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Hello Everyone! Hope you are all having a great day!

Now, I will mark the day a new subject is introduced to the spectacular webpage we all know as The Legacy of Iwagakure, formerly known as Exiles of the Soul Society!

I will begin coverage every few days on a subject not a lot of people know about, but those who do appreciate it and love it, and the subject is…Pokemon! I know there are very few pokemon fanatics in the world we stand upon, but for those of you who love the massive coverage here on Naruto and Bleach, that also like pokemon to the extents, this is the right time for you to be here! In this order, I will try to help people out: I will cover game news, then Anime news. Manga isn’t exactly my strong suit, but if I can manage to squeeze what I can in here, I will try!

First on Game news: The Member Card will finally be available for those of you with English Pokemon Platinum Games. It will be available over Wi-Fi starting on August 3rd and ending on September 13th in North America. This is an opporotunity that you cannot afford to miss.

The Member Card will grant access to the hotel on the edge of Canalave City. You will see a Darkrai on New Moon Island and it is Level 50.

Anime News: A new dub episode title was revealed. This episode is where a PokeRinger contest is taking place and Ash decides to enter with his Staravia, but soon finds out that Paul is entering with his Honckrow, much to Ash’s uneasiness. The dub title is called Pursuing a Lofty Goal! Ash’s roster unergoes and slight change as one of his pokemon Evolves…

Manga News: Only small tidbits of Manga news is that Pearl and Lady Platinum Berlitz get slight pokemon roster changes. Pearl is shown to have a new Buizel, Tauros, and Digglet. He caught them during the training with Crasher Wake. Platinum has no visibally important changes, but she does and I thought that was worth mentioning.

I guess that ends my rant for awhile. See you all again later. Take care, good bye



Shadow of Dawn Chapter 1: The Awakening

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Shadow of Dawn

Chapter 1


In Kirigakure…

The Mizukage stood perched on a lone log sitting far out in a vast bayou.

Mizukage: Was this some sort of trick?

Bubbles popped from below in front of her and a head emerged from the murky depths.

Mizukage: You!

Head: Yes, Mizukage. It is I, Koukishi (Noble Death) I am so glad you decided to come and just throw my invitation aside. I have a request.

The Mizukage formed a smirk.

Mizukage: Why in the world would I ever think of helping the likes of you? You abandoned Kirigakure over 5 years ago, and now, I am supposed to FORGIVE you for it?

Koukishi: I think it would be a wise idea…Or it could end up terrible for you, and I of all people would want you to stay in good health. Now, if you would like to stay alive and well, here is my bargain. You let me into the Aqua Shrine, and we…Will spare your country.

Mizukage: Whatever, like I would let you in!

Koukishi: Looks like I will have to get in by force…

He swam down swiftly and sighted a small house-like build underwater. A Water Serpent swam down and destroyed the roof, allowing Koukishi to dive in and snatch a raveled scroll protected by an air bubble so no water seeped in.

Koukishi: I think I can score some brownie points for this, hohoho.

In the wasteland of what used to be the Whirlpool Country…

A man, who’s face was hidden behind a straw hat, gazed down at a headstone marked with smudged words and letters almost illegible, “Kushi…Uz…Ki…May sh…Res…I…Peace…”

Man: Every year, I come, hoping the pain would be eased…But every year, it gets worse and I don’t even know why I come back…

A man appeared behind him, looking over his shoulder.

Figure 2: So…It does still hurt…Then don’t come again…

Man 1: But…

Man 2: Drop it, Minaru, it is all behind you now, you didn’t even experience the death or even know her…Just…Drop it…

Minaru: Fine…But, you did know her…What was she like…?

Man 2: Well…

Sasuke Uchiha is seen with a glazed look on his face gazing over a large land…

A snake slithered in front of him and spoke.

Snake: Sasuke, sir, Kirigakure has had a theft…And the stolen item was…One of the scrolls of Hope…

Sasuke’s eyes went big, then softened again.

Sasuke: Mindo, get Suigetsu for me, now…I need his help…Tell him Sasuke sent you…

Mindo: Yes, sir…

The snake slithered off and spoke under his breath.

Mindo: Why do I obey him? He sacrificed my father for his own, wretched life…

In a small pond not far from before, Mindo stopped at the edge and called Suigetsu’s name.

Suigetsu answered and follow Mindo back to Sasuke.

Suigetsu talking to Sasuke: You need MY help, eh?

Sasuke: Now, I really do…Kirigakure’s Scroll of Hope was stolen…

Suigetsu and Sasuke and headed off for Kirigakure.

In a few short hours, they reached the border line of the Mist Country and stopped.

Suigetsu: Are you sure we should have come here?

Sasuke: Have your forgotten my Rank and Position, or what?

Suigetsu: Oh, yeah, I guess I did…Sorry…Let’s go.

Shikamaru sat in a tree looking around as if waiting for something.

Suddenly, a thread lashed him to the tree and he winced.

Voice from behind: Gotcha!

Shikamaru eased a kunai from his pouch and slit the thread, thus escaping.

Voice: Huh? Oh, crap!

Shikamaru appeared behind a 12-year-old boy and placed his hand on his shoulder.

Shikamaru: You won’t be able to get me anytime soon, Shimari.

Shimari: Yeah, you act smooth dad, but someday, I swear it!

Temari appeared on the ground and called them. Shikamaru and Shimari hopped down from the tree.

Temari: I think we should head back, I got the right specimens for our research.

Shikamaru: Great, let’s go back to the center.

After walking for awhile, Shikamaru heard something from behind and two figures showed themselves.

Figure 1: Shikamaru Nara and Temari, correct? You are the most renowned researchers in the world as of now…And the guards of Konoha’s Scroll of Hope, again, am I correct?

Temari winced.

Shikamaru: Why do you need to know?

Figure 2: Scratch the small talk. We need the scroll, and if you won’t give it to us, we’ll have to take it by force.

The first man elbowed him in the stomach.

Figure 1: Stupid, the boss told us not to use force to get this scroll, because we can always get it another day. So, if they don’t give it to us, we’ll just leave without making too much of a ruckus.

Figure 2 now talking to Shikamaru and Temari: You got off clean today, but any others, and you two are dead.

Temari: Just get out of here…NOW!

Temari opened her fan and used Small Wind Current Jutsu to blow them back, and they quietly jumped through the treetops away.

Shikamaru: We need some Anbu out here.

Temari: I will go get Teshu and we will head over to the Leaf Village and get a couple of Anbu. Be back later.

Temari bolted off in the opposite direction they were walking.

Shikamaru: Shimari, let’s get back to the center.

In Kirigakure…

Mizukage: Okay, if you are willing to help, we could surely use it…His name is Koukishi Nushimura. He is a Missing-Nin from Kirigakure. His name means Noble Death. The reason is, he is a very polite person, but he persuades you and then kills you. That is where Koukishi comes from. He specializes in Water Style, naturally, and is very tough person to face, so if you confront him, be careful by all means.

Sasuke: I don’t think we’ll have any problems. Thank you for your time, Mizukage ma’am.

Mizukage: Thank you as well.

In a dank and dark cave somewhere in a disclosed location…

Koukishi stood in the middle of a dimly lit room. He placed the scroll on a tablet that rose from the ground.

Voice from darkness: Good, Koukishi, you have not yet failed me…

The two men from before appeared next to Koukishi.

Man 1 talking to Koukishi: Looks like you scored a scroll…

Koukishi, That hints that you didn’t? I am so very sorry, really I am.

Koukishi smirked widely through the darkness.

Man 2: I am sorry, master, sir, Temari and Shikamaru Nara would not hand it over and you said not to…

Voice: I am very aware what I said. I assumed that going there would be a hollow plan with no clear results. Koukishi, I have a new partner for you.

Koukishi’s face went pale. A man walked from the darkness, his face illuminated from the small amount of light shining through a crack in the ceiling.

Man: Hello, Koukishi, my name is Kibu. I am guessing you are my partner?

Koukishi: Ugh, I presume so…

Voice: Koukishi and Kibu, I have a mission for you two and it involves…Kumogakure…

Naruto Episode 118 is out!!!

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Finally, after two weeks of waiting, it’s finally here

Episode 118 is called “Formation!”

It is about how Juugo met Kimimaro and the formation of Hebi is finally done.  Sasuke tells them their goal is to kill Itachi Uchiha of Akatsuki.  In the meantime, Naruto decides to go find Itachi.

Enjoy the episode!

Special Announcement!!! Sorry For No Announcement On Monday

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1) Sorry for no announcement on Monday

2) Next weeks episode of Naruto is… the one and only… Kakashi Chronicles!! (Kakashi Gaiden in the Manga)  It will be a double episode.  So, get ready to blow your mind!!!

Naruto 457-No Need For Violence

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Hello, this is the first of many breakdowns about Naruto.

First off, Happy 10th Anniversary of Naruto

Well, It seems like the scanners messed up on the scanning of the Shonen Jump Cover. Because, why would anyone make Naruto’s headband blue? Well, anyways, it doesn’t matter.

Oops... scannig mistake!!

Oops... scanning mistake!!

We see all the Kage’s… in COLOR!!!!!!!!! It was kind of shocking to know the Fifth Mizukage has red hair. Hell, maybe she’s a redneck. Lol. It’s not surprising that Onoki, the Tsuchikage, has gray hair. What is he, like, 93 years old? Anyways, we already knew that the Raikage, Danzo, and Gaara, had blonde hair, black hair, and red hair, respectively.  The picture of the Kage’s in color shows, not only them in color, but also their personality.  Danzo and the Raikage’s personality is the same, I’m only Kage for my own benefit.  Onoki and the Fifth Mizukage also have the same personality, “Why is this my problem?”  And, Gaara and Naruto have the same personality, “Yeah, I’m ready for business!”

The Kage's... in COLOR!!!!

The Kage's... in COLOR!!!!

Lots of emotions flying around in this chapter. Naruto must have felt sorrow and anger all at once. With pleading with the Raikage and being shot down by him, he’s probably thinking, “Oh my god, why won’t you listen to me?!” If I were him, I’d be saying, “Screw this, I’ll fight you!!”, but, I’m not Kishimoto, so… I don’t decide what happens.

Raikage!! Please, please don't kill Sasuke!!!!

Raikage!! Please, please don't kill Sasuke!!!!

Some other emotions in Naruto’s head are, love and confusion.  Because, Sai remembers a conversation with Naruto about him liking Sakura.  He says Sakura has no idea he likes her.  Wow Naruto, what do you think she is a retard!!  You’re like Hinata, you think people don’t know how you feel about her.

Anyways, it seems that Danzo has finally made it to the Meeting.  Zetsu shows Sasuke who Danzo is.  At that moment his Sharingan appears.  Seems like he’s ready to die.  Who does he think he is?  He’s surrounded by Kage’s.  Does he really think he can beat all five Kage’s.  Even with Juugo or Suigetsu, they don’t stand a chance.  We haven’t seen Karin or Zetsu fight so… we don’t really know what’s going to happen.  But still, there is no way he will be able to defeat all the Kage’s, just no way.

And finally, the Meeting of The Five Kage’s Begins!!!

Finally!!!  It begins, The Meeting Of The Five Kage's!!!!!!

Finally!!! It begins, The Meeting Of The Five Kage's!!!!!!

The Future Generations Story (TFGS)- Part 1: Evil Is Always Lurking Somewhere

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It has been 13 years since the end of the Akatsuki. Madara has been sealed and the rest of Akatsuki has since been dispersed. Sasuke has returned to the village and Naruto has become a full-fledged ninja. Shikamaru is the new Hokage and peace has returned to the world. But forces of evil are always lurking somewhere.

It was a sunny afternoon and Naruto had just come back from a mission…

Naruto: Finally, I’m back to the good old Leaf Village!

Sakura greets him at the Gate…

Sakura: Hi Naruto, back from your month long mission?

Naruto: Yep.

Sakura: Well, I’m glad your back. Oh, I almost forgot! Shikamaru is looking for you. He said it’s urgent.

Naruto: OK, I have to make a quick pit stop before I go to him.

Sakura: OK, I’ll tell him.


Sakura: Naruto will be here in a few minutes.

Shikamaru: OK, that’s fine. But I need to talk to him quickly, because if I don’t, something bad might happen. Something really bad might happen.


Naruto: Hey Sasuke, long time, no see!

Sasuke: Same as always Naruto.

Naruto: Oh, whatever Sasuke. Hey, I have a question for you?

Sasuke: What is it?

Naruto: Well, um… how is Hinata?

Sasuke: She’s OK… I guess. She’s been awfully depressed these past few days. (There, you guys happy?)

Naruto: Oh. That’s terrible.

Sasuke: So how is Ino?

Naruto: Pretty good.

Sasuke: That’s great!

Naruto: Well, I have to go to the Hokage’s Mansion. Shikamaru has to talk to me about something.

Sasuke: OK, see you later.

Naruto: See you!


Naruto: Shikamaru, what did you want to talk with me about?

Shikamaru: I need to talk about Madara.

Naruto: Madara? What for?

Shikamaru: We have word that the former Akatsuki members are trying to unseal him.

Naruto: That’s impossible! There is no way he can be unsealed. The place he’s sealed is protected by the most powerful seal that has ever been created, you made it yourself!

Shikamaru: Yes that’s true but-

Naruto: But what?! It’s not possibly and you know that!

Shikamaru: Naruto!!! Listen to me!! They are trying, not succeeding!

Naruto: Whatever, so, is there anything else?

Shikamaru: Yes, keep on the lookout. They’re supposed to strike during the Chunin Exams.

Naruto: The Chunin Exams! They start tomorrow!

Shikamaru: That’s why I told you to be on the lookout. And that is an order.

Naruto: OK.

Shikamaru: You can go now.

Naruto: OK, see you Shikamaru!

Shikamaru: See you.


Kisame: Zetsu, are you ready?

Zet (Black Half): Yeah.

Su (White Half): Yes.

Kisame: Did you get the Sand to ally with us?

Zet: I tried, but I could only get about 60 ninja to help.

Kisame: That’s fine, we only need 45 Sand and 20 Mist. By the way, did you get the Mist to ally with us?

Su: No. With that Chojiru kid as the Mizukage, they have been the Leaf’s second best ally, after the Sand.

Kisame: Then we need 5 more people. Well, 3 more with us.

Zet: If me and Su stay like this, then we only need 2 more people.

Su: Yeah, and do we really need 2 more people? With us, we don’t need anymore people.

Kisame: You may be right.

Zet: OK, it’s settled, we’ll attack in 3 weeks, the beginning of the Third Test of The Chunin Exams.

Su: Why not tomorrow?

Zet: Because, the Leaf knows we are going to strike during The Chunin Exams. But, they don’t know when. If we do it at the beginning, they’ll be prepared, but if we do it near the end, they’ll think that we won’t strike. Idiot!

Su: Don’t call me an idiot!!

Zet: Why should I?

Su: Because it’s rude!

Kisame: Will you both shut up!?

Zet and Su: Sorry.

Kisame: Finally, now that you two are done arguing, we can get down to business.

Zet and Su become a single entity…

ZetSu: OK.

TFGC Part 4

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This will be my last The Future Generation Characters post and I will start the story. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naruto and Ino’s Child.

Name: Regai Uzumaki

Age: 14

Element(s): Wind, Fire, and Earth

Specializes in: Rasengan

Rank: Jonin

Bio: Regai is a very tough boy. He can defeat 51 opponents in less than 2 minutes without tiring. Even though he’s tough, that’s only on the outside. On the inside, he’s very sweet and kind. He’s pretty smart too. He is very spiritual and meditates everyday. He likes to be alone with his thoughts, because he has too many and it affects his battle style and everything. He has ADD and can’t stay attentive for more than 12 minutes at a time. The reason he meditates is to keep him focused. It’s bad that he can’t focused, because he has many missions and they take a very long time to explain. He has a very large chakra reserve and has very good chakra control. He has mastered the Rasengan more than his father. He has also made a few more Rasengan’s…

Techniques: (Not All) Rasengan, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Rasengan Cannon, Rasengan Blast, Wind Style: RasenShuriken, Fire Style: Flaming Rasengan, Fire Style: Gigantic Flame Rasengan, Earth Style: Muddy Rasengan, Earth Style: Mud Wall, Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu.

Kiba and Tenten’s Child.

Name: Ciba

Age: 14

Element(s): –

Specializes in: Jutsu with her dog Cibimaru

Rank: Chunin

Bio: Ciba is a very bright girl. She enjoys denominating guys like Harun. She is very cheerful and loves to be around people. She knows a lot more about being ninja than most others. She has a dog partner, Cibimaru, that is a puppy of Akamaru. She’s a very loyal to her partner, and vice-versa. Ciba doesn’t think of herself as Cibimaru’s master, but a loyal companion. She hates when people never take care of their animals. She takes Cibimaru to her father everyday. She sometimes regrets going to him with Akamaru’s puppy, especially on September 3rd. The reason for this is because Akamaru died 2 years ago on September 3rd. Ciba has fairly good chakra control and an average chakra reserve.

Techniques: All-Fours Jutsu, Tunneling Fang, Ripping Fang, Man-Beast Transformation, Fang Over Fang, Wolf Fang Over Fang, Slashing Claws, Dynamic Marking (Cibimaru), Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu, Transformation Jutsu.


These are the children of Shino, Neji, and Choji.


Name: Vager Akamichi

Age: 5

Element(s): –

Specializes in: –

Bio: Vager is a very aggressive boy. He doesn’t get along with anybody. He despises everybody around him. Not much is known about him.

Techniques: –


Name: Hesala Hyuga

Age: 10

Element(s): –

Specializes in: Gentle Fist

Rank: Academy Student

Bio: Hesala is a very beautiful girl. She is very smart too. She was able to learn and master the Gentle Fist in 3 weeks. She relies on Gentle Fist too much, so she isn’t very good at long range attacks. She is still a capable fighter without any long range experience. She is very friendly, as are most 10 year olds in the Academy.

Techniques: Gentle Fist, Rotation, 361 Palms, 64 Palms, 128 Palms, Mountain Crusher, Empty Palm


Name: Shiba Aburame

Age: 3

Element(s): –

Specializes in: Crying (lol)

Rank: –

Bio: Shiba is a very small 3 year old. He’s very small for his age. He can walk and everything. He can even use the Destructive Bugs in his body to help him reach things. Sadly, nothing else is known about him.

Techniques: –

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