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hay guys whats up?anway so my new fanfic is going to be out today.and i just wanted to tell you guys some spoilers.

first of all the fanfic will have at least three mangas in it yup thats right THREE i will give you two of them right now 1NARUTO2BLEACH! those are all the ones i can say right now sorry.it is going to be long no short crap.here are a couple spoiler pics


well that all so i hope you read.and i f i do not have it out today i am sorry my laptop is being weird so yeah…….THX READ!


admin writers and editors ONLY!READ READ!


hay guys i was thinking today that this place should have a naruto charater create contest and the winner gets to be in one of the new fanfics that one of us is writing.but if they did not win they could still get in a fanfic.because the admin and writers and editors could choice if they wanted the charater in it.and someone or someones could take as many charaters they want to make a hole new cool fanfic with never before seen charaters.i will under stand if you guys do not like it.but think about it.

The Akatsuki Generation’s: Savior of Uchiha!


Over 400 years ago, a organization was created, it’s plan was simple: Take over the world by restoring the 10 tailed beast. Over the  last 400 years there have been 7 full generations, the 8h being only 9 members.

The 5th generation of Akatsuki are standing in the Land of the Lightning…

” Our Plan is coming to a head, our Savior is soon to be born, we must continue with our plan.” A Uchiha say’s with an old photo in his hands.

” What of his brother, Madara Uchiha, he seems to have just as much power and control over tailed beasts as our Savior” Another man says in a mild voice.

” I do not know but the tablet of the Akatsuki talks only of Izuna Uchiha, that he will unlock the ultimate sharingan, and will be able to bring peace to the world!” The Uchiha replies, still thinking of the man’s comment.

Tai and Kakashi Oka are fighting the 2 tailed cat, Tai uses Fire Release: Fire Ball Jutsu and Kakashi uses Wind Release: Wind Ball Jutsu, The two Jutsu combine into one huge fireball hitting the Two tailed cat and destroying the entire area creating a huge crater.

“(Breathing) Lets tie it up and get to the others.” Tai smirks as he looks into the smoke-filled crater.

The two tailed cat jumps out of the crater and takes out Tai, Kakashi uses Wind Release: Gale Force Jutsu sending a amazing wave of wind towards the Two tailed cat. The Wind jutsu sends the two tailed beast into the air, Tai jumps from the ground with Lightning charka surrounding his sword, he slashs through the two tailed cat’s arm. The two tailed cat gathers all of its power into his mouth and sends a huge powerball towards Tai and Kakashi!

305 Years later, The 5th Generation are standing in the Land of Lighting, a man with the Rinnegan is standing in front of them.

“Izuna Uchiha is coming towards adulthood, his power is key to the revival of 10 tailed beast, But we are still important to plans of Akatsuki, as the 5th full Generation, are task is to start enough battles between clans to bring out the Uchiha Clan as the strongest.” The Rinnegan user say’s in clam voice.

Another man walks from the line, he has a Sharingan.

” With Madara Uchiha taking over the Uchiha Clan, making them the most powerful should be easy, for he hates the Senju and Hyuga, Zetsu, I want you to record the battle between Madara  Uchiha and the Assassin we sent.” The Man say’s looking at a photograph showing Izuna, in the future, holding a mask similar to Tobi’s!

Madara Uchiha is jumping from tree to tree as he pursues a man in a black jacket with red clouds, the man turns around and stops on the tree.

” (Thinking) Hmm Uchiha Madara, this is him, my task is about to begin!” The mystery man thinks to himself.

” Who are you, why was you spying…” Madara is cut off by the man picking him up and slamming him against a tree.

” (Thinking) What was that!? He used his mind to control my body!” Madara wonders as the man lifts him up into the while still standing there.

The man begins to cut open the top of Madara’s forehead, Madara ativates his Mangekyo sharingan and uses Amaterasu to send the man flying to the ground.

” Lightning release: Lightning Kunai!” Madara shouts as he throws a Kunai enhanced with Lightning charka!

Madara checks if the man is dead…

“Hes dead for sure. Huh whats this key? (reading) The key to the Akatsuki Tablet!” Madara gets up and follows the directions…

Zetsu pops up from the ground…

“it seems Madara has unlocked the Mangekyou Sharingan too, soo much for Izuna being the only one…” The Black half of Zetsu laughs as he pops back into the ground.

The 2nd generation of the Akatsuki are in the Land of fire…

” Its time for us to start the first ever war! Itcha, you’re going to kill the lightning dynamo and make it look like you were hired by the Land of Wind. as for you, this is an orb, it has a magical time travel effect, it is enfused with Sage of the Six Paths charka, it has enough power for a trip to anytime and back, i want you, Major Zod of the lightning to go to about 390 years in the future where the tablet predicts the rising of a powerful force.” A Uchiha wearing a jacket with no clouds on it say’s with a smile on his face.

” Yes Sir!” Zod grabs the Orb. It begins glowing a dark black and in an instant Zod is gone!

Present day, Village Hidden in the Clouds…

” Kisame is close to beating the 8 tailed ox sir, The Akatsuki’s plan is finally here!” Zetsu laughs as looks at Tobi.

” Zetsu, am i right in saying, you’ve been in Akatsuki since the 1st Generation?!” Tobi stares directly at Zetsu with his right eye.

” Yes, Madara, since the 1st day, i’ve seen every death of all past Akatsuki members including you ancestors apart from the Generation before ours.” White Zetsu looks sad..” Then again We have learnt  many powerful jutsu!” Black Zetsu jokes.

” My brother was ment to become the Savior of the world, and correct me if i’m wrong but before the tablet was destroyed it talked of resurrection by the means of sacrificing the last Uchiha!?” Madara thinks back to when he found the tablet of the Akatsuki, just hours after killing the mystery Akatsuki man.

95 years ago, 5 years before Madara is killed by the 1st Hokage, Madara stands outside a cave with a key in his hand, a door suddenly appears in the middle of the room, Madara opens the locked door with the key…

” What is this place! (Reading) ” This is the Tablet of Akatsuki, these are directions for the savior of the world, Izuna Uchiha, to read, The writing then goes invisible.”

Madara Activates the Mangekyou Sharingan and the writing appears again…

“(Reading) You must first start wars and battles for enough blood to be spilt on the earth, this will allow for The 10 tail’s Body to be released from the moon, the next part you must capture all of the 9 tailed beasts and seal them using Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seals. The last part is to seal the 10 tails inside yourself giving you unlimited chakra and immortal life.”

Madara becomes enraged with the fact that despite being as powerful as Izuna, he will die as a normal human while his brother will become a God. Madara realizes there is more but it is still only readable with an advanced form of the Mangekyou Sharingan, the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan!

Madara destroys the underground temple and leaves with a Black orb and 10 rings…

The Akatsuki, apart from Zetsu, appear in front of Madara…

“What have you done! You destoryed the instructions for the savior, You will die!” Shouts Sisaku, the current Rinnegan holder.

Sisaku instantly appears in front of Madara, who pulls a sword from his armor. Sisaku kicks Madara sending him into the wall, Madara jumps up throws the sword, which is now incased in Lightning chakra at the ground, causing an explosion and massive amounts of dust to be sent into the air.

” Lightning Release: Lightning Cannon!” Madara shouts as Lightning comes flying from his hands.

A huge explosion seems to take out 5 of the Akatsuki, but Sisaku survives and creates 6 of himself.

Madara uses Amaterasu, causing his right eye to bleed, to take out a Byakugan user and the uses Tsukiyomi, to paralyse and kill the remaining 3. However Madara’s other eye begins to bleed causing him to kneel to the ground in pain!

“Fire Release: Fire Dragon Jutsu” One of them shouts as a Fire Dragon comes flying out of his mouth!

“Water Release: Water Dragon Jutsu” Another one shouts as a Water Dragon comes flying from the lake nearby!

“Wind Release: Wind Dragon Jutsu” One of the clones shouts as a Wind Dragon comes from nowhere!

“Earth Release: Earth Dragon Jutsu” A huge Dragon flys out of the ground as a Clone jumps on top of it.

” Fire Release: Fire Ball Jutsu!” The clone sends the Fireball towards the sky creating a few clouds!

“Lightning Release: Lightning Dragon Jutsu!” The last clone shouts as all of them disappear.

The Dragon’s all fly into Sisaku’s palm and creating a white chakra ball, similar to the rasengan!

“Behold, one of the most powerful jutsu created, not only could it take out an entire city but it kills humans very painfully and very slowly! Now that you’ve destroyed the Tablet of Akatsuki, there is nothing left to live for!” Sisaku shouts as he smashs the chakra ball into the ground!

A massive explosion destroys the entire forest, about 3 miles away Izuna and two other uchiha are standing in the town, they see the explosion and realize thats the direction Madara was chasing the assassin.


“(Thinking) Brother! Com’on we have to go!” Izuna jumps from the roof and into the trees….

As the smoke clears Madara has Susanoo surrounding him, Madara screams in pain as his eyes turn from the Uchiha red to a dead black…

Izuna Uchiha walks through the giant crater left by the chakra ball, he sees Madara lying unconscious with blood pouring out of his eyes and mouth. Madara wakes up in hospital.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Madara screams as he trys to open his eyes.

“Calm my brother, the medic has said you over used the mangekyou sharingan causing blindness, your’ll be blind for the rest of your life!” Izuna looks at Madara.

“(Thinking) Could what that tablet of said been true, does i have to take my own brothers eyes just to keep my eyesight!” Madara thinks to himself as we flash back to Madara talking to zetsu.

” As i said, when you found me and created the 6th generation, you may have saved the entire world, but i guess you and me are the oldest members now that Kakuzu is dead” Zetsu looks at Madara who, unlike himself, seems distant and unintrested.

16 years ago, The Village Hidden in The Leaves, the 9 tailed fox is attacking the Village.

A bright light appears and Zod appears in an instant…

“Where am i, It worked, the orb worked!” Zod watches as the orb falls to the ground.

A tail almost hits Zod, but he jumps out of its way, however not before he grabs the orb.

“Where is the savior Izuna Uchiha!” Zod asks as a man walks from the shadows.

“Who say’s my name!” Tobi walks from the shadows with Mist headband on his waist.

Zod kneels before Tobi, who looks at Zod.

“I am Zod, Zod Senju, i’ve come from 390 years in the past to help you, my lord, in stopping evil and crushing wars!” Zod say’s while still looking at the floor.

“(Thinking) Hmm this could come to my advantage.Fine, Zod, your mission is too…” Tobi voice tunes out as Zod eagerly listens, Tobi then hands Zod his mask, however his face is covered by the shadows…

385 years ago, Tai and Kakashi Oka are hit with the 2 tailed cat’s menacing ball..

As the smoke clears, Kakashi is holding up a shield of Wind protecting himself and Tai, Kakashi collaspes as Tai ativates his Mangekyou Byakugan…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, My friend Kakashi, i will avenge your death!” Tai shouts as he begins to form a ball of lightning chakra in his palm.

Tai runs as the 2 tailed cat throws its tails at him, Tai hits the Lightning ball directly into the 2 tailed cat’s heart.

Tai puts Kakashi’s body onto the 2 tailed cat’s.

“Summoning Jutsu: Three Ravens!” Three ravens appear and fly off with the 2 tailed cat and Kakashi attached to them. A tear rolls down Tai’s eye as a drop of blood comes from the other.

As Zetsu leaves to continue watching the Kisame vs Killerbee fight he remembers all of the Akatsuki deaths, and the screams that are heard…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, No Madara, my eyes!” Can be heard as Zetsu disappears…

To be Continued…… More

Cloudy Revolt Chapter 001: Clouds Hide Nothing

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Rating: M

Word Count: 393

The Hidden Cloud 20 years in the past…

There is a knock on a door…

“Come in,” an unknown man said.  He was feeling despair.  The previous Raikage had died, by this mans hands.  He was so filled with power that he wouldn’t let the previous Raikage pick someone else as the next in the line.  But, the worst thing was… the previous Raikage had been his brother…

The door opened to reveal two dark-skinned children.  One was 6 years of age, while the other could only have been 11 months…

“Daddy, when can you play with us?” the 6-year-old asked.  It had been so long since his daddy had played with him…

“I’m sorry, Gekido, but I have too much work to do.  How about you go play with Hitan, hmm?”  He didn’t really have work to do, he just wanted to stay away from those children.  He didn’t even know why he conceived those two with that cheating whore!  She was no better than his brother!  But, on some level, he loved those children…

“Okay…” Gekido said.  It was boring playing with his little brother.  He was too young to play ninja, and too big to throw around.  He was just no fun.  But, he’s daddy would kill him if he disobeyed him.  So, he left with his brother…

Once they were gone, the man beckoned someone to come out of the shadows.  The man was tall and had a large thing on his back.  He was very muscular, as his sleeves were cut off to his shoulder.  He could possibly kill a man with just a single punch…

“What is it… Lord Naiou.  Should I kill those two tonight?”  He had been waiting for this forever.  He was finally going to get paid!  He had traveled all the way to the Land of Lightning just to wait for 3 years before he could kill those brats for their bounty.  They may have been young, but there chakra levels were off the chart!  He knew this because Samehada had sensed this since he came near them, and he had wanted to feast on their chakra for so long.  And tonight, he would get that chance…

“Yes, Enmu.  Tonight is the night that those to little brats vanish off the face of the Earth!”  He was serious.  Those children were going to die tonight, one way, or another…

Next Chapter: Midnight Catastrophe

Bleach Episode 245: Poisonous Rainbow

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Ja everyone, it’s paintheclown here… again.  And, once again, Tenrai Senshi will not answer me, so, you will have to do without the screens… again!  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I hope you still like it. ^(^_^)^  By the way, don’t ask about the name of my post.  They’re usually randomness!!

Before I start the Breakdown, I would like to go over last weeks poll.  I’m talking about the one that didn’t show the results.  So, here is the results…


1st: Ruri’iro Kujaku with 4 votes!

2nd: Zangetsu with 4 votes also!

3rd: Kazeshini with 3 votes!

4th: Katen Kyokotetsu with 3 votes too!

5th: Wabisuke with 3 votes also!

6th: Sode no Shirayuki with 3 votes!

7th: Muramasa with 2 votes!

8th: Ashisogi Jizo with 2 votes too!

9th: Minazuki with 2 votes also!

10th: Senbonzakura with 2 votes!

11th: Zabimaru with 1 vote!

12th: Hozukimaru with 1 vote too!

13th: Tobiume with 1 vote also!

14th: Haineko with 1 vote!

And last, but not least! 15th: Gonryomaru with one vote!

I’m not going to do the ones with 0 votes because then you’d get bored and stop reading the post.

Okay, the episode begins with Kenpachi and Byakuya fighting.  I’m not going to go over this because it happened last episode.  Renji and Rukia see the little explosion from Byakuya’s Shikai.  Rukia starts to run to the scene of the battle, while Renji yell for her to not get too close, but she simply keeps running…

The scene switches to Ichigo vs. Senbonzakura.  Ichigo tells Senbon to get out of the way, while Senbon tells him he will not pass and shoots his Shikai at Ichigo.  Ichigo dodges all of them and uses Getsuga Tensho to blow them away and hit Senbon.  While the smoke is settling, Ichigo makes a run for it…

Back to Byakuya and Kenpachi. (Oh no!!  Another back and forth episode!!)  Kenpachi is exhasted from Byakuya’s last attack.  Byakuya asks him to leave him alone, or he’ll really have to kill him the next time.  Kenpachi laughs at this and asks, “You’ll kill me, huh?”  He then dares him to try, because he had always wanted to fight Byakuya.  He then tells him to give him everything he’s got!  Byakuya responds with a, “I see,” and tells him that he has no choice.  Beofre they can start, Ashisogi Jizo appears in his Bankai form.  He crashes down between Byakuya and Kenpachi.  Kenpachi is shocked by this.  And Rukia is seen still running towards Byakuya screaming, “Nii-chan!”  But, Renji grabs her.  She tells him to let go and turns to see a ginormous cloud of poison coming right at them.  Renji grabs her again and covers her mouth and nose so she won’t breathe it in…

Ichigo is then seen running and stops when he sees Jizo  and wonders what it is.  Byakuya then appears in front of Ichigo.  While Ichigo is distracted, Senbon charges at him and attacks him.  Senbon successfully attacks Ichigo and he’s sent flying to the  that is covered in poisonous gas.  He gets up and starts to spit blood.  he then covers his mouth and sees Byakuya and Senbon flee.  He then falls over from the poison…

The next scene is of Soi Fon leading Suzumebachi to a place.  Suzume gets bored and tries to attack Soi Fon’s back again, but only hits her right arm.  Suzume deduces that since Soi Fon couldn’t completely evade the attack, she would let her hit her arm.  It is then seen that Suzume had hit her another time before the scene, so a total of 3 markings are shown.  Soi Fon then wonders why Suzume is faster than her, as she is her Zanpakuto.  Suzume then asks if Soi Fon is surpised that she can’t keep up with her.  Soi Fon responds with a, “What?”  Suzume then states that as the fastest Zanpakuto and Shinigamiin all of Soul Society, their spee shuld be equal.  But, Soi Fon can’t catch her, even though she has no problem catching her.  Suzume begins to mock her now.  Soi Fon get’s even more pissed and grabs her sword even tighter!  Suzume continues to mock her, all the while Soi Fon is trying to slash her.  Suzume states that Soi Fon looks up to Yoruichi too much.  Soi Fon tries to slash her again, but she evades it and sits on the blade.  She moves the blade and Suzume gets off.  Soi Fon begins to attack Suzume, who barely dodges all of them.  Suzume then tries to sting her in the eye, but gets her cheek instead.  She then tells Soi Fon that her attacks will never hit her.  She states that it’s time to finish it and begins to fly all around her, asking if she can keep up.  She tries to attack Soi Fon on her cheek again, but Soi Fon uses her Shunko to block her attack.  Soi Fon then turns her blade and slashes her, not missing this time.  Suzume reverts back to her Shikai and falls to the ground…

Wow, what a long scene.  Lolz.  Well, back to the episode…

Back at the cloud of poison, Renji is seen passed out on top of Rukia, also passed out. (God Renji!  You pervert, don’t take advantage of Rukia like that!  Lolz!)  Then, Izuru and Ichigo are seen passed out too!  Jizo reverts back to it’s normal form and flies around looking for something.  He sees Ichigo and starts to hit his head.  Yachiru starts to laugh at Jizo, who is scared out of his wits by her.  He Flash Steps away from her, but she just Flash Steps towards him and says, “Found ya!”  She then asks if they are playing Hide-and-Seek.  Jizo, irritated, Flash Steps away, again.  So, Yachiru begins to follow him on a Wild Goose Chase.  She grabs his wings and throws him to the ground.  But, he gets away and begins to say Bankai, but Kenpachi grabs him by his head and yells at him for messing up his fight with Byakuya.  He then asks how is he going to make it up to him.  But, before he could hurt him, Mayuri appears and self destructs Jizo, breaking him.  Mayuri begins to walk up to Kenpachi and tells him that that was his Zanpakuto and that he had no right to touch it, and that it was his duty to punish it, not Kenpachi.  Mayuri then smiles his freaky smile… (The first time I saw it, I cried; I’m dead serious!)

Back wherever Soi Fon is, she picks up her Zanpakuto and starts to go back to the 6th Squad Barracks (Where everything else took place)  but, when she tries to walk, she trips because she is too injured, but, thankfully, Yoruichi grabs her and stops her from falling.  She then lifts her up into her arms like a princess…

Ichigo is heard screaming about… “something” while Mayuri is keeping him from escaping.  The… “something” is a shot that takes the effects form the poison away.  This shot has acid in it. (What a fun way to be healed…)  Ichigo keeps on yelling and screaming to be let go of.  He then suffers a little from the poison and just before Mayuri gets him with the shot, he Flash Steps a few meters away.  Nemu then grabs him and holds him down.  Just before he gets the shot, Kenpachi tells Mayuri that he doesn’t care what he does to Ichigo, as long as he can still fight him.  Ichigo then yells at him to help him get this “freak” away from of him.  Kenpachi tells him no and Ichigo calls him a bastard.  Yachiru then tells him good luck.  Ichigo asks why neither of them got affected by the poison.  Yachiru, being sarcastic, says, “Well, I held my breath in so I wouldn’t breathe any in.” and gives him a thumbs up!  Jushiro tells them that it was probably Kenpachi’s Reiatsu that blew all the poison away.  Shunsui then says sorry for being late.  Retsu then appears and say thank you to Mayuri for taking care of everyone, but the 4th Squad will take it form here.  Ichigo then THINKS he’s safe, but Nemu holds him tighter.  Ichigo yells for her to get off of him.  Retsu and Mayuri then have a peaceful argument about how easy it is to make an antidote to his poison.  Renji wakes up, (FINALLY off of Rukia) asking if others were affected by the poison.  She responds by telling him that before Jizo came here, he had been loose all over Seireitei.  Then in a flashback, it shows Isane, Iba, Rangiku, and Momo fleeing form Jizo.  Momo hits him with a Kido spell and he turns into his Bankai form.  He then chases them all over.  He begins to get speed up to get closer to them.  They barely dodge him as he bashes through a building towards the 6th Squad Barracks.  They all begin to fall ill to the oison and drop to the ground.  After that, Retsu and the 4th Squad (minus Isane) healed them.  Back in the present, Ichigo thanks Retsu.  Some 4th Squad members appear and tell Retsu about Izuru, Ikkaku, and Yumichika.  Retsu tells them to handle the three while she takes care of the people here, and they disperse.  Shunsui asks if Mayuri was upset about breaking his own Zanpakuto.  He answers that he needed to do research on Muramasa’s brainwashing powers anyways.  He states that it was the same as what Kenpachi did to Wabisuke.  He only shattered him to further his knowledge.  Shunsui then laughs and says that Mayuri is so reliable at times…

(Okay this is the longest scene!)

Jushiro is seen asking Rukia if she is alright.  She says sorry for making him worry.  He says it’s alright and that she needs to rest.  He then asks if she managed to stop Byakuya.  She tells him no…  he then asks no one inperticular why on earth is he doing this…

Byakuya is seen walking up to Muramasa in his hideout.  Muramasa tell him that he did very well.  A Hell Butterfly comes to Muramasa and Byakuya asks if he is going to the real world now.  He responds by telling him to follow him, which he does…

Kenpachi sticks his sword into the ground and tells everyone that he’s leaving now.  Jushiro asks where.  He tells him that he’s going to find Byakuya and finish their fight.  Yoruichi tells him that he won’t find him wandering around.  Kenachi asks if she knows where he is.  She tells him, “Nope!”  That is my favorite part of this episode.  But, she has found the Captain-Commander.  She then asks if anyone wants to see him…

In a cave, a pyramid-shaped barrier is seen, with Yamamoto inside it.  Minazuki, Katen Kyokotsu, and Sogyo no Kotowari hovering above it.  Muramasa and Byakuya come in the cave and Byakuya is shocked to see the Captain-Commander in the barrier.  The episode ends here…

Okay, time for the weekly poll!

The Akatsuki Generation’s: The Original Ten!


Over 400 years ago, a organization was created, it’s plan was simple: Take over the world by restoring the 10 tailed beast. Over the  last 400 years there have been 7 full generations, the 9th being only 8 members. It all started about 100 years after the death of both the Sage of six Path’s and his student, the Uchiha ancestor, died. The Uchiha ancestor had 5 kids, these five kids were all born with the weaker version of the rinnegan, 3 of them had children with people of Hyuga clan with in turn created the Sharingan, the other two were angry at the Senju ancestor who killed his brother, The Uchiha ancestor. The two children, Susaki and Tabaski, create the akatsuki with 8 criminal’s, who have left there own respective clan: Zebutski Touba, a power swordsman who wields the Sharkskin, and 7 other unknown members.

Susaki and Zebutski are walking through a forest, wearing a black robe without the red clouds…

” Hmmm, so our target is this strong ninja with a bounty of 5 million?” asked Zebutski.

” Yes but he is also very important to our two goals.” Replied Susaki.

Suddenly a blast of wind charka hits the two causing an explosion, a masked man uses Wind release: Violent wind cannon to make sure he kills the two Criminals.

” I got them, 6 months of planning and preparation, finally Susaki is dead!” said the masked man.

Out of the dust, Susaki uses Lightning release: Lightning Kunai to knock the masked man unconscious.

Meanwhile, 200 years in the future, a member of Akatsuki is looking at the Tablet of Akatsuki, he looks up to reveal a Sharingan…

” So this is the true will of the Sage of Six Path’s huh!? How surprising.” The mystery Uchiha says in a light voice.

Out of the darkness, another 5 Uchiha walk out, none are wearing the Akatsuki robe.

“The strongest Ninja in the world are working together with the Uchiha Clan, now we will destroy the Senju!” One say’s in a hardened voice.

200 years ago, Susaki is standing over the masked man, he takes off his mask to reveal the only man in entire world with Wind Nature Charka, Kakashi Oka.

” This is him, our target, The wind man!” Zebutski say’s in an excited voice.

Zebutski lifts him with his sword and they leave towards the land of fire.

310 years in the future, everybody believes Madara Uchiha died exactly one year ago and all five of the country’s have been created, but the Great Ninja War is about to begin! Madara Uchiha is talking with Kakuzu and another 8 men.

“t’s time for the Akatsuki to reveal it’s self.” Madara looks at Kakuzu.

Kakuzu leaves towards the village hidden in the clouds.

At the Village hidden in the leaves…

“We need to attack now lord Hokage, you giving the tailed beast’s to the other country’s may have kept peace for a short while but they’ve only increased tension between the Sand Village and the Hidden Mist Village as well as the Land of rain and Land of rock having a battle against each other and the Village hidden in the waterfall for the seven tail’s!” A man says calmly.

“No, we’ll only attack if they attack us, and even then we’ll try and reach a diplomatic situation…” The first Hokage say’s in a mild voice.

A explosion stops the first Hokage’s speech, Waterfall ninja and Sand Ninja come flying in with the one tail attacking the other side of the village. A man wearing a mask whispers under his breath “Kakuzu’s mission worked!”. The man leaves using a Jutsu similar to Tobi’s.

390 Years ago, Susaki and the rest of Akatsuki are talking…

“My brother’s recent death has brought forward our plan’s, His death has allowed me to unlock a new eye, this eye allowed me to read further into the tablet that my grandfather created over 110 years ago! This revealed the truth, what must happen for the 10 tail’s to be truly resurrected.”

Susaki smiles as he looks at a picture of a man, who looks like Izuna Uchiha, Madara’s brother…

” What is OUR mission master?” A man ask’s.

” I’m glad you asked, our mission for now is to raise money and take over a little area where we will base our operation’s but our main two mission’s are to find the current rinnegan holder so we can seal the tailed beast’s and the other is to corrupt the goverment of the land of the Lightning and take it over creating the Land of the Red Lighting!” Sasuki say’s with taking his eyes of the picture of Izuna.

Meanwhile the Daimyo of each country are meeting…

” In the past 20 year’s over 15 people have became missing nin, while you maybe thinking it’s way more then that, your right, except these 15 have all joined a specific group who’s goal is unknown but we know that the group has 10 members at a time which mean’s five have died or been caputured.” The Fire Daimyo say’s with a scared look on his face.

“That’s right, our country has most of there name’s: Susaki Uchiha, Zebutski Touba, Jagoo Laste, Kakashi Oka, Tai Hyuga and Zetsu (Unknown plant man).” The Lightning Daimyo speaks in a happy voice.

Zetsu pop’s up from the ground and kills every single person in there. He also burn’s the document’s that contain the data on the Akatsuki.

“Hahahahhah.” Black Zetsu leaves laughing.

Tai and Juggo are jumping from tree to tree pursuing 6 men, all with the rinnegan. One of the men uses Wind Release: Wind Palm Pressure, which lets out a blast of wind energy destroying the trees and the ground, but Juggo just blows away the wind.

“How did he!?” The man asked him self.

“He’s a member of the Akatsuki remember! Never understimate them.” Another man replied.

One of the others use a abilty which seems to be push and pull, which he, the Deva Path, uses to take out Tai. Juggo look’s back but continues his persuit. Seven Men and one women appear in front of the six Path’s, they stop.

“Move out of our way! or we will be forced to kill you!” shout’s the Deva Path.

Zetsu disappears and reappears behind the Animal path, he then cut’s him in half, the Human Path uses a black sword to cut into Zetsu’s hard skin. Tai returns using a Genjutsu to blind both the Human path and the Deva Path…

The 4th generation are in the Village hidden in the clouds….

“This is our perfect base, we have promised to help the Village in any future Ninja wars, and in return they will keep our existence a secret until the Savior of the world is born, Izuna Uchiha! As a peace-offering we have decided to adopt red cloud’s on to our uniform, to signifie the truce between us and the Red Cloud village!” A Uchiha say’s to the rest of Akatsuki.

To Be Continued………

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hi this is sasuke 15! anyway just wanted to say hi to all the people i am the new writer here.and i just wanted to say that i will start writing soon.i will start writing crossovers with naruto and bleach and more i can not tell you how many mangas will be in it but it should have at least three mangas in it so i hope you write it i can not tell you the date that it will come out because i am still in high school and i have alot of homework all the time but i will post in soon.thx for reading bye.

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