From The Makers Of End Of Peace and Madara Uchiha Bring You “The Rise and Fall Of The Sanin”

BY: YellowUchiha and pein0avenue

The desk is full with paper, missions that need to be forfilled and treaties that need to be met. The man on the other side of the desk trying to finish all this work looks as though he hasn’t slept for the past few nights, his eyes are black and his skin pale from lack of sunlight, the 2nd Hokage remembers a time when he would spend all his time outside training. A young man walks into the office, he too seems to bear the marks of worry and stress.

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2nd hokage

2nd Hokage: Ah Hiruzen Sarutobi, your a sight for sore eyes.

Tobirama tries to force a smile on his face but his fatigue makes it difficult
Sarutobi: Lord Hokage, your brother sent me, he said you wish to see me.
Tobirama pickes up a cup of coffee, he slowly sips looking towards all the files
Sarutobi: It looks like there is a lot of work to be done? I am glad I am not Hokage.
Tobirama takes one last sip and places the cup on the desk.Sarutobi is the only person besides his brother in the village that could speak to him so francly.
Tobirama: Don’t worry, you may be here soon, I have a new assignment for you.
Sarutobi: I am ready for any mission you wish to give me.
Tobirama: This is not a mission, I want you to become a Genin squad leader.
Sarutobi: Isn’t that a waste of my skills, the Leaf Ninja are overflowing with missions plus our relations with the Mist has been at an all time low. I think teaching a bunch of kids is a waste of my skills.
Tobirama: It seems you have a lot to learn, you must understand these kids are our future, if we neglect training them by the time we die there will be no one to protect the village, I thought I tought you this. Think if you teach three children in five to ten years they will be able to do three time the work you can do alone. My decision is final. Here is your new squad. You got the top ranked rookie, his ambition is to learn all the jutsu, I thought you would enjoy that challenge.
Tobirama hands Sarutobi the squad card.
Sarutobi: Looks like a got the worst candidate as well, Jiriya and I see your great neice is also in the squad.
Tobirama: As usual I can not fool you, always look at the whole situation, not just the bait I gave you.
Sarutobi then turns to the page of Orochimaru, he feels a chill crawl his spin. There was something in this boys eyes something dark, but this only intreagued Sarutobi more he wants to see what type of ninja this boy will become.
Sarutobi: It says Orochimaru’s parents have been killed, may I ask how.
Tobirama: There isn’t much known about the deaths, they have been buried at the Easter Graveyards.
Sarutobi: Alright, is that all?
Tobirama: Yes, but Sarutobi, I get the feeling you felt it already, this Orochimaru child, there is something dark inside of him. Keep an eye on him.
With that Sarutobi walks out the door.
The Ninja Academy
Class 4B sit three ninja waiting for their new Jonin to arrive. A Young Tsunade and Jiriya sit near the front while Orochimaru stands in the far end of the room, leaning on the wall.
Tsunade: I won again!! I cannot loose, come on pay up. Guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, that you loose. Looser!
Jiriya: Ah What ever you just got lucky!! I am the better ninja.
Tsunade: I doubt that!! You lack basic knowledge of even being a ninja.
Jiriya: I will show you!! I`ll show all of you, I will be strong.
Tsunade puts her hands out as to tell Jiriya to pay up. Jiriya quickly realizes he doesn’t have any more money.
Jiriya: How about double or quiets next bet?
Tsunade roles her eyes
Tsunade: Fine, I don’t think I can loose. Especially when Orochimaru bets on me.
The door begins to open but the three do not believe their teacher.
Jiriya: Hey You…. You the professor, you where trained by both the 1st and 2nd Hokage!!
Sarutobi: Yes, it seems you all know who I am, please introduce yourselves
Jiriya: Well I am
Tsunade: I am Tsunade, Grand Daughter of the First Hokage!
Jiriya: I was talking!! What is your problem!?!
Tsunade: No one really cares who you are, your just a pervert!
Orochimaru: I am Orochimaru.
Sarutobi: So Tsunade, Orochimaru and Pervert boy. You will now be known as Squad 3 but before I accept you as genin you have a small test, meet me tomorrow at the training area.
With that Sarutobi dissapears.
Jiriya: Ah man!! He doesn’t even know my name! Why did you say that!?!

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Tsunade: because its true.

Training ground
The three stand ready waiting for their Sensai.
Jiriya: How about for double or quiets, we see who does better in the test.
Tsunade: How do you know its not a team test? but if it isn’t I will take the bet. Who you betting on Orochimaru?
Orochimara: I will back, Tsunade.
Tsunade: See then I cannot loose!
In an explosion of smoke Sarutobi appears in front of them.
Sarutobi: You guys know that gambling is against the ninja code, but this will be a perfect opportunity, since your mission is a simple one, I have these 2 Bells, the first two to be able to steal them from me will have nice supper, if you fail to get them by sunset, you will be tied to the wooden pols.
Jiriya, Tsunade and Orochimaru get ready for battle. They quickly disperse into the surronding woodlands.



20 Minutes later.
Sarutobi(thinking to himself): Well my traps have been set, for ninja at this level they shouldn’t have trouble with them.
Sarutobi: Looks like one of them have been caught, that was fast.
Scene changes to Jiriya tied by his feet hanging from a tree. A fake bell lying on the ground.
Sarutobi: Did you not expect a trap? If things look too good to be true they usually are.
Sarutobi quickly turns around and hits Orochimaru who tried to use stealth to sneak up on him, but as he does Orochimaru’s body becomes hundereds of snakes, that crawl onto his arm. and towards the bells.
Sarutobi: How did you learn both substitution and summoning jutsu?!
Orochimaru: I am not like the others!! I have a dream!
Sarutobi body dissapears in a puff of smoke.
Jiriya: Where did he go?
Orochimaru doesn’t answer he just looks around him, trying to sense where his sensai is. The bushes around him begins to rustle with the wind, his body feels cold, ready. Orochimaru throws Kunai all around him but he doesn’t know if they are hitting there targets or not.Sarutobi walks out of the bushes with one of the Kunai in hand.
Sarutobi: You are too reckless with your attacks, you threw it not knowing where Tsunade is, if this where to hit her.
Jiriya: Yeah, Orochimaru, what are you thinking?!
Orochimaru: I am thinking of completing my mission, nothing else matters, that what ninja are, tools to be killed to complet a mission, we are but means to an end.
Hiruzen sees it again that darkness within Orochimaru’s heart, it almost oozes out of him, in his eyes.
Orochimaru: Well I am done.
Orochimaru shows the bell in his hand, Sarutobi checks his sides and sees he only has one bell.
Sarutobi: How did you do it!?
Orochumaru: Look at your hand.
Sarutobi sees he has a snake in his hand.
Orochimaru: All those Kunai where snake summons in desguise, the contract belonged to my family so I have been using them since I first learn’t I would be a ninja, but the ones I used has a reverse effect that they seek a scent and when they get it, they reverse summon back to me, you believed that you had dodged my attacks when in fact I wanted them to miss so my snakes could sneak up and well, get me this.
Orochimaru holds up his bell.

Hiruzen:Good job Orchimaru.Now for you two which one is going to get the bell.
Jiriya:I must get that bell.
Jiriya throws a kunai at Sarutobi.Sarutobi dodges then Jiriya appears in front of Sarutobi an punches him…puff it was a clone.
Sarutobi appears behind Jiriya and gives him One Thousand Years of Death
Mean while Tsunade is underground waiting for the perfect time to strick and get the bell
Sarutobi: That is the One Thousand Years of Death jutsu.
Jiriya: owwww!! There is the bell.
Jiriya jumps into the water and grab the bell!!But it real isnt a bell.


Jiriya gets out of the water
Jiriya: I cant believe i fell for that trick..I will get that bell(Jiriya losses his temper)
Jiriya rushes at Sarutobi with a kunai.
Mean while Tsunade gets ready to strike.
Jiriya misses Sarutobi with the kunai but manages to grab him!!
Jiriya gets ready to get the bell when all of the sudden Tsunade pops out of the ground, Jiriya has a moment he could hit her away, but he can’t she is the closest thing he has had to a friend, for so long in he has been a Hermit she is so beautiful he cannot bring himself to hit his comrad. Tsunade grabs the bell.
Tsunade: I did it i won the bet i know i was going to win!!
Jiriya: I cant believe i didnt get the bell.
As Tsunade holds the bell…Sarutobi congratulates her and ties up Jiriya to a log.