Eyes of a Sage II: Violance Leads to War!

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Warning!  Every chapter until March will range from 800 to 1500 words.  After that, MOST chapters should be range from 2000 to 5000 words. Another thing is that this chapter is mostly a history chapter.

Need to catch up? Chapter 1

(Recap: When we last left, Seimei and Zetsumei Senju resurrected their late great-grandfather, Hashirama Senju.  Meanwhile, the Grass Village were beginning their attack on the Rain Village…)

Somewhere in the Rain Village…

“Attack!  And leave nobody alive!!” the captain of the Assination Squad preached.  He liked having power.  Just before they left for the attack, the KusaKage (As he called him) named him the Assination Captain.  If this attack went well, he might even get a bigger promotion!

Before long, screams rang all through the Rain Country.  After about 15 minutes, almost every Rain Ninja was dead or close to it.  The Captain, Kataki, began to order everyone from his Squad to the Village Center…

“For many years, the Village Hidden in the Rain has dictated what we and the other minor countries do.  But, from this point on, we control the Rain Village!”  The Squad, made up off about 120 people, began to cheer!  “Also,” Kataki continued “from this moment on, I, Kataki Hankan, will be your new KusaKage!”  The cheers began to grow stronger.  Kataki was too full of himself.  And that would be his downfall…

Just then, Kataki spotted two men walking through the village.  He knew they weren’t his men.  His men had Grass Masks on.  These men had no masks.  Survivors, perhaps.  Perfect.  Kataki could show everyone his power.  Then they’d have to make him leader…

He ran up to the men, who, as he could see now, were no more than two teenage boys.  This was going to be a piece of cake, he thought.  He began to charge at the boys sword in hand…

The first boy, saw him and once Kataki swung, grabbed the sword and used Tsukuyomi.  Kataki had never felt so in pain.  He had heard of the Tsukuyomi, the possibly most dangerous Genjutsu in the world.  But, he had never witnessed it, nor had it ever been used on him.  Now that it had, he never wanted to fight against it again…

“That’s what you get when you mess with the Uchiha.  Or, more specifically, Danzou Uchiha.”  The other boy said.  Uchiha!  Why would Uchiha be all the way here.  The Uchiha were from Leaf, that is until the remaining ones were kicked out and classified as Missing-Nin.  But, why…?

“Wh-who are… you?” Kataki whispered, that was all he could manage…

“I am Danzou Uchiha.  And this is my brother, Sai Uchiha.” Danzou said as he glared at Kataki.  “You people.” he continued “You mercilessly attacked the Village Hidden in the Rain.  Why?”  Danzou didn’t like war, and he didn’t want this invasion to become the beginning of the Fifth Great Shinobi War…

“Why do you care!” one of the men shouted.

“I care because I lost my mother and father to war.  They were both famous, so they were high up on Madara’s hit list.  My mother was Tsunade Uchiha née Senju.  While my father was Danzou Uchiha, The Shinobi of Darkness.”  Danzou hated showing his pain, but, he had to if he wanted these people to listen…

“Once they were killed, my brothers, sisters, and I were orphaned.  After the war was over, all of the villagers in the Leaf decided that the war was started because the Uchiha were still alive.  So, in light of that, all of Root was dispatched with the oder to kill any Uchiha they may spot.  One of them found my family and started to kill them one by one.  That’s when me and my brother awakened our Sharingans.  Once we saw our youngest sister being slowly and agonizingly killed, I awakened my Mangekyo Sharingan.  The moment I awakened it, I had no control and used Amaterasu on all Root in the Uchiha Stronghold.  After that day, I swore that if I ever used my Mangekyo Sharingan again, it would be to stop a fight.  Not to win a fight, just stop it.  So, I used my Tsukuyomi in self defense.  Something I learned that was that anger leads to revenge.  Revenge then leads to violence.  And violence leads to war.”

“Well, that was a very touching story, but I’m afraid that I, the KusaKage, does not care.  So, I will be killing you.”  the KusaKage said as if it was a fact.  With that sentence, he charged at Danzou, but before he could make contact, Sai jumped in front of Danzou and used Ink Style: Ink Prison Cage.  KusaKage fell right into the cage and once he was in the door slammed shut!

“Should I suffocate him, brother?”  He really wanted to.  but, Danzou was the strongest Uchiha since Madara, he was in control…

“No, if you do, the entire Grass Village would come after us.  I do not want a war again.  Haven’t we lived through enough wars?”  While his voice was stern, he was dying in the inside…

“So, I love a fight!”

“Sai, sometimes I think you’re one of those Barbarian Kaguya’s.”  It was a serious comment but, for some reason, he couldn’t help but chuckle quietly…

Next Time: Leaf vs. Uchiha

Well, I hope you liked Chapter 2.  it was MUCH longer than Chapter 1.  Now, since this was at least 900 words, I would like to see if this was a good chapter.  So, please rate it from 1 to 5.  Thank you!



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Hay guy.sorry that hit has taken me so long to to do this i have been thru crap latey.but that all gone i have COME BACK.WITH THE FINISH OF THE NARUTO FANEBOOK!so lets start first we have a pic as naruto in dragonball z

am i the only one that thinks he looks cooler like this?

am i the only that thinks he looks cooler like this?*comment if you do think he dose or he dose not.


okay so theses next pics i am not so sure about.they are in japanese.but once i get Translations i will post them.here are the pics.i will post all the pics when i know what they say.lol these next ones are funny but if you do not like h naked girls i dont think you should look at them.1: http://i49.tinypic.com/k9gq9u.jpg

2: http://i50.tinypic.com/2nrlnwp.jpg




that was narutos new sexy jutsu.here are some facts i found from a froum.

  • Rikudou was known as “Shinobi God“; Similar to Sarutobi’s honorific title.
  • Onoki is Sandaime Tsuchikage.
  • Ei is Yondaime Raikage.
  • Kurotsuchi is a female.
  • Hidan is still alive.
  • Zabuza attempted to assassinate Yondaime Mizukage.
  • Terumi Mei is Godaime Mizukage.
  • All the Jinchuuriki extracted are dead, except Gaara.
  • Ninja cats can be summoned, but they are not as obedient as dogs.
  • Darui’s bloodline limit is confirmed.
  • Shi’s Genjutsu was a Lightning Release.
  • Yondaime, who fought the Kyuubi, battled Madara as well.
  • The Rinnegan techniques are all Doujutsu-based abilities.
  • Kumogakure is the strongest village.
  • Gaara’s absolute defense is in good form, despite not being a Jinchuuriki.
  • Yondaime, Sakumo, and Hanzo were heroes of war.
  • Tsuchikage’s Dust Release arranges molecules.
  • Kankuro is the Sand’s greatest puppeteer.
  • Kumogakure prides Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Kenjutsu.

    Absolute Secret File 6
    The power of the Legendary Dōjutsu, the “Rinnegan”

    The Asura Path, the Animal Path, the Preta Path, the Deva Path, the Human Path, the Naraka Path, and finally the Outer Path.

    The wielder of the Rinnegan has seven powers to his beck and call. Giving off a particularly conspicuous vibe is the Outer Path. With the ability that can only be used by Nagato, the “real body” that manipulates Pain, he has the power to transcend even the concepts of Life and Death!! It consumes a large amount of chakra, but when used, it has the ability to even resurrect those who have met with Death.

    [picture of Kakashi waking up after being ressurected]
    ↑By exchanging his own life, Nagato revived Konoha’s dead, who had fallen to the attack…!!

    The verb used in Japanese means something like “to master” so I think it he can use them whenever and however he wants. He has full control over the Seven Paths.

    this is all i have right now sorry.i will have more soon:)

    Eyes of a Sage I: Resurrection

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    Somewhere within the Forest of Death…

    “Are you ready?  It’s almost time for the resurrection.  Just a few more minutes…”  The mysterious man said as the sun began to descend over the horizon…

    “Yes Seimei, it is.  Just as that sun disappears, you use the Jutsu.”  This man was different from the first.  He didn’t care whether or not this worked.  But, he was too talented at deception for the other to notice…

    “Okay!  Life Style: Resurrection!!”  Soon, the chest of Hashirama Senju began to rise, then fall.  Rise, then fall.   The Jutsu was complete!  Seimei and the other, Zetsumei watch in amazement as the Jutsu of two Chunin this advanced would work perfectly…

    As Hashirama rose, he looked around in shock.  He had not been on Earth since his fight with Hiruzen.  He felt good.  He was glad that he was alive again.  Now, who was he to thank.  As he got up, Seimei asked him if he remembered his name…

    “Hashirama.  Hashirama Senju.  The First Hokage of the Leaf Village.  And who are you?”  His voice was so sweet.  As if he had known Seimei since birth.  Seimei liked that.  He felt as if he was whole again…

    “I’m Seimei Senju, your great-grandson.  And this is my brother Zetsumei!  My mother is Tsunade, your granddaughter.  We didn’t know anyone else from the Senju Clan.  So, we went to the Leaf Archives and found information on you and the rest of the clan.  So, we tried to master a Jutsu to resurrect you.  And it worked!!  I can’t believe it worked!! Can you, Zetsumei?”  Seimei was just about to tip the edge with his excitement!

    “I can.  As Chunin, it wasn’t surprising.”  Zetsumei was bored.  Hashirama might have been one of the most famous ninja in all of history.  But, he was still human.  Humans are boring.  So, in turn, Hashirama was boring…

    “Well, we should get him inside before he gets sick.” Seimei said, ignoring Zetsumei’s comment.  He was just too excited to be brought down…

    “Thank you, Seimei.”

    Somewhere in Grass Village…

    “Is it time?” A man stood a couple feet from the Daimyo…

    “Yes, it is.  Within the hour, our attack on the Rain shall begin!”

    Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Eyes of a Sage.  Please leave your feedback and rate it (1-10)

    This was a very short chapter.  They will be longer in the future…

    Dawn of a New Era 7: Generation Ying

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    Dawn of a New Era

    Chapter 7

    Generation Ying

    Naruto scaled down the side of the Fourth’s stone face, feeling around every part, trying to find an opening, crevice, or sliding part of some sort. Sai aided in this search. After an hour of fruitless search, teh two of them stood atop the Fourth’s head.

    “We aren’t finding anything…Give me that scroll, Sai.” Sai handed him the scroll from before.

    “Hidden inside the face…Maybe…” He flipped it and found a riddle inscribed into the back. “Hey, Sai, look at this. I think this is different hand-writing than the old man’s.”

    Sai and Naruto peered at the writing. “What you seek hides in the face…Find the one place, you use all the time that you take for granted.”

    The duo mulled over the riddle, both of them stymied. “You have any idea of what it could mean, Sai?”

    Sai shook his head, but soon hopped backwards. “Hm? Do you know?”

    Sai nodded his head beckoned Naruto to draw closer. Sai pointed to an area where the head connected with the cliffside. Naruto thought for a moment and soon realized what he was talking about. “Something you use that you take for granted! The opening is in the hair-shaped-stone!” Sai smiled and nodded.

    “It’s sort of smart…Now we must find the opening…” Sai and Naruto searched around the stone.

    Suddenly, Sai shouted, I found something!” Naruto dashed over to him.

    “What is it?”

    Sai took out a kunai and held the knife end. He slammed the handle into the cliff and soon, the piece broke and a large opening was revealed!

    Naruto beamed. “Great work, Sai! Now, all we have to do is get inside and break the seal!”

    Tanzaku Town market…

    Sasuke purchases a Flak Jacket from a market, also buying a pair of black sandals. “Thanks.”

    He discarded his old white shirt, his ANBU chest guard and arm and shin guards, slipped on the Flak Jacket, new arm guards and the new Ninja Sandals.

    “Karin, buy some new clothes. You too Suigetsu.”

    Suigetsu scoffed and closed his eyes. “Why the sudden change in attire?” Sasuke turned his attention away, but talk breathlessly.

    “We just need new apparel. Why argue? Just get some new clothes.” Suiegtsu shook his head.


    Sasuke put his Chokuto’s sheath on his left hip and the Kusanagi on his right. He took his headband from his bag and tied it around his head, securing it tight. Placing his hand in his bag once more, he revealed an ANBU mask. He stared at it for a few moments, but soon crushed it in his hand and disposed of the pieces of fiberglass.

    After Suigetsu and Karin had put on their new clothes, Sasuke spoke. “Our team’s name from now is…Team Taiyo. Let’s go. We’re almost back to the Leaf Village.”

    Team Taiyo took off towards the Hidden Leaf.

    Inside the Fourth’s Stone Head…

    Naruto gazed around the hollow stone room. “It really has been hollowed out! Go figure!”

    Sai scanned the walls for anything like a seal. “I don’t think the seal is a paper seal…I think it’s chakra. Be looking for a pure chakra source.”

    Naruto scanned the walls as well. Soon, he felt a hollow space behind the wall. “Sai, is this an inner wall? Or an outside wall?”

    Sai looked for a moment. “Your touching an inner wall…” Before Sai had his last words out, Naruto had a Rasengan ready and slammed into the wall. Dust and smoked filled the room. Naruto blew it away witha Wind Release. A tunnel was revealed that led inside the cliffside.

    Naruto sighed.

    “I guess there’s more history to this cliff than anyone thought! Come on!”

    Naruto and Sai dashed inside the dark tunnel.

    The dust scattered as they trampeled around inside the large, dark, arid tunnel. Soon, torches on the wall lit and the tunnel was illuminated.

    They found a stone door and tried to open it, to no avail however. Naruto tried a Rasengan, but the door didn’t scratch.

    “Don’t tell me we came in vain…!” Naruto moaned.

    Sai smiled and revealed his drawing scroll. He scribbled a lion on it and summoned it. The lion exploded on contact to the door, leaving the stone soaked with ink. Sai winked at naruto. Naruto grinned.

    “Rasengan!” The Rasengan, now, blew the door apart, revealing another room. This one was illuminated by two green-fire torches. Sai walked down a set of two stairs and scanned the ground.

    He felt a huge chakra source right in front of him and looked up to see a statue in the shape of Minato. “I believe this is it.” He placed his hand on Minato’s head, where a marking read, “Kitsune Ying.”

    Sai was ecstatic. “Naruto-sama, this is what we are looking for!”

    Naruto rushed to Sai’s side. “Well? Does it require the Momentum Seal Release?”

    Sai was quiet for a moment as he scanned the seal. “I think so…Back up and we’ll just see!” Naruto stepped back and Sai closed his eyes, two fingers still on the seal.

    “…Momentum Seal: Release!” A flash of yellow light enveloped the whole room. The light died down and the statue was visible. The seal had dissipated.

    Sai and Naruto waited for something to happen. Suddenly, a red energy flowed from the statue and floated above their heads.

    “Naruto, try speaking to it!”

    Naruto looked up at the sizzling energy floating above.

    “Are you the Ying Kyuubi?”


    “Are you the Ying Power of the Kyuubi Bijuu?!”

    A voice emitted from the energy. “Yes, and I believe you are Naruto Uzumaki, son of Minato Namikaze…the Yang was sealed inside of you…and you must have come after me because the Yang was sealed away from you, am I correct?”

    Naruto reacted to the lighter voice, much different than the Yang. “Yes, how did you know this?”

    “Haaa, I know everything that happens to the Yang chakra, and vice-versa…So, I suppose you want me sealed inside of you, haa?” Naruto nodded. “Yes.”

    “Then you need, haa, the Five-Pronged-Seal…haaa.”

    Naruto turned to Sai. “Can you do that?”

    Sai nodded. “I believe so.”

    Naruto turned up to the chakra. “I want you sealed inside of me!”

    “Okay, haa, then you need the seal done upon you twice…haa…”

    Sai activated the FPS and touched Naruto’s stomach with it, creating the seal.

    The chakra gently flowed inside of Naruto. Once inside, Sai did it once more, sealing the chakra inside of Naruto.

    Naruto went into his mind speak mode. Inside his mind with the Ying version of Kyuubi…

    A gate similar that held the Yang Kyuubi held the Ying Kyuubi.

    “Hello, Naruto…”

    Naruto stared at the Kyuubi through the bars. “So, since you’re the Ying, I suppose you aren’t as bloodthirsty and cunning as the Yang?”

    Silence…But soon…

    “You could say that…”

    “And be correct?”

    Silence once more…


    Real world…

    “Naruto-sama? Are you all right?” Sai placed his hand on Naruto’s shoulder.

    He snapped from his transe. “Yes…Thanks for helping me out here…But I guess we should get out soon…come on!”

    Hidden Leaf Gate…

    Team Taiyo stood at the gate, peering into the village. Karin had not been to this village in at least two years.

    “I remember when we left the village…”

    The team headed inside.

    Sasuke passed by the Ichiraku Ramen as Teichu gave him a look of surprise, and Ayame the same.

    Karin took in the sights she had not seen in awhile, some refreshing, some just nice to notice.

    Anko Mitirashi happened to be walking towards Sasuke, so she stopped and spoke to him. “Sasuke! Hey, where’ve you been?”

    “Hello Anko. Do you know where Shikamaru is?”

    Anko thought for a moment. “Yeah, I think he’s with Naruto and Sai on top of the Hokage’s Mansion.”

    Sasuke thanked her and the trio headed up deeper in the village; towards the Hokage Mansion.

    On top of Hokage Mansion…

    “So you two found out a secret about the Fourth’s Stone Face?”

    Naruto nodded. “Yeah, it concealed the seal that hid the Ying Chakra of the Kyuubi.”

    Shikamaru staggered backwards. “Seriously? That’s pretty epic. So did you guys find it?”

    Sai held a thumbs up. “Yes, and we sealed it inside Naruto.”

    Shikamaru nodded reassuringly. “I guess that’s great then. Oh, and, another scroll was stolen, if you haven’t already found out.”

    “Wow, already…That’s two scrolls. What do they do when they have all five?”

    Shikamaru sighed warily. “Well, nothing by themselves. They need a special kind of chakra called, ‘The Key of Calamity.’ What it does is summon the power of the scrolls and the power is granted to who or whatever uses the ‘key’.”

    “In other words,” Sai added, “if you have the scrolls, and get the key, you control the fate of the world.”

    Naruto gulped. “That seems awful…If taken into the wrong hands. So that’s why we have to stop them.”

    “Yeah, because we’ll never know if they have the key. But, the good thing, is that the key is hidden somewhere where only a special scroll can reveal its whereabouts.”

    “Then where’s the key?” Sai inquired.

    “Some say it’s in a tomb deep under the Hidden Sand Village, but they’re just lost rumors.”

    Everyone stood in silence a moment. The silence was shattered by Sasuke arriving with Team Taiyo.

    “Shikamaru, Naruto, Sai…”

    The threesome turned to see the team.

    “What is it Sasuke?”

    Sasuke stepped forward. “I thought that I may need to come and tell you about the scroll theft in Iwagakure.”

    Shikamaru’s eyes grew big, shocked. “W-Were you a witness?”

    Sasuke scoffed in a sarcastic manner and looked straight at SHikamaru. “You could say that, if it also includes being the ones trying to stop the thieves.”

    Naruto stomped a foot. “So you three tried to stop the one’s who took the scroll? Why weren’t you able?”

    Suigetsu scoffed. “We just weren’t able to prevent it, that good enough for ya?!”

    Sasuke sighed gently. “…Anyway, we didn’t stop them. They were like eels; slippery and devious. We needn’t underestimate this organization. They’re not any old child’s play. They’re just as if not more dangerous then the original Akatsuki.”

    Shikamaru uncrossed his arms. “If this threat is rising, we’ll need to dispatch teams to locate their hideout before any more happenings occur. We need to get in touch with the two other countries to help us out in doing this. It won’t be an easy task to accomplish.”

    “Yes, but we can’t hit it head on.” Sai added quickly.

    Shikamaru nodded. “Yeah. All right, I’ll get in touch with the other Kages, study around some more and start trying to assemble teams to dispatch. I’m going to have ot be away from the village for awhile, which I’ll have to also spek to the Eldest Counselours about. And, wait, did you say ‘thieves’?”

    Sasuke’s crisp, male voice rang across the evening air. “Yeah, why?”

    “How many were there?”

    Sasuke said five and Shikamaru disappeared quickly. “What’s his deal?”

    “They assumed the Akatsuki traveled in duos…”

    Two days later, Shikamaru holds a meeting with the two eldest counsil…

    “We understand what you’re doing, 8th Hokage, but who do you have in mind to take your place in your absence?” Hiruna, one of the new members of counsil, asked.

    “The only person I actually reccommend is Sai. But I’ll only be gone for a day or two, so it’s not long.”

    “I see…What do you think Yudo?” The other member of counsil mulled over the idea for a moment.

    “Shikamaru, I think the idea of enstating Sai is an idea worth fulfilling. Pass it through, Hiruna.” Yudo agreed.

    Shikamaru smiled and Hiruna called the meeting ajurned.

    The Next Day…

    Shikamaru stands in his office, getting together the documents and scrolls he needs for his leave-away. A knock at the door greeted him and Yamato walked in with Sai.

    “Shikamaru, I heard that I’m going to be the temporary Hokage? Did I hear that right?”

    Shikamaru nodded. “Do you have a problem with it?”

    Sai shifted uneasily to his left foot. “Not exactly, but do you believe I have neccessary requirements to be posses a job as serious as this one?”

    Shikamaru needed no time to think. “Yes, I do, you posses the qualities of a true leader.”

    Yamato beamed. “I agree with him, Sai. You really are a true leader.”

    Sai shrugged and gave in. “All right. So, when do you leave?”

    “Right about now…”

    Leaf Gate 10 minutes later…

    Shikamaru gave a mental goodbye to the Leaf Village temporarily and set off. “Hmm, I should head to Sunagakure first, since they are the closest to the Leaf Village in fellowship.”

    Shikamaru waited a moment. “Where is Azuma?”

    Suddenly, Azuma appeared next to him. “Sorry I’m late Shikamaru-sama. I got caught up in something. So, are we off?”

    Shikamaru nodded and they took off towards Hidden Leaf Forest.


    “Kuchia, I understand that your Sharingan is fully developed, correct?”

    “Yes, sir. Why do you ask?”

    “I just needed to know. Your first task will be to aid in our next raid. We will attack Kirigakure next. If you aren’t ready, the mission will fail, and if the mission fails, the other members and you will pay a deep price.”

    Kuchia bowed and disappeared. The hologram phased, but Kakaze caught it right before it faded.

    “Leader, Jinrai has been killed.”

    The hologram seemed to gasp at the sudden news, but Kakaze was sure it didn’t.

    “Hmm, I never would have guessed Jinrai would be killed. And so quick, too. What a pity. Well, Kakaze, you’d better not do as poorly as he did, because your next mission is to Kirigakure. Soon.”

    Kakaze bowed and also left. The hologram stood silently.

    Outside Cave…

    “Aww, Jinrai was killed. That’s too bad, now I don’t have a partner, hohoho…” Koukishi sighed.

    “Yes, Koukishi, you sound absolutely, DEVASTATED.” Kibu grunted.

    “Who asked you?” Koukishi turned his head.

    “Also, Koukishi understands that with Jinrai’s death, he’s ranked as ‘One’ on the board.” Kisame spoke with cracked sarcasm.

    “Oh, tsk, tsk, tsk…Always one to jump the gun Kisame…”

    Kuchia strode passed the three of them, making his way to the other side of the valley wall.

    As he approached it, he activated his Sharingan and dashed forward. “Fire Style: Giant Fireball Jutsu!” The giant ball of fire sprang through the air and collided with the cliff, crumbling it into a rockslide. Kuchia hopped from stone-to-stone, finally reaching the top.

    “I’d hate to admit it otherwise, but that boy is skilled.” Koukishi said smoothly in one breath.

    “I think he’s just lucky to be able to do what he does. He’ll die in no time.” Kisame objected.

    Koukishi frowned and shut his eyes. “Don’t doubt him Kisame. He’s an Uchiha, born directly from Sasuke Uchiha. He’s nothing to laugh at. His talent won’t die.”

    Kibu stayed quiet and listened to the two squabble.

    “I’m telling’ ya, when Madara was around, he constantly raved about the other Uchiha. But when I saw his real power, it was pathetic. So that boy, being born from Sasuke, is a jo-.”

    Koukishi cut into Kisame’s words. “Kakaze told me that…Sasuke Uchiha’s daughter killed Jinrai.”


    Kisame quit talking about Kuchia and watched him slide down the Cliffside.

    “So his son has to be worth much more…hohoho.” Those were Koukishi’s final words on the subject as he walked inside the cave, trailing behind Kuchia.

    Kibu stood up and followed. Kisame stayed outside and thought to himself in silence.


    Azuma and Shikamaru walked inside the Kazekage’s Office.

    “Shikamaru, finally here. All right, you told me most of what you plan to do in the message. So, how shall we put this together?”

    Shikamaru had been re-thinking off how they should organize the plan on their way there.

    “We need to have the Mizukage here first.”

    Temari sighed and starting scribbling something down on a piece of parchment. She handed it to one of her ANBU and sent him to Kirigakure. “Try to return within a few hours. Shikamaru, if you want her to be here too, we’re going to have to wait awhile for her to arrive.”

    Shikamaru grinned. “We have the time.”

    Temari sighed and slammed her head onto the desk.

    Three hours later…

    The Mizukage stepped into the room, Chojuro on her heels.

    The Mizukage sat down in a chair. Shikamaru turned to the two Kages.

    “Okay, what we need to do first is assemble a team from each village, three Chuunin, one Jonin or ANBU. Once the teams are assembled, we all unite and pin-point the location of the Akatsuki Hideout, figure the plan of action, and strike.”

    The Mizukage and Kazekage listened intently. Temari added, “Okay, so one team from each village…”

    “But make sure the four people you choose won’t down the defense on your own village…I guess we’re done here…”


    The Mizukage stood up to leave, walked out the door and Chojuro gently shut it.

    Shikamaru stood up as well and headed out with Azuma.

    Temari was left alone with a document she had to approve.


    Shikamaru walked into the Hokage Office quickly, scattered some scrolls around and found four documents.

    “Um, are you back to stay?”

    Shikamaru slurred his words. “Sort of…”

    He layed down the scrolls and wrote down one name on each, finishing with his signature.

    He handed them to an ANBU member to take to the four people.

    Leaf Hospital…

    Uzuna starts to gather his stuff to leave when the ANBU member appears at the door as he opens it.

    “Uzuna Uzumaki, this is from the Hokage.”

    Uzuna was handed the scroll and the ANBU departed.

    He unraveled it. “Uzuna Uzumaki, I have recruited you onto the Leaf Squad to track down Akatsuki. Once you receive the scroll, go to the Hokage Office.”

    Uzuna put the scroll in his bag and shut the door gently.

    Dumpling Shop…

    Neten Hyuuga sat inside, finishing his last stick. The ANBU member appeared inside and he was handed a scroll. “So, I’ve been added to a squad…to take down the Akatsuki. This should be interesting…hmph…”

    Weapon Repair Shop…

    Azuma stood repairing his knives. Metal had chipped off the ridges when he dropped them on cement.

    The ANBU member left him a scroll. “So I’m one of the Chuunin on the squad?! Awesome!”

    Training Field…

    Konohamaru stood training with the Adamantine Nyoi pole, when the ANBU member hands him a scroll. “Cool, I’m the Jonin on the Leaf Squad! This’ll be worth while.”

    Hokage Office…

    “Now that the four of you are here, the reason is that we are uniting with the two countries who’s scrolls have not been stolen to take down the Akatsuki. From the inside. You depart for Sunagakure in two days. This will be no easy task. The Akatsuki are dangerous and evil people. Powerful ninja are what they are and best efforts have to be put forth if we have any chance at beating them.”

    The four agreed to meet at the gate tomorrow and disperssed.

    Shikamaru stood alone in his office…

    Chapter: Complete

    Now it’s building up to be somethin’ fierce!!!
    Stay tuned for Chapter 8, next time!

    See ya!

    Special Thanks to:

    Author: Me of course ;P

    Naruto Fanfic Awards 2009!:


    Kakashi: Hello and Welcome to the first ever multi-website Naruto Award Show ever! The Awards will be chosen by you, the sites included will be Los Zorro and Shannaro 2 among others!

    Naruto: Tonight we will read out each categorie and the nominees for each of the categories.

    Sakura: Lets start with a Small one:

    Best Commenter:

    Will it be:

    • PainTheClown/NonEatenCookie?
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    You decided…

    Sasuke: Heres the part of the show, where we honor 3 great writers for hardwork in running their respective websites, Could every reader please give a big thank you to:

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    As the year is too long the deadline was set from July to December:

    • IzunaAdamUchiha
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    Tobi: Thanks senpai!! Its time for the the best Fantasy Battle!

    Best Fantasy Battle:

    • Itachi Vs Pein ( Fall of Uchiha YellowFlash2)
    • Madara Vs Pein (NonEatenCookie)
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    Deidara: Too hard for me too pick. Why isn’t any of my battles there! Anyway its time to aknoledge the writer that has improved the most!

    Most Improved:

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    Best All round website!

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    Karin:We have many more categories for you just after these pictures!

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    Worst Fanfic:

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    Naruto: Hello and Welcome back to the Unofficial Naruto Fanfic Awards 2009! Its time for the first of the big three: Best Story:

    Best Story

    • Akatsuki Generation’s Chapter 5: Pandora’s Orb
    • The Immortal Akatsuki Chapter 4: Sasukes Offer
    • Dawn of a New Era 19/20 Sannin
    • Naruto vs Kyubi vs Hichabi
    • Akatsuki Generation’s Chapter 2: Savior of Uchiha

    Note: Taken from Top posts on Shannaro2.

    Sasuke: It’s time for Best Writer! Here are your choices:

    Best Writer:

    • NonEatenCookie for Fanfics (Uchiha Uprising)
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    You Decide who wins….

    Everyone: As a treat we decided to bring back arguebally the two most favorite characters in the Naruverse, They will announce the Final Categorie so please give a warm welcome to……. The 4th Hokage and Itachi Uchiha!

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    Itachi Uchiha: Here are the canditates:

    Best Fanfic:

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    • Til You die
    • The Fall of Uchiha!

    Here are my Votes

    Best Commentater: NonEatenCookie

    Thanks Bob, NEC and Mart!

    Best Newcomer: RipCord

    Best Fantasy Battle: Itachi Vs Pein

    Most Improved: NonEatenCookie

    Most Potencial: YellowUchiha

    Best Villian: The Akatsuki

    Best Story: Dawn of a New Era 19/20

    Best Writer: YellowFlash2

    Best Fanfic: The Fall of the Uchiha.

    EveryBody Vote!

    Dawn of a New Era 6: Eye-To-Eye

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    For “Extreme Battle” Chapters, I want to put forth my best effort to try to make it a slightly different “Read Format”. (It may not be possible, so it would just be the same thing…) Okay, guys, hope everyone enjoys Chapter 6!

    This will actually be a shorter chapter since the battle is ALL I want to insert, so if it is a short read, I’m very sorry. I hope I don’t disappoint!

    Dawn of a New Era

    Chapter 6


    “Going to try and fight back even after my Rinnegan is in play, eh? I’ll put you in your place.” Jinrai flipped from the branch and shot down, straight with one leg aimed at Sauno.

    He hit the ground, causing the ground to implode and uprise uneasily, throwing Sauno backwards. Her hand grasped the side of a tree trunk, allowing her to find a foot hold for the gale wind the pressure had caused. Jinrai stood up.

    “You’re seriously annoying me.” Tiny needles of energy poked out of Jinrai’s fingers, similar to the “scalpel” he had used some time before. “Touch one of these, and you die.” Sauno couldn’t track his movements as he rushed towards her with high speed.

    He kicked the tree, sending her back onto her feet and then aimed straight at her with the knives. Her Sharingan finally tracked his movements and she ducked, giving her an open spot. She punched upwards, then gave a single-knee blow, sending Jinrai high into the air, flipping backwards. Sauno dashed up the side of the tree, with now surprisingly dazzling speed, and meet Jinrai at the top. “Ninja Arts: One-Drop, Explosive Hit!” Sauno turned her body in a 90 degree angle and kicked Jinrai in the back, in the exact same area the shuriken had impaled him minutes before.

    Jinrai found himself falling after the kick, but was able to land on a limb. Sauno landed exactly parallel to him. “I won’t lose, like I said, to some Akatsuki jerk! Fire Style Dragon Flame Jutsu!” She formed her hand signs and breathed the Dragon fire. Jinrai formed 32 hand signs and placed his hand on the branch.

    “Triple Wolf Turbine!” Three spinning wolves of lightning twisted up from the ground. Sauno fell backward off the brach intentionally. The turbines span in perfect unison. Sauno avoided them by merely twisting her body slightly. “Hmph, now he has to wait a while before he can use anotehr jutsu…I suppose!”

    Sauno touched the ground and then jumped back up into the tree. Jinrai grunted. “From here on out, it’s Sharingan v. Rinnegan!” He charged a Chidori and hopped away from his limb and to hers.

    Sauno slid to the side, the lightning singing some of her hair, and span, throwing another kick into his back. She disappeared and reappeared above his head, throwing a kick down. Jinrai’s head slung and he fell into the branch with a hollow thud.

    “I-If you h-had any idea how much y-your angering m-me…You would die this instant! I’ll kill you!” Jinrai suddenly flashed before her eyes and threw his knived hand out at her. Sauno had enough time to open her eyes…

    Unexpectedly, a water jet shot down and crashed into Jinrai, causing him to fly into another treem only to be pinned by shuriken.

    Uzuna landed on the branch and held a thumbs up. “You’ve done good Sauno…Uh…?” Sauno shook her head.

    “I can do this myself. I have an ace in the hole. My second true ability; My Other Kekkei Genkai.”

    Sauno started focusing her mind in a clear environment. Her chakra flowed evenly into all of her body. She heated the chakra until it became fire. “Kekkei Genkai Release: Ultimate Flame Armor!”

    Her body suddenly coated with fire, just like a suit of armor. “This is my last resort technique! Let’s go!”

    Jinrai shook himself free of the shuriken and torpedoed himself at Sauno. Uzuna jumped backwards as Sauno’s extended “flaming hand” sweeped across the branch and out at Jinrai. Jinrai noticed this sudden change and varied his direction. He then proceeded to land on a limb. “W-What have you done!?”

    Sauno smirked and rushed at him, arms ready to strike. She jumped up and threw her hands out at him. The flaming arms destroyed the limb, shattering and sending splinters every which way.

    Jinrai landed on the ground and formed hand signs, finally slamming his hand to the ground. “Eat this! Lightning Style: Quadruple Lightning Wolf Turbine!!!”

    Four lightning turbines erupted from the ground and twisted towards Sauno. She knew there was no way to avoid it, so she dove straight into it. Clashing with them, it soon caused an explosion. Sauno was ejected into the air, the armor now dissipated. She landed on a limb, barely able to stand. She was on one tree that was directly standing point to another, which had a limb almost connecting to another on that tree.

    Jinrai appeared on the headlong branch. “This is the climax of our battle!” He started charging a Chidori. He stood the same distance from teh trunk if his tree as she did on hers. “DIE!”

    Sauno started to charge a Chidori. “Come on…I can do it…COME ON!” The Chidori sparked a bit, finally putting off a bit of power. She closed her eyes at the second where a spark of red swirled into the lightning. Jinrai bolted from his stance towards Sauno. She opened her eyes and he was right in front of her, throwing his Chidori at her. Snapping erh eyes shut, she flung her hand at his, clashing there Chidoris and causing a massive explosion, also causing a smokescreen. Sauno was sent straight back and slammed into the trunk on her back. She slid down and fell on her knees.

    Jinrai, however, flipped and turned in the air and finally slammed back-first into his tree trunk, his lifeless form staring at Sauno. He un-stuck to the trunk and fell onto the trunk, his arms and legs dangling over the sides. Sauno huffed and puffed.

    “Hehe…I guess, I win…hehehe…” Her headband came untied and fell upon the limb as she leaned forward and soon passed out. The last things she heard were, “Sauno!? Are you allright? Hizuka, let’s get her to the hospital! Help me out!”

    Three Days Later…

    The open curtains allowed a ray of sunshine in the window to shone on Sauno’s face, which was now full of color. Her eyes fluttered as she gained consciousness. Her eyes blinked as she looked around her new environment. Uzuna and Hizuka sat beside her.

    “Hey, you’fe finally awake!” Hizuka beamed as Uzuna spoke.

    “You were out for three days…”

    Sauno sprang up in bed. “Where’s Iruka-sensei!?”

    “It’s okay, he was fine and he came back here as well.” Uzuna reassured her.

    Sauno sighed. “So, the battle’s over…”

    “And it was one heck of a battle, too!” Hizuka laughed.

    On top of the Hokage Stone Faces, Naruto stood with Sai…

    “Let’s get to work!”

    Well, I know it was a short chapter…But it was one I had been waiting for, combined with the previous, so I hoped they were exciting.

    The very end there seems intriguing…_

    See you guys next time for Chapter 7: Generation Ying!

    Special Thanks To:

    Author: Why, me of course ;p

    Dawn of a New Era 5: Forest of O

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    This chapter and the next 3-4 were actually suppose to be like Chapter 10 and on, but they came early because the build-up was…Bah, nevermind, just enjoy!

    Dawn of a New Era

    Chapter 5

    Forest of O

    Status of Scroll Theft: Blue


    “Two scrolls now in our possession. I see no reason we should not be able to perform our task at this point.” Kisame scoffed at Jinrai’s remark.

    “Idiot, we need all 5 to successfully complete our grand design. And we won’t be able to accomplish that goal if the leader kills us for making snide comments like that.”

    Jinrai rolled his eyes sharply. “And you’re telling me that you would let him kill YOU of all people?” Kisame frowned and looked on.

    “Shouldn’t you already be aware that he holds my life line in his own hands. During the Fifth Great War, I almost died. He ‘rescued’ me by healing me, but it also put a tremendous strain on my current life, so he holds my lifeline in place…But he can also sever it, thus killing me instantly where I stand…” Jinrai snapped his eyes shut and looked away.

    “Hmph, I didn’t know that. Better not get as cocky as me then, I suppose.” Kisame grunted.

    “You’re right…” One of Jinrai’s eyes popped open, but soon settled closed again.

    Suzuki Place Diner…

    “Naruto, what exactly are you getting at?” Sai inquired.

    “Sai, I know you know the Momentum Seal Release Jutsu and I need your help with it!” Sai nodded.

    “Sure, but what for exactly?”

    Naruto closed his eyes. “I want to try to unseal the Ying Kyuubi from the place it was sealed inside of!”

    Sai spoke breathlessly. “But you don’t even know where it was sealed!”

    “Yes I do. It is sealed within the Fourth’s Stone Head on the Cliffside.” He said all at once.

    Sai choked on a sip of his drink. “H-How did you know that!?”

    Naruto reached inside his bag and revealed a tightly wound scroll, handing it to Sai. Sai read it, still awestruck.

    “Hmm…It’s a scroll written by Hiruzen Sarutobi. Naruto, I wrote this scroll and concealed it so that one day, if you may find it, you will know where Minato Namikaze, your father, sealed the Ying Kyuubi’s Chakra away, and why he gave you the Yang. The location the Ying version is hidden inside the Fourth’s Face on the Stone Cliffiside. It was hollowed out and a seal was placed inside for an emergency reason such as sealing away a massive chakra source or something similar. You must use the Momentum Seal Release to do this. The truth is, only Minato knew why he sealed the Yang inside of you, Naruto. Please find the Ying Chakra and stay strong! Hiruzen Sarutobi…”

    “Naruto…This is-is incredible! Where did you find it?”

    “It was hidden beneath the Memorial Stone. It seems as if he wrote it just before he died. But that,” he pointed to the spot where it indicated the hidden location, “is where the Ying Kyuubi is concealed! So, will you help me out, Sai?”

    Sai mulled over the thought for a moment, finally speaking, much to Naruto’s pleasing. “Yes, I will aid you Naruto. So, inside the Fourth’s Stone Face? When do you want to do this, and how?”

    Naruto shifted in his seat. “Soon, not today, but soon. I also need your help figuring a plan of action.”

    Sai nodded and continued in deep thought. “Hmm…”

    Hokage Mansion…

    Shikamaru sits at his desk, writing inside a scroll. Suddenly, a scroll rolls onto his desk. he unravels and reads the contents. “Witnesses have spotted some shady figures by the Forest of O, and they would like some investigation done.”

    In a few minutes, Team Iruka stands inside. Hizuka has his new puppy, which he names Ryouken, sitting atop his head. “Okay, the Akatsuki may have a hideout in the Forest of O,” Shikamaru spoke as he handed the scroll to Iruka.

    “Iruka raveled the scroll. “But I thought the Forest of O had a seal protecting it!”

    “Yes, but the seal was broken because of someone using the Spiritual Seal Release Jutsu. These people are skilled, so we believe it is possibly the Akatsuki. I want your team to scope it out!”

    “Aye aye!” Team Iruka disappeared from the room.

    Hidden Leaf Gate…

    “Wow, we’re really going out into something that could lead us to AKATSUKI!” Sauno was hyper.

    Uzuna shook his head. “You get to riled up at things like this. This wasn’t you just two years ago!”

    Sauno shook her head negatively. “I know, but ever since Kuchia started being the show off guy, I’ve pumped up!”

    Hizuka sighed. Iruka appeared atop the gate and dropped down. “Okay, team, to the Forest of O!”

    Heading into the hidden Leaf Forest, their mission began. Halway through the Forest, Sauno closed her eyes and thought silently to herself.

    “This is awesome. An S-rank mission! At last, we can show our true potential and teamwork as we can work altogether! This is perfect!”

    Soon, they came upon a large landscape. Iruka held up a hand sign. “Release!” The landscape disappeared, revealing a forest with trees swelled as large as the Forest of Death.

    “So, it’s hidden inside Genjutsu! This forest’s pretty well protected!”

    “Yes it is. Now, let’s head insi-” Iruka was cut-off as a blade of grass shot through the air at him. He quickly deflected it with a kunai. “Quick! Head into the forest!”

    The team immediately dove into the forest. More blades of grass rained upon them, barely dodging them by shielding them selves with trees and limbs.

    “Where are they coming from!?” Hizuka screeched as he dove behind a tree-trunk. A grass needle ripped a hole through the tree. Hizuka jumped out from behind the tree and threw a few ball bombs into the air. The bombs exploded when needles punctured them, blowing dozens of trees to bits.

    Two ninja appeared on a tree limb, staring down at Team Iruka. “Hmph, and what do you think you guys are doing here?” One of the ninja persisted.

    Iruka growled. “We’re here on a mission. We were told of witnesses who noticed shady ninja inside the forest; where they shouldn’t be!” Iruka reached onto his back and pulled off a large shuriken. He jumped up and lobbed it at the duo.

    One ninja pushed the other out of the way and grasped the shuriken as it flew towards him. Uzuna’s eyes grew big. “How’d he do that?!”

    “You foolish group of shinobi. You underestimate Grass Ninja!” The ninja shrouded his hand and arm in leaves and hopped down towards Iruka, shuriken still in hand. In a calm voice, he whispered, “You must now die…”

    Iruka pulled a smoke bomb from his pouch and jumped into the air, ready to collide with the man. Iruka lobbed the smoke bomb just a meter away from him. The man was shrouded inside. Iruka pulled another shuriken and chucked it into the smoke. Suddenly, the man fell from the smoke, the shuriken having made contact. Iruka fell in front his team. Sauno inquired about the other man that he had pushed away.

    Iruka scanned the area meticulously. “Hmmm, where is that guy?”

    Iruka gave a signal to his team. “I want you three to head further on. If you encounter any other dangerous enemies, don’t give up and give ’em your all!”

    Sauno, Uzuna and Hizuka nodded and headed off ahead.

    Jinrai and another man stand on a large lumb in the Forest…

    “Kakaze, did you find the Key?”

    The man shook his head. “No, Jinrai, it’s not in this forest. Do you see any other reason to stay here? Because I don’t and would sooner leave than stay here when we don’t need to.”

    Jinrai nodded. “I agree, let’s just blow this place.” Jinrai and Kakaze dashing in the direction Team Iruka was coming into.

    “Hizuka, look out! Shadow Clone Jutsu!” Uzuna’s Shadow Clones bashed a ninja across a limb and slammed into a tree. The other clones darted into him, blowing the ninja through the tree. Uzuna huffed.

    “Why are all these ninja here, anyway!?” Hizuka stood up and thanked Uzuna.

    “I’m not sure, but for whatever reason they are, I bet it has something to do with the Akatsuki…huff…”

    “I agree…” Uzuna sighed and beckoned the team to keep going.

    15 minutes later…

    Sauno slid on a limb and halted the team. “Wait, guys, do you hear that? I think there are more enemies coming up! Be on guard.”

    Hizuka’s puppy jumped back onto his head. Suddenly, a limb across from theirs, Jinrai and Kakaze landed upon. Sauno drew a kunai knife.

    Jinrai scoffed. “So, there are some intruders.”

    “Who’re you calling the intruders?! You’re the ones who trespassed into this forest, so get out!”

    Kakaze shofted uneasily. “I think we should crush these punks!” Jinrai threw an arm in front of him.

    “Kakaze, leave these children to me. You go on back to HQ.”

    Kakaze shoved his arm out of the way. “And why should I listen to you?”

    Jinrai glared at him. “Because I control life and…Just leave…”

    Kakaze finally lost and jumped over the team. Hizuka decided he didn’t want him to leave and jumped upwards. Jinrai, who revealed to be very swift, appeared above his head and threw a kick to him. “Don’t interfere until it’s your turn!”

    Jinrai, dropped to their limb. Sauno closed her eyes and opened them back up, to reveal her “One-tomoe Sharingan”.

    Jinrai foresaw a serious fight and took his cloak off. “It depends on how much you want to die if this is a long battle or not, so you decide.”

    Uzuna stepped beside Sauno. “That’s interesting. I was thinking of giving you that same choice.”

    Jinrai gave a low growl. “You say so, huh? Well, how about we get things started!?” He started at a swift dash. Sauno told Uzuna a plan of action and he jumped back, using his Shadow Clone Jutsu and made two more of himself.

    Sauno hekd two kunai up to herself, crossing them in an X. Jinrai jumped a few feet from her and delivered a kick, which she blocked with the kunai. She slid back an inch. The shadow clones hopped over her and appeared behind Jinrai. They rushed forward, fists clenched. Jinrai turned around quickly and greeted them with a powerful Chidori.

    Sauno took this opporotunity to form numerous hand signs and use the Dragon Flame Jutsu. Jinrai noticed this and back-flip-jumped into the air. “You can’t fake me out!”

    He landed and slid one leg in a circle, similar to the Leaf Whirlwind, and released a ring of electricity at Sauno. “Lightning Style: Lightning Bind!”

    The ring surrounded Sauno and closed sightly to secure her in place, ceasing movement. Uzuna formed a clone and tried to charge the Rasengan with it.

    “Come on, come on!” Finally achieveing his goal, he bolted forward with the sphere of energy in hand. Jinrai formed a hand sign. “Single Lightning Wolf Turbine!” A singular version of the jutsu he used (during the Iwagakure raid) shot towards Uzuna. Uzuna jumped over the attack, which slammed into the limb, causing Sauno to fall to another, successfully landing on her feet, however. Uzuna came down with the Rasengan. Jinrai back flipped, nearly avoiding the attack, causing Uzuna to collide with the tree.

    Uzuna was thrown back due to the force of impact. Jinrai used chakra to hang from a limb above.

    Hizuka finally regained consciousness and realized what was happening, his puppy had climbed back onto his head.

    Sauno struggled to get free from the ring binding her. Uzuna stood up and looked up at the hanging foe. He drew his sword and jumped upwards. Jinrai saw the next movement and dropped from the limb as Uzuna slashed it into two.

    Sauno finally found a weak link and snapped it, causing the chakra flow to break, releasing her. She began to spin as she jumped, also releasing Phoenix Flower Jutsu.

    Jinrai noticed the fireballs streaming up at him and majestically made his way around them. When Sauno finally approached a limb, she stopped and landed.

    “This guy’s too tough!”

    “Twin Lightning Wolf Turbine!” Two turbines shot from his hand and down at Hizuka, Uzuna and Sauno.

    Sauno hopped upward at the turbines. She flew through the middle of them and threw a punch towards Jinrai. The ounch connected and sended Jinrai to the ground. The turbines colidded with the tree Jinrai and Hizuka stood upon, sending them to the ground as well.

    Jinrai gathered his barrings and dashed up the tree. “You…”

    Sauno dashed down the same tree. “Hmm…Take this!” Sauno let go of the chakra and dropped down. He foot came into contact with his head and he tripped. She grasped him into the Peregrine Falcon Drop and slammed him into the ground.

    Sauno flipped back and slid to a stop. She huffed and puffed, hoping this battle was done.

    “Heh, heh, heh…Is it…Over?”

    Jinrai disappeared in a surge of electricity. “You wish!”

    He dropped down behind her with a Chidori. His distance was far enough to give her time to dash away and climb a tree to a large limb.

    Jinrai stopped his Chidori and followed her up into the tree. Sauno reached into her back pack and pulled out two, folded demon wind shuriken, discarding her bag.

    She unfolded them and jumped into the air. “Demon Wind Shurikens: Windmills of Shadows!” She threw both of them. Jinrai noticed the chakra wire connected to them and narrowly avoided them. The shuriken split into four and Sauno now had control of four of them. Jinrai avoided one that almost came into contact with his head. Sauno let go of the string and the shuriken hit a tree.

    Another one came up on his back, but he flipped upside-down and threw an explosive-tagged kunai into it, throwing it of course and out of Sauno’s grasp.

    Finally, he landed on a limb and one came at his front. He avoided it by simply jumping backwards. “Hmph, this is too easy!” But suddenly, he realized there was another. Before he had the chance to check its area, it sliced him in the back, right beside a vertabrae.

    He fell to a limb on one knee, blood dripping from his mouth and the stab wound where the shuriken now stand. “Ack…Dammit, how could I let that happen…?”

    Sauno smirked and formed hand signs. “You’re out! Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bombs!”

    The jutsu shot from her mouth and eliminated dozens of trees, including the one he stood on, causing a fire that burned down many more. The fire quickly burned out as she released the technique.

    Scanning the area, she saw no sign of him. “Yes…Eh?” Suddenly, a screeching noise was heard from behind and she turned to see a Chidori.

    It colidded, but a Substitution Jutsu took its place. Jinrai stood, the shuriken now gone from his back, his mouth still bleeding. Sauno slid onto one of the only limbs for yards. She looked into his eyes. She gasped. “That’s the…Rinnegan!”

    Jinrai stared at her with his ringed eyes. “I suppose you’ve wondered why I’m not dead yet. You now know why! I won’t let myself die!”

    Sauno huffed. “Well, that’s nice to hear. But I don’t care what you’ll let and won’t let yourself do. I’ll defy that.”

    Jinrai laughed disbelieveingly. “You brat! You will die by my hands here! Triple Lightning Wolf Turbine!”

    Three turbines swirled towards Sauno. “Gah, I can’t dodge them all…” But suddenly, Uzuna appeared with a Rasengan in hand and exploded into one of them. Sauno smiled and jumped into the center, where a blind spot had Jinrai cornered.

    “Eat this!” She held her wrist, trying to charge a Chidori, finding it impossible, she stopped in front of Jinrai with nothing. Jinrai smirked and kneed her in the stomach, sending her up by an inch. He kicked her in the chest, down into the ground. “I find it to be the end! Lightning Style: Quadruple Lightning Wolf Turbine! You die here!”

    Four turbines shot towards Sauno, who was implanted into the ground. He tomoe began to spin, separating into two. She freed herself and glared into her fate in front of her. The four turbines contacted the ground and erupted through the forest. Jinrai exploded in a minacal laugh.

    After it was done, a huge crater was left in place. “Shouldn’t have messed with me…” Suddenly, he felt a fist in the side of the face and was sent flying into the crater.

    “This…battle…isn’t…OVER!” Sauno glared down with her two-tomoe Sharingan. “And I have much more to offer!”


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