The Village Hidden in the Sky Chronicles: The Beginning

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This is the first in many (maybe 7, probable more) chapters about the Village Hidden in the Sky. (or plainly, Sky Country) Hope you enjoy. (If you do or don’t like it, comment on it. If too many people don’t like it, I will stop writing them)

It all began with 15 ninjas…

Togami (Head Councilman of Earth Village): Well, it’s settled. The new country will be called the Sky Country.

Dagami (Head Councilman of Rain Village): That is wonderful! There hasn’t been a new country in 25 years!

Hegami (Head Councilwoman of Lightning Village): But first we need more than 42 people to inhabit this country.

Kugami (Head Councilwoman of the Grass Village): That is true. What should we do?

Sigami (Head Councilman of Mist Village): I know what we should. We should go to the Fire and Wind Countries and find followers. So what if the Daimyos and Kage don’t agree with this new country.

Hegami: That is a great idea!

Togami: You know what, that just might work. Just because the Daimyos and Kage don’t agree doesn’t mean that the people don’t agree.

Dagami: That’s true. But how can we pull it off?

Kugami: I don’t know yet. But give me a few days. OK?

All but Kugami: OK!

It has been 3 days since the meeting of the Council-Persons and they have gathered once again to discuss Kugami’s decision.

Sigami: Are you sure it will work?

Kugami: Why are you doubting me?

Hegami: I agree with Sigami, it’s just that this plan isn’t landlocked.

Kugami: That’s why they’ll never see it coming!

Dagami: I don’t know, but we’ll try it.

Kugami: Great, we’ll start tomorrow.

Togami: Fine.

The next day…

Huge crowds are gathered in both villages in the Fire and Wind Countries. People are shoving each other to get to the front of the crowds. (There are about 82 people in each crowd) In the middle of both crowds a Council-Person stands talking about “THE NEW COUNTRY!!”

Togami, Dagami, and Hegami: Be hold!! The New Country!!

Kugami and Sigami: The Sky Country!!

The Council-Persons then begin to tell the villagers about the Sky Country.

A few hours later…

All: And that is just about everything about the Sky Country.

Togami for Fire Country and Kugami for Wind Country: Are there any people that want to join the Sky Country.

Almost everyone in each crowd raise their hands.

All: Perfect. (with sly grins on their faces)

That is the end of the first in many chapters about the Sky Country

P.S. Remember to comment on this chapter so I can decide to whether to write more chapters. Also, I really didn’t need pics for this chapter because it’s mostly council-persons talking.


Yahiko: The Search

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Just so you know, this is the last in the Yahiko storyline. So sad. =[

Also, I was very tired when I wrote this. So, if it’s not very long, sorry.

When we last saw The Ame Orphans, they had just defeated Freuda.

Nagato: That was a close one.

Konan: I’ll say.

Yahiko: O.K., we’ll go find Jiraiya Sensei so he can teach us more.

Nagato: Great idea!

Konan: So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

For the rest of the day they get patched up and healed.

But, the next day… They’re walking and are attack from behind!

Konan: What was that?

Yahiko: I don’t know.

All of a sudden, Orochimaru comes out of the forest with his Kusangi in hand.

Orochimaru: Hey, you’re those orphans from the rain village, well, I’ll kill you now so you don’t have to live as orphans for the rest of your life.

Nagato: No way are you going to kill us, because we’re going to rule the world!!

Orochimaru: Whatever, DIE!!!

Orochimaru dashes at the three. Yahiko grabs a kunai and dashes at Orochimaru. Konan makes paper shurikens. Nagato just charges in with his fists.

Orochimaru: Let’s see how you like this you little twurps!

Yahiko: Konan, duck.

Konan ducks. She then throws her paper shurikens and makes a paper sword. She then stabs Orochimaru.

Konan: Yes, I hit him.

Just then Orochimaru disappears in a cloud of smoke, it was just a clone.

Yahiko: Where is he?

Nagato: He’s right there, in those bushes!

Yahiko: I got him.

Orochimaru: You think you can beat me? Well, think again.

Nagato: Yahiko, look out!!

Just as Nagato said that, Orochimaru stabbed Yahiko in the heart!! (and that is why this is the last chapter in the Yahiko storyline)

Nagato and Konan: NO!!!

Yahiko: It’ll be… O.K. Nagato. You are… by far… the best ninja I have… ever seen.

Nagato: O.K.

Yahiko: All I want is… you guys to… avenge me… you guys are the best… friends a guy like… me could ask for. I love you guys… especialy you… Konan. I’ve always… loved you. Goodbye… my… friends.

And with that, he was dead.

Nagato: How could you kill him? I’ll kill you!! Earth Style: Four Pillar Prison!!

A massively huge Earth Prison surronds Orochimaru.

Nagato: Now, Crush!!!

The prison then collapes in on its self. When Nagato peers inside it, nothing there.

Konan: Damn, it was just a clone.

Orochimaru walks out from the trees.

Orochimaru: Well, I’ve had my fun with you. So long.

And with that, he was gone.

Nagato: No!! Now we can’t avenge Yahiko. We are failures as friends.

Konan: That’s not true.

Konan thinks to herself “I never knew he loved me.”

And that is the story of Yahiko. I hope you like his story. As you know the rest, I don’t need to go anymore into this story. Also, sorry about the pics, anyone can add them if you feel like it. Please post some comments.