As Madara stated in chapter 463, his ultimate goal is Kenzentai, the ultimate body. I wondered how he plans to achieve this and I now think he has a three step plan.

Step 1.: Plagiarism no Jutsu: sorry to the Uchiha fans, but most Uchiha are idiots. They suffer from the “Hidan Effect,” basically they are so naturally talented that they don’t work hard and do stupidly cocky things in battle because they can afford to get away with them. (okay maybe it’s just Sasuke…)

For example, Kakashi, Itachi and Sasuke, through access to the sharingan, have the ability to learn a ton of jutsu with absolutely no problem (and Kakashi supposedly has) but how many do they use in battle? Almost none.

Itachi relies solely on techniques unique to him, the sharingan, and the MS. Kakashi’s used a few, But his three go to moves in battle he invented himself. (Chidori, Dog Summoning, and Kamui) Sasuke has also copied several jutsu, Chidori, Snake Summoning, and Strong Fist Taijutsu to name a few. However, His best techniques he learned/invented himself. He did get Chidori from Kakashi, but then he invented several new variants of it on his own, again he gets Itachi’s MS techniques (though he did not voluntarily copy them) and invents new versions no one else can copy.

 This leads me to believe that the majority of the 1000 Jutsu that Kakashi supposedly knows are useless like the rope-escape jutsu or extremely situational like the Tile Shuriken Jutsu. These are the genius Uchiha, what about the non-geniuses??? Now I didn’t bad mouth the Uchiha for no reason, and they do have their merits (especially those smart enough to invent ninjutsu) BUT there is a better way, and I think Madara has found it. In battle, it’s possible to learn a lot of information about a Jutsu if you have a sharingan. You can pick up on a few essential things like Hand Signs, Chakra type (from hand signs), and weaknesses (through analysis) pretty quick.

But, it’s hard to learn the ins and outs, for example, a sharingan could tell you roughly how the Rasengan works, and roughly how to counter it, but to learn it, you need to know the steps and then practice them to use it. Other techniques may not have these specific problems, but you wouldn’t get all you need from a single encounter in battle, especially for more advanced techniques. But what if you copied you allies jutsu? You could watch them in battle through many battles over an extended time period.

 This is what I think Madara’s plan was. I think he either went to the Mist village with this intent, or developed it while there. I think while in the Mist Village, he used it’s resources to locate the strongest ninja with the most desirable jutsu. I think it’s no coincidence that most of the members of Akatsuki have some level of immortality. 

I think Madara selected them for this reason. I think he wanted to learn all of their jutsu and combine them in an unbeatable body. If you combined even a few of Akatsuki members, Hidan, Orochimaru, and Kakuzu for example, you would be unstoppable. You couldn’t die in battle, you couldn’t die from old age, disease ect. and, if you happened to find a useful Kekkai Genkai or came upon some other useful trait you could absorb that too, for instance with these abilities you could also absorb Pein, the Renningan, and his Chakra. Considering Hidan is the only one of these people with a kekkai genkai, and he can also be absorbed via the Orochimaru method, this isn’t all that far-fetched. Now imagine if you copied all of these jutsu, and then did what both Kakashi and Sasuke did, take them one step further to eliminate their flaws. That level of power is almost scary to consider… There are a few (two specific) problems with this theory though, which leads to steps 2. and three

Step 2.: Get a Chakra battery!

Madara has revealed one of his greatest weaknesses, he lacks a large supply of chakra, and if you consider the high level of chakra that people like Kakuzu and Orochimaru have, this would be a problem for imitating them because like the Rasengan, it once again comes down to something you can’t copy.

Now given Madara’s history with the Nine-Tailed Fox and the stated goal of Akatsuki, it’s pretty obvious what Madara’s solution to this was. I personally like the theory that Gedo Mazo will either 1. create an above-nine-tailed beast or 2. give controlled access to each of the Bijju that are synced with it. But even if it’s just a container for Bijju, removing a selected Bijju and then putting it into another himself would also solve Madara’s chakra problem. So while doing research for his Kenzentai, he has been sending the ninja he wished to copy out to collect the Bijju while having Zetsu monitor their battles for further study.

Step 3.: The Sage of Six Paths/Senjuchiha

Another problem that Madara has, is getting his hands on jutsu or Kekkai Genkai that are extinct. He can’t copy a jutsu if he doesn’t see it preformed and he can’t absorb someone if they are dead (at least not with Orochimaru’s jutsu, though he could have fixed this somehow…) 

 Of the extinct jutsu, I can think of three main things he would want, the powers of the Sage of Six Paths, the power of the Senju Clan/Younger brother (NOT Moukyuton, but the chakra levels that distinguish Hirashima’s abilities from Yammato’s) and lastly the Ultimate EMS (either the EMS created from Itachi and Sasuke’s eyes or that plus Madara and Izuna’s combined EMS). None of these are exactly easy to obtain, the Itachi-Sasuke EMS is probably the easiest, because of the jutsu Itachi used on Sasuke, then probably the Senju/Younger Brother abilities from Naruto.

All that Madara has to do is push the two against each other and then step in when they are their strongest and take what he wants, but the Sage’s powers? Some might say take them from Pein (though he’s dead so that option’s gone whether Madara planed to or not) But as Kakashi said, “The Renningan was just a mutation” how true this is, is debatable, but it wasn’t exactly on par with the Sage’s abilities, so how does Madara get it? The answer is actually already written above, he combines the Senju and the Uchiha once again to reform the Sage and finally obtains Kenzentai!


Senju vs Uchiha

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I have been thinking of this post for a while, I have always had a twisted idea of right and wrong since every person acts within their mind to the “greater good” (well at least in Naruto). People believe that the Uchiha are the evil of the world and the Senju is what makes it right but is this a fair assumption to make, the Uchiha and their allies vs the Senju and their allies, who has done more for power, or the “greater good”

Well lets begin at the beginning. This would be the struggle between the Uchiha and Senju but it actually starts with two brother both very strong, ones ideals was that the world should be ruled by love and understanding while the other believed in a dictatorship that the strong must rule. The Sage chose love and understanding over strength so this created a hatred between the brothers and this rivalry has been the bench mark for much of the rivalry in Naruto. This is the first time the more powerful was made the lessor of the weaker. At first in the series it was put down to pure genious vs hard work, this ideal has now been twisted to be love vs hate, examples of this, Neji vs Naruto, Gaara vs Naruto, Sasuke vs Naruto.


The battle between Senju and Uchiha continued for generations until the two strongest members of each time arrived, Hashirama vs Madara, they had both been a pure example of the ideals past down, Hashirama have the ability of wood which is life and Madara ruled by being the most powerful even sacrificing his younger brother to obtain it but they both realized the rivalry must end, so they formed a village together.

This is where we have a lot more info on the relationship between the two clans. It was both the Uchiha and the Senju to agreed that they wanted peace in the time, it wasn’t only one sided, it was both. They form the village and what happens, Hashirama gains the most powerful position and many top officials are given to the Senju.

That was the history of it.


Madara like Danzo believes in results he believes that a firm hand stops conflict faster then words, he was the leader of one of the strongest clans in the ninja world and he was made a servant of the Senju the clan he hated from birth, Hashirama in my opinion could of had a shared gov. where they are like co owners of a company but nope


Hashirama made a dictatorship with himself the head of the Leaf Village, it may be harsh but its true, you may say he was voted to power, remember the worst dictators in history took office by applause, but bear with me here. Madara sees the old hatred between the Senju and Uchiha would make the Senju not want the Uchiha to have power, obviously in 4 Hokage’s not one Uchiha, there is 2 Senju and their student plus the 4th. The Senju where able to work within this ideal that what they believed is right and indoctrinated other to live and die for that belief system. Madara was also raised to believe his way is right, and he was willing to kill and die for it. So this lead to his defection, Hashirama knew he couldn’t allow a threat like Madara to leave and the village so he tried to kill him at the valley of the end.


Now to me killing is killing there is only just killing in defense or accident and this was neither of them. Hashirama had grown up believing his ideals where right and would kill for it.

Madara is the only founding person not to be honored or remembered only at the valley of the end as a warning for others not to follow his example, but he for saw the destruction of the Uchiha clan if the Senju continued to rule. This was later realized by the Genocide of all Uchiha in the village. They where ostracized by the others just because there was a slight chance it was them that had released the fox on the village the village created an environment where they denied the Uchiha the one thing they want and that was power, sure they where the MP but the true leaders where men like Sarutobi, Danzo etc not Uchiha, the uchiha where the fists of the village giving there lives for the village and in the end each one, man, women or child where killed for this “greater good” they speak of. If the there was one Hokage from the Uchiha maybe they wouldn’t have seen the need for a civil war but the fact that they where treated like traitors for just having the ability would make even me feel like wanting to become a traitor.

To me this is all part of the Senju and its Allies (Danzou’s) plan for power, they knew if they didn’t kill the Uchiha there would be war so rather kill a person for a crime they haven’t even commited… for just being born different… ever hear of Rwanda in Africa look it up, an entire people where wiped out for this ideals. The Senju to me are more evil then the Uchiha because the Uchiha do not hide behind the “greater good” to kill they show their intentions are for power and maybe its not a bad thing look at what so many years of rule by the Senju has done, there has been 3 Wars, Genocide and distrust among each of them cause the Senju use peace to gain power over people, look at when the Sand attacked the Leaf, it was because of unfair military and trade policies that had been enforced to benefit the Leaf, they created people like Naguto and Pein. They have done worse then anyone else. Look at the results, Madara is able to control the most powerful organization without people knowing his identity, if he had control the leaf they would of been feared and respected.


In my opinion this ideal that the Uchiha are born evil is the same as racism, if the Senju/Danzou hadn’t force Itachi to kill the Uchiha would Sasuke be off killing and wanting revenge, nope. If Hashirama had created a shared power and military police before Madara defection would it be fair to say Madara would not have reason to leave. If the Sage had pick the Uchiha I wonder what the Senju would of done, if he wanted to have peace why not join with his brother and share the power of the future equally, nope they both kept fighting for power both as greedy as the other, Senju hide behind a mask of love and peace but in the end reach the same results… A dictator in power one that was wanted by the people… Danzou is now showing what an Uchiha reign would be like, even sharing the eyes and ability.


You may say my logic is flawed, since it would mean that they try appease Orochimaru by making him the 4th instead etc but I am not saying that they should appease them in that way, I am saying they use the excuse of them being the good guys too often, just because your views are different doesn’t mean the others is wrong…

This is my first theory post, please let me know what you think

Shadow of Dawn Chapter 6: Twilight Part 2

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Shadow of Dawn

Chapter 6

Twilight Part 2

“The consequences are what we must consider. The deviants that are stealing the scroll can use them to cause a great calamity. With all 5 scrolls together you can pretty much call yourself a deity.” The Tsuchikage, the Mizukage and the Raikage spoke in Kumogakure.

The Mizukage sat quietly with an alarmed look on her face. The Raikage started to speak with a hollow tone. “Now! We have to create a Striking Team to attack their HeadQuarters dead on. We require headstrong ninja Jonin that are very skilled and talented. We need to send them soon. We’ll need at least 2 ninja from eacch of the 5 main contries to join in the attack. I suggest that we choose our two ninja, Jonin or higher, to join and send them to Konoha and get them prepped. Agreed?”

The other two Kages agreed and they made their separate ways.

In Kirigakure…

Chojuro, after returning from Konoha, and the Mizukage stood before each other. Chojuro spoke first.

The Mizukage looked straight at him, an ogling glare in her eyes. She pointed at him. “I choose you.”

Chojuro had a baffled look on his face. “M-Me?”

“Come on Chojuro, you’re past all that studdering. I said YOU!” Chojuro smiled and then picked another shonobi named Ferashi to help.

In Kumogakure…

The Raikage stood in front of Omoi and a Jonin named Tenrai. “I’ve chosen the two of you to join the Pre-Strike team on the Akatsuki! I expect you to be in Konoha by tomorrow.”

Omoi and Tenrai saluted and headed out.

In Iwagakure…

The Tsuchikage stood on a balcony, staring at two ninja, one Akatsuchi and the other named Bonroi. “I would like you two to join the Raiding team, and I want you in Konohagakure by tomorrow morning. You’re dismissed. Get prepped!”

Bonroi and Akatsuchi headed out.

In Sunagakure…

Temari, since being called back, was chosen for the mission. Gaara also put himself in the team. He said that he would join soon, after he made positive that Matsuri was okay.

In the Leaf Village the next morning…

On the Hokage mountain, Konohamaru awaited the arrival of the shinobi that were aiding in the raid on the Akatsuki. “Okay…I see Tenrai and Omoi are here…As well as Chojuro and Ferashi…All right…”

Soon, Temari joined them, as well as Shikamaru and Kiba. Kiba was elated at being chosen for the mission. “Yeah! It’s been so long since I had a mission!”

In the Nara Forest, Shino stood panting.

“I…That was difficult…But now the guy is dead…That fight…lasted almost forever…Gah…I’d better…Get…” He collapsed…

In the rural mountains, Neji sat up, still writhing in pain. He remembered two days ago when he was defeated by Hakujou.

“I’ll…I’ll get back at…Hakujou!”

Back on the Hokage Mountain…

Akatsuchi, Bonroi and Gaara showed up at last. Naruto and Sasuke followed Gaara there, joining Konohamaru.

Konohamaru made his announcement. “All right…Now that everyone is here, I have chosen the Team Leaders! Sasuke and Naruto will lead this raid upon the Akatsuki and try to ensure their downfall. If you’re wondering, the name of the raiding team is Striker.”

“Konohamaru…May I join as one of the leaders? I want to get some action in!” The sudden voice from behind Konohamaru startled everyone. A familiar, pink haired woman walked up and smiled brightly.

Sasuke smiled. “Sa…Sakura?!” Naruto was even more surprised.

She waved, and Naruto questioned. “But after you claimed title of Sannin with us, you dropped of the face of the earth!”

Sakura grimaced. “Eh? No, I’ve been living on the outskirts of Amagakure for the last 12 years! But, now I’m back and I am ready to join your raid! YEAH!”

Everyone’s eyes were large as life. Konohamaru accepted and briefed everyone on the mission.

“All right! We are to raid the Akatsuki’s HQ! You won’t head straight in, but go in groups of 3, with the exception of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Gaara who will travel together! Now…When you get there…Attack head on…When you’re ready…HEAD OUT!” Everyone cheered and disappeared. Sakura, along with Sasuke, Naruto and Gaara, started suit.

When in the valley Hitshirezu and Kabuto met just days before, everyone was briefed on how to split.

The base was an above ground cave that was together and blocked off, like a building, but much larger, and short and stalky.

Shikamaru, Omoi and Ferashi were sent in one group to attack from the sky.

Tenrai, Akatsuchi and Temari were sent to attack from behind the “building-cave.”

Kiba, Bonroi, and Chojuro were sent to attack from either side.

Gaara, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura decided to head in the entrance.

Team Shika decided to take the high route and travel on top of one of the curves in the valley as to attack from the roof. Soon, they reached it and crouched down behind some trees.

Shikamaru tried to think of a way to attack.

Just a mere second of thinking, and they noticed an explosion from the bottom of the cave, a couple hundred stories down. They knew that Team Temari had just gained entrane. Shikamari told Omoi to send a bolt of lightning straight in the sky. He did so and Shikamaru summoned his Shadow Strands, which flew up and wrapped around the lightning. The shadow chakra consumed the lightning and dropped it. When it came into contact with the stone structure of the roof. The roof exploded, sending a powerful shockwave, pushing the trio back a bit. After recovering, they hopped into the small entrance.

From the side of the building, Kiba used Dagger Fang Bash to rip a hole in the side. “There! Easy as breaking a brick!”

Bonroi looked around. “Uh, Kiba? A brick isn’t THAT easy to break without a jutsu…” Kiba sweatdropped and ignored it. “Come on you two!”

Team Sasuke entered nonchalantly into the front entrance of the cave-building, armed and set of course, ready for anything. In the center of the first floor, the quads could hear Team Temari on the other side of the boulders.

“Team Temari! Are you over there?!” Sasuke howled through the rocks. From the other side, Temari answered yes back and crushed the rocks with a rough blast of wind from her fan. The 7 of them met in the middle and peered upwards, where the light shone down. They hopped up and inside. Team Kiba entered soon and followed suit.

On the 4th floor, the Akatsuki gathered inside and were prompted on their following movements.

Kabuto gave the prompt. “Okay! We have sudden intruders so we need to respond. We have a few from the roof, and the rest are from below. I’ll split you up! Kibu and Kisame, you head to the 5th floor. Hidan, Kakaze and Jinrai, down to the 2nd floor! GO!” The teams split up to their designated areas.

Kabuto stood in tranquil and elaborate thought. He thought back about 7 years ago…

7 years ago…

“Ka-kabu-KABUTO! When….Will I f-finally take f-ORM!?”

“Lord Orochimaru…Gah…I…You will come after…gah…After the last pieces of your heart have…ugh…Formed…*pant*” Kabuto almost passes ouut from no breath and exhaustion. Orochimaru’s cells had almost completely taken over Kabuto, and just the pieces of the heart had to form to fully complete Orochimaru’s life.

Kabuto keeled over in pain and suffered waves of strain throughout his body. Kabuto suddenly felt the writhing pain…cease. He sat back up and sat, still feeling a small sting. “L…Lord Orochimaru? LORD OROCHIMARU!?” The scales on his body decreased and slowly gathered towards his chest, being sealed in a small source. His mouth fell agape and his eyes full of shock and sadness. But he smiled. “Lord Orochimaru…Is dead…The mixed emotions…Already flooding over me!” A broad smirk traveled from ear-to-ear.

Present time…

Team Shikamaru kneeled and looked ahead, staring at the “staircase” that lead to the fourth floor. Ferashi barely made a step and a kick to the face greeted him, sending him across the floor, but quickly recovering and sliding. Kisame appeared standing with Kibu.

Without any words, Kisame drew his Samehada and swung forward. Kibu took a lump of clay from his arm and started to mold it. Shikamaru quickly thought his steps out. Shikamaru disappeared and appeared hanging from the ceiling. He took out a roll of wire and took a strand in his mouth. Kisame hopped upwards with his sword and struck at Shikamaru. Shikamaru boosted himself from the cieling, throwing the roll of wire around Kisame, unbeknownst to him, and wrapping him. Kisame tried to come down, but realized he was suspended in the air, unable to move and wa put in an awkward position.

He formed a one-hand handsign and his two top “canine” teeth grew much larger in size and sliced the thread with them, sending him to the ground.

“Gah! That throws my steps out of wack!” Shikamaru went through the process of his thoughts and tried to regenerate a plan of action. Kisame hit the ground and he lunged forward. He jumped and swung his sword at Omoi. Omoi looked side to side and then back flipped out of the way. He spit out one of his toothpicks at Kisame, but Kibu suddenly appeared with his creation and canceled it out; his creation was a Clay Sledgehammer.

“My clay sculptures my look like just a molded figure…But I learned from my brother that art is more than just a drawing or a molding…Art is Special!” He lunged his sledgehammer at Omoi, smacking him in the right leg and dislocating it. Omoi lay sprawled on the ground, but rose to his left knee.

Kibu let out a chuckle and he twirled into the air and came down with his hammer.

On the 2nd floor, the 7 from before arrived and confronted Hidan, Kakaze and Jinrai. Jinrai quickly dashed on the wall and held his hands out, electricity being pulsated towards the 7. Sasuke used his Chidori Blade and absorbed the lightning. Jinrai hopped over them and turned his body into electricity above them. Tenrai kicked the ground a thunderbolt flew upwards, absorbing energy.

Back upstairs, Omoi tries to cause a fist to make contact with Kibu, but he misses by an inch. Kibu kicks him in his hip, sending him against a wall.

“You’re pathetically weak!” Kisame swings at Ferashi numerous times, missing with each swing. Ferashi jumped upwards, then down the still wrapped Samehada. Kisame smirks and causes the bandages to tear off. Ferashi notices this movement and back flips off, also throwing kunai at Kisame. He avoids this attack and draws his second sword. Shikamaru aids Omoi. Kibu gets angry and stands still.

“I think I’ve had just enough of this! It’s time to…Unleash!” An energy formed above him in a sword-like shape. He stood straight and the “sword” swung down, slicing him in half. The two sides regenerated and formed two bodies. “Intimidating? No, not yet….But once you realize the power of me…”

The two Kibu’s dashed on the wall towards Ferashi. Ferashi sprng up and reached into his pouches, grabbing 8 shuriken. He closed his eyes. Both Kibu’s shot from the wall and chip off a piece of their arms, molding them into balls. Shikamaru set aside Omoi and hopped into the air. Ferashi opened his eyes and saw the two Kibu’s coming for him. He flipped backwards slowly and threw the shuriken on the ceiling. Grabbing the wire he attached, he hung suspened in the air. The Kibu’s threw their balls of clay at him, but Shikamaru interfered and was hit by the balls. He hit the ground and was stuck in place. The clay started growing larger and crawled up his body. Ferashi cut the wire with a kunai.

“Gah, that was pointless…!” Ferashi formed hand signs and swung his leg in a circle on the ground. A ring of water formed and levitated above him.

“This is a jutsu I constructed myself! Water Style: Aqua Ringer Jutsu!” He threw the water ring. Kibu 2 was hit by the ring and trapped in mid-air. The ring’s circumfrence decreased in size and constricted around Kibu 2. “It’s a variation of the Water Prison!” Ferashi smirked.

“You wish! This jutsu constricts until nothing is left of you!” Shikamaru was still being swallowed by the clay. Kibu 1 had a distraught look on his face.

He stepped on the ground and threw a piece of clay on himself. He made a one handed hand sign. “Here we go! Clay Sealing Death!” The clay fully consumed Shikamaru up to his neck. The clay consumed Kibu 1 to the same line. “This Jutsu will kill the both of us, but at least it’s one less to interfere with our plans. I perfected this after Deidara died. His last-ditch move was a jutsu that was unsure of killing all that surrounded. This one is a sure-fire kill!”

Downstairs, Jinrai kneeled on the floor, exausted.

Hidan threw his scythe in a downward axel, flying for Gaara. His sand deflected it and he sent spears of sand towards Hidan. Kakaze appeared in front of him and put up a chakra blockade. The spears stopped dead in their tracks. Sakura came close to smashing the ground, but Naruto caught her fist, taking in mind that one punch could cause the downfall of the entire building. Jinrai took the opporotunity to use a Jutsu that flashed brightly. Everyone was blinded for a split second, apparently long enough for the trio to escape upstairs. The entire team headed upstairs in hot pursuit.

A few hours earlier…

“Koukishi…Are you finally up?” Koukishi stood in front of Kabuto and nodded, kneeling on one knee. “Good, I want you to take Hakujou out of here and head for our real HQ! Get there quickly. The surviving members and I will catch up soon. GO!”

Present time…

Kibu and Shikamaru were still being consumed by the clay. Ferashi started to perspire at holding the ring around Kibu 2 in the air. He looked in desperation at Shikamaru. He made a split second decision. He clencched his fist together, killing Kibu 2. He quickly formed a hand sign and used the Body Soul Transfer Jutsu. Suddenly, Ferashi was in Shikamaru’s place. Shikamaru was sitting on the ground, mouth agape in awe and bewilderment.

Kibu opened his eyes. They grew large in shock as he noticed Ferashi is Shikamaru’s place. Kibu frowned, but then put on a wide smirk.

“Whatever, I guess I’ll just take…YOU INSTEAD!” He made a hand sign and the clay started glowing white, then stopped. Ferashi felt a stinging sensation over his body. He realized poison was being inserted into his body and he cringed.

The clay on Kibu’s head deteriated enough so he could speak. “When my brother killed himself, I perfected the unltimate style of using clay. I used many different types of clay…all marvelous and cleverly put together…looked into sculpting…I soon learned that sculptures and sculpting was more than molding clay…MUCH MORE! I learned that real sculpting is…actual sculptures is…Malevolant Beauty! Evil and gorgeous at the same time…!”

Omoi staved off his pain and jumped in the air. He drew his sword and eletrified it, thus throwing it at Kibu. Kibu’s clay molded in front of him and protected him. The electricity shocked the clay, but Kibu was unaffected. Shikamaru noticed Ferashi writhing in pain from the electric shock.

“Trying to get me at this point is futile…But since you are so persistant, I’ll take you too!” His clay shot up at Omoi’s legs. Suddenly, a Fang Over Fang ripped through the clay. Kiba appeared and slid on the ground.


Kisame rose from the crater he had been thrown into minutes before. Kisame looked up and saw a sword being lunged down in his face. He threw out a hand and caught the incredibly sharp blade. It sliced his hand, but he scurried from the crater. Chojuro rose the sword again and swung once more, his sword wrapped in water. Kisame backflipped out of the way.

In that room, the team of 7 appeared, along with Bonroi coming from the roof, and saw Kibu and Ferashi in a hold. Kisame formed a hand sign and used the Water Shockwave Jutsu. A large wave of water crashed in and swept away the team of 7, Omoi, Kiba and Chojuro down th raggy hallway, finally stopping on the previous floor. Bonroi and Shikamaru held their place, uneasily.

Bonroi looked up from the ground and saw Kisame lunging his sword at him. Suddenly, an explosion erupted the building. Shikamaru gazed over at Bonroi and Kisame. Kisame stood from the smoke. “That’s all she wrote of him…Kibu are you…?!”

Kibu and Ferashi were completely consumed by the clay. From inside Kibu’s, he screeched his final words. “This is the ultimate sculpting! One type of art that takes lives…one type that can render death upon it’s beholder!” Kisame’s eyes grew large.

Shikamaru backed up. Suddenly, the clay sculptures disntegrated, leaving minute traces of clay on the ground, but nothing of the contents. Shikamaru’s eyes glazed over. “Dammit!”

Kisame heard something in his ear and he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Shikamaru’s thoughts shuffled around. “Ferashi risked his own life for mine…I’m tired of this happening…Some things I can’t handle…But…!”

The people that had been swept away climbed back up to Shikamaru’s spot and saw him…weeping upon the ground.

Shadow of Dawn Chapter 5: Building Stride

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Thanks to all the readers that have made it this far in progress of this fic. Thanks again for staying loyal to reading ;D

Shadow of Dawn

Chapter 5

Building Stride

The faces of the Akatsuki members became shocked and baffled at the revealing of their master’s face. They knew that this person was superior to them, hence why they were there, but not ever learning the identity of their master. “Okay, Jinrai and Kakaze, take action!”

“Yes, sir!” Jinrai lead Kakaze out and they were off towards Konoha. “As for Kibu and Hakujou, I need you two to head after Sunagakure, but keep a low profile. Hidan and Kisame, you two stay here with Koukishi. If he awakens, tell him to join Kibu and Hakujou. I have an “appointment” with Hitshirezu and a captive.” The master disappeared.

“Hmph, so Kabuto Yakushi never actually died…” Kisame started questioning the possibilities at the moment. Hidan shortly lost his temper.

“It’s too quiet and I shouldn’t be kept up in here all the time! Jashin needs to be satisfied with a few deaths today! I need to catch up on-”

“Hidan! Shut up will ya!”

Kabuto walked silently and slowly down a hollow, valley. It was rugged, barren and urved upwards in a cone. Kabuto walked on, his thoughts racing. “The defenses are getting greater. I need to finish Lord Orochimaru’s proficy. The scrolls,” He clenched his fists tight, “Will be ours and the Nine-Tailed Fox will arise once more!” Kabuto stared into the valley ahead. Hitshirezu appeared, dragging a net with a build inside. Kabuto walked over to the net and peered at the contents. “Hmm…We now have a hostage.”

“The more dire the situation…The higher we need raise awareness…” Konohamaru spoke to his head guards, Shikamaru and Sai. “All right, I’ve decided to call a meeting. We need to call upon the other two Kages whove’s scrolls have not been thefted. The meeting needs to be scheduled in 3 days time!”

Shikamaru and Sai obeyed and called upon Gaara and the Raikage.

“Hey, you two idiotic fools! You’d better let me go!” Kamui insisted the orderes from behind some iron bars in the cavern.

Kabuto glared into her eyes. “No matter how annoyingly persistent you are, it won’t work.” Kamui’s face grew red with fury and anger. She slammed a fist into one of the iron bars, severly injuring her fist, but bending the bar. “You’d better let me go!” Kabuto’s face grew annoyed.

In 3 days, the meeting started in Konoha…

“Konohamaru…We’re here because of the scrolls, am I correct?” Gaara question calmly at the man who called the meeting

“Yes, Gaara, and Raikage. Thank you for coming because the current situation has become worse and gets worse as the days pass by. We need to up our security and start acting back.” The Raikage shifted in his chair and stood up.

“And now that we know where their HQ is…We can hit back harder than they hit us and take the scroll back to their rightful places!”

At the Shrine in Konoha…

Shikamaru used Shadow Strands Jutsu, but missed his opponent. Jinrai slid on the ground and glared back at Shikamaru. “Do you want to test my abilities child? Well then let’s dance!” Jinrai appeared on a limb above Shikamaru and formed some hand signs. “Ha! Lightning Style: Fang Lightning Beast Justu!” He opened his mouth and small ball of electricity was revealed from it. It started for Shikamaru and gained velocity, and soon turned into a form shaped like a lion, pouncing on its prey from above.

Shikamaru slid on his shoulder and avoided the blast.

From farther ahead…

“Wind Scythe Sandstorm Jutsu!” Kakaze jumped on a tree and then shot off, deftly avoiding the attack.

“I’m tired of these games! Time to unvail my ability…” Jinrai appeared in the air next to him, grabbing his arm and throwing him to the ground. Kakaze got up and his face was flooded with anger. “Jinrai! What do you think you’re doing!?” Jinrai, without a word, threw a kick into Kakaze’s face.

Kakaze slapped his hands together. He was suddenly stopped by a hand on his shoulder. Jinrai’s voice emerged from behind him.

“Kakaze, I have the scroll *snicker* let’s go!” Kakaze was baffled but suddenly realized the person he was beginning to fight was Shikamaru in transformation.

Temari heard the words “I have the scroll” and she unleashed “Wind Scythe Air Turbulence Jutsu.” Kakaze and Jinrai avoided the Jutsu by disappearing and Shikamaru was struck. Temari dashed over to him and kneeled.

“Shikamaru…Um…They…Got the scroll…” Shikamaru popped up and panted.

In the meeting…

An Shimari appeared at the door and was allowed access, due to the meeting being over. Shimari entered and saw the Raikage, Gaara and Konohamaru getting ready to leave.

“Kage, sirs, I have urgent news to report…The Konoha Scroll of Hope was…stolen…” Konohamaru’s face grew grim and he frowned.

Gaara and the Raikage’s eyes widened and faces grew pale with fear. Gaara stood up quickly. “That’s three now! Sunagakure and Kumogakure are the next targets! We can’t wait around here! I’m going. Matsuri, let’s get back to the village.”

“Yes, Gaara!” Matsuri and Gaara headed off. The Raikage and Omoi started back for Kumogakure as well.

Konohamaru rushed out. “I wonder if…He has anything to do with the Akatsuki…Nevermind that…Our scroll was stolen and now, with three scrolls, the Akatsuki could do anything they want now…” He clenched his fist.

Hinata was in the Hokage Manison on the way to the Hokage’s room as she passed Konohamaru. “Hey, Hinata wait a second.” Hinata stopped and looked back.

“Yes?” “I want you to head to Sunagakure as well, help Gaara out if anything occurs.” “Yes…Sir!” She headed out for the destination she was ordered to.

On the outskirts of the Sand Village about 20 minutes after Gaara and Matsuri’s return…

“Kibu, are you all set?”

“Hakujou, I’m all ready!” “Okay, Kibu, let’s head in, but keep a low profile like Kabuto said!”

Hakujou abandoned his robe by the wall and made his way in. Kibu followed not long after, but just kept himself discrete WITH his robe on.

Hakujou searched the area for the shrine. His eyes sparkled when he found it. “Hm! Finally! Now to get the scro-” Hakujou was suddenly hit in the back with a blunt force.

“Not on your life!” Gaara stood levitated in the air on sand. “Getting that scroll will be the task to accomplish after you die!” The sand shot forward in two spear-like drills, honing on Hakujou. Hakujou quickly flipped upwards and back, avoiding the deadly attack.

“Really? You think so?!” He activated his Byakugan and tried running around the ground below Gaara, hoping to create a blind spot. Succeeding, he flipped upwards and attached himself upside-down to the sand. He focused a lot of chakra into his feet and then dropped down, blowing the chakra force upwards, thus catching Gaara in the full blast. But just before the blast, since his sand was not fast enough, Matsuri lashed her whip around him and yanked him away. Gaara skid on the ground and was released. Hakujou grimaced and scoffed.

“Escaping my attack like that…It is…GAH!” Hakujou lunged forward and threw a chakra-filled jab to Matsuri. Gaara was too far away for his sand to reach and she was struck in a major pressure point in her neck. She fell to the ground and stopped moving. Gaara’s eyes grew big and flushed with anger.

Hinata appeared in front of Hakujou and delivered a couple of sharp bashes with her palms to his chest and abdomen.

Hakujou slid on the ground and looked at Hinata with a menacing glare. “You! Hinata Hyuuga! You and Neji both survived my torture…Gah…!”

Hinata’s Byakugan was clenched to the highest degree. “Hakujou, what was your reasoning for trying to kill Neji and I anyway?” Hakujou smirked.

“Hmph, I don’t need to explain myself to the likes of you! You’re just scum!” Hinata stood straight and focused her chakra into her palms. “Is that so, Hakujou? You really think so? Then let’s see if you can get that scroll!”

Hinata side-stepped and did a fakeout maneuver to Hakujou, making him flinch, giving her to opening to strike him in the left thigh. “Gah!”

Hakujou threw his right leg down and out, tripping her slightly, but she regained her balance and threw her left right up. He caught her foot and jabbed her leg in 12 different places, disabling movement in her right leg.

Hakujou smiled broadly and formed a single hand sign. Hinata showed a sign of distress. “A justu? Most Hyuuga don’t use elemental jutsu!” She thought these things in her head and tried to configure a plan of action.

“I know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t an elemental jutsu! This is..! He clapped his hands together and a white energy surrounded them, forming “atom rings”. “Ha! You will not survive the end!” Gaara was about to attack but Hinata held a hand up.

“Gaara, I know you’re the Kazekage and you are the one to protect the scroll…But please let me handle Hakujou!” Gaara’s face was full of confusion.

“A-All right.”

Hakujou looked sharply to his left. “Heh, you think you’ll survive too? Oh…No…I’m killing all of you!” He threw his hands to the ground and the earth started to shake. A pillar of stone rose from the sand and stood tall. Hinata sweatdropped in distress.

“Gah…It’s the Soul Distraction Jutsu! This Justu is the 3rd in the lead up to…”that” jutsu! I can’t let him do this.” Hinata thought to herself on how she could halt his destruction.

Kibu looked around from the corner of a house. He sweatdropped in shock.

“He isn’t using that! No, I’d better get the scroll before he gets to “that” jutsu!” Kibu slunk away, slowly creeping towards the shrine without being spotted. Hakujou took an ever so light glance and saw him getting closer, without anyone else noticing.

The pillar glew a bright sheen of white and spirits started to fly into it and away from it, curving back inside at times. The sky around the Sand Village turned black. “Muahahaha! Now for step 2!”

Gaara took a step forward and his sand levitated above him. Hakujou looked around at his opponnents and frowned. His hands glew all white and hel don up the sky. From it, a white beam shot down and struck the stone pillar. “Hmph! Level 2! Soul Gather!” The spirits from before all gathered inside the pillar. Gaara wrapped his sand around Hakujou, but the pillar shot a small beam towards the sand and split. “I’m untouchable!”

Kibu finally headed inside the shrine. He looked around and spotted the scroll in a sand casing.

“Hmm…It looks like the sand can be eaten away…” He chipped off some clay and lobbed it onto the sand casing. It slowly deterierated under the clay. It revealed itself to Kibu; a small scroll with a sand insignia upon it. “Heh…Time to take it!” He felt a wave of heat and the wall in front of him desintigrated as quick as a snap and a ball of fire greeted him. He quickly looked at the place where the scroll once was, but had been taken. He was enveloped in the ball of fire and sent through the other side of the shrine. The sudden blast turned the 3 heads outside. Hakujou saw the ball of fire and Kibu’s body emerge upon the ground. Sasuke and Naruto stepped from the rubble. Sasuke smirked and Naruto smiled. They high fived and noticed Hakujou, Hinata and Gaara. Their eyes went big. Kibu started to get up.

“Trying…Trying to…Trying to kill me with such a…Pitiful jutsu…Useless on my body!” Blood traveled down Kibu’s mouth, but other than that, his body was unscathed, feeling pain however.

Kibu glanced at Hakujou. “Hakujou! We need to go. Those two have the scroll now.” Hakujou glared.

“We’re not leaving now that I-” Hakujou’s head was wrapped in sand. Gaara held his hand out to use the Sand Burial. The pillar shot a beam of energy and split the sand. The sand fell onto the ground, but traveled up his left leg. Gaara used the Sand Burial and snapped his leg like a twig. He screamed in agony. Hinata rushed in and gave 3 jabs to his right arm. He fell to the ground and the pillar fell to rumbles. The sky turned back to its usual color. Kibu acted and molded clay into a large sword. He slashed at Hinata, leaving paralysing clay on her. She fell to one knee. He quickly molded a clay albatross and put Hakujou on top. He swung himself on and they flew off towards HQ. Sasuke rushed over to Hinata and used the Chidori Blade to hack the clay apart. She was free, but injured from being jabbed in the leg before.

Hinata then treated Matsuri. She was hospitalized not too long after the incident, leaving her temporarily paralysed. Hinata headed back to Konoha, after her leg healed.

Gaara, Naruto and Sasuke met in the Kazekage Mansion. Naruto spoke first after they were all situated at a table.

“So, we know that we’ve kill, or incapacitated, at least one of the Akatsuki and looks like we incapacitated another. We’re making slow, but good progress.”

Sasuke looked on with a blank expression. He remembers the day before.

1 day earlier…

“Suigetsu, where are you going?”

“Training. I know Kisame may still be out there and when I face him I WANT to be able to get the Samehada. I know I’ve said that “Suigetsu doesn’t train!” and, “It’s been 16 years…” but now…I’ll see ya sometime!” He walks away with a gentle wave. From beyond Sasuke’s view, Suigetsu let another tear loose from his eyes. It drifted to the ground and made a hollow splash.

Present time…

“Well, we managed to cease the theft of the scroll…But now we need a new place since the shrine was demolished.” Sasuke sweatdropped and apologized for the destruction of the shrine.

Gaara ignoreed it. Naruto and Sasuke stood to leave.

In the HQ…

Jinrai and Kakaze appeared with the scroll and presented it to Kabuto. Kabuto stared at it for a split second and grasped it. “Hmm…That’s 3…Where is Hakujou and Kibu? They should have already gotten the scroll!” At the same moment, Kibu staggered in, dragging Hakujou. Hakujou looked up through bloodied eyes at Kabuto and tried to explain himself. He found it impossible as he was writhing in pain. Kabuto noticed his broken leg and he winced.

“This is pretty much two Akatsuki members out of comission…” Kabuto’s fury started to build until he couldn’t hold it in any longer. “I hired you for your skill and abilities! Not even 3 years in, some of you are starting to lose it! I let Koukishi off the hook because he’s 2nd in command…But you!” He glared at Hakujou. “I didn’t expect you to be defeated so easily! How did you end up like this?! Hmph…I should just put this all to the side…” He calmed for a second.

“Okay, now Kumogakure is our target…But now that we have one of their’s…” He glanced back at Kamui, “they’ll come to us…”

Shadow of Dawn Chapter 4: Endurance

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TAKE NOTE: As I said in the previous chapter, this is NOT Twilight Part 2, but another chapter in the story. The next part of the previous chapter will come later.

WARNING: There may be light language you may be offended by. Do not complain to me in comments if you see these as offensive because I have warned you beforehand.

Enjoy Chapter 4, my best chapter so far. 😀

Shadow of Dawn

Chapter 4


Suigetsu sat alone in front of the tangled brush and brambles that Sasuke previously ventured blindly into. Suigetsu felt a glimmer of hope when he saw a footstep slowly emerge from the brambles. He stood up and looked on. An entire body finally appeared from the jungle. Sasuke looked up at Suigetsu. His eyes were bleeding, but Suigetsu knew that it was a mixture of anguish turned into sadness and tears mixed with blood from his Mangekyo Sharingan. “Sasuke…”

“I’ve lost so many loved ones in my life…I can’t take it sometimes! I killed Itachi and Itachi killed himeslf medically…Itachi killed the Uchiha Clan…But not on his own accord…And the last person I lost that I truly cared about…Was when Naruto and I fought Madara. We finally gave Madara what he deserved…But Naruto wasn’t as lucky as I was! He was killed in the final explosion between Madara and us.” Suigetsu listened intently with startled ears and he gave an expression of full emotion, knowing how hard Sasuke takes the pain and now…It was all breaking loose…And all at one time.

The wall of the Land of Wind towered over Minaru as he gazed at its new glory. “Wow…The wall has undergone some renovations in 16 years!”

He entered the land and headed straight for the Kazekage’s Mansion, but first taking in some of the sights he had not seen in a while. Gaara greeted him below. “Hello, Minaru…” “Gaara, hi…Your mood seems a bit off.” Gaara’s face turned dull. “I forgot…You haven’t been around for almost 16 years. Kankuro…was killed.” Minaru’s eyes filled with shock, but backed off and were then filled with remorse. “I-I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Enough of that. It is good to see you again after all these years.” “You too Gaara. I’ve come to speak to you about important matters. I’ve heard all the buzz over the shady characters stealthing the Scrolls of Hope. Have they gotten to you yet?” “Not quite yet. Iwagakure’s scroll and Kirigakure’s scrolls were stolen. The Raikage was confronted with two of the thieves, but he, Omoi, and Kamui stopped them.” Minaru looked up into the sky and ogled at the cloudless light blue skies.

Minaru and Gaara started talking about events that have occured in the past week.

Sasuke stared at Suigetsu. “Suigetsu, our next destination is Sunagakure.” Suigetsu nodded and set his sword on his back again.

“Gaara…How did Kankuro die?” Gaara looked out a mansion window. “He died in the SunaRaid. The Land of Bird got cocky and raided us. We rid the land of them…But Kankuro’s puppets all failed at once…He was killed when the leader used a Phoenix Bird Jutsu…” Gaara’s eyes started to tear up. Minaru stopped him before he went on anymore. “It’s okay, Gaara. I think I’ve gotten enough information. I’ll take my leave.” Minaru stood up, headed out the door and waved. “See ya later Gaara!” Minaru headed back down. Minaru came to the exit of the Hokage Mansion and Sasuke and Suigetsu walked in. Minaru and Sasuke slowly passed each other, slowly, like a passage of time that ocntinued to run over and over again. Minaru and Sasuke took a small side glance.

Sasuke’s eyes suddenly filled with surprise. As if time started again, Minaru dashed from the mansion.

“Um, master sir, do you have an idea of where we need to go to find your…Old friend?” “Koukishi, we are headed to Sunagakure to find my..Old friend and reunite with him. In an unpleasant way.” “Boss? Must we resort to violence today?”

The man stopped walking and glared over to Koukishi. Something glimmered from under his hood. “Do you want make me ire? I understand your kind soul, but I didn’t recruit you due to your hospitality and concern for manners. I recruited you for your excellent skill and intellegence. That can all change if you toy with me! Do you understand what I’m saying?” Koukishi gulped. “Um, yes sir…” He sweatdropped and the duo started off again.

“All right Sasuke.” Sasuke and Suigetsu headed out of the Mansion. The twosome walked out and Sasuke noticed Minaru sitting on the bench next to the mansion. Sasuke’s Sharingan activated on its own accored and scanned Minaru. Sasuke gasped at what he realized. He played it cool and walked over to him. “Are you…?!” Minaru nodded and gave a weak smile. Suigetsu stood clueless. “Hm?”

Minaru stood up and took off his straw hat, revealing his banana-yellow spiky hair. “Na-Naruto!?” Sasuke’s eyes grew larger as the news seeped in that his partner was still alive. “How are you…?”

Naruto smiled. “After the Madara incident…I went under an alias after everyone thought I’d died.” Naruto remembers the moment Sasuke thought he died…

16 years ago…

“Naruto! Quick, use the Great Ball Rasengan directly in his chest, neck, and facial area! NOW!” Naruto charged forward with the Great Ball Rasengan in hand, alone, and came into contact with Madara. Sasuke used Chidori in the same area. The chakra forces combined, causing the frequencies to malfunction and raise, building the power. Sasuke and Naruto let go of all of their chakra at the same time, Naruto released half of the Nine Tailed chakra as well. “You runts!” Madara was infused with the chakra and enveloped in a large with light. He was sent spiralling backwards hidden in the blast like Kabuto was when Naruto perfected the Rasengan. The ball of energy exploded on the metallic wall. The energy back lashed and a whip of RasenDori caught Naruto and sent him skidding on the ground.

Inside his mind, the fox grew smaller and soon disappeared. Naruto “saw” this and he suddenly felt his life shrink away. Outside, Sasuke tried to grab for his body as the backlashing energy flustered, but the force around his body was too strong for Sasuke to grab so he fled. Sasuke took a glance back and a single tear fell from his eye, then split perfectly into two by a hair-thin whip of energy.

Present time…

“Then…How’d you survive?!” Naruto kept a focused look on Sasuke. “I didn’t exactly. The Nine Tailed fox regained a small amount of life and chakra and gave me a wink of life, just enough for me to get out of the cave. I lived after that and went under the assumed name “Minaru Kushikaze. Now, that alias is gone and I’m back. Someone needs to act upon the terror that’s striking!” Suddenly, two figures walked up to the trio. “Hmm…Sasuke and Naruto…What a blast from the past!”

Koukishi smirked. “Are these the two that you were talking about, leader?” “Yes, Koukishi…Hm…” He slid his foot on the ground. Sasuke’s Mangekyo Sharingan activated the second he made a move. “I expect to take the two of you back with me!” Koukishi did the same thing and slid his left foot on the ground. Suigetsu was suddenly ejected into the air. Suigetsu landed upon the summit of the roof and groaned. Naruto formed a Shadow Clone and it dashed up the side of the mansion, finding Suigetsu on the top. Sasuke disappeared. Naruto noticed him dashing along rooftops. “He must want to lead them away from the village!” Naruto slid past them, making a fleeing attemp for Sasuke.

The leader and Koukishi started pursuit in a matter of seconds. Once Naruto and Sasuke reached the outside perimeter, they stopped and awaited their incoming foes.

Koukishi and the leader stood atop the wall and looked directly downwards, then looked on over the land. “Hmph…They escaped…”

“Not on your life, bud!” Sasuke appered speeding up the side of the wall, Chidori in hand, intention to kill in eyes. Koukishi noticed the movement and made a hand sign. Water started to form around his hand and he jumped down the wall. He made contact with Sasuke’s Chidori, causing an explosion. Koukishi was forced back up, and Sasuke fell in a cloud of smoke. “Much too easy…Good effort though…” Koukishi smirked.

He suddenly noticed Sasuke right above him. He fired a jutsu called the Phoenix Flame Bird. The jutsu rose up and spread its wings, like a bird, and swooped back down. Koukishi and his leader avoided the jutsu and jumped down the wall. The phoenix collided with the wall, but the metallic and sand fillings inside the wall kept it intact and undamaged.

Sasuke landed on the wall and peered down with the Sharingan. Koukishi and the leader landed on the ground and saw Naruto glaring at them. Koukishi dashed forward, waving his hair out of his eyes and staring into Naruto with a glare of death. Naruto gave a signal and disappeared in cloud of smoke. Koukishi quickly froze in his steps by raising a slab of earth to stop him.

Sasuke suddenly appeared on the ground. He focused his chakra into his throat. “Fire Style! Flaming Sniper Jutsu!” A thin strem of fire was released from his mouth and traveled towards the stationary man at a very high velocity. Koukishi stepped on the slab and backflipped off of it. The “sniper” struck the slab of earth and caused it to explode into many pieces. Koukishi landed and stood up and smirked. “I can’t believe how pitifully easy thi-” He was suddenly stopped due to a flaming rocks striking him the back, and because of going very fast, punctured completely through his lung and heart area. The rock landed on the ground in front of Sasuke. Koukishi’s face went pale. He slowly fell to the ground. “I thought I would go out in a different way than this…” The leader quickly reacted and sent a strong ring of air going out from him, pushing Naruto, who had been behind a tree watching, and Sasuke through the air, away from the surrounding area. The leader rushed over to Koukishi. He picked him up and disappeared with him. Sasuke regained mobility after falling from a tree.

Naruto shifted around on the ground and finally stood up. “Damn, looks like they got us out of the way so they could get away. At least we got one of them.” Naruto commented on the current situation. “Hm…Naruto…Did that strike look fatal?” “Sasuke, as far as I could tell, it got him at least in between the right and left lung, which would have punctured his windpipe…So, I suppose he’s dead…”

In the HQ…

“Dobeton! (Most likely meaning Dead Last and Earth Release) Will he be all right?” “I’m…Not sure…Sir…I’m not sure of I can…extract the r-rock f-from him…It p-punctred his w-windpipe…”

Dobeton opened his chest and searched his lungs for the pebble. She found it and quickly extracted it. “T-there sir…He s-should be all right!” She sealed him back up. “B-but he’ll b-be out for a d-day or so…”

Suddenly, the room illuminated and a burst of lightning shot in, destroying some of the cave walls and barely avoiding the pedestals where the scrolls sat.

Dobeton quickly took cover behind a structure. Omoi and the Raikage barged inside. From the dim lit ceiling, Kibu dropped in. He took a glance at Omoi and the Raikage’s face. He gasped and gulped.

“Suigetsu, you okay?” Suigetsu sat up, rubbing his eyes. “Yeah…What happened with those guys?” “Naruto and I ran them off…We think we killed one guy. We’re not completely positive, but we’re pretty sure.”

“Thunder Needles of Fury!” The needles shot down, striking Dobeton and pinning her to the ground. Omoi dropped down and kneeled. Kibu and the leader fled up the hold in the ceiling with the scrolls. A sudden barrage of rocks quickly and roughly tumbled down the hole and piled up. The Raikage tried to break through them, but a red lightning surged through them and made them untouchable physically and justu-wise.

Omoi knew that Dobeton was dead so he and the Raikage left the cave, with Omoi keeping the track on Kibu. “Raikage, we alert the other countries, correct?” “Omoi, we need to get the led out and get back to Kumogakure as fast as possible. The other countries DO need to know!”

“You…again?! Hitshirezu?!” Kamui almost choked on her words as she gazed at the said man at the borderline of Kumogakure. “You killed Samui you bastard! I’ll get you for it!” Hitshirezu’s arms cloaked themselves in red lightning. He mixed blood from an open wound on his arm with the lighhtning and it surged harder. He threw the lightning towards Kamui. She saw his face once more and her vision was suddenly obscured with lightning. She collapsed and all reality was lost to her.

The Raikage and Omoi returned to Kumo and alerted the other countries of the location of the “Akatsuki’s” HeadQuarters.

Back in the HQ Cavern…

The leader stood in a fully lit room above the bottom floor that was barricaded by boulders. “All right. This is the point we Iron our defenses. We have had an infiltration.” He spoke and stood in front of the members available in the cave at the moment. Hakujou stood in the corner listening intently. The thoughts of what happened in the last couples of days in the mountains.

1 day before…

Neji lay on the ground, battered rugged. He had been pummeled by Hakujou. “That’s what you get for messing with me, you wimpy brat!” Hakujou waved a hollow goodbye and disappeared. Neji lay moaning and peering at the scroll witch contained TenTen in his hand.

Present Time…

“Kibu, your temporary partner will now be Hakujou. Both of you, this is temprary until eother Koukishi wakes up, or until Hitshirezu is finished with my duties. Now, Jinrai and Kakaze…You go for Konohagakure. This time…Get the scroll by…force. Hmm…Kisame…I require you to go…retrieve a key part in finishing the Akatsuki Lineup…Go for the hidden and buried…Be sure to find all of him!”

Kisame walked up from the shadowy part of the room. “All right, sir, I will retrieve him. Hopefull, he’s still alive.” “Kisame, he can live for almost 20 years without breath…Now go!” Kisame disappeared from view.

In the Nara Forest, Kisame appeared on the tiled surface Azuma had died upon 17 years before. “Hmph…He should be…right…HERE!” He revealed a second sword from his back, tore of the “bandages” and the ground was cratered in seconds. Kisame saw what he wa slooking for. “Hidan…Found you at last.” Hidan’s battered head looked up at Kisame. “Kisame?! Well, what are doing just standing there, looking like an idiot?! GET ME OUT OF THIS WRETCHED HOLE!” Kisame put on a disgraced face. “Will you shut up!” He retrieved Hidan’s head and body. “Now…For the putting back together…” “Oh, whatever Kisame! You know Kaku-…Where is Kakuzu?!” Kisame told hom that Kakuzu was killed about 16 years ago. “Gah! Then how is my head going to get back on?!” Kisame’s mood blackened and turned into rage. “Hidan! Shut up! We will get your head sewn back on! Quit your futile blabber!”

“Kisame, just help me get Hidan back.” Kisame noticed the leader walk up behind him. “Oh, all right, sir.” “And, Kisame, I noticed you call me ‘sir’, you don’t need to do that. You are Kisame Hoshigaki, you don’t look up to anyone.” “I know…But I look up to you…sir…”

The leader and Kisame gathered up Hidan and returned him to base. The situation for us has become dire. We need all the help we can get, Hidan.” The leader spoke to Hidan in the lit room, head sewn back on due to Jinrai’s little knowledge on sewing. “Sure…I’ll help now that you’ve explained the whole situation…Hmph! But I won’t be ordered around by my partner! Who is my partner anyway?!” Kisame walked from the shadows. “I am.” Hidan gulped, but recovered. “Whatever. I need a new scythe however!” Kisame threw him his scythe. “We recovered it from the rubble.”

Hidan held his scythe in and gazed at in in awe. The leader soon called everyone in the room. The Akatsuki stood awaiting orders. “Jinrai and Kakaze, before you go…I want everyone to know something.” He placed his hands on his hood and slowly revealed his face.

His hood was all the way down and he said, “It’s time to boost our momentum!” Under the hood, a familiar face was revealed.

Naruto Shippuden 125: Pain’s Tears Are Raindrops!!


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Hello everyone! ^_^ This weeks breakdown is on the right day this time.  Back to business, this  weeks episode is titled, Disappearance.  (To watch, go to  Anyways,  the episode starts with the very end of the last one (like most).  It starts with Deidara preparing to  use his “Ultimate Art”.  He then uses it (duh!)  Everyone in the area sees this and they stare at it in  awe.  Finally!  Deidara’s art is finally being appreciated!  Lolz.  Back to business, Karin senses that  Sasuke’s chakra has completely vanished.  Jugo is rushing to the scene with a stern look on his  face.  Suigetsu also sees this and takes out one of the dozen scrolls on his belt.  He takes out a scroll with a snake on it.  As soon as he takes it out, the snake vanishes.  He thinks to himself about how Sasuke has to have summoned the snake.  He uses someones blood from a vial to summon Manda.  Sasuke comes out of Manda’s mouth almost completely unharmed.  Suigetsu asks how he could control Manda, but, not before he sees the Sharingan in his eyes.  He realizes that Sasuke used a genjutsu to control Manda.  Manda says his final words before he parts from the world of the living.

Meanwhile, the eight-man squad are finally gathered at the giant crater Deidara had made…

"Woah, this place is somehow different than it was earlier.  Hmm?"
“Woah, this place is somehow different than it was earlier. Hmm?”

The Akatsuki gather and talk about Deidara, Sasuke and Tobi have died.  It was a really uninteresting discussion, so, I don’t remember much.  but, I do remember Kisame talking about Tobi dying.  He felt that Tobi made “this gloomy organization” a bit cheery and bright!

Back to Naruto and the rest, they talk about Deidara and Sasukes fight.  The Ninja Hounds tell them that Sasuke”s scent has vanished.  But, Kiba still smells his scent.  Kakashi thinks of how strong Kiba has become.  He thinks that that is expected for the Inuzuka Clan.

We finally see Pain (Nagato) and Konan together in the anime!!!  Konan tells Pain that “He” is there.  Pain gets up from where he was perched and walks into the little place.  Obviously, we all should know that “He” is Madara/Tobi.  They start to talk about Sasuke and Naruto…

"What?!  I'm busy looking at my ugly town!  What is sooo important?!
“What?! I’m busy looking at my ugly town! What is sooo important?!

We then see Taka in a hotel room waiting for Sasuke to give them an order.  Karin and Suigetsu get into one of their little brawls (Finally, they usually do it in the begining of the episode 😛 )  Jugo starts to give into his murderous urges.  Karin and Suigetsu finally see this and try (Key word “try”) to restrain him.  Karin starts yelling at Sasuke to hurry and do his little Calm no Jutsu thingy.  Jugo finally calms down and Sasuke falls asleep, lolz.  The rest of Taka start to talk about why they are with Sasuke.  I forget almost everything they said, lolz.

"Dammit Sasuke!!  Hurry up and stop him!!"
Wow Karin, you are the most intelligent person in the world!!

Back to the Pain/Madara/Konan discussion, Madara tells Pain that he must find and capture the Nine-Tailed Jinchuriki.  He also tells him that as leader, failure is not an option…

"Yeah, yeah.  Go on.  This is a very interesting conversation!  Mmhmm, mmhmm"
“Yeah, yeah. Go on. This is a very interesting conversation! Mmhmm, mmhmm”

Just before he leaves, he tells them that he is “The Ultimate Power of the Uchiha Clan.  He is Madara Uchiha.”  Just then, we get a glimps of his Sharingan!

"Look, look into my eyes.  Aren't they stupid looking?"
“Look, look into my eyes. Aren’t they stupid looking?”

Pain makes it rain in the Rain Village.  Konan thinks about how the sky must be crying.  She then knows that Pain is crying inside, but is expressing it in the form of rain.  We see Itachi and Kisame in a cave to take shelter from the rain.  Itachi steps into the rain, and knows that Sasuke is not dead.

We then see Naruto and company running towards town or something. (Sorry, I haven’t watched it since Thursday and I’ve completely forgot everything.)  Naruto then thinks about how he will find and return sasuke to the Leaf!  This is where the episode ends.

I’m sorry if this was short and unorganized.  I have been scramble brained all week.  So, once again, sorry if this was bad.

A Character For You

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I’ve been on vacation for a while, able to write but unable to publish blogs, so I decided to help out Shannaro by making characters. Some of these ideas I’ve already used and told various people. This is my mostly unedited (I did clarify some things) raw notes:

Basic ideas:

Axe ninja

Theif ninja (P0A?)

Praying mantis theme ninja

Monk ninja (lee with a staff/his son?)

Medical tent summoning (tent that has all possible medical neccesities 
inside it sealed in additional scrolls, and/or provides a healing 
effect to those inside automatically) (other ninja equipment ex 
sleeping bag?)

Plasma ninja (uses plasma combo element, see below)

New Sanin (lil. Jariya, anko’s son & Sakura’s daughter/Tsunade’s niece?)

This is an Element combo list, in parentheses are the special 
abilities of the combined element (all the normal elements have 
abilities too)

Lightning + Fire = plasma

Lightning + Wind = storm

Lightning + Water = crystal (amplification?) or glass (same?)

Lightning + Earth = metal (toxic?)

Water + Fire = Steam

Water+Wind= Ice (speed?)

Water + Earth = Wood/life (bijju supresion)

Earth + Wind = Sand (flight?)

Earth + Fire = Lava ( )

Fire + Wind = explosion

Dubble posibilities: bubble, cloud.


Synched ninja: two twins, one has fire and water jutsu while the other 
has wind and lightning. The two use each other’s hand to make hand 
seals and can create several jutsu uncommon outside of kekki genkai 
such as bubble (water+wind), explosion (Fire+wind), steam (Fire+water) 
and even hurricane (all four with clones) (Based off of element list)

Reborn Haku: igloo/freezer, ice reflection clones, ice dragon, ice 
body (Hitsyuga?)

Choji: Fire and Water tanks, sprays water or fire out of openings to 
create walls to enhance the technique. Earth style multi-size 
technique. (in use)

Skinny Choji???: uses earth to replace his “body bulk” after going on 
a diet. Multi-size isn’t just for getting bigger, it’s also for 
getting smaller. (in use)

The 6 tails, special bubble techniques: protective bubble: surrounds 
to prevent damage, bubble blast: water protects the wind until it 
busts and releases on contact or command, grand bubble blast: a bigger 
blast… (Kisu./Madzikage?)

Lightning: technology user: two retractable chain claws that also use 
lightning, traps the target in chains and then electrocutes them. 
(created by paint by numbers method 🙂 )

My next gen. Character ideas:

Kazekage Gaara: Sand powers, Exploding Sand Jutsu (like Deidra) Sand 
Puppet Jutsu, Shukkaku Puppet Jutsu, Sand Armour revamped inner and 
outer shell with filtration. Raining Sand Spears. Master or Earth and 
Wind jutsu restored Jinkuri.

Hokage Naruto: Flying Shadow God jutsu: Shadow Clones with seals as 
part of their outfit, if dispersed more clones are summoned. Kyubii-
Senjutsu: The Kyubbi acts as a partner for Senjutsu. Multi-size 
rasengan specialties: Small: shuriken sized  rasengan, throwable 
optional wind or water element. Medium: Hurricane Rasengan (wind and 
water Rasengan) immense destructive power. Large: Body Sized rasengan 
that acts like a Rotation. (Large/Medium switch???) Sealing Jutsu 
(death god without life-taking?) Toad Jutsu: Tounge extension, Hair 
jutsu (jariya’s) Summoning Toad oil. Master of Fire, Wind and Water 

Otokage (sound kage) Sasuke: Copy EMS. (All Sharingan techniques) 
Lightning Amatseru?. Flying Snake? Lightning Body technique. Master of 
Fire, Wind, and Lightning. Copies sound techniques to balance sight 
with sound (master of all five senses?) (do the five senses corolate 
to the five elements? See N2)

Mizukage Suigetsu: collected, and still owns most of the seven swords 
of the mist. His favorite is the Wave Sword which apmlifies his water 
element abilities. He encases this wave shaped sword in water. He has 
done things with water that no one else did or even could do. Knows 
almost every water technique and rivals Tobimaru’s abilities.

Naruto as a Jounin took over Team Konohamaru upon Ebisu’s death. They 
are now among the strongest Shinobi in the village.

Jounin Konohamaru: Rasengan, shadow clone and Element (fire) Rasengan. 
Sexy Jutsu. Monkey Summoning.  Monkey Tail, Monkey strenght (Ape mode)
(four tails?) Encyclopedic jutsu knowledge from Sarutobi scrolls. 
Elements of Fire and Earth.

Jounin Udon(SP?): Water and Lightning.  Learned lightning jutsu 
(Chidori) from a semi-retired Kakashi, as well as Water style: syrup 
capture feild. He combines the two to create a trap and kill battle 
method and thus be immune to Chidori’s counterable defect. He is very 
analitical and tactical in battle. (next gen. Mirror of sasuke?)

Jounin Moegi: like most female ninja she is a medical ninja, something 
even more wide spread nowadays. However, she is also quite skilled in 
genjutsu, taking after Kurenai and further enhancing it with scents 
and her knowledge of sexy jutsu.

Sound team:

Leaf blade ninja fights with leaves. Strong clone against fire but 
otherwise a wind style jutsu. + The flying eye, lets the user see 
pockets or air and wind chakra that allows them to fly and use wind 
release techniques with ease. Grass spike jutsu: channels wind chakra 
into the grass nearby to create a spike pit or used on grass blades 
attatched to the bottom of sandals to create feet-spikes. (new 
doujutsu, could be done with any element, sense corolations?)

Spy ninja: Chakra sensory type, crystal ball jutsu on glasses, chakra 
detectors in glasses, kabuto style cards. Intel on most jutsu. (for 
PTC: Jack’s abilities?) Or (for P0A: trap user?)

Siren: uses her voice for various genjutsu effects. (credit goes to 8th)

Mist Team:

Anchor: mist swordsman whose sword looks like an anchor, it’s effect 
is like Kira’s from bleach except it covers the target in extreamly 
dense water to accomplish this. Also proficient in many water 

Shapeshifter: changes into a range  of a part-animals, eagle (flight, 
talons, sharp eye sight) gorrilla (strong arms/legs, agile) scorpion 
(tails/poison, six legs) Lion (enhanced smell, teeth, claws) snake 
(oro. Abilities) frog (X-men toad) Beast form: eagle wings, scorpion 
tail horse hooves, Lions head, snake arm, gorrilla arm, frog tounge. 
(Six clones, one each or six subordinates?)

Jack of Spades: card ninjutsu user: card throwing, flaming card, 
explosive card throwing (card w/explosive tag) house of cards jutsu (a 
maze of giant cards appear from underground and then fall over on 
command) 52 Pick-up jutsu (giant card stack falls on opponent) Card 
sheild (giant or deck versions) Flying card jutsu. Card Charicture 
Summon (like Alice in Wonder Land) Jack (taijutsu w/spear), Queen 
(Genjutsu), King (Ninjutsu). (All non-card throwing techniques for 

Tool Ninja: A battle-hammer in the left hand, a T-square sword in the 
right. Nail Gun Jutsu. McGiver abilities ex. Areosol + Lighter = 
Flamethrower or  shrapnel bomb, Camera Taser (how to wiki) great 
mechanical knowledge. (Inari as a ninja-builder? This comes from the 
idea of how ninjutsu could be used in real life and sleeping inside a 
giant tool shed for a few weeks…)

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Hope you enjoy! Also, what’s the deal with scheduling?

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