The Rise and Fall Of The Sannin: So Much To Learn


From The Makers Of End Of Peace and Madara Uchiha Bring You “The Rise and Fall Of The Sanin”

BY: YellowUchiha and pein0avenue

The desk is full with paper, missions that need to be forfilled and treaties that need to be met. The man on the other side of the desk trying to finish all this work looks as though he hasn’t slept for the past few nights, his eyes are black and his skin pale from lack of sunlight, the 2nd Hokage remembers a time when he would spend all his time outside training. A young man walks into the office, he too seems to bear the marks of worry and stress.

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2nd hokage

2nd Hokage: Ah Hiruzen Sarutobi, your a sight for sore eyes.

Tobirama tries to force a smile on his face but his fatigue makes it difficult
Sarutobi: Lord Hokage, your brother sent me, he said you wish to see me.
Tobirama pickes up a cup of coffee, he slowly sips looking towards all the files
Sarutobi: It looks like there is a lot of work to be done? I am glad I am not Hokage.
Tobirama takes one last sip and places the cup on the desk.Sarutobi is the only person besides his brother in the village that could speak to him so francly.
Tobirama: Don’t worry, you may be here soon, I have a new assignment for you.
Sarutobi: I am ready for any mission you wish to give me.
Tobirama: This is not a mission, I want you to become a Genin squad leader.
Sarutobi: Isn’t that a waste of my skills, the Leaf Ninja are overflowing with missions plus our relations with the Mist has been at an all time low. I think teaching a bunch of kids is a waste of my skills.
Tobirama: It seems you have a lot to learn, you must understand these kids are our future, if we neglect training them by the time we die there will be no one to protect the village, I thought I tought you this. Think if you teach three children in five to ten years they will be able to do three time the work you can do alone. My decision is final. Here is your new squad. You got the top ranked rookie, his ambition is to learn all the jutsu, I thought you would enjoy that challenge.
Tobirama hands Sarutobi the squad card.
Sarutobi: Looks like a got the worst candidate as well, Jiriya and I see your great neice is also in the squad.
Tobirama: As usual I can not fool you, always look at the whole situation, not just the bait I gave you.
Sarutobi then turns to the page of Orochimaru, he feels a chill crawl his spin. There was something in this boys eyes something dark, but this only intreagued Sarutobi more he wants to see what type of ninja this boy will become.
Sarutobi: It says Orochimaru’s parents have been killed, may I ask how.
Tobirama: There isn’t much known about the deaths, they have been buried at the Easter Graveyards.
Sarutobi: Alright, is that all?
Tobirama: Yes, but Sarutobi, I get the feeling you felt it already, this Orochimaru child, there is something dark inside of him. Keep an eye on him.
With that Sarutobi walks out the door.
The Ninja Academy
Class 4B sit three ninja waiting for their new Jonin to arrive. A Young Tsunade and Jiriya sit near the front while Orochimaru stands in the far end of the room, leaning on the wall.
Tsunade: I won again!! I cannot loose, come on pay up. Guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, that you loose. Looser!
Jiriya: Ah What ever you just got lucky!! I am the better ninja.
Tsunade: I doubt that!! You lack basic knowledge of even being a ninja.
Jiriya: I will show you!! I`ll show all of you, I will be strong.
Tsunade puts her hands out as to tell Jiriya to pay up. Jiriya quickly realizes he doesn’t have any more money.
Jiriya: How about double or quiets next bet?
Tsunade roles her eyes
Tsunade: Fine, I don’t think I can loose. Especially when Orochimaru bets on me.
The door begins to open but the three do not believe their teacher.
Jiriya: Hey You…. You the professor, you where trained by both the 1st and 2nd Hokage!!
Sarutobi: Yes, it seems you all know who I am, please introduce yourselves
Jiriya: Well I am
Tsunade: I am Tsunade, Grand Daughter of the First Hokage!
Jiriya: I was talking!! What is your problem!?!
Tsunade: No one really cares who you are, your just a pervert!
Orochimaru: I am Orochimaru.
Sarutobi: So Tsunade, Orochimaru and Pervert boy. You will now be known as Squad 3 but before I accept you as genin you have a small test, meet me tomorrow at the training area.
With that Sarutobi dissapears.
Jiriya: Ah man!! He doesn’t even know my name! Why did you say that!?!

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Tsunade: because its true.

Training ground
The three stand ready waiting for their Sensai.
Jiriya: How about for double or quiets, we see who does better in the test.
Tsunade: How do you know its not a team test? but if it isn’t I will take the bet. Who you betting on Orochimaru?
Orochimara: I will back, Tsunade.
Tsunade: See then I cannot loose!
In an explosion of smoke Sarutobi appears in front of them.
Sarutobi: You guys know that gambling is against the ninja code, but this will be a perfect opportunity, since your mission is a simple one, I have these 2 Bells, the first two to be able to steal them from me will have nice supper, if you fail to get them by sunset, you will be tied to the wooden pols.
Jiriya, Tsunade and Orochimaru get ready for battle. They quickly disperse into the surronding woodlands.



20 Minutes later.
Sarutobi(thinking to himself): Well my traps have been set, for ninja at this level they shouldn’t have trouble with them.
Sarutobi: Looks like one of them have been caught, that was fast.
Scene changes to Jiriya tied by his feet hanging from a tree. A fake bell lying on the ground.
Sarutobi: Did you not expect a trap? If things look too good to be true they usually are.
Sarutobi quickly turns around and hits Orochimaru who tried to use stealth to sneak up on him, but as he does Orochimaru’s body becomes hundereds of snakes, that crawl onto his arm. and towards the bells.
Sarutobi: How did you learn both substitution and summoning jutsu?!
Orochimaru: I am not like the others!! I have a dream!
Sarutobi body dissapears in a puff of smoke.
Jiriya: Where did he go?
Orochimaru doesn’t answer he just looks around him, trying to sense where his sensai is. The bushes around him begins to rustle with the wind, his body feels cold, ready. Orochimaru throws Kunai all around him but he doesn’t know if they are hitting there targets or not.Sarutobi walks out of the bushes with one of the Kunai in hand.
Sarutobi: You are too reckless with your attacks, you threw it not knowing where Tsunade is, if this where to hit her.
Jiriya: Yeah, Orochimaru, what are you thinking?!
Orochimaru: I am thinking of completing my mission, nothing else matters, that what ninja are, tools to be killed to complet a mission, we are but means to an end.
Hiruzen sees it again that darkness within Orochimaru’s heart, it almost oozes out of him, in his eyes.
Orochimaru: Well I am done.
Orochimaru shows the bell in his hand, Sarutobi checks his sides and sees he only has one bell.
Sarutobi: How did you do it!?
Orochumaru: Look at your hand.
Sarutobi sees he has a snake in his hand.
Orochimaru: All those Kunai where snake summons in desguise, the contract belonged to my family so I have been using them since I first learn’t I would be a ninja, but the ones I used has a reverse effect that they seek a scent and when they get it, they reverse summon back to me, you believed that you had dodged my attacks when in fact I wanted them to miss so my snakes could sneak up and well, get me this.
Orochimaru holds up his bell.

Hiruzen:Good job Orchimaru.Now for you two which one is going to get the bell.
Jiriya:I must get that bell.
Jiriya throws a kunai at Sarutobi.Sarutobi dodges then Jiriya appears in front of Sarutobi an punches him…puff it was a clone.
Sarutobi appears behind Jiriya and gives him One Thousand Years of Death
Mean while Tsunade is underground waiting for the perfect time to strick and get the bell
Sarutobi: That is the One Thousand Years of Death jutsu.
Jiriya: owwww!! There is the bell.
Jiriya jumps into the water and grab the bell!!But it real isnt a bell.


Jiriya gets out of the water
Jiriya: I cant believe i fell for that trick..I will get that bell(Jiriya losses his temper)
Jiriya rushes at Sarutobi with a kunai.
Mean while Tsunade gets ready to strike.
Jiriya misses Sarutobi with the kunai but manages to grab him!!
Jiriya gets ready to get the bell when all of the sudden Tsunade pops out of the ground, Jiriya has a moment he could hit her away, but he can’t she is the closest thing he has had to a friend, for so long in he has been a Hermit she is so beautiful he cannot bring himself to hit his comrad. Tsunade grabs the bell.
Tsunade: I did it i won the bet i know i was going to win!!
Jiriya: I cant believe i didnt get the bell.
As Tsunade holds the bell…Sarutobi congratulates her and ties up Jiriya to a log.




The Jashinist 4: The Pledge, The Chosen

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The day after the Jashinist first encounter.

The Gates of Hot Springs.

“The walls of this city stand to keep peace within” The words on the wall seems ironic thinking it is all just a means for the Leader to keep control of the village and oppress the villagers within. Two ninja stand before the the Gate waiting to enter, their bodies reek with the smell of dried blood. They had succeeded in the mission at hand but lost one member that they shouldn’t have.

Kakugyo: Let me in!! I am the son of our leader!
Kanji: I am Kanji second year Jonin of the village
Kanji’s body is shaking violently, his skin is white, he has lost a lot of blood the life in his eye’s almost seem gone now.

Two ANBU agents appear before them.
ANBU 1: Kanji! Are you hurt? (Turns to the other Agent) Take him to the Medical facility.
ANBU 2: The facility won’t be able to handle these wounds, do I have permission to take him to the Leader’s private medical facility?
ANBU 1: You know that is forbidden!! Just follow orders, now Go!!
The second ANBU agent looks at Kanji he knows that those words may have sentenced him to death.
ANBU 1: Now tell me, Kakugyo what happened in the Forest?
Kakugyo: I… I… I don’t know, we were attacked, but for some reason all I remember is Kanji picking me up to get me back to the village, Hidan and Ryuma where both gone. There was a lot of blood.

Kakugyo looks to his blood soaked hand, trembling with fear.


Inside the Jashin Temple.

The old hidden temple of the Jashin, this was where the oath was made, where the priest received all there training, it was dark a few candles dimly lit three figures, two standing and the third lying on a stone slab. The boy lying there is Hidan, full of blood, his wounds exactly the same as Kanji, but the wounds are healing fast.

Shou: It seems he is the one of legend Ryuma, strange that you two would be in the same year. guess it was Jashin’s will for you two to be his tools.
Ryuma: Yes, father, I don’t understand though, why did you attack him, he was going to kill Kanji. These wounds may have killed Kanji but he could survive them.
Shou: I had to, Hidan still doesn’t thirst for pain enough if he had, he would not of blacked out after he was attacked, but I will change that, I will twist his mind till all he ever wants is to feel the pain of his enemy, to “die” with them. Then he will be a true Jashinist!


Hidan begins to awaken, his eyes find it hard to adjust to the light, slowly he begins to focus the room, he searches for his Kunai but only finds a small rusty blade next to him, He gets up quickly and moves to the nearest wall, his body feels weak, he holds to the wall to keep upright, he doesn’t want to let his guard down but his body is not at full strength yet.

Hidan: What happened to me?

The door begins to open, Hidan’s heart begins to race, this may be time to battle, but if he strikes to quickly he will learn nothing from where he is, but if he strikes too late they might kill him first! He was too young to know what to do in this situation.

“Ah Hidan, I see you are awake.”

Hidan knows this voice, this is that man, Shou. Fear begins to crush him.

Shou: Follow me.

Hidan follows with his knife clenched into his fist, he wants to be ready to defend himself.

Shou: You hold a knife well, but why you shake so much, do you fear me, or do you fear killing. If it is me, don’t you think I would of killed you already.

Hidan stares at this man as he walks, from where he is standing it looks like his father but he knows this is impossible since his father had been killed, but what if it was his father that survived.

They enter through two wooden doors each with with Jashin symbols etched on them, plus a saying on the two, “Death” on the one and “brings life” on the other. Hidan feels his body begin to shiver again.

Shou: This is the Ceremony Room!

Hidan looks into the great hall, the walls are covered with Jashin flags and parts of prayer, “I give to you what you need, pain is what I receive”, “Life is empty without death”, These motto’s written in red all around them. The room is dark everywhere but the front, there are candles lighting the way. There in the center lies Ryuma, Hidan runs towards her each footstep echoes around him.

Hidan: What have you done!?!
Shou appears in front of Hidan, she is fine, she is doing the prayers for life, if you interrupt her then you will die. I would like you to take that knife you have in your hand and cut yourself.
Hidan: What, why?!?
Shou: If you don’t I will have to kill you. Just do as I say

Hidan shakes as he places the dull blade to his skin, he is afraid that it is going to be painful but he doesn’t want to die, he forces himself through the pain, his blood begins to flow as a sudden rush of pain surges through his body, his heart begins to beat faster and faster.

Shou: Good, now put your hand onto your necklace and read the writing you see on the walls around us.
Hidan: Wait a minute, what if I don’t and anyway its too dark I cannot see the words. They too dark.
Shou(thinking to himself): He can see the words even without him beginning the prayer ritual.
Shou: Do it and all will become clear.

Hidan closes the Jashin Symbol around his hand, as he does the writing in the walls begin to rewrite themselves, but now in blood the writing glows as it goes around the hall.

Hidan: “As I give my blood, you give power! For to live is to die and to die is to live. I give every sacrifice to you Jashin and in return you grant me life. I was created to be your tool, your message is my life and I will teach it to others through their death!”
Hidan’s body begins to blacken, His body begins to burn as this pressence seems to over come him.

Hidan: What is this!?!
Shou: Amazing, his first prayer and he has already transformed.

The pain begins to intoxicate him, it feels so good. The pain begins to numb him. He feels himself go back to regular Hidan.

Hidan: Where has it gone!? I want more!!

Hidan frantically tries to cut his wrists, his hands but as he cuts his hand the blood heals instantly.

Hidan: Why can’t I cut myself!?! Answer me!!!
Shou: That was the Jashin’s spirit entering you, you are now immortal, you cannot feel your own pain anymore.
Hidan: What, Why!! I need it.
Shou: From now on you must feel others pain to get that rush and that feeling, but remember with every kill you need to say your prayer or you will not be able to go on as immortal, your spirit will entwine with that of your victim and you will die.
Hidan looks to his arms, and the knife, this is his purpose now, he was made to give and receive pain.

Hidan: Why don’t I kill you here!!
Shou: Well you could try but you haven’t even scratched the surface of the Jashins true power. I can teach you


Anime Breakdown-Naruto Shippuden 123: Sasuke vs. Deidara

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From now on, we will be doing Anime Breakdowns.  The reason for the change from Manga to Anime is because most Naruto sites always do Manga.  So, I’m changing it up.  Hope you like…

This week in the Anime was Naruto Shippuden 123-Clash.  This episode was the middle of the Sasuke vs. Deidara fight.  And let me say, it was a good one!  For one, they changed the animation for the battle.  They do that for the battles to be more enjoyable.

Anyways, Sasuke just pisses Deidara off right off the bat.  Just because he has the Sharingan doesn’t mean he is anymore special than Ino.  So he has a Kekkei Genkai, what’s so cool about that?  I’m just kidding, it would be cool to have a Sharingan.

Anyways, back to business.  Sasuke doesn’t waste anytime talking.  He charges in with sword in hand.  But, instead of hitting Deidara, he hit Tobi.  Tobi is so good at faking pain, he just gets right up.  Good acting Tobi, bravo!  While Sasuke’s distraced, Deidara launches tons of C1 bombs…

Bombs Away!!

Bombs Away!!

Thankfully, Sasuke hit them all with his Chidori Needles, ultimately stopping all of them from exploding…

Take that!!

Take that!!

Right after that, Sasuke does a counterattack with his Chidori.  Man, can that guy ever use a Jutsu other than Chidori?  Well, Deidara is smart enough to realize that he’s got to jump away, not block it.  So, he jumps to the closest branch.  Sasuke still waste no time and uses a Teleportation Jutsu.  Deidara luckily had one more C1 bomb in his palm.  He detonates it at point-blank range so he can get away, with a few scratches.  Tobi freaks out, literally!  He goes on and on about how Deidara-Senpai was a great senpai.  He always knew Deidara-Senpai would die by bombing.  Lol.  Anyways, Deidara tells him to shut up…

We then see all this filler stuff.  An example of this would have to be the little Clay Puppets…

Clay Puppets are fun!

Clay Puppets are fun!

They don’t go down easy.  They just rise back up…

I can still fight...

I can still fight...

Deidara simply hangs back and enjoys the ride…

Look at me... I can copy Sasori!

Look at me... I can copy Sasori!

Back to the story.  Deidara finally detonates the stupid puppets.  Sadly for Deidara, Sasuke dodges with minimal injury.  But, Sasuke only hide in the forest.  So, Deidara just makes the remaining puppets follow him in.  They finally catch him, and they decide to give him a hug!  He then detonates them too…

Awwwwwww, how about a hug?!

Awwwwwww, how about a hug?!

But, stupid Sasuke uses a Substitution Jutsu to escape his death…

Damn that Sasuke and his Substitution Jutsu!!

Damn that Sasuke and his Substitution Jutsu!!

Then, we see Sasuke jump out from the trees…

Damn you Sasuke!!

Damn you Sasuke!!

At this point, Deidara is pissed off behind belief.  So , he decides to go from C1 to C2.  His C2 comes in the form of a dragon…

"Yo!  My name is Joe.  I like to eat people.  So, watch out!"

"Yo! My name is Joe. I like to eat people. So, watch out!"

He uses his very dangerous C2 plan to attack from the sky and ground at the same time.  Shhhhhhhhhhhh, you don’t know that yet!!  Lol.  So, he uses the dragon to make tons of mines to put in the ground.  This is the part where Tobi comes in.  Tobi is suppose to plant the mines in the ground while Sasuke is distracted…

"Wow, I am a pig!"

"Wow, I am a pig!"

This plan actually worked until Sasuke catches on.  Once he does, it’s just a guy in the sky.  He uses his sword to propel himself at least 5 meters to Deidara.  He then uses his Chidori Sharp Spear to cut off one of the dragons wings.  With only one wing, he cannot fly.  So, he just falls to the ground.  Deidara realizes that it was Sasuke plan to make the dragon fall on the mines so he could kill Deidara.  He also kept Deidara pinned to the dragon with large shuriken pinning his arms to the dragon.  The dragon begins to plummet to the mines…



Tobi begins to cry again.  Thankfully, Deidara comes out from the smoke without his Akatsuki Robe.  He has HUGE gashes on his arms.  But, overall, he was the same all Deidara we all know and love!

We then see a little of Deidara’s past and his induction into Akatsuki.  This is where Deidara first started to hate Itachi…

I am a God!!!!

I am a God!!!!

Back to the current time.  Deidara just loses it and eats a bunch of his Exploding Clay.  He shows some affection to Tobi as he tells him to run away.  Tobi freaks out and keeps yelling “C4 Karura”.  Sasuke just ponders on what that is.  When Deidara spits out the clay, Sasuke is horrified to see a giant Deidara standing over him.  The episode ends here.

Jashinist 3: My pain will become your pain!

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Hot Springs Training Area

The morning mist covers the lands, as a lonely Jonin stands waiting for his students to arrive. He is a young man, almost too young to be a Jonin, his face shows the scars of his inexperience, his eyes blackened by the lives he has taken to be where he is now.
3 Ninja stand before him, he know his mission, he knows his target.
Jonin: Hello, students, my name is Kanji I am your team leader. Lets begin our mission.


Kakugyo: Hey!! Don’t you wanna know our names.
Kanji: I already know, you are Kakugyo son of our Leader, the girl is Ryuma and (He pauses as he see’s the Jashinist sign on Hidan’s neck) Hidan.
Ryuma: Well, So what is our mission.
Kanji: Well that is harder to explain, It is a recon mission. We are looking for a missing ninja of our Village
Kakugyo: That seems like a advance mission.
Hidan: What you scared!?
Kakugyo: NO! I just don’t want to have to look after you while on the mission!
Kanji: Well lets go.

Deep in the forest
The 4 Ninja set up camp.

Kanji: Well, I have read about each of your strengths and weakness’. So I devised a little test to see who of you are worth of being Shinobi and who of you are not.

Kanji lines the three Genin in a line, his dark emotionless face stares each on down.

Suddenly, there is a rustle in the bush behind the Jonin. Hidan reacts but his body cannot move, all the other ninja seem to have the same problem. They are all frozen and the enemy is getting closer.

A voice echos around them.
“hmmm this is what they have sent to fight me next. 3 Kids and a jonin that has yet to feel the pain of his enemy”

Hidan looks to his feet and around each of them a Jashin symbol is drawn.

Kanji: show yourself coward!!!
Voice: oh I am the coward, I remember you well now, little Kanji, so scared when we took his blood for the Oath. “Please it gonna hurt, I am scared”
The voice mockingly rings around them.

A man walks into the clearing stands behind Hidan.


“My name is Shou, I was once a great leader of the Jashin Priest but now I stay here, in the shadows waiting for the one that will bring our order to life”

Kanji: I…. I’ll kill you!!
Shou: Really, I wonder how you want to act on that, those rings around you is an old Jashinist Jutsu, it bind you to my will. You should know this technique Kanji, that Nara boy used a similar one to defeat you in the Chunin Exams.
Kanji: How do you know… you shouldn’t know that.
Shou: I have been watching you, like the rest of those who where bound to the Jashin by their blood. I know each of you, but you!
Shou puts his hands on Hidan’s shoulders
Shou: You I know the most about.
Hidan: Get your hands off me you… you…
Shou: What cat got your tounge, it amuses me how even in battle a ninja will show respect to his opponent.
Hidan stands frozen staring at Kanji, who is shaking in fear! He cannot see his enemy all he feels are his cold hands on his shoulders.
Ryuma: What do you want?!?
Shou: Thats easy, I want to feel the pleasure of your pain but I will make a deal, you three are all linked, choose which one if one of you kills another, I will let the other 3 go. I think its only fair.
Kanji: How? I know we are linked we cannot kill anyone since we cannot move and if we could all would die!!
Shou: Not necessarily this brat here (points to Hidan) he isn’t frozen by my technique, he is frozen in fear. He is the only one here that hasn’t given me his blood and he is the only one who keeps the Jashinist symbol sacred so he has the choice.

As Hidan realizes he wasn’t in the jutsu he begins trying to move his arms, slowly he moves towards his Kunai but Shou grabs his arm and puts a Scythe in with three blades.

Shou: Use this boy, who do you wish to kill? The son of the “leader” that would be beautiful justice, or this little girl she is the strongest of the group you kill her and you can be the leader, or this Jonin, the man that watched as your father and my comrades where slaughtered!!

Hidan body begins to burn with anger he looks at these people, they should be his enemies but him and Kakugyo had gone a long way together as rivals and Ryuma was always there giving advice when he needed it, Kanji looked so scared he valued his life so much!

Hidan: He is my target! (points towards Kanji)


Hidan’s body becomes black, he knows this feeling too well this power that consumed him in the past, now he can see clearly his goal.

Hidan: My pain will become your pain! My life will end yours! Do you understand this!
Kanji: Please don’t!! I did not want this duty, I did not wish to be a ninja. I was forced to since the village needed some sort of defense beyond our walls! Most of our best where killed and the others where made into private security for the Leader, Shou said I watched your father die, that is true but I was supposed to be one of the attacker but I couldn’t I watched them die but couldn’t take the lives of my comrades. The leader branded me for it, that is where I got this scare!!

Hidan remembers that day well now, he remembers a young man helping him home after everything that had happened. His mother was crying and this boy brought them food everyday, this is him. His scared face a far cry from the dark man that stands before him now. Hidan’s hands shake as he tries the lift the scythe, he feels a heavy burden in the killing of this man.

Shou: What are you waiting for!! I will kill all of you if you do not take his life!!!
Hidan lifts his blade above him, it falls quickly. The earth tainted by blood but this is not the blood of Kanji


number 3 down! hope you enjoying it so far, and yes too all questions, the Priest is a picture of Dante DMC, but I saw the pick and it looked awesome so I used it 😛

SOD Chapter 3: Twilight Part 1

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TAKE NOTE: I would like to clear one thing up now. This does say Part 1, and it is, but the Part 2 will not come immediately after this one, but will come later, making a follow-up to this with the latest updates of it, so the next will NOT be Part 2 of Twilight

WARNING: The chapter following may have language that could possibly offend readers. So if you see any, do not scold me for it in comments, because I have warned you beforehand. Thank you ^_^

Chapter 3

Twilight Part 1

“Koukishi Nashimura, Missing-Nin from the Village Hidden in the Mist. Age: 23. Uses Water Style and Earth Style Jutsu. Dojutsu: None,” The Mizukage read off of a Ninja Info Card from the Shinobi Library.

“Wait, Earth Style Jutsu!?”

Sasuke stood in front of a giant stone wall. Mixed emotions buzzed around in his head, swirling as wildly as a tornado, yet, at the same time, he was calm and straight. He felt fear, anger, hatred, regret, remorse, sorrow and slight joy. He had no definite emotion. He knew what he did he could not take back. And, about it, he was happy about it, but regretted he did it and he was even sad about it. Sasuke’s heart was dented by these mixed emotions, unable to know if it supposed to stop beating or not. Sasuke always had a feeling that his mind was giving a plea on deaf ears.

Suigetsu noticed the way Sasuke acted all the time, and wondered what would happen to him. Suigetsu actually worried about Sasuke. Suigetsu walked up to Sasuke from behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Could you tell me why you come here sometimes?” Sasuke replied half-heartedly, “Itachi is buried inside the cave behind this slab of stone. I am never sure if I did the right thing by killing him. He never had malicious thoughts…He was always a kind person inside…He didn’t kill the Clan on his own accord, he was being controlled like a puppet. I just wished I could have gotten to Danzo myself! I wanted to kill him badly…He caused my hatred to grow, to build, to heat up, to brew inside me until I could not hold it anymore…And at the moment when it was about to erupt just happened to be the moment I confronted Itachi! The anger, the wrong feelings, all of it just spewed out in one relentless blast of fury and it ended up with an innocent man dead!” Suigetsu frowned and thought for a moment. “Sasuke, I understand…Sometimes people just have to let go of their past and get ready for what my in fact face you in the future days and you need to take control of the life in front of you.”

Sasuke turned around and faced Suigetsu. “Suigetsu…You don’t understand what it feels like to lose the last of what you have! Naruto always tried to understand what I felt, and he never could because he never had anything to lose, physically emotionally. I lost everything, 100 because a criminal used my own brother to murder them in an entire massacre, and one because I couldn’t control my fury when I faced him for the last time. Before Itachi died, I didn’t say anything to him because it happened too fast. He touched my forhead, said, “Sorry, Sasuke, there won’t be a next time,” looked me dead in the eyes with his lifeless and hopeless eyes, and he dropped dead at my feet. That is the sight I wanted to see for so long—Minus the symbolism he left in his place. When I started to belive all of what Tobi said and explained to me, I started believing that Itachi had no hint or even a small trace of evil or even hatred at anyone in him. Suigetsu, how about you try and tell me that you understand now!”

Sasuke walked past him and glares into Suigetsu’s eyes, showing the deep anguish he felt. Suigetsu stopped him and they both froze where they stood, both now thinking and connecting on the same level.

“Sasuke, I don’t understand. I really don’t, but I wish I did. I’m sorry. I can’t help you.”

“Nobody can.” Sasuke slapped Suigetsu’s hand away and continued the slow trudge down a rugged path leading into a deep forest. Sasuke stared into the thick brush and brambles that lay before him and he entered it, with the thought of not coming out. His thoughts soon changed… Suigetsu watched as Sasuke climbed into the jungle of vines and brush. Suigetsu’s eyes became soft for a second, he started to understand what kind of pain Sasuke goes through every year, every day, every hour, every minute…Every second of his life. “But I will never truly understand you Sasuke and I’m sorry for that.” A miniscule tear formed in his eye and slowly drifted down his cheek and fell to the ground, making a slight splash, not loud enough to be heard by human ears.

Suigetsu started shouting at Sasuke. “Wait, what about our undercover plan?” But he had lost Sasuke both physically and emotionally. Sasuke was not visible through the vines and kudzu that cluttered the landscape that was and is jungle.

A kunai thrown with pin-point accuracy flew with a deadly intention through air and struck a shinobi in the chest, causing him to collapse and falld lifeless on the ground. Shikamaru, Shimari and Temari stand, barely able to hold their own breaths, trembling. One of the Anbu members is dead and the other trailed one of the shinobi who attacked and escaped. Shikamaru took off the mask of which Anbu member was killed and he let out a sigh of relief, and remorse. It was not Shino, but his partner who had come with him. “Is it…?” Temari covered her mouth. “No, Temari, it was his partner. Shino is trailing the other ninja. Did either of you get a look at his headband?” Temari and Shimari shook their heads in denial. “Damn it. I’m going to go follow Shino. Temari, you and Shimari rest and guard the scroll.” Shikamaru headed off through the light brush and forest-like trees.

Neji stood upon a smooth surface positioned snuggly in the center of the rural mountains the lightning struck not long before. He gazed around with his Byakugan, scanning the area for lightning damage. Soon, he spotted a large crater bilowing with smoke on the side of the smallest mountain. He made his way to it and analyzed it meticulously. “A powerful and different aura emits from this crater…Not just lightning struck this…Something was concealed in it. But, how can something be hidden in a streak of lightning…Unless the lightning was formed from pure chakra and was manmade, not natural.” He heard footsteps and quickly took cover behind a rugged boulder. A figure took shape on a high slab of earth.

“I know you’re here…Neji Hyuuga…No point in hiding unless you can’t take care of yourself.” Neji revealed himself and his eyes suddenly jumped. “Hakujou!?” (Hakujou meaning Heartless or Cruel) “Yes, Neji, it is I once more. In short definition…Your worst nightmare. I thought the endless torture a few years ago would have put you over the top, but apparently you thought your life was still fulfilling.”

Neji stood in his Hyuuga stance and his face took on, all at the same time, and ire, frustrated and strained expression. “Hakujou, you NEVER SHUT UP DO YOU?! You constantly run your mouth and quite frankly, I’m tired of it!” Hakujou smirked and jumped from the slab. “Neji, however much I would like to fight you and end your miserable and useless existence, I have a mission to complete.” He took a slight step for the edge of the mountain and Neji fired off a 8 Trigrams Air Palm. Hakujou’s hair blew in the air pressure. He looked at Neji in a sideglance. “You don’t leave until you tell me why the lightning struck the hut sitting in the bare meadow!” Koukishi laughed. “I know you don’tknow this, so I’ll reveal my long-held secret. I never kept my eyes off of you. I have waited for the perfect moment to strike. I am very surprised you survived the explosion. You see, I told my partner to unleash the blast upon you. Oh, I see your face…Someone else was in there as well? Well, that’s just too bad. My partner headed back to our HQ, so you won’t get any revenge from him…” Neji finally flustered and lunged forward with a two finger thrust-jab.

Suigetsu hacked kudzu in half and sliced vines, trying to get Sasuke to emerge.

Minaru shored and took his bag off of his back. He revealed a robe-cape, similar to the ones Minato and Naruto wore, from it and smiled. “I think it’s time…My alias has run dry.” He put on the robe and threw his bag into a garbage bin. “Konoha…Here I come…I wonder who the Hokage is…I haven’t been there since the 7th Hokage reigned…”

“WHAT?! The Iwagakure Scroll of Hope was stolen?! Why didn’t I hear of this earlier, Suchiku?” “I’m sorry, Tsuchikage, sir, we were informed of its theft only today! One of our Jonin were patrolling and saw the ruins of the shrine and the bodies of the guards. I’m sorry I didn’t get here quicker.” “Suchiku, it’s okay, but this is now in level Yellow Crisis level. Alert Konoha, Suna and Kumo of the theft. They will need the message.”

The other 3 Kages were alerted of the theft and sent high security upon the scroll shrines. The Mizukage was later informed and started to assist the country closest to them, Konoha.

One of the 7 Swordsman of the mist, Chojiro, now 25, was sent with Ao to Konoha to assist with their duty of preotection of the Scroll of Hope.

“We must take the neccesary procautions to ensure the safety of the world. To protect the remaining scrcolls at all costs is to put all of our lives on the line to protect others.” Konohamaru spoke to all of the citizens of Konoha on the roof of the Hokage Mansion.

Hitsherezu’s face revealed himself from one of the planted trees on the roof. His eyes scowled and he disappeared.

In the dank cave, he relayed the information via a special type of Jutsu that projected his thoughts into an image. The leader smiled and stood from the back of the deep darkness. One of the men that tried to reason with Shikamaru to take the scroll appeared. “Master, I have gotten the Scroll of Hope from Iwagakure. Kakaze (Fire Wind) is on his way inside.” He set the sroll on one of the pedestal tablets. “Thank you Jinrai (thunderclap) I will now…Approach an old ally and foe. Koukishi, I will need your assistance.” Koukishi suddenly appeared. Jinrai and Hitsherezu took their leave. “Yes sir.” Koukishi greeted his leader. The two of them headed out and into the sunlight.

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Naruto Movie Chapter 3: Peak of Caverns: Dangerous Knowledge

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Part 3

Peak of Caverns: Dangerous Knowledge

The figure landed on the ground and made a hand motion. Aru slammed into Gaara with a tremendous amount of chakra built into one pressurized bomb-like force

Gaara went flying. He would have been killed if sand had not gathered around his chest. Ura did the same to Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi, but didn’t hurt them as much since the pressure was divided between three separate bodies. Kakashi activated his Sharingan and threw a kick at the new threats, but Aru ducked and grabbed his leg. She went up in a puff of smoke and came out as a taller, older girl. She threw her leg out, wrapped it around his, and twisted downward, sending them both down. Ura appeared now as an older girl and motioned for Sasuke and Sakura. Sakura threw a punch, but Ura dodged and grabbed her upper arm and shocking it. Her amr went limp and soon the shock traveled through her body. Sakura went limp and fell. Sasuke activated his Mangekyo Sharingan and jumped into the air. He noticed a form behind him and threw his leg backwards. He caught Saruu’s right leg and flipped him over Sasuke’s body, turning saruu upside-down. He then proceeded to perform the Peregrin Falcon Drop and slammed Saruu’s head into the ground.

He stood up and wiped himself off. He was then greeted by a Force Bomb as Gaara had been, thrusting him into a metallic surface which he believed to be wall in the undergound room. The man from before just watched in menacing intent. Konohamaru was able to muster a groan and to stand on one knee. He scanned the area meticulously and saw no-one. “Hmm…That’s strange…Where’d everyone go?!” He suddenly realized Genjutsu and released it. A foot then slammed him in the face, sending him skipping across the ground. He barely stood up, but he used Shadow Clone Jutsu and the dashed for a Body Barrage. Aru stood and waited. When the clones approached her, she span slightly, kicking three clones. She took out a strangely-shaped kunai and hopped into the air. She closed her eyes and the kunai glew. The kunai doubled and she used chakra to send the kunai showering above the clones. The clones dissipated, but Konohamaru apeared directly below Aru and sent a Rasengan into her stomach. It wasn’t strong or large enough to decapacitate her, but it caught her off guard.

Kakashi stood up and pulled down his headband. Sakura started to retrieve feeling in her legs and she tried to stand, but without her arms, she couldn’t do it. Udon and moegi regained conciousness and stood up. Toruu and Haruu appeared next to the first man that had appeared. Saruu regained his barings and got back up. He joined the trio. Ura and Aru joined them as well in the center of the room. “It was foolish of your Hokage to take the bait and send someone to Unknown Island. And now that you’re here…” He was interrupted by a force of energy being sent over their heads.

Sakura finally stood up and watched what had happened. Sasuke got himself out from the wall and Gaara stood on one knee. From the light above, the silhouette of a man stood. He flipped off of the ledged and landed on the ground. He stood up and glared at the 6 people standing in the center of the room. “Foolish of me, huh? It was foolish of you to send bait. What is your plan anyway?!”

The man smirked. “We need test specimens and we believe Konoha is the perfect place to get…Hehehe…Stupid lab rats like you.” Naruto flared at the word that the man uttered. he stepped forward and his wrists started glowing. He disappeared and suddenly, the man was sent to the ground from a blunt object coming into contact with his stomach.

“I’ll show you stupid lab rats!” Naruto appeared flipping in the air and sent down a shockwave of air he called, Spiralling Vortex.

Aru and Ura dodged the attack. Haruu cartwheeled away. Toruu dodged and Saruu was hit by the full blast. The other man avoided harm as well. Sasuke came into contact with haruu as she stood up from her cartwheel and kicked her into the air. he jumped behind her and activated his Mangekyo Sharingan. He punched once in the back and appeared above her. He kicked her in the stomach and delivered a barrage of kicks and punches until they reached the ground and he used Amataresu to finish it up. Sasuke landed and collapsed. Sakura took the moment to dash over to Ura when she was occupied. She delivered a punch to her face and used a Chakra Scalpel to slice her arms. Udon used a Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu and trapped Aru. Kakashi then delivered a Lightning Blade to Aru. Gaara wrapped his sand around both Aru and Ura and trapped them. He used the Sand Burial to finish them off once and for all. Naruto took his attention away from the man and focused on Toruu.

He acticated Sage Mode and made 4 Clones. They kicked Toruu into the air. Another clone delivered a low kick to Toruu, sending him on his back on the ground. Naruto flipped sideways in the air and came down with two Rasengan in hands. “Double Rasengan Barrage!” Konohamaru stared at the man from across the room. “You have destoyed my partners…Killed them…Ruined our future…Now…I am going to rid you all of a future!” he clapped his hands and a force made them all gather at the center of the room. Konohamaru was the only one near a wall so he grapsed onto a jutting rock. None of them were able to move an inch or a muscle. The man started a maniacal laugh and put his hand into the air. Energy formed and swirled around his arm. “This is the end for you all!” He then thrust the energy towards them. The swirling red energy formed the shape of a serpent and streaked towards them. Konohamaru stood up and focused his Rasengan. The energy in it turned dark blue, a very strange and different color than the normal Light-blue Rasengan. Konohamaru noticed  the abnormalilty, but charged forward anyway. He hopped over the trapped people in the center and clashed with the red serpent. The blue and red energy surged through-out the room, messing with all of their chakra frequencies. The walls started to break, the ground fissure, and the room almost caved in at the top.

Konohamaru pushed through and everyone was suddenly ennveloped in a small explosion and a shroud of smoke billowed. A second passed and Konohamaru came into contact with the man, sending im skipping across the ground and into the wall, creating an indention. Konohamaru stood in awe at what he had done. The world around him blackened…Exhausted, he blacked out and fainted upon the floor.

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