Over 400 years ago, a organization was created, it’s plan was simple: Take over the world by restoring the 10 tailed beast. Over the  last 400 years there have been 7 full generations, the 9th being only 8 members. It all started about 100 years after the death of both the Sage of six Path’s and his student, the Uchiha ancestor, died. The Uchiha ancestor had 5 kids, these five kids were all born with the weaker version of the rinnegan, 3 of them had children with people of Hyuga clan with in turn created the Sharingan, the other two were angry at the Senju ancestor who killed his brother, The Uchiha ancestor. The two children, Susaki and Tabaski, create the akatsuki with 8 criminal’s, who have left there own respective clan: Zebutski Touba, a power swordsman who wields the Sharkskin, and 7 other unknown members.

Susaki and Zebutski are walking through a forest, wearing a black robe without the red clouds…

” Hmmm, so our target is this strong ninja with a bounty of 5 million?” asked Zebutski.

” Yes but he is also very important to our two goals.” Replied Susaki.

Suddenly a blast of wind charka hits the two causing an explosion, a masked man uses Wind release: Violent wind cannon to make sure he kills the two Criminals.

” I got them, 6 months of planning and preparation, finally Susaki is dead!” said the masked man.

Out of the dust, Susaki uses Lightning release: Lightning Kunai to knock the masked man unconscious.

Meanwhile, 200 years in the future, a member of Akatsuki is looking at the Tablet of Akatsuki, he looks up to reveal a Sharingan…

” So this is the true will of the Sage of Six Path’s huh!? How surprising.” The mystery Uchiha says in a light voice.

Out of the darkness, another 5 Uchiha walk out, none are wearing the Akatsuki robe.

“The strongest Ninja in the world are working together with the Uchiha Clan, now we will destroy the Senju!” One say’s in a hardened voice.

200 years ago, Susaki is standing over the masked man, he takes off his mask to reveal the only man in entire world with Wind Nature Charka, Kakashi Oka.

” This is him, our target, The wind man!” Zebutski say’s in an excited voice.

Zebutski lifts him with his sword and they leave towards the land of fire.

310 years in the future, everybody believes Madara Uchiha died exactly one year ago and all five of the country’s have been created, but the Great Ninja War is about to begin! Madara Uchiha is talking with Kakuzu and another 8 men.

“t’s time for the Akatsuki to reveal it’s self.” Madara looks at Kakuzu.

Kakuzu leaves towards the village hidden in the clouds.

At the Village hidden in the leaves…

“We need to attack now lord Hokage, you giving the tailed beast’s to the other country’s may have kept peace for a short while but they’ve only increased tension between the Sand Village and the Hidden Mist Village as well as the Land of rain and Land of rock having a battle against each other and the Village hidden in the waterfall for the seven tail’s!” A man says calmly.

“No, we’ll only attack if they attack us, and even then we’ll try and reach a diplomatic situation…” The first Hokage say’s in a mild voice.

A explosion stops the first Hokage’s speech, Waterfall ninja and Sand Ninja come flying in with the one tail attacking the other side of the village. A man wearing a mask whispers under his breath “Kakuzu’s mission worked!”. The man leaves using a Jutsu similar to Tobi’s.

390 Years ago, Susaki and the rest of Akatsuki are talking…

“My brother’s recent death has brought forward our plan’s, His death has allowed me to unlock a new eye, this eye allowed me to read further into the tablet that my grandfather created over 110 years ago! This revealed the truth, what must happen for the 10 tail’s to be truly resurrected.”

Susaki smiles as he looks at a picture of a man, who looks like Izuna Uchiha, Madara’s brother…

” What is OUR mission master?” A man ask’s.

” I’m glad you asked, our mission for now is to raise money and take over a little area where we will base our operation’s but our main two mission’s are to find the current rinnegan holder so we can seal the tailed beast’s and the other is to corrupt the goverment of the land of the Lightning and take it over creating the Land of the Red Lighting!” Sasuki say’s with taking his eyes of the picture of Izuna.

Meanwhile the Daimyo of each country are meeting…

” In the past 20 year’s over 15 people have became missing nin, while you maybe thinking it’s way more then that, your right, except these 15 have all joined a specific group who’s goal is unknown but we know that the group has 10 members at a time which mean’s five have died or been caputured.” The Fire Daimyo say’s with a scared look on his face.

“That’s right, our country has most of there name’s: Susaki Uchiha, Zebutski Touba, Jagoo Laste, Kakashi Oka, Tai Hyuga and Zetsu (Unknown plant man).” The Lightning Daimyo speaks in a happy voice.

Zetsu pop’s up from the ground and kills every single person in there. He also burn’s the document’s that contain the data on the Akatsuki.

“Hahahahhah.” Black Zetsu leaves laughing.

Tai and Juggo are jumping from tree to tree pursuing 6 men, all with the rinnegan. One of the men uses Wind Release: Wind Palm Pressure, which lets out a blast of wind energy destroying the trees and the ground, but Juggo just blows away the wind.

“How did he!?” The man asked him self.

“He’s a member of the Akatsuki remember! Never understimate them.” Another man replied.

One of the others use a abilty which seems to be push and pull, which he, the Deva Path, uses to take out Tai. Juggo look’s back but continues his persuit. Seven Men and one women appear in front of the six Path’s, they stop.

“Move out of our way! or we will be forced to kill you!” shout’s the Deva Path.

Zetsu disappears and reappears behind the Animal path, he then cut’s him in half, the Human Path uses a black sword to cut into Zetsu’s hard skin. Tai returns using a Genjutsu to blind both the Human path and the Deva Path…

The 4th generation are in the Village hidden in the clouds….

“This is our perfect base, we have promised to help the Village in any future Ninja wars, and in return they will keep our existence a secret until the Savior of the world is born, Izuna Uchiha! As a peace-offering we have decided to adopt red cloud’s on to our uniform, to signifie the truce between us and the Red Cloud village!” A Uchiha say’s to the rest of Akatsuki.

To Be Continued………