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Also, I will be POSSIBLY starting a Soul Eater Fanfic.  But, I will for sure be doing breakdowns.  By the way, Soul Eater doesn’t come out that often, so don’t be surprised if no new breakdowns come out for awhile.

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Naruto 477: Danzou’s Magic Powers!! (And Itachi Lives!! ZOMG!!)

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Ja everyone, it’s paintheclown here.  Starting with this post, I will be doing Naruto Manga Breakdowns!!  Since it’s Christmas, everyone is probably busy (As am I), so I will keep this short.  Anyways, this chapter was Naruto Chapter 477: Don’t Speak of Itachi (Read at  The chapter starts out with Danzou behind Sasuke about to stab him with a kunai.  But, Susano’o blocks it and slices part of it.  Karin wonders to herself why Danzou survived.  She then ponders what he did.  It couldn’t be a Genjutsu, no ones Chakra had been disturbed…

Back to Danzou and Sasuke.  Sasuke uses Susano’o to slam Danzou to the ground, crushing him.  He survives and is found watching Sasuke from a small tower.  Sasuke begins to continuously attack Danzou trying to kill him.  He doesn’t succeed, so he summons a Hawk.  He charges at Danzou and cuts off his Sharm.  It regrows and Itachi appears

Note: This was a EXTREMELY short breakdown, they will be much, much longer in the future.

Dawn of a New Era 4: Bold Barrier

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Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 4

Bold Barrier

“So they’re pretty similar in most ways to the former Akatsuki. They are very powerful missing-nin from the different countries. For now, we’ll assume they travel in two-man cells until we see fit.” The Hokage, Kazekage and Mizukage have a small meeting in Konoha.

Temari stands up and sighs. “Well, Shikamaru, is this meeting…?”

“Meeting adjurned.” Temari stood frozen but suddenly gathered her barrings and headed off with Matsuri. The Mizukage stood up and began to leave. Shikamaru suddenly halted her.

“One of the Akatsuki is from your village, correct?”

The Mizukage turned around, her red hair whipping across her face. “Um, yes, and actually…He is the person who stole the Hidden Lightning’s scroll…”

Shikamaru’s mind was now twisted. “What?! Then, what’s his name?”

The Mizukage stood for a moment, taking but a second to think of the name. “Koukishi is his name. He went missing from the village two years ago…Urk…” The Mizukage and Chojiro finally left the room and Shikamaru sat in transfixed thought.

“So…Now…We have a name of one member…And supposedly one of the strongest if he was able to get by Omoi…”

A bowl-like valley…

An explosion erupted from one of the walls of the valley as Sasuke appeared from the smoke, skidding upon the ground. His shirt had fallen a bit, revealing Anbu-like gear underneath. “It’s still rusty…” Sasuke tried once more with his technique.

Suigetsu sat in the center of the large, closed valley. “It must be hard to get the Chidori Drill right if it’s taking Sasuke so long…”

Suigetsu shot up with his sword in hand when he heard footsteps behind him. A woman tripped and fell at the sight of the large blade.

Suigetsu recognized the figure, hair, appearance…All about the figure. “K-Karin?”

“Ugh…” Karin lurched forward as she stood up, in a daze now that she had hit her temple on rock.

“What the…How did you find us?! Why are you here and…Gah…!”

Karin stepped forward and took her hand off her temple. “I traced yours and Sasuke’s chakra here. I’ve been on your trail for about two days. Finally…Where is Sasuke?”

Suigetsu pointed to figure constantly performing, and failing, a technique on the wall. Karin, stepping forward slowly, saw Sasuke’s face when he slid back on the ground. In her eyes…His beautiful face, the expression of pure determination…She hadn’t seen it in so long.

She was happy she was finally able to see his face once more…Now…

Sasuke huffed once more and pulled up his shirt around the Anbu gear and armor. “This jutsu is difficult…To get the spin, the power…I may not be able to perfect it…Eh?”

Karin had appeared behind him and stared pratically through him. Sasuke turned around and greeted her gaze. “Karin!?”

“Yup, same reation I had, Sasuke. “Suigetsu sauntered up to them. He noticed the gaze Karin was giving Sasuke. One that showed marvel. One that said you had not seen the person in a loong period of time. And it had been a long time. Five to seven years is how long Karin had to wait to see the face she always dreamt about.

Karin finally broke the gaze. “Since you two are traveling together, how about I join you again and form the old team…” She threw a hand over her mouth the instant the words, “old team” were uttered.

Sasuke looked down with a grave, dead expression. Suigetsu looked away solemnly. “Um…I’m…Sorry…Um…Travel as a team together…”

Sasuke looked into the sky. Clouds started forming, ominous, gray, dim clouds. Lightning sparked and crackled through it. “Fine.”

Karin beamed and clapped her hands once, creating a loud, hollow echo. “Great!”

Sasuke looked at her with a deadly glare. Then shifted to Suigetsu. “It’s going to rain. Let’s at least get a small distance from here.” Sasuke started walking away, the direction out of the valley. He knew Suigetsu would follow, and he half-expected Karin to stand there until they were gone.

But he was wrong. Suigetsu immediately followed him and Karin trailed behind Suigetsu by a couple feet. Sasuke was wrong by a long shot…


Koukishi, his apparent partner, a hologram, and Kisame stand in the center. The hologram briefs the trio on a mission.

“You three are to penetrate the defenses of Iwagakure and the Hidden Stone Village and retrieve the Scroll of Hope. There’s no room for failure you three. Get moving.” Koukishi tapped a foot, but shrugged off a dispute.

Jinrai was less soft and stepped forward. “Wouldn’t it be better if we stay in our two-man cells?”

“No,” the hologram stated sternly. “This mission will be incredibly difficult as Iwagakure’s strength is the second highest of the five countries.”

Kisame recited the order of strengths subconsciously in his mind from weakest to strongest. “Kirigakure, Kumogakure, Sunagakure, Iwagakure, Konohagakure…hmm…”


The trio felt the strict vibe in the voice of the hologram and immediately headed off.

“Iwagakure…The Hard Country…Hmph…” Jinrai kept his eyes closed the entire way.

Outside the Hidden Stone Village wall…

The trio stood, reciting the plan of action. Koukishi came up with the main operation. “Jinrai, you penetrate high in the wall structure, make sure it’s a large hole. Kisame, you infiltrate the village and use your Water Shockwave along with me. Use your sword and hack your way through the defenses and into the shrine. I’ll get the scroll and then we make a hasty retreat. Understood?”

Kisame grimaced the whole time Koukishi spoke. “Hmph…Fine…”

Jinrai jumped into the air and formed a hand sign. “Lightning Style: Twin Wolf Turbine!” Two wolves formed from lightning span quickly, as if turbines, towards the wall. Finally reaching the wall, the penetrated and caused an explosion, the smoke being their cover to quickly get inside without being noticed.

Inside, Kisame and Koukishi dashed into the air, both forming hand signs at the same time. In unison, they shouted, “Water Shockwave Jutsu!” Water rushed in through the hole and over the peak of the wall, drownning houses and people under. Kisame surfed down the water and released his Man Eating Sharks to clear a path towards the shrine. “Koukishi!”

Koukishi’s Sphere of Stone erupted from the water and floated above the new ocean-like landscape towards a medium-sized tower. Koukishi released the ball of stone into shooting pieces of rock at the Shinobi coming after him. “No interferance!”

Koukishi landed on top of the shrine. Breaking inside, he fell to the wooden floor boards. “Ah! And there it is, the scroll!” As he reached for it, the shrine around him felt apart and he was surrounded in total darkness. He realized his legs were stuck inside a bayou of muck. “What- What is this!?”

“Black Phoenix!” Koukishi suddenly was inside the shrine, but noticed the scroll was gone. He heard and tried to analyze where those words came from. Suddenly, the entire shrine was enveleoped in the shadow of a large, black phoenix, still unbeknownst to Koukishi. The phoenix slammed down on the shrine, obliterating it in seconds. Kisame hopped off the water and witnessed this sight. Jinrai leaned up against one side of the hole in the wall and sighed. “I thought his self-sonfidence would be the death of him…”

In front of Kisame, Sasuke Uchiha appeared. “Hmm, Sasuke Uchiha. Long time no see.”

“Cut the small talk.” Sasuke hid the scroll in on of his pouches. Suigetsu and Karin appeared alongside him. Suigetsu drew his sword and smiled mischieveously.

Jinrai sighed once more form the hole. “I guess I have to go help him now.” Jinrai shot off the wall and appeared in seconds behind Kisame. Kisame was unaware of Jinrai’s appearance.

Sasuke held his hand on the handle of the Chokuto. “So you wanted the scroll…For what reason?” Jinrai scoffed from behind Kisame, making himself known that he was in fact present.

“We shouldn’t have to explain ourselves. If you want to know that badly, hand over the scroll and you’ll find out soon. Or we could take it by force. I’m giving you an option. Make a choice.” Jinrai opened his eyes, revealing a shimmering blue scheme.

Kisame smiled and latched his sword onto his back, knowing he will not require it. Suigetsu loosened the grip on his sword frequently. Karin stood, eyeing both Kisame and Jinrai, also throwing her gaze at the destroyed shrine.

Akatsuchi and the Tsuchikage stood in front of the shrine, obviously aware of the standoff up ahead, they were confident that the aid would be able to handle it. Akatsuchi analyzed the wreckage. “Hmm…The life form that was inside…Isn’t here anymore. But it wasn’t killed.” The Tsuchikage whirred around to see three people now standing off with their apparent aid.

Kisame threw his gaze at Koukishi, who was now standing on his left. “So, you survied I see.”

“I almost didn’t…That damn attack was almost inescapable. But I managed. Let’s hurry this up, shall we? I’m tired of Jinrai always stealing my thunder of the polite act…”

Jinrai scoffed at the comment. “You idiot…” Sasuke listened to their banter with a dead expression, as if he didn’t care how long they standed there as long as the enemy left without the scroll.

Karin sighed once. Kisame kept his attention locked to Suigetsu, and vice-versa.

“What’s your answer?” Sasuke smirked.

“We’re obviously not going to give you the scroll. I’m waiting for you three goons to decide when you want to leave and how. In full…Or in pieces.” Sasuke’s Sharingan tomoes started to spin slowly.

Koukishi beamed. “You haven’t realized it yet have you?” Sasuke’s eyes were filled with bewilderment. His hand scurrid to the pouch where he found that the scroll was gone. Koukishi threw it into the air and Kisame grabbed it and put it inside his cloak.

“We were waiting for you to notice. Koukishi lifted it when he came over here, idiot.”

Just two minutes before…

Akatsuchi analyzed the wreckage.

A figure darted from the falled shrine. The figure lurked by Karin, avoiding her notice, sweeping across the side of Sasuke, snatching something from a pouch.


Sasuke’s face twisted into a sour grimace. “How’d you do that!? You scum…” Sasuke, instead of drawing the Chokuto or Kusanagi, used a Chidori to start the Chidori Blade and target the enemy. Kisame slipped under the blade and scurried away from the scene. Jinrai held a hand out and, shockingly to everyone, grasped the blade, with no effect to him. He snapped it and the energy stopped flowing. “How’d you…?”

Koukishi and Jinrai fled the scene and joined Kisame, leaping from the wall and outside the village. Akatsuchi and the Tsuchikage greeted the trio, but finding the scroll had been stolen.

Status of Scroll Theft: Code Yellow

Hidden Leaf Village…

Uzuna and Hizuka sit in front of the Hokage Mansion. Hizuka rubs his face, as he was not fully awake. He wished his father would help him with his Taijutsu and mediacl-nin. Suddenly, the both of them heard a small yip and Hizuka’s face brightened as his gaze was thrown to his left. He saw a (4 month old) puppy scampering his way. he flew up and picked him up. Kiba appeared with him, smiling. Hizuka knew why this puppy was here. “This is your birthday present, Hizuka. And we’ll train you to work together with him and make him like Akamaru: A partner ninja hound.”

“Thanks dad.” The puppy was black, with white paws, white-tipped ears and tail and a white streak down his back.

Uzuna smiled at Hizuka and left him with his puppy. He had decided to take a stroll, to think about his life at the moment, and what he was going to be doing for awhile. “Ugh. I wish Iruka would call for a training session. Or some sort of dangerous mission. Or even some around-the-village duty! Anything!” Realizing he was talking to himself in midday, he shut his mouth and continued his walk in silence.

Anbu Training center…

“Sai? Hello?” Naruto noticed a few Anbu members sprring and training inside, but did not see Sai. “Maybe he’s left.”

From the shadows of a corner, Sai emerged, looking at Naruto with a joyous expression. “Hello Naruto, haven’t spoken to you in 4 years. How are you?”

Naruto nodded and smiled. “I’ve been well, I suppose. But I needed to speak with you about urgent business. Are you busy?” Sai shook his head.

“No, not at all. Shino and Neji are still on guard duty and there are no missions. I have time to speak with you, if you with, Naruto-sama.”

Leaf Hospital…

Kakashi walks outside, stretching his arms and feeling refreshed. “A couple days of rest after using my Sharingan is what I need, ahhh…” He looked around, noticing he was alone and started walking towards the Village center.

Soon, he spotted TenTen and Lee scanning merchandise inside a market. TenTen’s eyes darted around numerous kinds of kunai, explosive tags, shuriken, smokebombs, trap kits, and various other ninja tools. Kakashi knew she probably didn’t need them, but she loved looking at them anyway.

Lee was searching through the different weights and sizes of leg weights and arm weights. Kakashi’s eyes shot down to his legs and he noticed the weights he were wearing were tagged, “900 lbs” and he sighed.

“He puts himself through a lot…”

Kakashi greeted them, TenTen and Lee saying hello back. “How’re you Kakashi? Feeling any better?” TenTen inquired, obviously worried about his well-being.

Kakashi gave her a reassuring expression. “I’m well TenTen, no need to worry like that.” Kakashi said goodbye and was on his own way. He finally stopped after a while inside the dumpling shop so he could think better.

“What was Kisame out there for…? Is he apart of that new organization? I doubt it…but it’s very possible…but it doesn’t explain what he was doing out in the middle of the ocean.”


Jinrai, Kisame and Koukishi revealed themselves in front of a hologram. Jinrai presented the scroll. “Easy takings, however we had some issues with Sasuke Uchiha and his team. Not much more of a hassle, anyway.”

The scroll levitated and disappeared as the one before it had before. “Kisame, you were the other ‘semi-close’ person to Kakuzu and Hidan. Do you think Hidan could still be alive?”

Kisame closed his eyes and thought, finally speaking afterwards. “Well…He has immortality, but it doesn’t last forever unless he constantly fulfills Jashin’s needs. And he was buried alive…And if the immortality ran out, the decapitation would have reached him before the suffocation effect did. I would say the likeliness of him being alive is one in a million.”

The hologram sighed, disappointed. “Hmm, he would have made a nice addition…But I hate statistics to I want you to use the KeiraKurei to find out for sure.”

Kisame’s eyes blew open, flabbergasted to a full extent. “WHAT!? The KeiraKurei?! I’ve never even used the damned thing!”

The hologram sciffed, disapprovingly. “I don’t care, use the sword and find Hidan!” Jinrai and Koukishi threw each other glances and suddenly disappeared. Kisame growled deeply and placed his hand on a second handle of a sword on his back.

“The Samehada drains chakra as it shreds the skin…But as I’ve heard, the KeiraKurei eternally damages chakra points…Hmph…”

The next day, in the Nara Forest…

Kisame dashes stealthily through the trees, on his way to Area 1 Ruins, towards his objective.

As he passes a tall, bulky tree, a figure notices him and starts to follow him in the shadows. “Whoever that is, shouldn’t be in the Nara forest without clearance…Better trace him.”

Kisame finally approached his destination and searched around the tablets and broken pieces of pillars. After searching for a few minutes altogether, he noticed a spot in the stone floor where it was filled in some time in the last 15-20 years. “I guess this is the spot.”

He unsheathed the KeiraKurei and gazed it it’s sleek blade. “Hmm, damages chakra points…But how will it help get this dug up? I guess I just swing and find out!” He threw his weight through the handle backwards, and then slung down quickly at the spot. Suddenly, when the blade came into contact, the ground exploded upwards and sent Kisame baclwards a few steps, the sword singing slightly. The stones and dirt flew around the “hole” and revealed a large crater, where the dismembered pieces of Hidan lay.

Scanning and analyzing the crater, he soon found his head laying alone. taking a chance, he picked it up by the hair and revealed its face. After a minute of staring, the head uttered words. “What the hell are you just staring at me fore Kisame?! Get me the hell out of this hole!” In Kisame’s mind, he was hoping that Hidan was actually dead, his heart sinking when he heard Hidan’s cracked, loud voice.

Kisame gathered his pieces and layed them down in body form, apart, on the ground. “Kisame, where is Kakuzu!? I need him to sew my head back on! Get him here immediately!”

“Shut up, will ya! Kakuzu’s been dead for a long time. You’re going to have to wait!” Suddenly, Kisame noticed movement from a tree and then an explosive tag kunai land behind him. Before it set off, he spat some water on it and put out the fuse. “You’re not supposed to be here so get away!”

Azuma Sarutobi Jr., now 16 year old Chuunin, appeared on a fallen pillar, glaring at Kisame. “Hmph, you sound pushy. I’ll be away from here soon…”

“You’ll be away from here now!” Azuma uttered calmly as he snapped a twig in his fist. Kisame scoffed brightly.

“Really? I see…Then if you think that, why not come over here and deal with me?” Azuma beamed.

“Glad to!” From his pouch, he pulled out one of the same knives Azuma Sr. held. He dashed forward, the wind chakra surrounding the blade. Kisame drew the KeiraKurei and swung it at Azuma. Azuma clashed with the blade, only to find himself being pushed back by a huge gravitational force.

Kisame noticed Jinrai’s appearance. “Kisame! What are you doing? You’re mission was to find Hidan and get out of here! Not pick a fight wherever you can find one, you idiot!” Kisame frowned and threw a deadly gaze at Jinrai.

“Just sew him up while I deal with this little bastard! And do it quick!” Azuma dashed back forward, now a blade on each hand.

Jinrai took two fingers and a smal lightning “scalpel” appeared from the tips. he went to his job at sewing Hidan’s pieces back together. Soon, he was finished and he helped Hidan up to his feet. Kisame drew back and slid, sheathing his Samehada and KeiraKurei all at the same time. Jinrai scoffed. “You used both? Heh…”

Kisame snarled. They fled and Azuma was left alone, huffing, now out of breath and energy. “At least they left…But they took that guy…Wasn’t he the one who…?” Dammit…”

In a while…

Inside the cave, Jinrai and Kisame appeared, Hidan on Jinrai’s shoulder. The hologram clapped and gave what somewhat looked like a smile.

“We’re now complete…Kisame, did you happen to find his scythe?” Kisame reached inside his cloak and pulled out a small, metal shaft.

He pulled it apart and it slid into a “pole” and then the three scythe blades flung out, reveaing the shadowing three blades. Kisame handed it to Hidan, chain and all, and Hidan smiled. “How long was I in that pit anyway?”

Kisame crossed his arms. This was the moment he waited for. “You’ve been in there almost 20 years.” Hidan chuckled disbelieveingly.

“Right…” but then looked at Kisame’s face, deadly serious. “WHAT!?!?”

Hokage Room…

Azuma appeared before Shikamaru, still huffing. “Um…Shikamaru-sama, you remember that guy that you buried some 17 years ago right?” Shikamaru’s expression became grave.

“Yes, what about Hidan?!”

Azuma sighed. “He…Was…Unearthed and taken away.” Shikamaru almost fell out of his chair but immediately gained his bearings, standing up and heading out of the room with Azuma.

Shikamaru’s thoughts battled around in his head. “This is bad…Hidan was unearthed…Gah…All these things…”

As he opened the Mansion main door, Kurotsuchi slammed into him. Shikamaru stood straight and helped her up. “You’re the Hokage, correct? Shikamaru-sama, the Tsuchikage sent me here to inform you that the Iwagakure Scroll of Hope has been stolen!”

Shikamaru’s face turned as bright red as a tomato and he became flustered.

Azuma sighed heavily.

Yup, Shikamaru sure is angry! And overworked!

_ _

I tried to make up for the last two chapters by spicing this one up with some interesting stuff! So, how was it guys? Like it? AND! I’m adding this chapter to my record book as…MY LONGEST CHAPTER EVER!!! Hope you guys liked it and I’ll see ya next time for Chapter 5! SEE YA!

Special Thanks to:

Author: me of course ;P

Friend: For allowing me to use their computer while mine is having technical difficulties!

Dawn of a New Era 3: Transparency

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NOTE: Yes, the Anbu Training Center exists -.-‘

Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 3


Karin lay in a bed, azing up at the ceiling. She was thinking about Sasuke. She had not seen him in a very long time. She wondered how he was. What he was doing. Where he was. How he was feeling…What he was feeling. She wanted to know his whole status. She wanted to know…

Karin had been clueless about Sasuke for months now. Not knowing his condition angered her, annoyed her, frustrated her to an extent where she would practically rip her hair out by the roots when she thought about him. She didn’t know if he was still alive or not.

She was clueless.

Springing up, she started to pack a bag. Her mind was set upon one objective; and she was going to achieve it even if it killed her. “I’ll find him…”

She headed out the door, into the open world. She hadn’t been outside in a week. Had not seen daylilght in awhile, as the hut she lived in contained no windows, allowing no light to get in. The climate had gotten colder, so she had to board up some of the open crevices around the base of the hut and in the roof, connecting some of the broken eaves as well.

Karin sighed when she walked out into a long, chilly breeze that had risen from the west. “It’s gotten so cold out here…”

She was finally going to see Sasuke again. Learn of his condition. Hear his voice. See his face.

If she could find him, that is.

Leaf Hospital, room 201…

Sakura sits by Kakashi’s bedside, waiting for him to wake up. “Wow, he’s really ou-…Huh?”

Kakashi’s eyes fluttered, slowly spreading, revealing his now refreshed eyes. His gaze was thrown over to Sakura. “Sakura! Nice to see you…” His hand was immediately over his left eye. “Argh…!”

Sakura sighed gravely. “Are you okay Kakashi? Your eye is feeling rather drained…isn’t it?” Sakura moved closer. Removing his hand, she placed her own hand on his eye. Her hand glew with the power of the medical ninjutsu. In a few moments, Kakashi breathed a sigh of relief.

It felt better. It felt as it had before he even used it in the battle with Kisame. “Thanks Sakura. It feels better.”

Sakura smiled. “Good. I have to get going. I’ll see ya later Kakashi!” She made her way to the door, slid it open, turned and waved, and left silently, shutting the door easily.

Kakashi thought for a moment, looked around. He then proceeded to close his eyes and dream.

In the Anbu training center…

A block of wood stretched into the air. A figure jumps above it and kicks down, separating it, causing it crckle and splinter all the way down, shattering to bits. The figure was Yamato. He fell to the ground and sighed.

“It needs more work!”

he suddenly noticed Shino Aburame appear in front of him. Yamato whirred into a stright position.

“Hello Leader Aburame!”

Shino put his hood down and gave Yamato a pressuring glare. Finally, he spoke. “I’ll help you train the move. I will summon termites from within the walls. If some of your wood can withstand or even fend off the termites, you’ll know you’re power is at its fullest. Ready?”

Yamato formed a hand sign and a tree sprouted tall and mightily from the ground. Shino placed a hdn on the wall and termites started spewing from it and gathering on Shino’s arm. Shino transported them to the tree and the termites started to crowd off and burrow into the tree. Soon, the termites had the tree down to a nub.

Yamato sighed and sweatdropped. He looked at Shino, rubbing his head in defeat. “I guess I need more practice if I want to make it FULLY powerful. To think, I thought I had this downpat…!”

Yamato sighed and un-summoned the tree. Shino transported the now full termites back into the wall. Shino put his hood back up and adjusted his sunglasses. “You do that…”

One of the other Anbu appeared by Shino. “Shino, your assistance is requested at the Hokage Mansion…”

Shino nodded and disappeared along with the Anbu member.

In the Mansion…

“Shino, you and another Anbu member need to head over to the Shrine of Hidden Leaf. I require your assitance with protecting the scroll. After hard consideration of all the ninja, I thought the Anbu Black Ops leader would be best.” Shino nodded and disappeared once more.

Shino appeared outside the Hokage Mansion and communicated with one of his bugs, telling it to go get one of the Anbu members. Shino then made his way to the Hidden Leaf Forest.

Shrine of Hidden Leaf…

Shino arrived at the shrine soon and awaited his Anbu assistance. Later, a member appeared, his mask fitted into place on his face.

Shino asked for a name. “Neji Hyuuga at your assistance.” Shino smiled, took down his hood, took off his sunglasses and fitted his mask on.

“Alright. We need to keep a secure guard.”

Neji nodded and he and Shino began their guarding period.

An hour into their duty, Neji started reading the writing on the shrine door. Most of it was illegble, but he was able to make out bits and parts. It read, “Leaf…wi…fire…stan…strong…and…sturdious…Hoka…Hashira…Senju…is the founder…of…th…Will…fire…He will pro…vill…for as long…as…lives… and…fur…Hashirama Senju…forever…”

Shino noticed Neji reading and started to explain. “I started doing some research on what it says. I know what it says fully. Leaf’s Will of Fire stands strong and sturdious. Hokage Hashirama Senju is the founder of the Will of Fire. He will protect the Village for as long as he lives and further. Hashirama Senju forever. It’s touching, really.”

Neji smiled, but Shino stepped in front of him. Shino wiped off a clod of dust from the bottom and put together the scribbled writing.

“Hmm…In full, it has the signatures of the hokages, minus the 6th. Hmm…Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Minato Namikaze, Tsunade, and Shikamaru Nara. The 7th Hokage’s name is way too illegible. Even though we know who it is…This is really mysterious. That’s why the scroll is protected here. This shrine is the heart of the village. It holds much history.”

Neji was still flabbergasted. “And you know about all this?!”

Shino looked around and whispered. “I do a lot of research…” Neji smiled again and began his duty once more.

Shino finally stood up from peering at the tablet and joined Neji in guard duty.

On top of a building in the Leaf Village…

Sauno Uchiha sits again, leaning on a metal pole attached to the roof of a building. She sits thinking about things to do, missions, duties…

“Maybe Shikamaru has a mission for us…But if he did, he would call our team there…gah…” Sauno sighed and stood up.

“There must be…”

“Something we can do? I agree…” Sauno turned slightly to see one of her teammates, Uzuna Uzumaki, standing next to her. Sauno nodded.

“Oh, hey Uzuna. I haven’t seen you in two days. Where you been?” Uzuna looked around.

“I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to say. Anyway, we have a mission. I’ve informed Hizuka. Meet at the Hokage Mansion in ten minutes.” Uzuna disappeared and Sauno hopped off the building.

Ten minutes later, Sauno, Uzuna, and another boy named Hizuka Haruno stood inside the Hokage Mansion.

Shikamaru stamped a paper and looked up. He lobbed Uzuna a scroll and he unraveled it. The top labeled, “A Rank.”

Uzuna started to read the description. “Go to the Hidden Lightning Village and investigate the theft there.” Sauno, Hizuka and Uzuna couldn’t believe what they read.

Shikamaru stood up and walked around his desk. “I know you must be thinking that this is something Jonin should only be able to handle, but I believe your team is about equal to some of the other Jonin in the village. I also think you are able to handle an A-Rank mission. This will be a difficult Reconnasaince mission, but as I said, I believe you three can handle it. Be sure to gather the adequate information on the theft.”

The team high-fived each other for getting such a difficult mission.

The next day in front of the Hidden Leaf Gate…

Iruka Umino met the team. “Okay, so I take it you guys know the mission?”

They nodded and stood readied. “All right, then let’s push on to Kumogakure!”

The team ventured from the Leaf Village and out throught the Hidden Leaf Forest.

Team Iruka hopped and glided across the perfectly green treetops, arriving in Kumogakure lands within a day.

On the border, they decided to camp out for the night and start again in the morning.

That night, in a large wasteland, the winds traveling, blowing gravel and dust, Sasuke and Suigetsu stand training in the moonlight…

Their swords clang with a twangy ring, the blades shimmering the in the faint moonlight over them. Suigetsu clashes and slides back, grinding his sword in the ground. It hadn’t been quite as adequate ever since it was broken during the Five Kage Summit duel with the Raikage.

Sasuke stands with his sword straight out, pinpointing a direct landing point on his foe. Suigetsu continued to frown as the training session continued to fall flat for him. He threw a leg out on the ground and sent a wave of water towards Sasuke. Sasuke jumped over it and slashed down.

Suigetsu jumped and collided, pushing back with the force of his will and brute strength. Finally, releasing the power he had, he blew Sasuke from the air, causing him to slide on the ground, only to be greeted with another slash from the large Beheader. Sasuke backflipped and threw his sword mid-flip. The dagger-like Kusanagi (Orochimaru’s Sword) flew towards Suigetsu. Suigetsu blocked the sword with his own, the sword flying away from him. Sasuke suddenly appeared in the air flipping backwards at Suigetsu.

Suigetsu pushed away from his sword, Sasuke landing on the handle. His sword landed in his hand and he darted towards Suigetsu. Suigetsu grimaced as he realized his mistake and the trick. “Dammit.”

Sasuke sliced Suigetsu across the abdomen, only to find him disappear in a glob of water. Suigetsu appeared by his sword, dashing away as he grabbed hold of the handle. Suigetsu quickly span on his heels, adding great power to the sword, spinning in 360 degree circles five times, accumulating the power of the centrifugal force. Finally, he released it in the direction of Sasuke. Sasuke whirred around and slashed his sword with the high powered sword coming his way. The second he clashed, the two swords powered upwards. Coming to the ground, they clanged with each other as they lay between Suigetsu and Sasuke.

Suigetsu and Sasuke look deeply into each other’s eyes, anticipating the opponent’s next move. “Argh…”

Sasuke made the first move and dashed forward with blinding speed. Grabbing the Kusanagi, he appeared in front of Suigetsu and stopped as he was in mid-slash.

He whispered in Suigetsu’s ear, “Good training…We’re done for now…” Suigetsu let loose a sigh of relief.

He moved forward and picked up his sword, sheathing it on his back. Sasuke shiethed his sword as well.

Looking up in the sky, Sasuke finally said, “Let’s camp here for the night and move at dawn.” They settled down and Sasuke was quickly asleep, Suigetsu lay there and think however.

Suigetsu remembers the time they went to Otogakure, mainly to get the Kusanagi to replace his other sword. It was a long journey, even after getting past the borderline due to remaining rogue ninja dotted here and there, however not much of a hassle when at the hands of Sasuke and he.

He also remembered what happened in the war.

Fifth Great Ninja War after Naruto headed to join Kakashi…

Sasuke stands awaiting for more troops to attack. Juugo, Suigetsu and Karin stand with him. Suigetsu rushes forward and dices some of the enemy warriors, getting occupied with more and more.

Karin starts pitching explosive-tagged kunai into the army. Suddenly, Sasuke is attacked from behind and he slides on the ground. Juugo feels the impulse to kill and transforms into his Cursed Mark stage.

Juugo crushes many soldiers, due to his intent to kill and to protect Sasuke. Three soldiers decided to blind-side Sasuke with the same attack that killed Kankuro. Sasuke whirrs around only to see his death flash before him. Juugo darted forward and jumped in front of him. The last words he spoke…

“Sasuke! I’ll protect you! The only other person who…Means something to me! At least I can die knowing I protected…YOU! SASUKE!”

Sasuke hid his tears as he jumped back and Juugo was consumed by the blast. Sasuke fell to his knees. The soldiers shot towards him and he released the Chidori Stream to kill them. Slamming his fist to the ground, he shouts Juugo’s name numerous times. Suigetsu and Karin appeared before him, having seen what happened. Suigetsu’s eyes and fist clenched and Karin felt liquid trickle slightly down her cheeks.

Sasuke stood up and charged into the army, clanging his sword with them, now having the intent to avenge his friend.

Present Time…

Suigetsu closed his eyes and drifted to sleep silently, the fire Sasuke had started popping and cracking, dying down slowly…

In a grassland…

Water twists and compresses around a fleeing figures leg and brings him to the ground. “Hmm…”

The figure explodes and the water is spewn in the grass. Kuchia appears behind Koukishi and punches him to the side. Another figure approaches him at a dash and throws a kick at him. Kuchia jumps up and lets the figure fly by. He releases a flurry of shuriken and takes it down. Two other figures approach him quickly and he easily takes them down with his skillful taijutsu.

One more figure approaches from the air and Kuchia activates his Sharingan. Jumping up, he kicks the figure in the side and performs the Primary Lotus on it. He slides to the side and huffs a bit.

A small round of applause erupts form the people he took down as they stand up unharmed. “You are very skilled Kuchia…I believe we need you in the Akatsuki…” One of the figures hands him a blue ring, and Kuchia sets in on his right middle finger.

“I’m ready.”

Hidden Lightning Village…

Team Iruka arrives at the Hidden Lightning Village gate. Iruka states their purpose for arrival and are let inside. Team Iruka makes their way to the Raikage Mansion.

Inside, they meet the Raikage.

Iruka steps forward. “Hello, we’re here on a recon mission to gather information on the theft of the Scroll of Hope that was in fat stolen from Kumogakure just days before.”

The Raikage stands up and starts to speak to Iruka and his team. “Speak to Omoi about it. He’s the one who witnessed and attempted to cease the theft. He should be on the roof. Shi, take them there.” Shi stepped inside and beckoned them to follow him. Team Iruka followed suit.

On the roof, Shi pointed to where Omoi was and Iruka met him there. “Omoi we’re here to…”

Omoi stopped him mid-sentence. “I know why your here.” He snapped his toothpick in half, chucked it and started chewing on another. “You’re here to gather information about the theft. Yeah, two of the other countries have already sent recon teams to find out stuff, so I apparently have no problem explaining, tsk. Anyway…” Omoi started to explain what happened. Iruka asked for a description of what the thief looked like and what type of ninjutsu he used and for any type of significant info about the thief.

Omoi sighed as he finished. “That’s all…I suppose we’re done here?” Omoi uncrossed his arms.

“Yes, thank you Omoi. Good day!” Team Iruka took their leave from the village.

On the way back, Sauno huffed. “He wasn’t in a very good mood, to say the least.”

“Well, he did say he’d had to explain it two times to the other countries, and he also traveled to the other three countries, and to top it off, he’s had three, including us, recon teams come ask for information. He’s probably had a very busy two-three days. And all that’s just what you put together. There’s also no telling how many times he’s had to speak about it to his Anbu team, and to their own village.”

Hizuka cut in. “And having to say the exact same things over and over again really can get on someone’s nerves.”

Iruka started again. “Exactly and he’s lucky he’s not someone who loses his temper well, even though keeping it in when it should come out for too long could be bad. Anyway, our mission is halfway complete. Let’s get back to the village and relay the info to Shikamaru.”

Hokage Mansion, Hokage Room…

Team Iruka stands in front of Shikamaru as Iruka hands the scroll he had written the information on to Shikamaru. “This is the data we collected from Omoi of the Hidden Lightning Village.”

Shikamaru scanned every word in the report and soon closed the scroll. “Thank you and…Mission Successful!”

Team Iruka beamed and the members left the Hokage Mansion, with their success in mind.

Karin stands in the middle of the field Sasuke and Suigetsu stood in the night before. She sensed Sasuke’s faint chakra and stomped a foot. She had missed them and she slapped herself for being so slow. “Dammit…Maybe I can track the trail of chakra.”

And with that, Karin started traveling in the direction Sasuke and Suigetsu ventured that morning.

Well, it’s over! And…Well, a more detailed chapter than the last…to say the least…

I’ve been a little dim the past few days so I didn’t have any great inspiration, dee-dum -.-‘

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! (My longest yeet *ahem*)

Join me for a new chapter! ;P

See you all next time for Chapter 4! SEE YA! NARURULER OUT!

Special Thanks To:

Author: Me of course ;p

Merry Christmas!!

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Happy Holiday’s from the writers at Los Zorro!!

Happy Holiday's!!

Origin!: Raw Impact!

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Well as the new year appoaches, i’ve decided to take up a great chalenge, attapting Naruto to the real world. I’ve decided to split this up into 3 arks: Origin, Hero and Villain. Each with 5 parts and a part will or should be released every two days. It’s going to be hard but hopefully you’ll enjoy it. Here is the first part of Origin!

2009, White House…

“World leaders, i’m sure you’ve all been informed of the giant meteor rock falling from space towards the earth. When it hits Africa we can expect half of the world to be devestated!” Barack Obama sits at his desk.

“But there is that one chance right!” Gordon Brown looks at the picture of the glowing meteor.

“Yes, a satalite is coming up near it. It contains a Nuclear Warhead but also 50% of populations blood types. There is a chance, only slim, that the meteor might just avoid earth if we smack the Nuclear bomb into it.” President Obama stands as he stares at the rest of the leaders.

“Then we do it, are we all agreed!” Gordon Brown nods as the other leaders do the same.

3 Months Later, London, England….

“Wow, its 2010 tommorrow, this years gone so fast.” A young man, about 13, walks with his friend.

“Its true, Adam, look at that: 9” Daniel looks at a Girl, aged 14, named Shannon.

“Yeah shes a 8 or 9. Hmm” Adam looks at his hand.

“Whats wron..” Daniel drops to one knee.

“Whats happening to us!?” Adam crawls over to the window to see a giant meteor hit London, giving out a bright green light.

24 hours later…

“Ahh, Wher…Where am i!?” Adam gets up from the floor covered in glass.

“London!” Adam runs over to the window to see no damage done to London except for a few car crashes.

“Adam….Is that you?” A girl runs over to Adam hugging him.

“Ellie, what happened!?” Adam looks around the school.

“Well lots of people just passed out but most of us stayed awake but we’re trapped.” Ellie helps Adam up.

“Come with me, we’ll get out” Adam grabs Ellies hand, making her red in the cheeks.

2 days later…

“Hello i’m Chloe Weller and this is the news at 5. Since the mysterious meteors around the world, all weapons to do with guns and bombs have just disappeared, and when you try to make one it disappears as well. Well heres what Barack Obama had to say about it.” The camera switches to Obama:

“Hello, citizens of the world, the goverments of the world have discovered that because of the meteors, around 50% of the worlds population have been granted special abilltys. The best way i can describe it is that is like the tv show Naruto, 50% of the worlds Population have been given the power to minipulate the 5 elements. To cope with this we, the UN, have decided to add a extra class at schools and a class to teach the adults. Thank you and god bless” Barack Obama leaves.

1 Year later…

“I’m nothing Daniel, i have no special ninja abilty, nothing. You have the byakugan, Tayo is the jinchūriki of the 9 Tailed Fox and Marcus has the curse mark!” Adam looks at his planner to see that Ninja 101 is his next class.

In Class…

“Lets have Tayo Kean vs Adam Roberts next!” The teacher looks at Adam, knowing Adam is going to be killed.

Tayo appears behind Adam amazingly fast and kicks him to the ground, Tayo surrounds himself in the 9 tails charka and punches Adam sending him across the room. Adam coughs up blood but Tayo continues the assualt on Adam with a kick to the stomach and punch to the chest sending Adam into the wall. Adam begins to cry and Tayo picks him up and begins to strangle him.

“I am special!” Adam opens his eye to reveal the Sharingan!

Tayo loses his grip on Adam, and Adam kicks him into the air.

“My turn!” Adam appears on the ceiling and jumps down punching Tayo just as he is in mid air followed by a kick to stomach and then a elbow to the chest sending Tayo into the floor.

“I’m going to end this now! Fire Release: Fire Ball Jutsu!” Adam sends a huge fireball towards Tayo!

“No! Wind Release: Wind stick!” The teacher blows out the fireball just before it hits Tayo.

“Adam, your out, Tayo wins!” The teacher begins to look at other names.

“No way, i beat him!” Adam, with his Sharingan still activated, looks into the teachers eyes.

“He landed more hits on you, i’m sorry Adam but you lo…” The teacher falls to the ground as Adam traps him in a genjutsu.

“You lose! I win!” Adam faints.


“Finally, i’ve assembled the 10 strongest Ninja in the world. I’m tired of being bossed around by the goverment and i know all of you are two. Thats why i say we create a group so powerful it will crush the 5 great countrys easily! America, Russia, China, England and Germany all gone and only us left!” A man looks at the other men.

“What do you suppose we call this group!” Another man looks up.

“Dawn, My friend, we are called Dawn!” The man laughs as he looks up at the nights sky.

Adam’s school…

“Not only did you trap the teacher in a Genjutsu but you also brought a student within a inch of his life, sorry Adam but i’m going to have to suspend y….” The headteacher is interupted when a man in a suit walks in.

“I’m sorry Mr.Hockey but i need to borrow Adam Roberts by power of the UN!” The man holds up a badge.

Adam walks to a car where Tayo, Daniel and Casey are waiting…

“What do you want with us!?” Tayo looks at the suited man.

“We need your help against a group of dangerous men! First your going to need to train, at least for the next year and then you’ll join up with your teammates!” The man looks at Adam.

“Dangerous men!?” Casey looks at the school in the distance.

“Yes but there is no time to explain, we are going to the gate!”

Well thats part one of origin. I’ve decided each ark will be 5 parts and each will be 100o words. What did you think, i was just going to leave the origin of the event a mystery but the entire story wouldn’t have made sence. The next part, on Friday, will be more story driven and action packed!

Akatsuki Generation’s: Pandora’s Orb!

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Well it’s been a great 6 weeks and part two, featuring five chapters, will be out next year around january 30th, This is a chapter that will allow a character to travel to a possible future where Madara has won. I got the idea from one of my favorite tv shows so i’m sorry if it mirrors the storyline. Enjoy Akatsuki Generation’s Chapter Five: Pandora’s Orb!

Over 400 years ago, an organization was created, it’s plan was simple: Take over the world by restoring the 10 tailed beast. Over the  last 400 years there have been 7 full generations, the 8th being only 9 members.

Outside the Kage Summit…

“Sakura, you cannot kill Sasuke, he is too strong!” Lee shouts at Sakura.

“He’s right Sakura, Naruto is at Sasukes level but your not!” Sai thinks of his past encouters with Sasuke.

*Swirling Noise*”Hello Sakura, Sai and Lee, i don’t believe we met, I’m Madara Uchiha!” Tobi appears behind Sai, who pulls out both of his swords.

“I’ve got you!” Sai’s swords go right through Madara.

“Wrong i’ve got you!” Sai disappears into Madara.

“Sai!” Lee appears behind Madara at lightning speed!

“Your fast, too bad i’m faster!” Madara instantly disappear and reappears behind Lee.

“Ahh, Sakura now!” As Lee is sucked in too Madara, Sakura punches him in the face hitting his mask! A bright glowing orb falls from Madara’s Akatsuki cloak and onto Sakura’s leg.

A bright light envelops Sakura, incasing her in a white light. Sakura wakes up on the floor…

“Wasn’t it just night!? The Sun and The Moon! Whats wrong with them!” Sakura looks around at a barren wasteland full of dead ninja.

Suddenly a man comes flying from the sky at superspeed!

“What are you doing here! Why are you not at the prison!” The Man, wearing a Akatsuki Cloak, looks at Sakura.

Sakura runs away but the man appears in front of her at superspeed.

“HELP! Somebody please! Naruto will stop you!” Sakura tries to hit the man with her medical powers but it just reflects off of him.

“Naruto is dead!” The man points at Naruto’s shirt waving in the wind covered in blood.

Back in the present day…

“No, she was transported to the future! If she finds out my true plan it could… This is going to hurt but i need to use my power to get to the future” Madara begins to swirl again but it starts twisting and turning and lightning flys out of it.

Zetsu pops up from the ground…

“He must be using the other side of his Space-Time Ninjutsu!” The Blackside looks at the lightning covered swirls.

“What other side!” The Whiteside stares at the swirling lightning.

“The Time part, not only can Madara transport himself to anyplace in the world, he can also transport himself any time in history and before you ask it kills him a little everytime he does it.” The Swirls disappear.

One year in the future…

“Get in there!” A man throws Sakura into a prison.

A Women wearing a Akatsuki Cloak is beating a man to a pulp.

“Hey stop that!” Sakura pushes the women.

“You going to make me!” The women lifts Sakura up with almost super human strength.

“Wait! Take this and leave her alone” Naruto gives the women a scroll.

“Fine, your safe for now. Next time.” The Women super speeds out.

“Naruto your alive!” Sakura hugs Naruto.

“Sakura… Where have you been! Where have you been for the last year!” Naruto looks deadly serious.

“Whatt do…What do you mean!?” Sakura holds Naruto’s arm.

“You disappeared a year ago, when Madara announced the fourth ninja war!” Naruto is interrupted when Sasuke walks in.

Sasuke_Akatsuki_by_VASSiLi91.jpg image by lovebora

“Naruto! Madara wants to see you. Now!” Sasuke looks at the pink haired girl next to Naruto.

“(Thinking) Hmm she is alive then” Sasuke smiles as he leaves.

Meanwhile across the land of iron…

Swirling lightning appears in the middle of town.

“So it worked…*Cough* but at what cost!” Madara looks at the wasteland surrounding him.

“You! You killed my family!” A man wearing a leaf headband jumps from the now destroyed forest.

The leaf ninja throws a kunai at Madara, which just goes right through him. The ninja laughs as he uses a technique just like Madara’s Space-Time jutsu!

“I’m here!” The man appears from a portal and grabs Madara pulling him into it.

In another dimension…

“Without your supersun, your not superpowered are you!” The leaf ninja leaves the dimension through another portal.

“So my plan worked, i should stop tampering with time, here goes nothing.” Madara disappears in lightning covered swirls.

In a giant mansion…

“I thought that you would join me Naruto. I thought that you would join your only family but i guess not!” Madara walks from the shadows with another man, wearing a hooded Akatsuki cloak, and a women.

“My family isn’t you, they are copies of my family, Fakes! My real family is the hidden leaf!” Naruto tries to stand but a man pushes him down with superhuman strength.

“Bring me my sword. Let your death be in front of the person you care about the most!” Madara looks at Sasuke.

“I’ll get her.” Sasuke leaves.

Sasuke reappears a couple of minutes later with Sakura…

“Goodbye Naruto…” Eight men jump through the window with glowing black kunai.

The eight men kill most of Akatsuki members in the room but Madara and the rest escape.

“Com’on let’s go!” Kakashi takes his mask off.

AnbuKakashi1.jpg Ambu Kakashi image by Dragon_Ninja_Ryuu

In the present-day…

“Ahh, Sai! Sakura! Where are you two!” Lee shouts as he wakes up in the middle of the forest.

“Lee, there you are, now where is that man and Sakura!” Sai appears from the forest.

“I don’t know, but that thing that fell from That man’s jacket transported her somewhere” Rock  Lee picks up a kunai and begins to walk towards the village.

In the hidden leaf, one year from the present-day….

“Your alive! I don’t believe it. After you disappeared a year ago into that orb, i thought i would never see you again Sakura” A stronger looking lee looks at Sakura.

“It makes sense now, That “Orb” must have transported you here Sakura. Well if we find that orb then maybe we can send you back with some information!” Kakashi takes a notepad from his desk.

“It all started one year ago, Madara declared the fourth ninja war between the Akatsuki and the 5 great ninja nations, but when the Raikage was killed, it started a chain reaction resulting in the Red Cloud.” Kakashi looks at the destroyed konoha.

“The… Re..Red Cloud!?” Sakura looks at Kakashi’s Sharingan, now white and pale.

“The red cloud is basically the Akatsuki controlled Cloud Village, except its been controlled by the Akatsuki for more than 200 years, its Ninja and citizens were all told of the story of the great savior who would return peace by uttering the words “Red Cloud” and when Madara said those fateful words he created a force strong enough of winning the war. He turned them into his slaves, apart from a unlucky few, who were sacrificed to bring back all past members of the Akatsuki and all members of the Uchiha Clan dating back 400 years!” Kakashi looks at Naruto, who seems much different from his old self.

“But how! How did he bring back hundreds of people!” Sakura looks at the Sun and the Moon.

“First he summoned the 10 tailed beast and used its charka to create a new moon, a moon made of all the blood that had been shed over the last 600 years, from its pain Madara created a new technique using the 10 rings of the Akatsuki, that would not only bring back all previous members of the Akatsuki but also grant him and all of them super speed, Superstrength and the abillty to fly. An army of superhumans!” Kakashi looks at the Red sun.

“He.. He killed so many… many people… just so he could be all-powerful!” Hinata takes off her mask.

“We made alot of wrong choices…. Alot of people died” Naruto looks down at his blood covered shoes.

“Naruto, you have to understand we don’t trust you but we need your help to repel the up coming Red Cloud attack! With Sakura’s help we could stop this reality and cause an entire new land where you, Naruto, make the right choice and kill Sasuke and Madara when you have the chance!” Kakashi looks directly at Sakura.

“Sakura, when we find the orb and you return to your own time the first person you must touch is naruto, do you understand! Your memories of this time will pass from you to him.” Kakashi leaves as lee takes Sakura to her new room.

In the Raikages mansion…

” So it will end tonight then. You all have your missions! Sasuke, you will kill Naruto, You, well you will kill Kakashi and your mission is to stop them from getting that orb at all costs! Release the Ten Tails from my mind Mieto of the third generation!” Madara takes of his mask.

“Yes sir! Sealing Jutsu: Mind of the forbidden: Release!” The Ten Tails begins to appear outside.

“Don’t worry, i’ll transport it now!” *Swirling noise* The Ten Tails disappears.

Back in the Hidden Leaf…Swirling noise…

“They’ve found the orb, you’ll be home by tomorrow Sakura and maybe you’ll stop this war.” Kakashi senses a huge charka amount appearing.

“Thank you Kaka…” Sakura is cut off my a huge explosion.

“SIR! It’s the Ten Tailed Beast!” A anbu jumps from the roof tops.

“Send out all ninja, this is our chance to seal it.” Kakashi leaves with the anbu as Naruto also leaves.

“Naruto, wait where are you going!” Sakura grabs his arm.

“To make up for past mistakes!” Naruto is gone in a flash as Sakura is left in the torn up mansion alone.

At the forest…

“We better hurry, this orb is really important.” A Konoha ninja looks back to see two dark figures standing in the distance.

“Hello.” The two anbu crash into two Akatsuki members.

“I’m Kisame” Kisame looks at the anbu.

“And I’m Izuna Uchiha” He looks up to reveal a Mangekyou Sharingan.

“We’ll be taking that” Kisame swings his sword at the anbu hitting one, sending him into a tree.

“Hmm, so your Kis… I forgotten you name how embarrassing, i’m Guy” He takes off his mask to reveal his sparkling teeth.

“You still don’t remember me! I’m going to enjoy killing you!” Kisame swings his sword at guy, who easily dodges it and begins to run.

“You not getting away that easy! Amaterasu!” Black flames surround Guy, Izuna and Kisame!

Guy laughs as he disperses into the air.

“Where did he go!” Kisame looks at the flames.

“I don’t know but that doesn’t matter we have the…Where is it!” Izuna searches the Anbu but finds nothing.

Back in the hidden leaf…

“This is the plan, We’re gonna seal the beast and use its energy to destroy the moon giving us equal power to the red cloud and Madara, Lets start the sealing!” Kakashi puts his hands togerther as he prays to the sage of six paths.

“Sealing Jutsu: Cannon sphere!” A Anbu jumps from the one of the Ten Tails tails.

At the Valley of the end…

“Can you believe it all comes down to this! Do you remember 4 years ago Naruto when you said you would beat me, well i guess thats two promises that will never come true, now that i have you in the Chidori prison!” Sasuke laughs a blood runs down his face from his eyes.

“Wrong i’ll kill you, like i should have done 10 months ago!” Naruto, in a lightning cube, begins to transform to sage mode!

“Too Late!” Sasuke creates a Chidori sharp spear that goes through Naruto’s chest.

“Ahh, No I’ll keep this promise!” A clone appears behind Sasuke with a Rasengan, which makes Sasuke lose his grip on the prison.

“Got…… Ya!” Naruto uses Rasengan wind charka to encase his hand with enough force to go right through Sasuke.

“Naruto are you….” Sakura arrives and stares at Sasuke and Naruto as they hold each other.

wallpaper-naruto-sasuke-anime.jpg END LIFE image by kyou_elric

“I’m sorry my friend!” Sasuke falls to the floor as Naruto Falls smiling.

“Naruto!” Sakura stops Naruto from falling into the water.

“I told you Sakura, i told you i would bring him back!” Naruto dies still smiling.

Back in the Village….

“We did it. we destroyed the moon!” Kakashi stops as Madara appears with the Ten Tailed Beast.

“Wrong, I win! Ten tails, use Charka blast, destroy this village! Bye” Madara leaves as the Ten Tails begins to gather energy in his mouth.

Back at the valley….

“Sakura….” Guy appears with the orb.


“The Village its gone!” Guy falls to his knees as Sakura picks the orb up.

“I can save the village, the world and most importantly Naruto!” The Orb begins to glow and Sakura is once again encased in a white light.

“I’m back!” Sakura wakes up outside Naruto’s villa in the Iron town.

Sakura walks in and grabs Naruto’s arm, Her eyes turn white and so does his.

“Whats happening!?” Yamato looks at Kakashi.

“I don’t know!” Kakashi looks at Sakura as she falls to the floor.

“I know what i must do!” Naruto opens his eyes to reveal the 9 tailed fox’s eye and a tear.

The Screen goes black…


Wow, great season ender or what? After the break the series will feature on how Naruto and co plan to stop the future and so the series will still keep the name Akatsuki Generations as the series will still take place from the eyes of either the current Generation or the 7th or 6th. Heres a preview of whats to come in part two of Akatsuki Generation’s!:

Listen to this while reading (Epic):

Next season:

  • The death of a main character!

  • The ultimate battle between the two strongest shonobi ever!

  • Two Part finale: Savior and Doomsday!

Also big announcement: Over the break i will start a three-part fanfic about what would happen if some magical event made of the world’s population into ninja or at least gave them charka. It will tell the story of Adam Roberts in three parts: Origin and then Hero and then finally Villian. All of them will show a passage in his life. Thanks!

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