Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 11


Sauno sits atop a rooftop in the Leaf village. Hizuka appears from behind her. “Why up here?” He inquires.

“I just like to sit atop buildings and stare into the sky when I’m thinking about something. But not just any building. It has to have the perfect skylining. Like this one.” Sauno replies.

Hizuka nods and peers down over the edge. “Hm, there’s Iruka-sensei.” He says, spotting their sensei below speaking to Kurenai.

Sauno’s face became red. “Is he…?”

Hizuka snicked. “Maybe! Let’s creep down there.”

Sauno tightened the elbow cuff and followed Hizuka down the side of the building, chakra focused.

Hizuka listened for a moment, trying to hear what they were saying. Sauno tugged on his shoulder, however.

“I don’t think we should be doing this…” Hizuka waves her off.

“Hold on. I think…Ack!” He suddenly loses his grip on the wall and tumbles down.

“Oh…Hey Iruka-sensei…” He whimpers as he stands easily.


“Jinrai, I suspect you’re rested?” The hologram asked in a hush tone.

“Yeah, sure. I won’t allow myself to die again though.”

“Hmph, don’t pull that act again, Jinrai!” Koukishi entered the room and scoffed. “You could have used your Reality Check technique and sweeped circles around the girl. But I guess you forgot about it…or really let yourself be beaten…hohoho…”

Jinrai sweeped around and glared at Koukishi. “Yeah MAYBE I COULD HAVE! MY RESPECT FOR YOU HAS GONE DOWN CONSIDERABLY!”

Koukishi sighed. “Watch your temper.”

Jinrai sneered. “Agh…!”

“Stop your incessant and futile squabbling.” The hologram bellowed.

“I would just like to point out, that I wasn’t fighting with him. I was pointing out his faults in the battling style.”

Jinrai made a move to punch Koukishi, but Uto captured the movement and yelled stop.

“Jinrai, Koukishi, your next mission is to head out to the Temple of Fuji to attain the Vase of Turning Souls. This item is very important to our final objective. Failure is not an option.”

Jinrai and Koukishi nodded in acception and headed off to get ready.

Outside, Koukishi bit his thumb and smeared it against the ground. “Ninja Arts: Blodd Revival Bird.” A puff of smoke erupted.

As the it cleared, a large bird made entirely of blood stood. “Hello, friend.”

Jinrai appeared behind him. “Ready to go.” Jinrai and Koukishi climbed onto the back of the bird and it took off into the sky.

In the sky, Koukishi spoke to Jinrai.

“The Temple of Fuji is located on the other side of the Sand Village, am I right?”

Jinrai thinks for a moment. “I’m pretty certain.” In Jinrai’s mind, he speaks to himself. “Hm, I hate to admit, but Koukishi is a lot stronger than I am, even with the Rinnegan. It’s seriously not best to anger him though. His demeanor is cool, but it can shatter in a second.”

Koukishi steers the bird over a valley.

When it came close to the village gate, he landed. “Koukishi, I’m walking from here. You go over the village. I’ll meet you at the Temple.”

Koukishi nodded and headed back into the air and over the wall.

On top of the Hokage Mansion…

Temari and Gaara stand, staring into the sky. Temari suddenly notices the bird.

“Gaara! Look! One of the Akatsuki is atop that bird.”

Gaara spotted it and his gourd popped open. Koukishi noticed the movement from the top of the building as well.

“I don’t want to get caught in a fight. But I guess there’s gonna be something here.” He formed a hand sign. “Ha!”

He jumped off the bird and it dive-bombed the mansion. As it approached, it exploded wildly.

“Heheh, that made quick work of that. Summoning.” Another bird appeared below him and flew over the mansion. But from the smoke, a sand line grasped the leg of the bird.


The bird was yanked down and a large sand casing appeared over it. Koukishi once again abandoned the bird. “Hmph, I don’t want to use a lot of my chakra, so I can’t explode the bird.”

He tuck rolled onto the top of a building and made a run for it. “I don’t like running from a fight, but I have more important matters to attend.”

Gaara appeared from the smoke and grimaced at Koukishi’s escape. “He didn’t have anything to do here.”

At the other end of the village, Koukishi hopped down from the wall. “Hrn, that didn’t go quite as well as I wanted it to. The Temple isn’t very far form here, I believe.”

Koukishi started on foot.

After some time, he reached a walkway of statue leading up a high, curvy mountain.

“There it is.” Koukishi smirked.

Jinrai appeared from the shadows. “What took so long?”

“The Sand Village is on alert and they attacked when I passed over, hohoho. It was an annoying spat.”

Jinrai nodded and they proceeded to trek up the pathway. Koukishi analyzed some of the statues.

“These statues are very intricate.”

At the entrance, Koukishi inspected the door. “It’s sealed with a chakra plate. We’re not getting in with any jutsu. Except…”

Jinrai activated his Rinnegan. “Ninja Art: Reality Check!” The world around them warped. In a moment, they were inside.

Koukishi glanced back. The chakra seal was still on the door. “I like that technique. Very useful.”

Jinrai peered around. “The vase should be in the back of this room.”

Koukishi spotted a vase sitting inside a glass cube in the back of the room. “And that should be it.”

He strolled over. Biting his finger, he let a little bit of blood ooze onto the top of the container. “Hai.” The blood hardened over the entire container. Jinrai threw his fist into it and it shattered into pieces, without any harm to Jinrai.

Koukishi snatched the small vase from the compartment.

Jinrai used his technique again and appeared outside. As soon as they did, they heard, “Wind Scythe: Wind Breaker!”

A blade of wind shot towards them. Koukishi ducked to the side to avoid the potentially deadly attack. Jinrai slid under it with acrobatic ease. He stood motionless, only moving his Dojutsu eyes around to scan the area. Whips of sand suddenly appeared in front of him. He dodged them with acrobatic ease as well, kicking them every other flip he did.

Koukishi hid the vase in his cloak and summoned a bird. “Jinrai!”

Jinrai nodded and kicked the sand once more. He made a slick maneuver jump onto the bird and it took off, both member on top.

Gaara and Temari appeared. “They stole something! But we can’t get in to see what!” Temari kicked the ground.

In the sky…

“Hmph, stupid Sand ninja. Always ones to jump to conclusions.” Koukishi then made a solemn face. “Although we did steal something, it hurts to think we meant any harm…today.”

In a field outside of the Hidden Leaf…

Team Taiyo stands face-to-face with Kisame. Suigetsu smiles.

“This is the day I get your sword…” Suigetsu draws his own.

Kisame scoffs. “I doubt that. You’d have to kill me befo-”

“Then I’ll do just that!” Suigetsu is already in front of Kisame, his sword at arm’s length and slashing.

After some time…

Kisame in Shark form stands, panting breathlessly. Suigetsu stands, his sword in hand, breathing fine and unscathed.

“Hmph, you’re only all right because Sasuke is helping you…But I’ll kill you.”

“Yeah, so? He’s also the one…” Suigetsu dashes forward, water around his sword, “who’ll help me kill you!”

Sasuke dashes forward, his Chidori Blade out. Suigetsu and Sasuke circle around and strike at the same time.

Kisame stands motionless. Samehada separates from him. Kisame falls backwards, lifeless. Suigetsu high-fives Sasuke as he makes sure Kisame is dead.

Suigetsu pickes up the sword. Samehada struggles for a moment, but then calms when it tastes his chakra. Suigetsu wraps bandages around it and slips it in a holster on his back.

“Now, the Beheader, Samehada…Hm?”

Suigetsu spots the KeiraKurei on Kisame’s back.

Suigetsu unstraps it.

“The…KeiraKurei…It’s light enough to take as well.”

Sasuke joins Karin again where she stands.

Suigetsu straps on another holster and fits it in. “Heheh, the Samehada, Beheader and KeiraKurei are mine. There are four more!”

Sasuke thinks to himself. “Chojuro has one, but he’s our ally. If I told Suigetsu, would he try to find and kill him? I’ll just hold it back.”

After walking a while, Suigetsu had to turn his back to water so it was slightly easier to carry the three swords. “Maybe having the three swords isn’t a good idea…”

Suigetsu unstraps the KeiraKurei, stares at it admiringly for a moment, but pitches it away. Sasuke whirrs around.

“Why’d you do that? That was a legendary sword.”

Suigetsu shrugs. “I don’t want to worry about it. Let’s just go.”

“Suigetsu, remember when I was telling you to be less reckless?”

Suigetsu nodded.

“Well, you have yet to be.”

Hokage Mansion…

Shikamaru stamps four documents. “Kakashi, please take these to the Leaf Birds to send out to the four countries. We’re holding another Kage meeting in one week.”

Kakashi nods and disappears.

Koukishi and Jinrai appear in the cave and hand over the vase

“Koukishi-senpai, what is the point of the vase?” Jinrai inquires.

“Some sort of huge power source I think.”

Two days later…

The Great Countries were in uproar about another Kage Meeting being held in just five days from then.

In Kumogakure, a figure slinks away after hearing Omoi speak about it to Killerbee.

In the hideout…

“What did you find Zet?” The hologram asked a figure in the shadows.

“The Kage’s are holding a meeting in the Land of Tea in five days…”

The hologram seemed to gasp once again. “Then we’d better continure our assault…Since Kisame is dead, mourn the loss, Hidan will join Kibu to take the scroll from Sunagakure.”

Kibu and Hidan entered the room after being called. “Now, you two will attack the Hidden Sand.”

Hidan’s eyes seemed to explode frmo his head. “The sand?!”

“You heard me, now go.”

Hidan and Kibu embarked on their mission.

“The sand has got to be one of the strongest villages and we’re being shipped out to it. What a joke. Dammit.” Hidan grumbled.

Kibu rolled his eyes. “Just deal with it. I’m sure we can handle it.”

Hidan stopped him. “You’re from Iwagakure. You wouldn’t know! I knew Sasori, who was from the Hidden Sand. He was one of the strongest sand nin I have ever encountered. Just shut up!”

Kibu frowned. “Fine.”

This one is very much shorter than others, but it doesn’t really matter. A lot happened!

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