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Naruto’s 10th anniversary’s collection‼

Hiden: Kai no Sho, coming soon!!
After Rin, Hyou, Tou, and Sha, the release of “Hiden: Kai no Sho,” the fifth official book, has been determined!! What are its shocking contents…!?

Note #1
The poster will have Kishimoto-sensei’s special illustration of “Hokage Naruto”‼
On one of the side of the poster, there will be “Hokage Naruto” as seen from last summer’s movie…‼

Note #2
The other side [of the poster] has the 10th anniversary number’s colour opening page, the special illustration with those who influenced Sasuke!!

Official Premium Fan Book Hiden Kai no Sho
Collection JC, 248 pages, 690¥ (taxes included)

Release date on December 4th (thursday)‼

Much more highlights about the secret book “Kai no sho”‼ Check the next pages‼
Nothing about a third timeskip, even Hokage Naruto’s design is from the movie, not Kishimoto himself. Even if Naruto become a Hokage, even if there is a timeskip, Naruto could wear something completely different.
here is Shounensuki translation to the Fan book info:

Kai no Sho release date is 4th December
The front cover has Naruto and the others of his age + Kakashi and Yamato

Hokage Naruto poster & gathered shinobi poster!! (Poster’s B-side)
This Naruto is cool

A collaboration illustration between Toriyama Akira-sensei and Kishimoto-sensei: Naruto looks like Goku and Goku looks like Sennin Naruto.

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New manga called “Karakuri” is revealed

Readers’ corner

Special conversation between Togashi-sensei and Kishimoto-sensei

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