm to me. I could let most of the blood in my body drain onto the ground right now, but in a few minutes, all of it would be regained! I can’t be killed by any normal way, you see? And my blood, when fused with a considerable amount of chakra, the blood can be condensed and act my impenetrable shield. You can’t win. And now, my blood is hardened onto your arm and there’s no way you can use it. I could also crush your arm right now if I wanted. But I want to leech this battle a little longer.”

The blood behind him shot in a thick stream towards Sasuke. Sasuke tuck-and-rolled to the side to avoid it. The blood curved back and splashed down in front of Koukishi.

“Now I want to reveal one of my strongest jutsu. Blood Revival Art: Ultimate Beast!”

The blood started morphing and climbing upwards into a very large, muscular build. After forming, Koukishi threw off his robe and stuck his arms inside of the build.

The arms and legs formed and a large, untorn blood beast stood. The arm fell off and turned into smaller figures, connected to the bigger’s body by small, lanky strands.

The two figures dashed forward laggily. The moulded together and formed a walking blood-drill. Sasuke winced as it came towards him. He stood up straight and activated his Mangekyo Sharingan. “Amaterasu!”

His eye shot out a large black flame towards the blood drill. The fire pierced and ate the blood and chakra down. The flames spread down the strand and entered the large figure. Koukishi saw the danger in this and quickly released the jutsu and his arms.

“Damn, you’re very persitent…Huh? This jutsu again?!”

He noticed the large black phoenix prowling down on him. “He used this on me in Iwagakure.”

Koukishi morphed his hand quickly and formed a small dagger-like blood spear. He lobbed it into the center of the phoenix. It went straight through without piercing and the phoenix fell on top of him. The land he was upon spread into black fire. Sasuke’s Tsukiyomi diminished the black flames.

The blood on his arm released and dripped off. He shook the remainding drops from his shoulder and stared at the wreckage.

He suddenly noticed Koukishi dashing towards him with another dagger. Sasuke formed the Chidori Darts and threw them at Koukishi. Koukishi deflected a portion of them by throwing his dagger, but he was stabbed in the leg by some. Sasuke formed a hand sign and the darts in his leg electrocuted Koukishi.

Sasuke found this opporotunity to shoot the Amaterasu at Koukishi. Koukishi managed to move up into the air.

Sasuke winced and shut his eyes. “This is the end of you…I only have a bit of chakra left so only a bit of this will work! Susanoo!”

Koukishi saw the mystical aura surrounding Sasuke, as six bones attached to him. A head formed, along with one arm. As Koukishi was losing altitude, Sasuke screamed, “You’re dead!”

Susanoo swung its sword upward in a clear, one-hit slash. Koukishi’s eyes grew bis as he turned his arms into blood and wrapped them into a sphere around his body. “This is the last of my chakra.” The chakra swung around him and condensed.

The sword slashed him and in a large white light, Sasuke shut his eyes to avoid going blind.

After the smoke and light cleared, Sasuke fell to his knees and released Susanoo, the ribcage dissipating along with the sword and Yata’s Mirror.

A puddle of blood sat in front of Sasuke. He glanced up as he panted and noticed it bubble. Koukishi’s head popped up, also panting exhaustedly.

“You…That was…powerful…I can’t believe I survived…no chakra…”

Koukishi climbed from the puddle onto both of his knees. “I guess you sruvive this time.” Koukishi murmered.

“I was about to say the…same thing.” Sasuke rebuddled. Koukishi uneasily stood up. From behind him, he smirked and flung his arm forward. A ball of blood rushed forward at the exhausted Sasuke. He had no warning to avoid the attack.

As the ball flew toward him, something sliced in half, a clean cut right through the middle.

Naruto appeared in front of Sasuke. “Hmph, I never thought I’d have to save your butt again.” He formed two Rasengan and flung them towards Koukishi. “Rasen-Yo-Yo!”

Koukishi flipped and ducked the swift attacks. “Dammit, if I’m even scraped by one of those, I’m done. No chakra left to actually do anything after I use a blood revival. I have no choice but to retreat-huh!?”

Suddenly, Naruto’s yo-yos were deflected and severed from their chakra strings. The orbs desintegrated. Jinrai appeared at Koukishi’s side.

“Koukishi, have a nice bout?” Koukishi panted his answer.

Naruto and Jinrai stood, waiting for the other to make a move. Naruto shook his head. “There’s no point in an extended fight here. You obviously got what you wanted, and the other two of us are out for the count. There is no reason for a brash battle. Just leave.” Naruto ordered sternly, no quiver or let-off in his voice.

Jinrai stood for a moment, pondering the likeliness of deceit. Koukishi nodded and the duo departed in a puff of smoke.

Naruto glanced down at the befallen Sasuke and they gave each other a thumbs up. Sasuke then tried his best to pick himself up.

He and Naruto trekked out of the land area safely. On their way out, Naruto had a feeling of nervousness.

“If that guy that came to his rescue got the stones…that could be a finishing touch to whatever plan they have up their alley. We have to keep on our toes.”

In the Hidden Leaf…

Naruto checked Sasuke into the hospital. His injuries included minor laceration and bruises.

In the Hokage’s office, Naruto informed Shikamaru of the incident.

Shikamaru laced his fingers and set his elbows on the desk. “So they may have gotten to the stones…”


“And there have also been no reports as to where the Akatsuki may be hiding at the moment.”

“But, Shikamaru, maybe that’s just it. Maybe they’re not hiding.”

And, we end this chapter here! As I may have said, I”ve been planning this battle out for a long time, and the time finally came to unleash it!

I just want to know: Do you guys like Koukishi’s ability? Do you not?

See you next time for Chapter 14: The Kage Meeting!

Special Thanks to:

Friend: For almost (almost) having my computer fixed! (Hopefully will have it by Christmas)

Friend: For still letting me use their computer!

Dawn of a New Era 12: Carnage

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Dawn of a New Era

(This one is rated T!)

Chapter 12


An ominous wind sweeps across the Hidden Sand like a tidal wave.

Gaara sits inside the Kazekage’s office, the Third Eye floating on the window cill, watching the outsides.

“The Akatsuki must be in hiding. I’m still wary from that last two. They stole something from the shrine, but we have no way to find out what. Something valuble, something they may need.” Temari says with an air of disgust.

Gaara nods. “I think I have an idea. Put it together like a puzzle: they were inside the shrine with some of the most powerful and valuble objects in existence. They could have stolen something for power, like one of the vases, or a slab of metal…It really could be anything.” Gaara explained in answer.

On the outside of the gate, a figure lurked.

“Hehe, this shouldn’t be too hard.” Kibu grunted.

Hidan’s face turned red. “Hmph, don’t get to full of yourself. I haven’t seen your abilities yet, but I’m sure they aren’t anywhere near the power of mine!” Hidan calmed as he and Kibu jumped onto the top of the gate.

“Let’s see, I guess we must scale the side of this thing over to the west side of the village. I see a small shrine over there, tsk.” Kibu observed.

“Like to play tactical I see, Kibu. Let’s just go!” Hidan let out the slightest of smiles as they dashed around the brim of the gate.

Inside the Kazekage Mansion, Gaara’s third eye spotted the figures running across the gate. Gaara sprang from his chair and out the patio door. His sand lavitated so that he could ride it and zoomed over to give chase to the Akatsuki.

Temari followed closely behind on her fan.

Hidan noticed Gaara and Temari soaring towards them and drew his scythe. “Kibu, oncoming foes!”

Kibu turned to see them coming his way.

Hidan jumped and threw his scythe towards Gaara. Gaara dodged it, but the scythe lurched back and sliced the sand around him.

Hidan smiled and landed on the wall. He skid down the side and made a head dash for the shrine. Kibu followed closely on top of the wall.

Temari hopped off her fan and used the Wind Scythe Jutsu.

Kibu clasped his hands together and his hand molded into each other. Jumping, he dodged the wind attack.

Hidan felt the wind hit him as he was lifted through the air. “Ahh! Kibu, do something!”

Kibu landed and his hands came apart. He then thrust his arms in the air. They headed straight for Gaara.

“What? Are his hand made of rubber or something?!” Gaara abandoned his sand and fell to the ground, landing on one knee. Temari joined him.

“I heard you, and you’re half right. Not rubber. My entire body…is made of clay!”


“Oh yes, after my brother died, I took a liking to the clay art, but I couldn’t find a good enough outlet to express the beuty of my clay art, so I molded the outsides of my body and created my own clay sculpture.”

Hidan caught what he had said and made a grotesque face. “That’s weird and gross. But anyway…” Hidan quickly headed towards the awaiting shrine.

Temari took chase, as Gaara took on Kibu.

“Hehehe, a sand ninja as my opponent. I don’t think this’ll be hard!” Kibu scoffed.

Gaara placed a hand on the ground. The sand around Kibu started flowing down in one point. Kibu glanced down. “What is this…?!”

Gaara smiled. “I’m able to control sand by my own free will. Battling me down here is a foolish mistake.”

Kibu smirked. “Hehehe, don’t give me petty talk!” Kibu stuck his hands into the sand as he sank in. Gaara finally used the Great Sand Burial as Kibu’s arms and legs were sunken.

As they were crushed, Kibu made no move to show pain. “Hmph, I have to admit, this hurts a bit, but you can’t kill me with it!”

Kibu attempted to climb from the sand, managing to get uncovered.

Gaara frowned and sent a sand wave towards Kibu. “Then I’ll make sure it hurts everywhere.” The sand crashed into Kibu, burying him fully.

Gaara then twisted it into a tightly wound typhoon sticking up into the air. He then formed Sand Shuriken and sent them into the air. The sand continuously struck the wall of sand, no mrecy shown.

Finally, he collapsed the wall and used yet another Great Sand Burial to finish the job.

“That shoould be the end…” He then saw a gray arm poke through the sand.

Soon, a full body was shown. “I said…” Kibu spoke in a broken voice, “you can’t kill me with this.”

At the shrine, Hidan knocks Temari away with the staff of his scythe. “Leave me alone, bitch!”

Temari struggled to stand, as she was struck in the stomach. She finally twirled her fan and blew wind on Hidan. He was picked up and thrown into the air.

“Now it’s time for my jutsu! Wind Scythe: Break Apart Twins!” She closed her fan and closed her eyes. Wind chakra sliced the seal, and she separated them. Opening them up, she had two smaller versions of her fans.

“Wild Fan Blade Dance!”

She jumped into the air and did different twists and flips, hacking at Hidan with her fans.

He finally fell to the ground, deathly injured from the attack.

Temari smiled. “Now I suppose we finish this! Double Fan Win-?!”

Hidan threw his scythe at her and sliced her leg. She fell onto one knee, clutching her injured knee.

The scythe came back and he easily stood up. Licking the blood, he swept his foot around him from the blood her shin shed.

“Hm, you have sweet blood…I guess I’ll finish you slowly, since I like the sight of you cowering in pain!”

He revealed the stake from his robe. He lifted it up and dropped down, drilling it through his leg, the same one she was injured on.

She screeched in devastating pain. “ACK!”

Back at Gaara’s battle, he had sand encasing Kibu’s arms.

Gaara formed a sand spear. The sand drill speared through the air towards Kibu. Kibu’s body was pierced straight through, the spear sticking out both ends.

Without taking an eye off Kibu, Gaara walked over to his body. He released the sand from his arms, the particales falling to the ground below. Suddenly, Kibu’s eyes flung open and he opened his mouth.

From inside, a ball of clay was released and it plastered itself across Gaara’s midsection. “What in the…?!”

“I’m not dead you freak!” Kibu polaced his hand on the end of the spear and it molded into it. He dragged it out of his body and threw it to the side, the sand dissipating.

The clay started to run down his legs, hardening. “Gah, I can’t move.” Gaara was frozen in place.

“HA! Now I have you. But just in case you try something…” He molded his arm into a giant knife. “I’m going to hack off your hands…!”

Kibu raised his hand up and slung down with the knife. His hand was suddenly stopped by quick-moving sand.

“Hm, my emergency san din my gourd is my ultimate defense. You can’t break through it.” The sand enveloped his arm all the way up the shoulder.

“Sand Burial!” The sand crackled and fell to the ground, his arm inside.

“Hehehehe, you think that affected me at all?” Kibu said quietly as he gazed at his fallen arm.

“Not until this.” The sand slithered up his leg and encased it. “Sand Burial.”

Kibu’s eyes grew big as the sand around his leg crackled.

Gaara moved his hand and the sand moved away, the leg inside as well.

Kibu lost his balance and fell on one knee. “You BASTARD! Now it’s time to die!”

His other hand, which was now a knife, swung towards Gaara. His sand knocked it off course and it sliced the clay around his midsection. Gaara could move freely again.

Kibu turned his arm normal and reached into his back pocket. “Heheheh, with me I carry around a special type of clay i can insert my chakra into and duplicate my brother’s action by…exploding it!”

He took some clay out and began to mold it.

“This is just like that Deidara guy from the original Akatsuki!” Gaara lurched back and his sand started to form a small sphere on the ground around him.

Kibu used his one leg to spring off the ground. He threw the clay into the air and landed on top of the sphere. His hand started to secrete onto the sphere. It created a thin outer layer on the sand.

“Now it’s time to die.” The clay from his pocket landed on top and began to melt inside because of the outer layer.

Gaara noticed the clay oozing inside. It plopped down onto the floor of the sphere. Gaara’s eyes grew big.

The outer layer of the clay began to seep in as well in sharp points. Gaara expanded the sphere as he saw the strands begin to move around. He dodged the attack as they speared around him.


The small amount of clay suddenly detonated inside.

Back at the shrine, Hidan leaves Temari on the ground, her life hanging by a thread. He grabbed the scroll from inside the shrine.

He raised the stake once again. “Now that I’m done here, it’s time to finish the job of you. Take…thi-”


Suddenly, a whip lashed out and snapped the stake out of his hand. He was startled so he accidentally stepped out of the triangle again.


Matsuri appeared. “Leave her alone! Now that you’re out of the circle…” She snapped the whip again and it lashed him across the waist, sending him on his back.

He quickly grabbed the chain of his scythe and twirled it around, the scythe flying towards Matsuri. She jumped, dodging the scythe. Hidan whirred up and continued flinging the scythe.

Matsuri dodged the attacks and made her way into the center where Hidan stood. They started a Taijutsu bout. She kicked him in the stomach and thrust the Byhrou into his stomach. She sent him flying into the shrine wall.

Matsuri stood straight and rushed to Temari’s side. “Even the Kazekage down…I have to get her out of-…What?!”

Matsuri noticed Gaara falling from the detonated sand sphere.

Kibu hopped down from the top and loom over him.

Suddenly, Matsuri felt a sharp blow to her head and her world fel away from her.

Hidan stands, his body now mortal. “I won’t finish you off here…Neither one of you…Kibu, let’s…What in the world?!”

Kibu’s body had been encased in a sand wrap. Gaara had his hand on it, holding him in place. “This will kill you! Sand Manipulation Body Burial!”

The sand pressurized on Kibu’s body inside and crushed his entire body. The sand fell away from him and Kibu fell forward as well. Gaara fell to his knees.

Kibu uttered some weak words. “Though you have taken me down…My clay will kill you…” The clay wrapping the sphere shot towards Gaara.

His sand whipped up and hacked it to bits, protecting Gaara.

Hidan grimaced. “Man, I though I could return with Kibu…But I guess he just had to die. Well, I guess his strengths weren’t as adequate as I thought. I’m outta here.”

Hidan made his escape, avoiding Gaara’s weak attacks of Sand as he fled.

Gaara helped Temari and Matsuri to the Sand Hospital as he watched Hidan get away with the scroll.

In the hospital, Gaara let Baki know of the happening. “NO! The scroll was stolen?! That’s four now…Konoha is next! Quick, get a letter out there, ASAP! Konoha needs to be prepared for what awaits them!”

That’s the end! The fourth scroll has been stolen, so what will happen with Konoha!? (gasp)

See you next time for Chapter 13!