Dawn of a New Era 11: Recovery

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Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 11


Sauno sits atop a rooftop in the Leaf village. Hizuka appears from behind her. “Why up here?” He inquires.

“I just like to sit atop buildings and stare into the sky when I’m thinking about something. But not just any building. It has to have the perfect skylining. Like this one.” Sauno replies.

Hizuka nods and peers down over the edge. “Hm, there’s Iruka-sensei.” He says, spotting their sensei below speaking to Kurenai.

Sauno’s face became red. “Is he…?”

Hizuka snicked. “Maybe! Let’s creep down there.”

Sauno tightened the elbow cuff and followed Hizuka down the side of the building, chakra focused.

Hizuka listened for a moment, trying to hear what they were saying. Sauno tugged on his shoulder, however.

“I don’t think we should be doing this…” Hizuka waves her off.

“Hold on. I think…Ack!” He suddenly loses his grip on the wall and tumbles down.

“Oh…Hey Iruka-sensei…” He whimpers as he stands easily.


“Jinrai, I suspect you’re rested?” The hologram asked in a hush tone.

“Yeah, sure. I won’t allow myself to die again though.”

“Hmph, don’t pull that act again, Jinrai!” Koukishi entered the room and scoffed. “You could have used your Reality Check technique and sweeped circles around the girl. But I guess you forgot about it…or really let yourself be beaten…hohoho…”

Jinrai sweeped around and glared at Koukishi. “Yeah MAYBE I COULD HAVE! MY RESPECT FOR YOU HAS GONE DOWN CONSIDERABLY!”

Koukishi sighed. “Watch your temper.”

Jinrai sneered. “Agh…!”

“Stop your incessant and futile squabbling.” The hologram bellowed.

“I would just like to point out, that I wasn’t fighting with him. I was pointing out his faults in the battling style.”

Jinrai made a move to punch Koukishi, but Uto captured the movement and yelled stop.

“Jinrai, Koukishi, your next mission is to head out to the Temple of Fuji to attain the Vase of Turning Souls. This item is very important to our final objective. Failure is not an option.”

Jinrai and Koukishi nodded in acception and headed off to get ready.

Outside, Koukishi bit his thumb and smeared it against the ground. “Ninja Arts: Blodd Revival Bird.” A puff of smoke erupted.

As the it cleared, a large bird made entirely of blood stood. “Hello, friend.”

Jinrai appeared behind him. “Ready to go.” Jinrai and Koukishi climbed onto the back of the bird and it took off into the sky.

In the sky, Koukishi spoke to Jinrai.

“The Temple of Fuji is located on the other side of the Sand Village, am I right?”

Jinrai thinks for a moment. “I’m pretty certain.” In Jinrai’s mind, he speaks to himself. “Hm, I hate to admit, but Koukishi is a lot stronger than I am, even with the Rinnegan. It’s seriously not best to anger him though. His demeanor is cool, but it can shatter in a second.”

Koukishi steers the bird over a valley.

When it came close to the village gate, he landed. “Koukishi, I’m walking from here. You go over the village. I’ll meet you at the Temple.”

Koukishi nodded and headed back into the air and over the wall.

On top of the Hokage Mansion…

Temari and Gaara stand, staring into the sky. Temari suddenly notices the bird.

“Gaara! Look! One of the Akatsuki is atop that bird.”

Gaara spotted it and his gourd popped open. Koukishi noticed the movement from the top of the building as well.

“I don’t want to get caught in a fight. But I guess there’s gonna be something here.” He formed a hand sign. “Ha!”

He jumped off the bird and it dive-bombed the mansion. As it approached, it exploded wildly.

“Heheh, that made quick work of that. Summoning.” Another bird appeared below him and flew over the mansion. But from the smoke, a sand line grasped the leg of the bird.


The bird was yanked down and a large sand casing appeared over it. Koukishi once again abandoned the bird. “Hmph, I don’t want to use a lot of my chakra, so I can’t explode the bird.”

He tuck rolled onto the top of a building and made a run for it. “I don’t like running from a fight, but I have more important matters to attend.”

Gaara appeared from the smoke and grimaced at Koukishi’s escape. “He didn’t have anything to do here.”

At the other end of the village, Koukishi hopped down from the wall. “Hrn, that didn’t go quite as well as I wanted it to. The Temple isn’t very far form here, I believe.”

Koukishi started on foot.

After some time, he reached a walkway of statue leading up a high, curvy mountain.

“There it is.” Koukishi smirked.

Jinrai appeared from the shadows. “What took so long?”

“The Sand Village is on alert and they attacked when I passed over, hohoho. It was an annoying spat.”

Jinrai nodded and they proceeded to trek up the pathway. Koukishi analyzed some of the statues.

“These statues are very intricate.”

At the entrance, Koukishi inspected the door. “It’s sealed with a chakra plate. We’re not getting in with any jutsu. Except…”

Jinrai activated his Rinnegan. “Ninja Art: Reality Check!” The world around them warped. In a moment, they were inside.

Koukishi glanced back. The chakra seal was still on the door. “I like that technique. Very useful.”

Jinrai peered around. “The vase should be in the back of this room.”

Koukishi spotted a vase sitting inside a glass cube in the back of the room. “And that should be it.”

He strolled over. Biting his finger, he let a little bit of blood ooze onto the top of the container. “Hai.” The blood hardened over the entire container. Jinrai threw his fist into it and it shattered into pieces, without any harm to Jinrai.

Koukishi snatched the small vase from the compartment.

Jinrai used his technique again and appeared outside. As soon as they did, they heard, “Wind Scythe: Wind Breaker!”

A blade of wind shot towards them. Koukishi ducked to the side to avoid the potentially deadly attack. Jinrai slid under it with acrobatic ease. He stood motionless, only moving his Dojutsu eyes around to scan the area. Whips of sand suddenly appeared in front of him. He dodged them with acrobatic ease as well, kicking them every other flip he did.

Koukishi hid the vase in his cloak and summoned a bird. “Jinrai!”

Jinrai nodded and kicked the sand once more. He made a slick maneuver jump onto the bird and it took off, both member on top.

Gaara and Temari appeared. “They stole something! But we can’t get in to see what!” Temari kicked the ground.

In the sky…

“Hmph, stupid Sand ninja. Always ones to jump to conclusions.” Koukishi then made a solemn face. “Although we did steal something, it hurts to think we meant any harm…today.”

In a field outside of the Hidden Leaf…

Team Taiyo stands face-to-face with Kisame. Suigetsu smiles.

“This is the day I get your sword…” Suigetsu draws his own.

Kisame scoffs. “I doubt that. You’d have to kill me befo-”

“Then I’ll do just that!” Suigetsu is already in front of Kisame, his sword at arm’s length and slashing.

After some time…

Kisame in Shark form stands, panting breathlessly. Suigetsu stands, his sword in hand, breathing fine and unscathed.

“Hmph, you’re only all right because Sasuke is helping you…But I’ll kill you.”

“Yeah, so? He’s also the one…” Suigetsu dashes forward, water around his sword, “who’ll help me kill you!”

Sasuke dashes forward, his Chidori Blade out. Suigetsu and Sasuke circle around and strike at the same time.

Kisame stands motionless. Samehada separates from him. Kisame falls backwards, lifeless. Suigetsu high-fives Sasuke as he makes sure Kisame is dead.

Suigetsu pickes up the sword. Samehada struggles for a moment, but then calms when it tastes his chakra. Suigetsu wraps bandages around it and slips it in a holster on his back.

“Now, the Beheader, Samehada…Hm?”

Suigetsu spots the KeiraKurei on Kisame’s back.

Suigetsu unstraps it.

“The…KeiraKurei…It’s light enough to take as well.”

Sasuke joins Karin again where she stands.

Suigetsu straps on another holster and fits it in. “Heheh, the Samehada, Beheader and KeiraKurei are mine. There are four more!”

Sasuke thinks to himself. “Chojuro has one, but he’s our ally. If I told Suigetsu, would he try to find and kill him? I’ll just hold it back.”

After walking a while, Suigetsu had to turn his back to water so it was slightly easier to carry the three swords. “Maybe having the three swords isn’t a good idea…”

Suigetsu unstraps the KeiraKurei, stares at it admiringly for a moment, but pitches it away. Sasuke whirrs around.

“Why’d you do that? That was a legendary sword.”

Suigetsu shrugs. “I don’t want to worry about it. Let’s just go.”

“Suigetsu, remember when I was telling you to be less reckless?”

Suigetsu nodded.

“Well, you have yet to be.”

Hokage Mansion…

Shikamaru stamps four documents. “Kakashi, please take these to the Leaf Birds to send out to the four countries. We’re holding another Kage meeting in one week.”

Kakashi nods and disappears.

Koukishi and Jinrai appear in the cave and hand over the vase

“Koukishi-senpai, what is the point of the vase?” Jinrai inquires.

“Some sort of huge power source I think.”

Two days later…

The Great Countries were in uproar about another Kage Meeting being held in just five days from then.

In Kumogakure, a figure slinks away after hearing Omoi speak about it to Killerbee.

In the hideout…

“What did you find Zet?” The hologram asked a figure in the shadows.

“The Kage’s are holding a meeting in the Land of Tea in five days…”

The hologram seemed to gasp once again. “Then we’d better continure our assault…Since Kisame is dead, mourn the loss, Hidan will join Kibu to take the scroll from Sunagakure.”

Kibu and Hidan entered the room after being called. “Now, you two will attack the Hidden Sand.”

Hidan’s eyes seemed to explode frmo his head. “The sand?!”

“You heard me, now go.”

Hidan and Kibu embarked on their mission.

“The sand has got to be one of the strongest villages and we’re being shipped out to it. What a joke. Dammit.” Hidan grumbled.

Kibu rolled his eyes. “Just deal with it. I’m sure we can handle it.”

Hidan stopped him. “You’re from Iwagakure. You wouldn’t know! I knew Sasori, who was from the Hidden Sand. He was one of the strongest sand nin I have ever encountered. Just shut up!”

Kibu frowned. “Fine.”

This one is very much shorter than others, but it doesn’t really matter. A lot happened!

See you next time for Chapter 12: Carnage!


a month


hi guys. well i am going to be gone for about a month because i need to do i a lot of things! i ask that cookie does not take me off of the website. and yes i know i said my fanfic would already be out. sorry i have been grounded plus i have to finish some blogs that i havent been able to finsh. sorry but i have to finsh my blogs so i can get my manga up and running. and alot of others things. so sorry.

Eyes of a Sage V: Water v. Ink


(Recap:  When we last left, Danzou and Sai Uchiha had just accepted Sasuke’s offer to be in Akatsuki.  Meanwhile, Naruto and Co. had just been given the mission to kill Madara and capture Sasuke…)

“We have a long mission ahead of us.  Let’s start this right and go in groups of four, one of the four being one of my Ninja Hounds.  Group 1 will be Naruto, Zetsumei, Seimei, and Bull.”  Kakashi said as he began to run the names off.  They had already left the village before Kakashi spoke again…

“Be careful.  Remember, these are Akatsuki.  Sasuke and his team have swore allegiance to Madara.  So have Zetsu and Reibun.  If you let your guard down for even a second, you could be dead.”

“Got it!” everyone says in unison.

In the Akatsuki Hideout…

“That’s right.  Taka and the two others are planning to kill you.  If you’d like, you could look at the ‘recording’.” Zetsu said.

“Hmm.  I had a feeling Sasuke was turning on me.  Now my suspicions have been proven true.  Oh well, that only means I have to teach my new pupil quicker.”  Madara said, activating his Sharingan in the process.

“What do you suppose we do?”

“We just sit back and relax as I teach Sasuke a lesson.”  Madara glowered.  His Sharingan changed to his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

Somewhere else in the hideout…

Danzou, Sai, and Taka are walking down a narrow corridor…

“Where are we going, Sasuke?” asked Jugo.  Jugo was at Sasuke’s side 24/7.  And he had never seen this hallway before.  Something was up…

“We’re going to the Room of Fate.  And no, you’ve never seen it before.  I’ve only been there once.  It’s the place where you are officially inducted to Akatsuki.  If you fate is denied, you are killed.  But, if your fate is accepted, you live to see another day.  Many potential members die here.”

As they got closer, the hallway became larger.  As they walked through the door, Sai’s eyes became Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan’s.  He immediately attacked Suigetsu…

“Suigetsu!  Duck!  Sai is trying to kill you!” Karin screamed as Sai slashed at Suigetsu with his katana.

“Wh-” Suigetsu stopped as soon as he saw Sai’s blade.  He immediately grabbed his sword and blocked him…

“Jugo. Karin. Danzou.  Stay back.  We must let Suigetsu win on his own.  If we interfere, he will never learn to listen to authority.  Also, Sai is being controlled by Madara.  I saw his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.  I also saw Madara’s Chakra flowing in Sai.  This is Suigetsu time to learn if he was really able to become a Swordsman  of the Mist.” demanded Sasuke.

As Sasuke finished, Suigetsu’s and Sai’s blades connected, throwing sparks everywhere.  Suigetsu made his arm water and sent it flying after Sai.  Sai jumped over it and took out a scroll.  He took a paintbrush from his pocket and began drawing…

“What are you doing!   We’re in the middle of a battle!  God, you’re just like that Jinchuriki from the Cloud Village.”

“Shut up.  Ink Style: Carnival of Ink!”  As Sai said that, dozens of Carnival Animals flew out of the scroll, gaining size by the second.  By the time they were near Suigetsu, there were already double the size of a Grizzly Bear.  As they approached Suigetsu, he used Water Style: Water Bullet.  Three Ink Beasts melted at the place they were standing.  The others charged at Suigetsu.  Suigetsu backed into a wall.  If he didn’t attack, he’d be killed… by ink!  So, Suigetsu threw his sword and it flew through the air.  It cut one of the monsters in half, making the top half the body topple over onto the floor…

In a inn in the Fire Country…

“So, Tobi was actually Madara Uchiha.  We-.  Give that to me!” Hidan said as he grabbed a piece of chicken off of Chishio’s plate.  He needed nourishment, bad.

“Well, I was going to say yes anyways.  So, what was it like, in the hole I mean.” asked Chishio.

“It was f***ing torture.  Not being able to kill made Jashin so angry.  He kept me alive to suffer.  I was surprised he let me live for twelve more years.”

“Well, Karma gets ya, even you, Hidan.”

“I wonder if I should tell him about his son.  No, he might react badly and run off.  I’ll wait until he’s ready.” thought Chishio.  She didn’t want her son to feel as if his father didn’t love him…

Back at the battle between Suigetsu and Sai…

The battlefield has been turned to rubble.  Suigetsu was panting himself into a early grave.  Not having his water bottle didn’t help him in this battle.  As Sai began to walk towards Suigetsu, to deliver the final blow, Suigetsu fainted.  But, Sai kept walking.  Sasuke was startled by this and sped towards him.  Just as Sai’s sword began to descend, Sasuke hand caught Sai’s.  Just then, Sai’s eyes changed back to normal…

“Woah.  What just happened?”

“I’ll tell you while we’re in the Room of Fate.” said Sasuke.

.          .          .

What will be Danzou’s and Sai’s fate?  You’ll have to read “The Immortal Akatsuki Chapter 6: Union of Fate”

Dawn of a New Era 10: Sinister RedRose

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NOTE: This, along with about six or seven other chapters are called “blowout” chapters, because they either reveal very important information, and are twice as long as others, or have fights that are very relevant.

This chapter also makes use of the term “Beauty is only skin deep.”

Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 10

Sinister RedRose

“Your punches still hit hard enough to shatter steel…” Hinata comments as Sakura breaks a boulder behind her, which Hinata managed to avoid.

“I know, training with Tsunade even longer after I had finished got me up to plate…” Sakura slamms the ground, causing Hinata to jump high into the air.

“And your reflexes are good as well.” Hinata says as she secretly shucks a kunai down at her opponent. Sakura moves her leg and it hit the ground. Moegi appears behind her throws a punch, but Sakura notices her and skips to the side.

“Wow, Sakura! You’re very good! Oooh!” Moegi awes.

Hinata stands in one position, punmmeling the air with hir hands, perfecting Heavenly Art: Gentle Trigram.

“It’s as good as done…”

In the cave…

a hologram appeared and faded. A figure was left standing in its place.

Koukishi smiled at the figure’s appearance. “Jun?”

The figure nodded and stepped forward in the light. Her hair glimmered white like a diamond in the sun. A tiny red rose was stuck in her hair like always.

“What are you doing in person, Jun?” Koukishi asked, again bewildered.

“Uto has told me to come.” A hologram appears behind them. Jun turns around simply and listens.

“Jun, so nice of you to come. Please, if you would, investigate the Hidden Leaf Village. I want to know a little bit more about it.”

Koukishi abruptly enters, “But don’t you know everything about it? I mean, that’s where you came from…so…?”

“Don’t interrupt, koukishi.” The hologram smugly grunts.

Jun nodds and disappears. A flower petal is left floating down in her place.

In the Training Field, Hinata and Moegi pack up what they brought and wave goodbbye to Sakura. They depart while Sakura continues to pack her things.

She feels a gentle wind and inhales the fresh air. She soon realizes it’s not as good as it seems.

“It feels different. I think somethings approaching…Ghhg!”

Flower petals appears on the ground before her. “Those weren’t there before.”

She begins to walk away, but as she turns around, a figureis standing there, glaring through her.

She drops her bag and backs up a step. “Who’re you?” She immediately notices the black cloak. “You-You’re an Akatsuki aren’t you?” But in her mind, she thinks, “But she’s so beautiful…”

“My name is Jun. I was sent here to investigate.” She says simply, in a crisp, gentle, but feminine voice.

“Then why are you here in front of me? Are you looking for a fight?” Sakura replies gruffly.

“No…I was just admiring how beautiful your hair would look…on me.” Sakura’s eyes grow big as she hears this maniacal comment.

She immediately readies her Chakra Scalpels after hearing how dangerous she may be.

“Oh, you don’t want to fight back. I don’t want to either…I don’t want to mess your hair up too bad.” Her hands begin to disappear in a spiral of red flower petals.

The fly around Sakura in a funnel, and Jun begins to disappear, her entire body turning into petals. Sakura gazed around at them. “These are similar to that girl’s on Crescent Moon Island…but…There’s no poison or Genjutsu involves here…Or is there? Release!”

The flower continue spinning. “Nope. Then I’ll take the direct approach.”

She charges forward, two scalpels in place and slices through the petals. She skids to a stop on the other side. Jun’s body begins to form in the middle of the shower of petals. “I don’t mind revealing my secrets to my opponents because I believe they won’t live long enough to get away…My kekkei genkai is being able to shift my molecules and turn whichever parts of my body to flowers whenever.”

“So she’s like Suigetsu, except with flowers…” Sakura says to herself.

Suddenly, an arm materalizes above Sakura, a kunai in hand and lunges down. Sakura slides to the side and hacks the arm with a scalpel. The arm turns into flower petals.

Jun still stands parallel to her, her arms gone in flowers.

“I could just take advantage over you here, my arms just harassing you for the rest of the match.” She loooks up, her face expressionless. “But what’s the fun in that?”

Sakura grimaces at this.

Jun steps forward. The petals begin to come back to her arms where her hands are gone. “Flower Art: Drill of the Rose!” The petal begin to mold, harden and sharpen, creating two large drill-like spears.

“How should I kill you with these?” She debates with herself. She suddenly charges forward.

Sakura deftly eludes the sharp attacks, the drills slamming into the ground and splintering it, also making it hard for Sakura to land after jumping away from an attack. Finally, Jun slammed the ground with both drills and caused a huge tremor to throw Sakura backwards.

“Flower Art: Sifting Lily!”

The drills evaporate into the air. Jun closes her eyes and the petals levitate in mid air, aim at Sakura and glisten.

The petals then shoots in armies of arrows at Sakura, who was lying on the ground. She hopped up only in time to see the attack awaiting her. She used the Sub Jutstu to escape death.

She appeared by the Memorial Stone, panting. “I could attack close up…” She then bolts towards Jun. Once she gets close, she jumps into the air, still going forward, and flips upside down. Forming a couple hand signs, she screams, “Earth Style: Mud Wall!”

Sakura opened her mouth directly above Jun and spit the mud onto her. The wall stretched into the air, encapsulating Jun inside. She landed straight up and wiped her mouth.

“I knew it would come in handy soon.” She then hit her fist to her palm and aimed down. “Take this!” She threw his fist down with all her might and the whole earth below her exploded, the mud wall caught inside.

When the smoke cleared, pieces of hardened mud and Sakura were seen in a small crater. “That was harsh…Did I get her?”

Suddenly, a large vine with a pod attached grows out of the ground. Aburptly, the pod opens to reveal a bodacious rose, spread open to reveal it’s beauty. But, from inside, A hand stuck out, then an arm and then the body of Jun.

“Flower Art: Rose Summoning Revival. A techhnique I love. If there’s moisture and nutrients in the ground, my rose can grow anywhere and protect me from any attack. Do you like it?” But Sakura had already charged forward, he Chakra Sword glowing from her hands. She hacked the stem into two and the top where Jun resided toppled over. She disappeared in petal as it hit the ground.

“I don’t like to me fooled around with, you which.” The flower petals began to form in front of Sakura now. Jun appeared, the rose in her hair wrinkled and her cloak ripped a bit.

“Perish by the hands of flowers. Flower Art: Sunflower Seed Overgrowth!”

The ground shook and four buds shot up from the ground around Sakura and hovered over her. The buds bloomed and bright sunflowers opened up.

“SOmething about those make me uncomfortable.” The sunflowers suddenly started shooting seeds down at her. The seeds exploding upon contact with anything it hit.

“Gah, exploding seeds.”

“Those seeds are infused with a bit of my chakra, allowing them to explode. They are very volatile. Be careful not to touch them!” Jun chuckled slightly.

Sakura continued to avoid the seeds and knocked one flower’s head off the stem. the seeds continued to follow. she began to notice that when she knocked a sunflower out, the seeds from the others began exploding harder.

“The chakra must be shared, so the more are killed,” she jumped, “the more powerful others are.”

Sakura used her chakra sword to extend her reach and hacked down a third one. The final one was left. It reared its head and released with full force one more seed.

Sakura sliced the seed in half with her swords, but they exploded when touched. Jun smirked when the explosiong occured.

“Finally, it seems as if she is dead. Let’s see if I can find any of her ha-” She felt a grasp on her foot as she stepped forward.

“Earth Style: Head Hunter Jutsu.” Jun was yanked underground and then thrown up eith tough force.

“Now!” As Jun fell from the air, Sakura released a stream of “mud” from her mouth and covered Jun in it.

As Jun hit the ground, the mud hardened. Sakura jumped over her and released more, covering her and now creating the Mud Wall.

“This time…It’s personal. Herculan Earth Rush!” Sakura slammed both fists into the ground next to the wall and the entire area erupted downwards into a creater, the rocks cracking and jostling upwards, creating rifts in the earth. The mud was obliterated, along with its contents.

Red petals float dazzily onto one of the splintered up rocks. A figure appeared from them, on its knees and panting. Jun’s cloak was no longer on her body.

“Hmph. If you didn’t notice, the flower petals are my life source. They are also whatever is connected to my body. Some of the petals you just destroyed were connected to my robe, but the robe was destroyed as you killed my petals.”

Sakura smirked to the side. “So I could kill you by destroying your petals…!”

Jun dashed forward before Sakura finished speaking. Sakura stepped forward and slung her chakra swords at Jun, which she had just created.

Jun dodged the attack and formed a spear of petals. She thurst the tightly wound spear to Sakura, but she dodged it by a bit. A hair was cut off in the commotion.

Jun happened to catch the falling hair and grin wildly. “One step closer to that sheek hair of yours. Come here!” Jun now thrust her spear forward, slicing Sakura’s left leg.

“Ack…!” Sakura fell to one knee, her swords dissipating.

Jun’s petals started swirling around her. “I guess I will kill you here. Flower Art: Deep Ebony Bind.”

Vines from undergound started poking up and wrapping around Sakura. “What!?” The ivy contained thorns that prickled Sakura as they wrapped around her.

“No, this is bad!” The vinaes continued to move up. Once they reached her back, it forced her to the ground, only for her arms to be wrapped as well. “I can’t let it end like this.”

Jun pulled out a kunai as the vines moved towards her face and stopped. “Let me cut off that beautiful hair of yours before you die, pretty!” A gleam in her eye was cast of the kunai in the sun as she licked the kunai solemnly.

She started edging down towards her hair ever so carefully. Sakura closed her eyes as the vinaes wrapped her mouth and pressed tight.

Suddenly, a kunai pierced one of Jun’s petals. The rose on Jun’s head lost a petal and it wilted in mid-air and disintegrated.

She grimaced and tightened her grip on the kunai.

“What do you think you are doing?” A bold voice approached from behind.

“Hmm…Ugh, your hair is ugly!” Jun shrieked as Rock Lee stood poised behind her.

Lee shrugged it off and glanced at the wound Sakura on the ground. Sakura motioned her eyes as a signal to her arms. The chakra was poking throughm silently and easily cutting the vines. Lee gave the slightest of nods.

He suddenly rushed forward. The petals formed a wall around Jun. Rock Lee span forward with his Leaf Hurricane 4-Speed and crashed through the wall. Jun threw the kunai held in her hand at him. Lee dodged it and kicked Jun in the stomach. She dissipated in petals and stood, mid-sectionless and frowning.

“You are getting on my nerves. Could I at least have her hair?” Jun pleaded.

“No.” A crisp voice greeted from behind. She turned around and at that second, Sakura through a crushing blow to Jun’s now reapeared mid-section. Time bended for a moment and Jun was thrusted forward with might and crashed into the stone cliff-side parallel to them. As she made contact, her body disappeared in black rose petals.

Sakura panted and crossed her arm over her abdomen. “Thanks Lee. If it weren’t for you, I would have been done for.” Lee holds a thumbs up.

“Not a problem for you!” Lee smiled and winked.

Lee walked sakura out of the training Field and then left her as he made sure she was all right.

“The damage to the field is pretty bad though!” Sakura joked.

Some time later in the Cave…

The black rose petals gathered at the base of one of the stone pillars and Jun was formed, the rose on her head now black.

“I failed.” She fell forward, passing out from exhaustion.

“It is all right, Jun. It’s quite all right…”

“Wasn’t she only supposed to do a little recon? I mean seriously, getting in a full-on fight to the death is kind of harsh.” Koukishi commented.

“Just be quiet for the moment.” The hologram replied bluntly.

Koukishi nodded and crossed his arms. “At least things are starting to come to fruition…”

Eyes of a Sage IV: Sasuke’s Offer

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(Recap: When we last left, Danzou and Sai Uchiha had met with a shinobi from the Cloud Village.  While Sasuke and the rest of Taka had left an Akatsuki Hideout, behind Madara’s back, to find Danzou and Sai to offer them something…)

Somewhere in the Boundary between the Sound and the Lightning Country…

“Impressive.  That Uchiha can sense chakra almost as good as me.” exclaimed Karin.

“Yes, they are quite impressive.  That’s why you can’t underestimate them.” Jugo said concerningly.

“Whatever!  Remember when we first met, Sasuke?  I could have easily killed you.  And since you and Itachi are supposable the strongest Uchiha’s since Madara, I doubt these two will be very strong.”

“Suigetsu,” Sasuke began.  “you can go out in the open and attack them if you like.  But, if you get killed, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Fine.  I’ll wait.” Suigetsu said stubbornly.  He hated taking orders, and Sasuke wasn’t helping.  He was a Mist Ninja.  The most ruthless of ninja.  He was nicknamed, Little Demon Zabuza, by the rest of the Village.  If he didn’t get to kill someone soon, Taka was going to have problems…

.     .     .

“Sai, how many are there?” asked Danzou.  If this was an ambush, they needed to know how many.  With that number, they would be prepared…

“Four.  But, I can feel someone was following those four.”

“Thank you, Sai.  Now, come out you four!”

.     . .

“Okay, they asked us to come out!  Now I’m doing what they want!” Suigetsu barked!  He was fed up with Sasuke giving him orders.  He was doing what he wanted…

Suigetsu charged out of the trees’ Executioner’s Blade in hand.  With one swing, he chopped off Danzou’s head.  After that, he charged at Sai.  Just before he could kill Sai, Danzou grabbed Suigetsu’s sword…

“B… but how?!  I just chopped your head clean off!”  Suigetsu said, shocked.  That was impossible.  No one could survive that, not even Madara if  it had made actually contact.  Something was up…

“Well, I used a substitution.  Look back where my body would be laying.”  As he said that, Suigetsu looked back and saw a tree trunk.  “Now, if you don’t mind, I would like you and your friends to leave.  If you don’t, I will have to hurt you.”  Once he finished, the rest of Taka came out of the forest.  Sasuke stepped up to Suigetsu gave him the signal to fall back.  Suigetsu unwillingly stepped back…

“Hello.  I’m Sasuke Uchiha and this is my team, Taka.  I understand that you’re Uchiha’s too.  I also understand that the Leaf has made all Uchiha leave the village and become Missing-Nin.  So, I would like to, personally, induct you into the Akatsuki.”

“Oh, well, I’m Danzou Uchiha and this is my brother, Sai.  And, even thought your offer is very generous, we must decline.  I don’t want to be branded a criminal just because I’m in an organization that started The Fourth Great Shinobi War.”

“Well, I cannot force you, but, you have a few minutes to think it over.  So, please think about it.” said Sasuke.

A few minutes later…

“Have you changed your mind?”

“Yes, we have.  You have a point.  But, why do you want us?” asked Danzou.

“We want you because we need you two to kill Madara.  He will soon grow so powerful that he will no longer need us.  So, we need people that have exceptional skills to defeat him and end his rein of terror.  So, you have decided to come with us?” asked Jugo.

“Yes, we have.  We will do whatever we can to help kill Madara.  Since he was the reason that the Uchiha were banned from the Leaf, it would be my pleasure to personally kill him.” said Sai.

“Okay, then you must follow us.”  As he said it, Sasuke had turned and started to walk back to the hideout.  The rest of Taka, Danzou, and Sai soon began to follow him…

.     .     .

“Hmm, Sasuke is plotting to kill Madara.  Then I must show Madara this information.  Good thing I “recorded” their conversation.”  Zetsu said as he disappeared into the tree he had melded with…

About an hour later…

“We’re here.” Sasuke whispered as he made a hand seal.  Once he was that was done, he pushed his palm to the giant rock blocking the entrance.  A blast of chakra flew past everyone, knocking a few trees down in the midst.  The rock then began to slowly move to the side, showing the opening.  It was true, the Akatsuki really did pull out all the stops just to get into their hideouts…

In the Leaf Village…

“Okay, I’ve learned from Genko Aburame that Akatsuki have been trying to recruit members and have been successful with 3 people.  Those people are Danzou and Sai Uchiha, and a man named Reibun.  Danzou and Sai are from our very own village, while Reibun is from the Waterfall Village.  Danzou and Sai have the Sharingan and Mangekyo Sharingan Kekkei Genkai.  Reibun has a very interesting Kekkei Genkai.  His Kekkei Genkai is Kakuzu’s of the very same village.  Naruto, you remember Kakuzu don’t you?”

“Yes, Lord Hokage.  He is the first person to ever be hit by my Rasenshuriken.” said Naruto.

“Well, he has the same Kekkei Genkai.  So, we must be very cautious.  On our mission, we will have Hashirama Senju AKA the First Hokage, Genko Aburame, Grena Nara, Ino Yamanaka, Ikusa Hyuga, Negi Hyuga, Zetsumei and Seimei Senju, Deru and Ured Inuzuka, Naruto Uzumaki, Rock Lee, and me.” said Kakashi AKA the Sixth Hokage.

“Let’s head out!” said Hashirama.

“Okay!” everyone said in unison…

Deep inside the Nara Forest…

“Hehe.  Finally, Akatsuki will see that Hidan is truely the strongest Akatsuki member to ever live!  I just hope he has lived through all of this.

“OH MY F***ING GOD!!!  I CAN FINALLY BREATHE!!!  THANK YOU, CHISHIO, MY LOVE!!” Hidan said as he burst in delight!  He was saved, and by his former lover, no doubt.  After 12 years, he was finally free!  now he could get his revenge on that Nara kid and the rest of Akatsuki…

Next Time: The Mission Begins

Dawn of a New Era 9: Effortless

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Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 9


Temari’s face was red with anger and embarrassment as she headed to the West side of the Village.

In front of her as she stopped, stood the Sungimo Estate. The sunken statue head with the red mark was slowly sinking still.

“This is the entrance…” She strolled over to the head and placed her hand on the red mark and rubbed around. The sand around her feet started to move outward. “Sinking sand, felling beliefs, carnage of death, sand revealing…!”

Temari took a back step and the sand formed a small tunnel. She slid down carefully, landing in a large pit underground. The sand above her sealed away, leaving darkness and a small unsourced amount of sunlight.

“Is he down here still?” Other tunnel intersected with the one she had landed in.

“Temari? Why are you in here?” A voice echoed across a sand tunnel.

Her face brightened as she saw his face. “Ga-Gaara?!”

She dropped her coolness and dashed towards her broth in the hall parallel to her. She embraced him tight, as did he.

“Nice to see you again. Again, what are you doing in the Sunagimo Tombs?”

Temari stood straight and looked him straight in the eye. “I understand your new occupation. But our teams that ventured out to the Terrace Valley came back with horrible results. Two people were killed and Tenrai came back brutally injured. And we require your assitance. I need you as a guard and reconnaisance mission. If any Akatsuki members attack, I also know I can count on you to aid us in every way.”

Gaara closed his eyes and nodded. “All right.” He said with a hand onto her shoulder.

Temari beamed. Gaara led her out of the tombs and back into the mansion.

As he entered the office, he whispered to himself, “I haven’t been in here in five years…”

Matsuri stood in her office and turned as the duo approached. Her eyes began to sparkle as Gaara entered.

Gaara!” Matsuri sang.

Matsuri dashed over and embraced him as tight as Temari had before, a bit more thrust than before, however. Matsuri pushed off and smiled.

A dark environment shrouds figures standing around each other…

A woman’s crisp voice pierced the air in the darkness.

“Hakujou and Hidan have arrived, Uto.”

Another, manly, but clean voice replied, “All right. So no casualties on our behalf. Is everyone here?”


“Good. Now, Kakaze?”

A fire flickered, casting a red glow upon the ground and faces inside the darkness.


The flame sparked and spit into many different directions. In mere seconds, torches illuminated a room. The room was very large with three other passageways. Koukishi stepped in from one of the passageways and placed his hand onto the wall.

The floor under the Akatsuki broke into pieces. The holograms of three people faded away.

A large cave was revealed to be hidden outside the room.

“A special, physical genjutsu. My favorite.”

Three pillars rose up from the ground. The scrolls were each placed on them, and Kakaze set the one that had just been stolen.

The scrolls now cast an eerie light upon the face of the cave wall.

“We’re almost there…” A hologram stated as it appeared suddenly.

Koukishi smirked. “Don’t you think we should just bloodrush the other villages with numbers on our side? We’d get the scrolls easily, hohoho.”

“No,” the hologram returned bluntly. “Suna and Konoha are very powerful villages. Their defenses are high and their ninja are strong. Konoha withstood the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Great Ninja World War, as well as Orochimaru’s Invasion 18 years ago, and many other things. We need to go in high numbers. Suna won’t have to wait quite as long…Let’s get to work.”

A flower petal float gently above the cave opening at the top and soars down easily.

“Flowers are a beautiful part of nature…” A hologram states as it appears by Koukishi.

He grunts and holds up a hand. “I suppose.”

In the Forest of O…

A bright and eerie light is glowing from atop a tree limb.

The weakened body of Jinrai steadily rises to his feet. “I…shall…not…let myself…die again!”

The limb crackled apart as he jumped away from it. His expression was blunt and tough. “I’ll kill you…girl!”

In the Hokage Mansion…

A Mist bird landed on the Window sill. It grabbed Shikamaru’s attention and he slipped the message from its case on its back.

He dropped the scroll after reading it and his face became pale. “The Kirigakure scroll was stolen?!”

Minutes later, TenTen, Yamato and Kiba were in his office, due to being called.

“Kirigakure’s scroll was stolen, so I want you three to go and collect information. Reconnasaince Mission.”

The small team set off towards the Hidden Mist.

Training Field…

Azuma continously punches a a tree with his knives, one punch after another. The marks were deep and he didn’t move on to another until the one he was hammering was hacked apart.

“Can’t…fail…another…mission!” He threw a punch hard enough to knock the top of the treestraight off the stump and send it into the water.

He sighed and calmed himself.

“Azuma.” A voice called out gently from behidn him. He whirred aruond to face Sasuke, smiling.

“Sasuke-sama…” He smiles.

“You’re strong Azuma, you know that. But you need to keep control of your temper and focus on what you’re doing, how you do it, and when you do it.” Azuma nodded, showing Sasuke had his full, undivided attention.

He points to the stump. “The air chakra you forced through the knives is powerful, you just need to learn how to control it better. Let’s see…Throw a punch with air chakra around me.”

Azuma backs up, slips on a knife and thrusts on hand forward. The air slices around Sasuke, barely clipping a lock of his hair.

“Good…Hrm. Now, deflect…”

Sasuke, in a blink of an eye, drew the Kusanagi and threw it at Azuma. Azuma lunged up with his knife before the sword got close and it was deflected with a sharp edge of air.

The sword landed in Sasuke’s grasp. “Great.” He stopped as Suigetsu emerged from the water.

“Sasuke, you sure can be surprising. Tell me exactly why you’re tutoring him?” Suigetsu put forth.

sasuke shrugs. “Because I want to. Why’s there a need for questions?” He opens one eye and watches Suigetsu fom behind him.

Suigetsu crosses his arms and rolls his eyes. “Nevermind. Have you seen Karin?”

Sasuke nods. “She was shopping in the Village earlier. She’s probably still there.” Suigetsu nodded and disappeared.

Azuma sighs and puts his knives away. “Thanks, Sasuke-sama, I needed that bit of practice!” He smiles and puts his arm around the back of his head.

Sasuke smiles and starts to make his way out of the field. On his way out, he meets Sakura.

“Oh, hi Sasuke.” She waves.

Sasuke smiles back and passes her. “Come on Moegi!” She calls out behind her.

A woman appears running after her.

She keels over, hands on her knees, and gasps, “Sorry…Sakura…I’m here…ack.”

Sakura helps her up. She glances behind her. “Where did Hinata go!?” Sakura flusters.

In the Dumpling Shop…

Hinata Hyuuga sits eating a stick of dumplings and sipping a cup of tea. Sakura explodes inside, an angry expression.

“Hinata! I thought you were coming to the training field with us?” Sakura asks, keeping her anger inside.

Hinata frowns. In a small voice, she answers, “Sorry, I was hungry earlier when you saw me, but you left before I had a chance to tell you I was going here. I’ll come, I promise.”

Sakura nods and sits next to her. Moegi follows shortly.

The woman catering there noticed two new people and brought them complimentary tea.

As she set it down, she saw the face of Sakura. “SAKURA?!” The woman exclaimed.

“Ino? Hey, long time no see!” Ino smiles and dashes away. In a minute, she comes back and sits down.

“Break time. Anyway, I haven’t seen you in forever. Where have you been?”

Sakura scoffs. “Question is, where haven’t I been? I’ve been around everywhere, learning moer about medical ninjutsu and things. Now, I’m a Top Medical-Nin.”

Ino shifts uneasily in her seat. “Really…? Interesting…Oh, where’s Tsun-”

Sakura frowns. “I don’t know. We started out together, with her teaching me about Medical Ninjutsu and my power…But I don’t know where she went. About half-way through our journey, she just…left. Shizune went with her. She could be anywhere.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that.”

Hinata dropped the last stick on her plate and paid the bill.

“So, Moegi, Sakura, were we going to the Training Field?” Hinata asked, a bright and eager step in her voice.

“Yeha, sure!” Moegi clapped her hands and pulled Sakura up. Ino smiled.

“I have to get back to work. See you later!”

Sakura, Hinata and Moegi left the shop and Ino got back to her business.

In the cave…

Koukishi sits upon the pedestal, watching over the scrolls.

“Three here…hohoho. I can’t wait until we have them all. Even though it may be a hassle getting them, the end result is always good. Hm?” From up above, a figure drops down in front of him and collapses.

“Jinrai?” Koukishi can’t help uttering, clearly bewildered.

Hakujou and Kakaze appear and notice the body laying on the ground.

“So he isn’t dead…Shame, or a good thing?” Hakujou jokes.

Kakaze picks him up and takes him down a hall. Koukishi continues to sit there, whistling a tune. Hakujou frowns at this.

“Are you…whistling? How un-proffesional of you!”

Koukishi turns his head. “Pardon me? Couldn’t hear you!” And continues to whistle.

Hakujou thros his arms up in despair and leaves the room. “Fine then, you polite bastard,” he mutters to himself as he departs.

In Kirigakure…

Ao finishes answering questions to the recon mission Shikamaru dispatched.

On their way out, Yamato speaks to the crew. “He looked uneasy, like his life was on the line if he stepped one step form his spot.”

“Maybe it is.” TenTen suggested. “Maybe he said something to someone wrong, or maybe…” TenTen’s eyes grew big. “Maybe he was the cause of the theft. He must have failed, or he wouldn’t have been so on edge as he was.”

Kiba nodded in agreeal. “And everytime he’d answer a question, I could hear him speaking under his breath. ‘How could I…Why…Why was I weak…?’, and things like that.”

Yamato signaled to head off and they started through the swamps once again.

As they exited the final marsh, Yamato stopped them again. “That makes three, right?”

Kiba counts the scrolls from the villages. “Yup. There are only two left…So what exactly happens, anyway?”

In the Hidden Leaf Forest…

The wind blows stronger than usual. Leaves start dangling and dropping from the trees.

“An omen.” Neji says simply.

Shino remeains quiet.

Hokage Office…

Yamato relays the information they gathered after their team arrived. When Shikamaru passed it off as passed, they departed.

Leaf Hospital…

Sasuke finds Sauno’s room and enters. He notices Sauno up, speaking with Hizuka and Uzuna.

She waves to her father. “Sauno, I see you’re all right. I also see you used the Chidori.” His sharp eyes pickes up the burn marks on her palm.

“And the Flame Armor acticated during your battle. You’re lucky you didn’t die. That kekkei genkai only activates when your life is in trouble. In this case, you had a bit left in you before it activated. Must have been a tough match.”

Sauno nods. “But I’m sure the Chidori killed him. Uzuna said he looked deader then dead before we left. Oh, and I’m also set to get out of here by tomorrow.”

Sasuke grins. “Great. Have you seen your brother?”

Sauno looks astonished. “Well, no actually. I haven’t paid much attention, but now that you think of it…I haven’t seen him in forever.” Uzuna and Hizuka agree with her statement, as they had not seen him around.

Sasuke stood to the side as Karin appeared at the door and smiled at her daughter.

She handed Sauno two black gloves. “I wanted you to have these.”

Sauno sets them on her nightstand. “I’ll wear them when I get out, thanks.” Sauno gives a grin.

Uzuna and Hizuka leave together, along with Sasuke. Karin stays for awhile and chats with Sauno. But Karin soon leaves as Sauon lulls to sleep.

Well, I admit it took a bit longer to get this one out, but it’s not speed that matters, it’s quality and how well the story impacts the reader! Hope everyone enjoyed it.

See ya, next time for Chapter 10

Dawn of a new Era 8: Trial

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Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 8


The Leaf Squad gathers at the Leaf Gate two days later…

Konohamaru stepped forward and addressed his team.

“Okay, team, we head out to Sunagakure today and join up with their team, then to Kirigakure. All set?!”

Everyone gave a nod of agreement and they headed on their way.

Hidden Sand…

The team from Hidden Sand awaited at the gate for their escorts. The people waiting were the three Chuunin; a boy named Tenrai, another named Cito, and a kunoichi named Fera.

The Jonin was Matsuri. “I guess they should be here soon. We just have to be pat-.”

She cut herself off as the Leaf Squad arrived and beckoned them to follow. The Sand Squad followed suit.


The Mizukage stood at her window, gazing out over the Swamp of Misery, her hope shriveling. “I feel a disturbance. As if the village will soon be under attack…I hate this feeling.”

Chojuro stepped in. “Um, Mizukage-maam, our team is departing.”

The Mizukage nodded. “All right. Come back alive, if you can.”

Chojuro agreed and shut the door.

The Miuzkage stepped out of her office and from the mansion and looked out over the swamp, ten minutes later.


She saw the distilled water frenzy a bit and then start swirling into a whirlpool. She also noticed wires of some sort twisting around inside.

She suddenly became distraught.

She formed a hand sign. “Water Nullifying Jutsu!”

The Miuzkage hopped into the water and stood, her hand held upon the surface. The water started to calm and drift slowly, the waires still floating atop the surface.

“Something’s wrong. What caused that and what are those wires?”

An eerie voice screeched across the water.

“I have your answer here.” More wires appeared from the other side of the swamp and almost grasped her, but she avoided them in time.

Another voice crept across the stale air.

“Don’t try to escape…” A figure appeared in front of her and kicked her across the water. She loest her chakra focus and fell inside.

A Giant Fireball Jutsu penetrated the water and was aimed at her. Kakaze and Kuchia appeared above the water.

“Kakaze, go for the scroll. I’ll handle what’s left of her.”

Kakaze agreed and kept going.

“Hmph, I guess she’s done.”

“Not by a long shot.”

Four water serpents struck up from the water and swirled above Kuchia’s head. They suddenly bolted down and crashed upon Kuchia, causing a huge explosion over the water.

The Miuzkage climbed up onto the surface of the water. She realized, even though she had been submerged in water, her ends were singed and split.

Kuchia emerged from the water as well, his Sharingan activated.

“The Sharingan!? Are you…?”

Kuchia dashed forward, sword at length and drawn. “Die!”

The Mizukage kicked water up and onto Kuchia. “Hai!”

Another explosion erupted where Kuchia stands.

The sword was sent through the air and into the water.

“Mizukage, are you all right?!” Ao appeared next to her. “Milady?”

The Mizukage nodded. “Yes, but Ao, I will take care of myself while you go after the one who is stealing the scroll.”

“The scroll!?” Ao bolted away after Kakaze.

At the Shrine…

Two Jonin fall dead from Kakaze’s strength. “This village is weak…Now for the scroll.”

He kicked open the door and waltzed inside, searching warily for the scroll.

Finally, he located a pedestal with a scroll laying upon it. His hand reached out and snatched it.

“Don’t take another step or you’ll die.”

“Is that so?” Kakaze uttered without looking back.

The shrine suddenly was caught in a huge explosion, much to Ao’s disgrace.

Kakaze appeared outside, concealing the scroll underneath his cloak. Ao appeared as well, on one knee.

“What it…took to avoid…one explosion…agh…”

Kakaze smiled and disappeared.

Swamp of Misery…

Kuchia landed another kick to the Mizukage, sending her skipping across the aqua.

Kakaze sped by him, giving the signal to leave immediately. Kuchia caught up and followed.

The Mizukage wiped blood from her mouth and grimaced. Standing up, she scouted the area in case of others. Ao soon appeared by her side.

“Ao…Why the hell couldn’t you defeat him!?”

“I am sorry I have failed you Milady…”

“Shut up Ao! You failed Kirigakure. You possibly failed the world. Shut your mouth!”

Ao seemed fazed by this angry Mizukage.


“I don’t want to hear another word! Get out of my face!” She drew a hand out and slapped him menacingly. She slapped him hard enough to send him onto his knees on the water.

She started to walk back towards the Mansion.

Ao picked himself back up and sat there, mulling over the thoughts of what might happen.

In the middle of a small forest between Sunagakure and Iwagakure…

The three squads decided to take a break by a stream in the forest. Rays of sunshines peaked in through some densely packed trees, slightly illuminating the area.

“You know, we have no sure-fire way of finding the Akatsuki’s hideout.” Tenrai observed as he washed his face in the river.

Konohamaru placed his hand on his chin. “Maybe we can try important, landmarked areas. Like the Valley of End. Or…”

“Sand Cave?” Chojuro added.

“Possibly!” Matsuri agreed. “The Sand Cave is home to many things, and it has multiple large holes and indentions in the sides and crevices. One or two could be large enough for the Akatsuki to dwell in!”

“But hold on!” Azuma stated loudly.

“In the Terrace Valley not far from here, there is an open-ended cave called the ‘Cave of Tiko’.”

“Well, I’ve heard of it. Maybe it could also hold the Akatsuki. But there’s no way we can know for sure unless we find out ourselves. So let’s get packed up and head for the Cave of Tiko.”

The squads departed in the direction of Kumogakure.

A few kilometers north would take them straight into Terrace Valley.

In the Cave of Tiko…

“I feel something strange…hohoho…” Koukishi stated firmly.

“What is it?” Hidan asked gruffly as he appeared on scene.

“Something’s coming our way.”

The hologram appeared at Koukishi’s words. “Hmm, so someone is coming, you say? I guess we’d better be armed and ready…Hakujou, can you tell us how many there are?”

A figure approached from the darkness.

“Yes, sir…It seems there are…Twelve, heading straight into the Terrace Valley.”

“Hmph, we must abandon our base. All Akatsuki members except Hidan and Hakujou take leave to our HQ, post haste!”

The other Akatsuki members obeyeed and quickly fled the cave, leaving only the two and hologram left.

“Hidan, Hakujou. I suspect you two must be capable of handling twelve people.”

Hidan grimaced. “Seriously? WHat do you expect from us?!” Hakujou slapped a hand over Hidan’s mouth.

“Shut up…We can handle this. Just go.” Hidan threw his hand away.

“Keep your hand off my face, you bastard!”

Hakujou smirked.

At the opening…

Matsuri’s body slowly climbed out of a cliffside, scoped out the area and gave a signal. “It’s all clear, guys…Moving in…”

Matsuri took out a kunai and chucked it at the opening. The kunai exploded and sand plastered onto the hole. Suddenly, another explosion occured and rid it of the sand.

“There’s definately someone in there, let’s go!”

Fera and Tenrai appeared from the top of the cliff and rushed down quickly. Tenrai formaed a hand sign.

“Wind Style: Fatal Windball!” He breathed a ball of wind from his mouth and it rolled towards the opening. It impacted and the half the cliffside was blown to sheer rubble. Fera made her way in.

Inside, Fera was blinded by a smoke bomb.

“You’d better leave quickly…I like seeing my opponents suffer! 8 Trigrams: Four Sky Palm!” Outside, Tenrai noticed the cliffside start to burst from inside out and quickly backed up.

“It’s gonna-!”

Suddenly, the entire cliff exploded outward. Tenrai ducked behind a large boulder and watched as the cliff fell to pieces.

“Jashin: Chain Blow!” The scythe apeared from the smoke and destroyed the rock Tenrai was conceled behind. It was a Wind Clone so he avoided damage. Chojuro and one of his Chuunin, Terinow, appeared from atop the opposite cliffside at Tenrai’s side.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, but Fera’s gone!” Tenrai grimaced.

Hakujou and Hidan appeared from the rubble. “Hello, kiddies. I suppose you’re here to take us down, then? Well, too bad, the others already fled…And your friend is long gone.”

Hakujou smirked. “But you can have fun with use if you want! We’re bored!”

Hakujou, with blinding speed, rushed forward and jabbed Tenrai a multitude of time in chakra points. tenrai was thrown back against the rocky hill.

Matsuri and Cito arrived at his side.

The Leaf Squad now stood right behind Chojuro and Terinow, along with the other two Chuunin, Ominow and Usuniow.

“Aqua Squad, let’s go.” Chojuro drew his sword and jumped. “Take this! Sword Art: Water Hammer Eruption!”

The sword slammed to the ground, causing a massive explosion and sweeping Hakujou and Hidan off their feet.

Usinow formed a hand sign along with Ominow and they shouted in unison, “Water Style: Pressure.”

The water condensed and formed in a tightly wound sphere in the air.

Terinow hopped into the air and placed his hand on it. One hand sign. “Water Style: Exploding Sphere!”

The water suddenly packed tight and exploded fiercely.

Usinow cheered slightly, but the mood changed when Hakujou appeared. “Hmph, 8 Trigrams: Aerial Death Strike!”

Hakujou hit the ground, slid and turned, and jabbed Usinow once in a pressure point. The pressure he applied was so sheer, a major blood vessel burst.

Usinow fell to the ground, half dead.

“Usinow!” Ominow shouted with fear.

“Summoning Jutsu: Monkey King Enma!”

Konohamaru summoned Enma, in which he turned into the Adamantine Nyoi.

Konohamaru glared at Hakujou with deadly intent. “I won’t let you kill them.”

He bolted forward, spinning the adamantine around his body. He appeared in front of him and kicked him in the air. Throwing the pole into the air, it split into pieces. The shifted and locked themselves into a cage around Hakujou. “I’ve had it with you! Adamantine: Cage, Crash & Burn!”

The cage started spinning and plummeting to the ground. It made impact and threw up sediment aruond the area.

The adamantine twirled back into Konohamaru’s hands.

However, Hakujou just picked himself up from the wreckage.

“You know, I don’t care what you do, I’m leaving. Hidan, you coming?”

“No you don’t! Flying Sparrow Cut!”

hidan finally found himself and stood up. Suddenly, he saw Azuma heading straight for him, knives in hand.

“Ack!” Hidan slid to the side, only for his arm to be sliced by the wind chakra.

“Ah, searing pain…I like it!” Hidan rose his scythe into the air and lunged it down with force. His arm fell from his body.

“Hidan, you are so stupid. I’m leaving.” Hakujou disappeared out of sight, somewhere so that the team could not track him.

Hidan fell in hot pursuit.

Azuma fell to his knees. “All of that planning and acting…Only to end up with two dead and no results! That’s not fair!”

Matsuri had finally helped Tenrai to his feet. “I know, but we have to report back. Mission Failed.”

The next day in Konohagakure…

Konohamaru stood in Shikamaru’s office. “That mission was a lot shorter than I expected it to be, Konohamaru. Two people died and you barely managed to injure the Akatsuki, just an arm being severed. I believe this is the biggest mission you, or any other Jonin that was on the mission, have failed YET! Please leave.”

Konohamaru left in shame. “i can’t believe I failed a mission like that…And it was so short…With no good results…This is…So…”

Konohamaru dashed out of the Mansion…

Author Note: Taiyo means “Sun”, Tiko means “Time”

This chapter was longer than the last, but short nonetheless.

Yeah, it was seeming to be something alot bigger than that. But the teams failed miserably and that’s all there is to it…

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