Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 8


The Leaf Squad gathers at the Leaf Gate two days later…

Konohamaru stepped forward and addressed his team.

“Okay, team, we head out to Sunagakure today and join up with their team, then to Kirigakure. All set?!”

Everyone gave a nod of agreement and they headed on their way.

Hidden Sand…

The team from Hidden Sand awaited at the gate for their escorts. The people waiting were the three Chuunin; a boy named Tenrai, another named Cito, and a kunoichi named Fera.

The Jonin was Matsuri. “I guess they should be here soon. We just have to be pat-.”

She cut herself off as the Leaf Squad arrived and beckoned them to follow. The Sand Squad followed suit.


The Mizukage stood at her window, gazing out over the Swamp of Misery, her hope shriveling. “I feel a disturbance. As if the village will soon be under attack…I hate this feeling.”

Chojuro stepped in. “Um, Mizukage-maam, our team is departing.”

The Mizukage nodded. “All right. Come back alive, if you can.”

Chojuro agreed and shut the door.

The Miuzkage stepped out of her office and from the mansion and looked out over the swamp, ten minutes later.


She saw the distilled water frenzy a bit and then start swirling into a whirlpool. She also noticed wires of some sort twisting around inside.

She suddenly became distraught.

She formed a hand sign. “Water Nullifying Jutsu!”

The Miuzkage hopped into the water and stood, her hand held upon the surface. The water started to calm and drift slowly, the waires still floating atop the surface.

“Something’s wrong. What caused that and what are those wires?”

An eerie voice screeched across the water.

“I have your answer here.” More wires appeared from the other side of the swamp and almost grasped her, but she avoided them in time.

Another voice crept across the stale air.

“Don’t try to escape…” A figure appeared in front of her and kicked her across the water. She loest her chakra focus and fell inside.

A Giant Fireball Jutsu penetrated the water and was aimed at her. Kakaze and Kuchia appeared above the water.

“Kakaze, go for the scroll. I’ll handle what’s left of her.”

Kakaze agreed and kept going.

“Hmph, I guess she’s done.”

“Not by a long shot.”

Four water serpents struck up from the water and swirled above Kuchia’s head. They suddenly bolted down and crashed upon Kuchia, causing a huge explosion over the water.

The Miuzkage climbed up onto the surface of the water. She realized, even though she had been submerged in water, her ends were singed and split.

Kuchia emerged from the water as well, his Sharingan activated.

“The Sharingan!? Are you…?”

Kuchia dashed forward, sword at length and drawn. “Die!”

The Mizukage kicked water up and onto Kuchia. “Hai!”

Another explosion erupted where Kuchia stands.

The sword was sent through the air and into the water.

“Mizukage, are you all right?!” Ao appeared next to her. “Milady?”

The Mizukage nodded. “Yes, but Ao, I will take care of myself while you go after the one who is stealing the scroll.”

“The scroll!?” Ao bolted away after Kakaze.

At the Shrine…

Two Jonin fall dead from Kakaze’s strength. “This village is weak…Now for the scroll.”

He kicked open the door and waltzed inside, searching warily for the scroll.

Finally, he located a pedestal with a scroll laying upon it. His hand reached out and snatched it.

“Don’t take another step or you’ll die.”

“Is that so?” Kakaze uttered without looking back.

The shrine suddenly was caught in a huge explosion, much to Ao’s disgrace.

Kakaze appeared outside, concealing the scroll underneath his cloak. Ao appeared as well, on one knee.

“What it…took to avoid…one explosion…agh…”

Kakaze smiled and disappeared.

Swamp of Misery…

Kuchia landed another kick to the Mizukage, sending her skipping across the aqua.

Kakaze sped by him, giving the signal to leave immediately. Kuchia caught up and followed.

The Mizukage wiped blood from her mouth and grimaced. Standing up, she scouted the area in case of others. Ao soon appeared by her side.

“Ao…Why the hell couldn’t you defeat him!?”

“I am sorry I have failed you Milady…”

“Shut up Ao! You failed Kirigakure. You possibly failed the world. Shut your mouth!”

Ao seemed fazed by this angry Mizukage.


“I don’t want to hear another word! Get out of my face!” She drew a hand out and slapped him menacingly. She slapped him hard enough to send him onto his knees on the water.

She started to walk back towards the Mansion.

Ao picked himself back up and sat there, mulling over the thoughts of what might happen.

In the middle of a small forest between Sunagakure and Iwagakure…

The three squads decided to take a break by a stream in the forest. Rays of sunshines peaked in through some densely packed trees, slightly illuminating the area.

“You know, we have no sure-fire way of finding the Akatsuki’s hideout.” Tenrai observed as he washed his face in the river.

Konohamaru placed his hand on his chin. “Maybe we can try important, landmarked areas. Like the Valley of End. Or…”

“Sand Cave?” Chojuro added.

“Possibly!” Matsuri agreed. “The Sand Cave is home to many things, and it has multiple large holes and indentions in the sides and crevices. One or two could be large enough for the Akatsuki to dwell in!”

“But hold on!” Azuma stated loudly.

“In the Terrace Valley not far from here, there is an open-ended cave called the ‘Cave of Tiko’.”

“Well, I’ve heard of it. Maybe it could also hold the Akatsuki. But there’s no way we can know for sure unless we find out ourselves. So let’s get packed up and head for the Cave of Tiko.”

The squads departed in the direction of Kumogakure.

A few kilometers north would take them straight into Terrace Valley.

In the Cave of Tiko…

“I feel something strange…hohoho…” Koukishi stated firmly.

“What is it?” Hidan asked gruffly as he appeared on scene.

“Something’s coming our way.”

The hologram appeared at Koukishi’s words. “Hmm, so someone is coming, you say? I guess we’d better be armed and ready…Hakujou, can you tell us how many there are?”

A figure approached from the darkness.

“Yes, sir…It seems there are…Twelve, heading straight into the Terrace Valley.”

“Hmph, we must abandon our base. All Akatsuki members except Hidan and Hakujou take leave to our HQ, post haste!”

The other Akatsuki members obeyeed and quickly fled the cave, leaving only the two and hologram left.

“Hidan, Hakujou. I suspect you two must be capable of handling twelve people.”

Hidan grimaced. “Seriously? WHat do you expect from us?!” Hakujou slapped a hand over Hidan’s mouth.

“Shut up…We can handle this. Just go.” Hidan threw his hand away.

“Keep your hand off my face, you bastard!”

Hakujou smirked.

At the opening…

Matsuri’s body slowly climbed out of a cliffside, scoped out the area and gave a signal. “It’s all clear, guys…Moving in…”

Matsuri took out a kunai and chucked it at the opening. The kunai exploded and sand plastered onto the hole. Suddenly, another explosion occured and rid it of the sand.

“There’s definately someone in there, let’s go!”

Fera and Tenrai appeared from the top of the cliff and rushed down quickly. Tenrai formaed a hand sign.

“Wind Style: Fatal Windball!” He breathed a ball of wind from his mouth and it rolled towards the opening. It impacted and the half the cliffside was blown to sheer rubble. Fera made her way in.

Inside, Fera was blinded by a smoke bomb.

“You’d better leave quickly…I like seeing my opponents suffer! 8 Trigrams: Four Sky Palm!” Outside, Tenrai noticed the cliffside start to burst from inside out and quickly backed up.

“It’s gonna-!”

Suddenly, the entire cliff exploded outward. Tenrai ducked behind a large boulder and watched as the cliff fell to pieces.

“Jashin: Chain Blow!” The scythe apeared from the smoke and destroyed the rock Tenrai was conceled behind. It was a Wind Clone so he avoided damage. Chojuro and one of his Chuunin, Terinow, appeared from atop the opposite cliffside at Tenrai’s side.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, but Fera’s gone!” Tenrai grimaced.

Hakujou and Hidan appeared from the rubble. “Hello, kiddies. I suppose you’re here to take us down, then? Well, too bad, the others already fled…And your friend is long gone.”

Hakujou smirked. “But you can have fun with use if you want! We’re bored!”

Hakujou, with blinding speed, rushed forward and jabbed Tenrai a multitude of time in chakra points. tenrai was thrown back against the rocky hill.

Matsuri and Cito arrived at his side.

The Leaf Squad now stood right behind Chojuro and Terinow, along with the other two Chuunin, Ominow and Usuniow.

“Aqua Squad, let’s go.” Chojuro drew his sword and jumped. “Take this! Sword Art: Water Hammer Eruption!”

The sword slammed to the ground, causing a massive explosion and sweeping Hakujou and Hidan off their feet.

Usinow formed a hand sign along with Ominow and they shouted in unison, “Water Style: Pressure.”

The water condensed and formed in a tightly wound sphere in the air.

Terinow hopped into the air and placed his hand on it. One hand sign. “Water Style: Exploding Sphere!”

The water suddenly packed tight and exploded fiercely.

Usinow cheered slightly, but the mood changed when Hakujou appeared. “Hmph, 8 Trigrams: Aerial Death Strike!”

Hakujou hit the ground, slid and turned, and jabbed Usinow once in a pressure point. The pressure he applied was so sheer, a major blood vessel burst.

Usinow fell to the ground, half dead.

“Usinow!” Ominow shouted with fear.

“Summoning Jutsu: Monkey King Enma!”

Konohamaru summoned Enma, in which he turned into the Adamantine Nyoi.

Konohamaru glared at Hakujou with deadly intent. “I won’t let you kill them.”

He bolted forward, spinning the adamantine around his body. He appeared in front of him and kicked him in the air. Throwing the pole into the air, it split into pieces. The shifted and locked themselves into a cage around Hakujou. “I’ve had it with you! Adamantine: Cage, Crash & Burn!”

The cage started spinning and plummeting to the ground. It made impact and threw up sediment aruond the area.

The adamantine twirled back into Konohamaru’s hands.

However, Hakujou just picked himself up from the wreckage.

“You know, I don’t care what you do, I’m leaving. Hidan, you coming?”

“No you don’t! Flying Sparrow Cut!”

hidan finally found himself and stood up. Suddenly, he saw Azuma heading straight for him, knives in hand.

“Ack!” Hidan slid to the side, only for his arm to be sliced by the wind chakra.

“Ah, searing pain…I like it!” Hidan rose his scythe into the air and lunged it down with force. His arm fell from his body.

“Hidan, you are so stupid. I’m leaving.” Hakujou disappeared out of sight, somewhere so that the team could not track him.

Hidan fell in hot pursuit.

Azuma fell to his knees. “All of that planning and acting…Only to end up with two dead and no results! That’s not fair!”

Matsuri had finally helped Tenrai to his feet. “I know, but we have to report back. Mission Failed.”

The next day in Konohagakure…

Konohamaru stood in Shikamaru’s office. “That mission was a lot shorter than I expected it to be, Konohamaru. Two people died and you barely managed to injure the Akatsuki, just an arm being severed. I believe this is the biggest mission you, or any other Jonin that was on the mission, have failed YET! Please leave.”

Konohamaru left in shame. “i can’t believe I failed a mission like that…And it was so short…With no good results…This is…So…”

Konohamaru dashed out of the Mansion…

Author Note: Taiyo means “Sun”, Tiko means “Time”

This chapter was longer than the last, but short nonetheless.

Yeah, it was seeming to be something alot bigger than that. But the teams failed miserably and that’s all there is to it…